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Matilda Offers Personalized Maternity Care In Hong Kong

Comprehensive & Flexible Maternity Services At Fixed Prices

Matilda International Hospital Maternity Services Hong Kong

For parents, especially moms-to-be, receiving the right kind of maternity care and support is of utmost importance, which impacts the mother’s and baby’s entire wellbeing. During a pandemic, providing a safe, supportive, stress-free environment is a matter of acute sensitivity. Matilda International Hospital, widely-respected as one of the most women-centered and postpartum-friendly hospitals in Hong Kong, has got you covered with a complete range of carefully developed maternity services that include antenatal care, classes, delivery hospital care, and at home postpartum support – at highly transparent, often fixed prices.

Matilda’s experts are open and flexible, and their approach is individualized and modern. They make women feel heard, respected, shielded, and ultimately empowered in their new roles. Want to know how exactly? Learn below!

  • Antenatal Care at Matilda International Hospital Hong Kong

    Antenatal Care At Pre-Determined Prices

    Matilda International Hospital introduced an exceptional antenatal care service at a fixed price. Beginning from week 6 to 8 of pregnancy, it includes 14 antenatal visits. Besides standard check-ups and ultrasound, it covers - essential blood tests, Down syndrome screening, oral glucose tolerance, and Group B strep tests. The price starts at HK$1,980, but women don't have to sign up for the whole package upfront - Matilda International Hospital would consider if some moms-to-be want to combine public and private care. They are happy to oblige moms to come and join again at any time without changing the designated obstetrician! Read more about the antenatal care packages here!

  • Personalized Maternity Care at Matilda International Hospital

    Personalized Maternity Care

    Matilda's adaptive, understanding team encourages moms to express their preferences for delivery (continuing with the same obstetrician, having a partner in the room during labor, using alternative methods of pain relief including mobilization, birth ball, warm pad, music, or water bath), as well as raise questions, which is especially rewarding during regular information sessions with their midwife and antenatal and child care classes.

    The team also helps moms establish early bonding with the baby (in a delivery room or an operating theatre), makes sure babies can stay with moms in rooms of all types, while certified lactation consultants offer breastfeeding advice. A pediatrician, obstetrician, and anaesthetists are available 24/7 on-site so emergency care is always available!

    Matilda's maternity care package includes essential care & support at highly transparent prices, and babies are born into a warm, welcoming community. Delightfully, Matilda dedicates an online album and interactive map to all Matilda babies!

  • Home visits & postnatal care at Matilda International Hospital

    Home Visits & Postnatal Check-Ups

    After discharge from the hospital - often a scary time for first-time moms, especially those lacking adequate support - Matilda's midwifery team can offer home visits. The midwives offer guidance, advice, and assessments on mom and baby's wellbeing, support breastfeeding, and talk about home safety. They are also a super-effective link between the mother and other healthcare professionals, which is often overlooked!

    At around 6 weeks post-delivery, moms can visit Matilda for the postnatal obstetric check to assess psychological wellbeing and available support, have the wound examined, and get breastfeeding guidance.

    Even when you're all settled, Matilda is there for the baby's recommended vaccinations at 2 to 18 months. What's more, specific vaccines can be added for meeting specific country recommendations.

    Click on if you with a bump or planning a baby!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

It is a one-stop-hospital for moms-to-be!

Who It's Perfect For:

For any moms-to-be who prefer a stress-free and comfortable pre and post-delivery!

What Else:​

Did you know that Matilda International Hospital offers fantastic child-care course for domestic helpers? How cool!

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​


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