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Most Scenic Spots On The Island!

Singapore may be a tiny little island, but there’s an abundance of choices available if you’re looking for a great photoshoot backdrop! From more touristy spots like Sentosa and Gardens By The Bay to scenic locations like East Coast Park and Jurong Lake Gardens, you can take your pick depending on the theme of the photoshoot you have planned. We’ve handpicked the top 15 places with amazing potential for family photoshoots and listed them below!

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  • KATONG AND JOO CHIAT *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Cool Shophouses And Cute Cafes

    The Katong and Joo Chiat areas are some of the prime places for a family photoshoot. If you'd like something more vibrant and flavorful, they have a line of brightly-colored shophouses there that will make amazing backdrops for your photos considering how eye-catching they are. You can even plan the family's photoshoot outfits to match these shophouses if you'd like! Around the area are many other cool cafes and cute stores that you can visit - some which may allow photography inside.

  • SENTOSA ISLAND *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Sea, Sand And Sun!

    If your family frequents the beach pretty often, it might be a nice idea to use a beautiful beach setting for your family photos. Sentosa itself has gorgeous beaches where you can spend the entire day taking photos under amazing sunlight, and you can even use props like picnic mats and beach toys for the little ones to play around with. Your photographer can take these sweet candid moments of the family having fun together!

    There are also many other activities (mostly paid) that you can explore, such as iFly Singapore and The Luge, but you'd need to ask for permission prior if you're planning to take photographs there.

  • JEWEL CHANGI AIRPORT *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Indoor Location With Gorgeous Sunlight

    If the family is not keen on enduring the heat during an outdoor photoshoot, why not have your family photoshoot at Jewel Changi Airport instead? Despite being an indoor location, the sunlight that streams into the building is really beautiful most times of the day. Your photoshoot can take place at free-of-charge locations like the Shiseido Forest Valley and the JollyFields Playground, or you can pay for entry at places like their Hedge Maze, Canopy Park and Petal Garden. All of these locations are really pretty regardless of which one you choose, and they all typically have beautiful sunlight in the area.

    Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666,

  • JURONG LAKE GARDENS *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Photogenic Space With Lots of Greenery

    Within Jurong Lake Gardens itself there are many scenic spots where you can take your family photographs. One of the most popular ones is their Lalang field, where it's filled to the brim with Lalang, making the area look ethereal. There's also a popular Lone Tree where many Singaporeans love to take photographs at, and it'd be a wonderful spot to pose for family photos too. There's also a huge space filled with many grassy hills, making the backdrop look endless and beautiful, and the whole family can be propped up on one of these mini hills while your photographer takes photos from afar.

  • NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SINGAPORE *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Amazing Light Indoors

    The National Museum of Singapore is another wonderful location if you're looking for an indoor photoshoot. The light that streams into the museum itself is gorgeous, and the interior is also pretty minimalistic yet majestic-looking, making it a beautiful backdrop for photos. However, permission might be needed beforehand should you wish to take photos inside, so it might be best to request for permission prior to your photoshoot. The space outside the museum is also pretty alluring, so you can get some shots outside against the main building or even around the trees that surrounded the museum itself.

    National Museum of Singapore, 93 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178897,

  • HENDERSON WAVES *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Gorgeous Structures For Minimalistic Photos

    Henderson Waves is a pedestrian bridge crossing Henderson Road, and its design is spectacular. That makes it a beautiful spot for family photographs, and depending on which time of the day you're planning to do your photoshoot, you might even be rewarded with golden hour light to complement the wonderful backdrop. Since the space is quite minimalistic, it'll be perfect for families who want a simpler photoshoot backdrop that somehow still stands out. There's also a lot of space for the kids to run about while your photographer takes candid shots of them having fun.

  • TIONG BAHRU ESTATE *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Old-School Vibes All Around

    If you want a backdrop with a little more local flavor, you can have your family photos taken around the Tiong Bahru area. It's a mature estate with many old-school looking houses and buildings, and the place is also littered with many quaint cafes and shops. Since the area is pretty big, you'll definitely find plenty of spots to take your family photos whether they're close-ups or wide shots. All in all, the Tiong Bahru area is a wonderful choice if you're looking to infuse a little bit of old-school Singapore vibes into your photoshoot.

  • GARDENS BY THE BAY *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Cloud Forest And Flower Dome

    Gardens By The Bay itself has an amazing array of outdoor spots where you can take pretty family photos. But if you're looking for somewhere indoors and air-conditioned, you can head to the Cloud Forest or Flower Dome. Do note though that an entry fee is required for each of these places. Inside these places you'll be greeted by wonderful flora and magnificent-looking structures that'll make amazing backdrops for your photos. There are so many angles to explore that'll make the photos look like you're in a beautiful urban jungle.

    Gardens By The Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953,

  • UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    For A Fun-Filled Photoshoot

    If the little ones are into theme parks, why not have your photoshoot at Universal Studios Singapore? Although an entry fee is required for both the family and the photographer, you're pretty much guaranteed an abundance of beautiful photo spots within the park. There are so many different themed lands where the family can take their photos, and if you're lucky, you might even be able to snap photos with characters if they're roaming around. All in all, it's a wonderful location if you'd like to take some candid photos of your family having a fun-filled day!

    Universal Studios Singapore, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269,

  • SINGAPORE BOTANIC GARDENS *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Many Areas For Photography

    One of the most popular outdoor photoshoot locations, Singapore Botanic Gardens is really huge and contains many amazing scenic spots for photographs. There are spaces which you can explore that are free of charge, like the Sundial Garden, Palm Valley, and the Gallop Extension just to name a few, and every one of these places make wonderful backdrops for photographs. Each one has its own unique flavor and characteristics, so you can easily choose which location you prefer depending on your photoshoot theme.

    Singapore Botanic Gardens, 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569,

  • CONEY ISLAND *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Escape The City

    Coney Island is one of the more popular photo spots in Singapore because of how it makes photographs look as if they weren't taken in a city, and the space is filled with lush greenery and towering trees - making it feel as though you're really in the woods somewhere. The place also has nice winding foot paths that add a gorgeous element to your photos, and there's even a sandy beach area you can take some of your photos at. It's very easy to find suitable photo spots at Coney Island, and you can even have unique photoshoot themes like pretending the family is out on a forest adventure!

  • LORONG HALUS WETLAND RESERVE *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Surrounded By Nature

    Loron Halus Wetland Reserve is a beautiful area located in the east of Singapore that'll make a great location for a photoshoot if you want a nice backdrop surrounded by nature. The most popular part of this place when it comes to photos is its reed fields. It makes your photos look as if they weren't taken in Singapore itself and eliminates any sort of city vibe. There's also an iconic Lorong Halls Red Bridge where many people tend to take photographs at, which is another location you can consider.

  • HAJI LANE AND ARAB STREET *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Colorful And Bustling Shophouses

    One of the popular photoshoot spots in Singapore is Haji Lane and Arab Street (they're side by side) because of the vibrant exteriors of the shophouses there. You can also easily find a lot of graffiti in the area which complement the entire look. If this sounds like an ideal backdrop for your family photos, you'll be pleased to know that there are many different alleyways and little corners that you can take your photos at. There are also cute shops and cafes in the area that you can explore.

  • NATIONAL GALLERY SINGAPORE *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Beautiful Lighting Inside The Building

    One of the more popular spots in Singapore for a photoshoot is National Gallery, and there are nice backdrops both inside and outside the museum building. The outside of the building looks really grand, and you can even do your photoshoot on the many steps leading into the museum, or even by the gorgeous palm trees right next to them. There are also many magnificent pillars and corners that look good on photo. Inside the building, the sunlight is beautiful, and helps make your photos look ethereal. But do note that you may have to write in asking for permission to do a photoshoot inside the museum building.

    National Gallery Singapore, 1 St. Andrew's Road, Singapore 178957,

  • HELIX BRIDGE *Best Outdoor Photography Venues In Singapore

    Simple And Convenient Location

    If you're looking for a simple photoshoot with an interesting backdrop, you might want to consider doing the photoshoot at Helix Bridge. It's conveniently located right next to Marina Bay Sands, meaning that it's not only near Bayfront Station, but extremely near a bunch of shops - ensuring that you can easily visit the restroom or even buy a bottle of water to hydrate midway during the photoshoot. It might be best to do the photoshoot in the mornings or on weekday afternoons when there are relatively less people on the bridge. However, if you want the bridge to be lit up in your photos, then you can do the photoshoot there at night!

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