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Put that generous spirit to work in the new year and lend a hand to those in need.  Whether you want to volunteer or make a donation, Little Steps has put together a handful of charities in Hong Kong where you can truly make a difference. Sharing is caring…get involved!



    Help Disadvantaged Mothers, Women & Children In Hong Kong Through These Charities
    • Room to Read: Room to Read builds libraries and publishes reading materials to promote literacy in ten countries across Asia and Africa, as well as organizing “read-a-thons” in Hong Kong.
    • Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women: Advocacy and education against sexual violence against women and operating HK’s rape crisis centre—Rain Lily—and an anti-sexual violence resource centre, Anti480.
    • Bring Me A Book: Serving children that do not have access to quality books and reading, this organization offers an innovative library concept and ongoing workshops in            the community.
    • Changing Young Lives: Through interactive activities, workshops and field trips, Changing Young Lives strives to improve the welfare of disadvantaged children and families.
    • Christina Noble Children's Foundation: Raising funds for underprivileged children who are at risk of commercial and sexual exploitation.
    • Help for Domestic Helpers: A non-profit organization that provides free legal advice to foreign domestic helpers living in Hong Kong.
    • Her Fund: Donations raised are used to help fund programs that help marginalized women, which include single mothers, low-income female workers, new immigrants and survivors of violence.
    • Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children: Offering services to disadvantaged kids, there are nearly 30 programs in place for needy children and their families across Hong Kong.
    • Kely Support Group: This bilingual youth organization provides marginalized youth with mentorship programs and activities that equip them with leadership and social skills.
    • Make-A-Wish Foundation: Make dreams come true for children with life-threatening illnesses by volunteering to help with fundraising, special events and administrative support.
    • The Child Development Centre: Early intervention services for children suffering from developmental difficulties.
    • Mother's Choice: A safe place for young pregnant mothers where they can seek non-judgmental help and services; foster care; adoption services.
    • Po Leung Kuk: Offering a wide web of resources from tutoring, recreational activities and group workshops, Po Leung Kuk’s goal is to improve the lives of children and the needy.
    • Pathfinders: Pathfinders help migrant workers and domestic helpers by offering legal advice, medical care, and shelter for mothers and their babies.
    • St. James Settlement: Serving 10,000 children every year, St. James Settlement provides a whole host of extra-curricular activities and events for needy children and their families.
    • Watchdog Early Education Centre: Bilingual programs for children diagnosed with learning and mental disabilities.
    • The Women's Foundation: Through community outreach programs, education and advocacy, this foundation strives to improve the lives of women in Hong Kong.
    • Zi Teng: Zi Teng reaches out to sex workers threatened by violence, exploitation and health issues.
    • Ronald McDonald House: Ronald MacDonald House is a nonprofit organization that provides a place outside of the hospital where families and critically ill children can bond and find joy.
    • Box Of Hope: An annual charity event that donates useful and educational gifts to underprivileged children across Hong Kong and Asia during the holidays.
    • Unicef:  An international organization that promotes the betterment of the lives of needy children in many of the world's poorest nations.
    • CWS Child Welfare Scheme: CWS works with local, grassroots NGOs to provide education, health care and social opportunities to children and their communities in Nepal.
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    Support A Number Of Social And Welfare Issues Here In Hong Kong
    • 1 Step Association: Helping workers severely injured in the workplace with legal help and advocating safer work conditions in Hong Kong.
    • Alcoholics Anonymous: Providing group support to those suffering from alcohol misuse, as well as their families, partners and friends.
    • Amnesty International: Advocates of human rights in more than 150 countries worldwide.
    • Christian Action Hong Kong: Reaching out to refugees, new immigrants and foreign domestic helpers, Christian Action offers language and training classes.
    • Crossroads International: Crossroads collects unwanted clothing, furniture and household items, and redistributes them in Hong Kong and abroad to areas affected by natural disasters and conflict.
    • Feeding Hong Kong: Collecting quality food that would be otherwise thrown away and redistributing it to feed people in need.
    • Hands On Hong Kong: A great place to start when looking to get involved in the community.  They offer diverse volunteer opportunities by connecting volunteers with various charities (many listed in this guide).  Volunteer opportunities with poverty, children, education, the elderly, the environment, and more.
    • Helping Hand: With six elderly homes and a holiday center in operation, they care for needy elderly people living in squalid conditions.
    • Hong Kong Unison: Raising awareness on racism and discrimination of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.
    • Justice Centre: Helping asylum seekers and their families seek legal support and representation.
    • Kids4Kids: A great way to get the kids involved!  This organization puts on workshops and organizes activities for the kids, for kids.
    • Oxfam: Offering aid to disaster-stricken countries around the globe.
    • Remar: A Christian charity assisting in rehabilitating substance abusers and caring for the homeless.
    • Senior Citizen Home Safety Association: A 24-hour hotline that addresses the needs of elderly people living alone.
    • Society for Community Organization (SOCO) : This organization helps those in need, from refugees and ethnic minorities, boat dwellers, squatters to those who live in cubicle and cage homes.
    • Vision First : Private donors and corporations are encouraged to host “micro-fundraising” events to raise money for asylum-seekers and refugees.
    • World Vision: International Christian organization committed to helping impoverished children and communities in all nations.


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    Help Mistreated And Abused Animals
    • Animals Asia: Caring for the welfare of wild and urban animals, they’re also involved with campaigns such as the Moon Bear Rescue centers in China and Vietnam.
    • Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch: Providing loving homes to street cats and helping to eradicate cruelty towards animals.
    • Hong Kong Dog Rescue: Operating the main kennels in Tai Po and an additional homing centre in Ap Lei Chau, volunteer to care for lovable pooches.
    • Hong Kong Herpetology Foundation : Protecting reptiles and amphibians from cruelty.
    • Lamma Animal Welfare Centre: The LAWC works towards providing long-lasting homes to abandoned and abused animals.
    • Lifetime Animal Protection: LAP is always on the lookout for foster homes for their newborn pets and orphaned animals.
    • Sai Kung Stray Friends: Find a furry addition to your family from this Saikung-based animal organization that also advocates kindness towards animals and de-sexing pets.
    • Society of Abandoned Animals: Animal activists that care for abandoned pets.
    • SPCA: With numerous locations across the city and a strong presence in the community, the SPCA aims to prevent cruelty against animals.
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    Help Promote Sustainability
    • Clean Air Network: An independent NGO that's active in bringing together individuals, organizations and groups dedicated to improving Hong Kong's air quality.
    • Clear The Air: Clear the Air is proactively trying to reduce air pollution in Hong Kong through public awareness campaigns, such as smoky vehicle fines and maintaining smoke-free workplaces.
    • Conservancy Association: The earliest non-governmental agency in Hong Kong, they strive for sustainable development and conservation of nature.
    • Redress: Redress organizes works with local and international designers to advocate sustainability in fashion design.
    • WWF Hong Kong: With a wide network of volunteer programs, volunteers save the wetlands, lend a hand at community events and petition against climate change.
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    Charities That Promote Awareness And Support For Health Conditions
    • Red Cross: Providing humanitarian relief worldwide, Red Cross also operates blood donor clinics in Hong Kong.
    • Arts with the Disabled Association: Arts with the Disabled Association provides arts programs for adults and children with mental and physical disabilities.
    • Cancer Fund: Hong Kong’s largest organization providing support and services to those whose lives have been affected by cancer.
    • Chi Heng: Helps adults and children suffering or affected by HIV/ AIDS in rural China.
    • Children's Heart Foundation: Raising awareness and providing support to children suffering from congenital heart disease and their families.
    • Dyslexia Association Hong Kong: Educating the public on dyslexia and other learning problems.
    • Hong Chi: Hong Chi has been helping people with mental disabilities for nearly 50 years and offers vocational training and workshops.
    • Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation: Promoting breast cancer education and awareness through early-detection campaigns.
    • Youth Diabetes Action: believes raises public awareness in the community through activities for both children affected by Diabetes and their parents.
    • Operation Smile: This global organization is dedicated to healing children's smiles and cleft palates and transforming lives across the globe. Donate, volunteer, or enroll your teens in the student programs.
    • The Samaritans: Offering a 24-hour crisis hotline for distressed and suicidal callers - counselors are present to listen and offer confidential, unconditional emotional support.
    • The Society for AIDS Care: The Society for AIDS Care provides direct patient rehabilitation care and mother-to-child transmission intervention for HIV positive pregnant women.
    • Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care: Improving the lives of terminally ill patients and offering support to their families.



    Charities That You Can Support Online
    • Be My Eyes: is an app that connects people needing vision support with volunteers and companies through live video around the world.
    • Translators Without Borders: a growing community of volunteers language services to humanitarian and development organizations worldwide.

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