Top 18 Life, Health, And Executive Coaches In Hong Kong

Creating Life Changes In Hong Kong

Life changes happen, and sometimes you feel like you need a bit of help navigating choppy waters or new territories. Life coaches are overall wellness professionals who help people improve their everyday lives and realize a greater sense of fulfillment. Life coaches can help you seamlessly navigate life’s obstacles by focusing on your unique skills and creating manageable strategies to help you make the most of your strengths. They’ll support you to achieve positive, long-lasting change.

You might employ a life coach for guidance when experiencing a significant life change, such as a new career, moving to a new country, or navigating daily life as an ex-pat in Hong Kong. People also turn to a life coach to help build a happier, more meaningful life. A life coach could be beneficial for stress and anxiety, irritability, lack of fulfillment, dissatisfaction at work, lack of creativity, and the inability to break bad habits.

While most coaches generally embrace life, many also specialize in specific parts of your life, such as dating and relationships, diet and fitness, family, finances, health and wellness, and leadership skills. A growing number of professionals partner with life coaches to accomplish ultimate success in their business and personal lives.

The pandemic has caused all sorts of upheaval worldwide. You may have been faced with homeschooling your children, living far away from your family, being made redundant, or being furloughed. Your natural ability may have taken a dent, and you might need some support to get you back in business. Allow some time for yourself to take stock and consider what you truly want. Little Steps has prepared the definitive list of qualified health coaches throughout Hong Kong.

Before you team up with your coach, remember to ensure that you are comfortable with each other. Your coach will, after all, see your vulnerability. Don’t be afraid to ask for references so that you check the credentials of your coach. During your initial consultation, you’ll also be able to ascertain whether they will be able to help you achieve your goals.

Now that you are set enjoy the process and bloom.

  • Monica Browning life coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    MONICA BROWNING: Life Coach, Leadership, Boundary Setting, Executive Coaching in Hong Kong

    Courage Through Coaching In Hong Kong

    Monica will take you on a journey of self-discovery and steer you to a life of balance, clarity, and fulfillment. Monica's coach style combines art, science, process, and above all, self-honesty. She'll encourage you to bring valuable insights into your life and practice self-awareness and personal growth. The more you are willing to grow and experience your authentic truth; the richer your life will be. Get in touch if you feel stuck or overwhelmed or simply need a fresh perspective on life, family, and leadership.

    Monica Browning, +852 9440  6864, [email protected]

  • Iris Kloth Coach Hong Kong

    IRIS KLOTH - LOVING YOUR WORK: Executive And Career Coach Hong Kong

    A Coach To Take You Through The Transitions Including Parenthood, Going Back To Work, And Work/Life Balance

    Iris's coaching style is "warm, eclectic,  and solution-focused" and focuses on empowering her clients to grow through their transitions (from career to parent transitions too including becoming a mom / going back to work) with confidence and clarity. With over 350+ coaching hours and 14 years of experience as a career coach for managers and leaders, spouses, individuals, and young and mid-career professionals, she has a lot of talents but steers her attention to executive and career coaching. Iris has a two-year systemic consultancy qualification, and is a Certified Business Coach™ with WABC (World Association of Business Coaches) and Associate Certified Coach™ (ACC) with the ICF (International Coach Federation).  She coaches in English and German in Hong Kong. Onwards and upwards...

    Iris Kloth - Loving Your Work, [email protected], +852 8103 7326,

  • Franziska Von Kleist Hong Kong

    FRANZISKA VON KLEIST: Life Coach In Hong Kong

    Life Coach In Clearwater Bay + Sai Kung

    Franziska's energy is felt as soon as you talk to her!  She is focused on getting to know her clients and helping them navigate worrying thoughts and those helpless feelings of uncertainty.  Book a discovery call or one of her upcoming workshops.

    Franziska von Kleist,

  • Mehroo Turel life coaches Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    MEHROO TEREL: Personal Brand Coach in Hong Kong

    Discover Your Personal Brand In Hong Kong

    Mehroo offers a three-step private coaching support system – build, brand and balance. She supports women and enables them to rediscover themselves and build confidence. Mehroo will help you discover your personal brand through business consultations for small business owners and Instagram workshops for other coaches.

    Mehroo Turel[email protected],,

  • Sandra Carvajall life coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    SANDRA CARVAJAL: Health Coach In Hong Kong

    Health Coach At Stanley Wellness Center In Hong Kong

    Sandra is a yoga instructor and nutritionist. She advocates a healthy and balanced lifestyle as the building blocks of health and optimal performance. She understands that everyone is unique, and there isn't a one-stop solution for all. Sandra will help you discover the equilibrium in your eating habits, physical activities, how you deal with emotions and manage your relationships. She will work with you to identify life's imbalances, help you make lifestyle modifications, and foster a long-term personal health plan.

    Sandra Carvajal[email protected],

  • Helen Revans life coaches Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    HELEN REVANS: Health Coach In Hong Kong

    Health Coach With Functional Medicine Approach In Hong Kong

    Helen is a health coach with a functional medicine approach. It’s her objective to coach, educate and empower you to reclaim your health and well-being. She’ll support your unique hormone and gut-health challenges by mapping changes, exploring your history, and categorizing any problems. Helen will teach you never to underestimate the impact of stress and the body’s innate power to heal when given the proper treatment and care.

    Helen Revans, +852 9747 3514, [email protected]

  • Neelam Daswani health coaches Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    NEELAM DASWANI: Health Coach In Hong Kong

    Nutrition, Time Management, And Sleep Coaching In Hong Kong

    Following critical health issues in her family, Neelam became a certified Health Coach through New York’s Integrated Institute of Nutrition. Her coaching focuses on nutrition, time management, and sleep. She combines this with a program of nurturing self-care, which will help support your long-term health goals. She's also an integral member of the Central Health Team in Central.

    Neelam Daswani, WhatsApp +853 9126 5052, [email protected]

  • Valentina Tudose life coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    VALENTINA TUDOSE: Relationship And Dating Coach In Hong Kong

    Relationship Coach In Hong Kong

    If you want to find your inner goddess and embrace the world of love and dating, Valentina Tudose, renowned TEDx speaker, podcast guest, and relationship coach, will help you! She'll help you make effective choices and take the necessary actions to succeed by guiding you through a journey of self-discovery, learning about relationships, and how to make successful relationship choices with your highest vision for yourself and beyond your fears and limitations.

    Valentina Tudose, [email protected]

  • Stephen Claster life coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    STEPHEN CLASPER: Relationship Coach In Hong Kong

    Relationship Coach At Shakti Healing Circle In Hong Kong

    Stephen is renowned for his practical insights and astute intuition that encourages self-belief and the development of your true potential. He helps you find ways to communicate and move forward in your relationships. He's a certified master coach and master teacher in Usui Reiki, a DNA Thetahealing practitioner, and a certified practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Stephen brings warmth, safety, and a Zen-like focus to his Shakti Healing Circle.

    Stephen Clasper, +852 2521  5099,  [email protected]

  • Mac Ling life coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    MAC LING: Transformational Coach In Hong Kong

    Career Coach In Hong Kong

    Having worked in technology and marketing in the US and Asia, Mac Ling draws on this to bring creativity, curiosity, and an analytical mindset to his coaching clients. He is naturally empathetic yet possesses a sharp analytical and critical thinking mindset that allows his clients to overcome all manner of challenges. His strong business acumen and deep understanding of human motivation and psychology enable him to work with business leaders from all levels and sectors.

    Mac Ling[email protected]


  • Nerice Gietel life coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    NERICE GIETEL: Career Coach In Hong Kong

    The Career Lounge In Hong Kong

    Nerice works with women at all stages in their lives. She'll help you explore areas including maternity, returning to work, recovering from a setback, and your executive career. Nerice understands that life is full of ups and downs and recognizes that through tough times, you'll learn the most about yourself. Together, you can discover your inner strength and how to turn risks into opportunities and achieve positive outcomes you couldn't have dreamed of.

    Nerice Gietel, WhatsApp: +852 5519 4661,  [email protected]

  • Janine Manning life coaches Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    JANINE MANNING: Personal Branding Coach Hong Kong

    Authentic Personal Brand Coach In Hong Kong

    Janine helps unleash your significance into the world and helps you cultivate a sustainable reputation. She'll help you create your authentic personal brand and present it to the world with total conviction and confidence. Janine will help you unleash and explore your values, strengths, and beliefs, shape your future narrative and bring you to life. You'll build relationships, create opportunities and gain advocates as you become more impactful.

     Janine Manning, +852 6193 0943,  [email protected]

  • Tracy Ho life coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    TRACY HO: Personal Branding And Executive Coach Hong Kong

    Frame And Fame Coach In Hong Kong

    Be seen, be heard, and be known is the branding motto that does exactly as it says on the tin. Tracy is a personal branding and executive coach supporting global senior executives, managers, and business owners. She helps career-minded people further explore their talents and to grow. Her armory of services includes coaching, image consulting, communication training, and executive presence development.

    Tracy Ho, +852 8193 2105, WhatsApp +852 9730  0542,  [email protected]

  • Nidhi Kush Shah life coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    NIDHI KUSH SHAH: Personal Branding Coach Hong Kong

    Alchemy Consulting In Hong Kong

    Nidhi Kush Shah is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, executive coach, and writer. She has a solid public speaking presence and specializes in personal branding. Nidhi is passionate about working with women to help them achieve their career, business, and leadership goals. She'll coach you through various communication skills to help you make a positive impact for a successful future. For well over a decade, she's worked with clients from APAC, Europe, and the US.

    Nidhi Kush Shah[email protected]

  • Lisbeth Van Der Linden health coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    LIESBETH VAN DER LINDEN: Leadership Coach In Hong Kong

    Leadership And Executive Coaching In Hong Kong

    Liesbeth works with women executives who have exciting yet turbulent lives. As a global executive coach, she helps leaders remain grounded and equips them with the necessary tools to help them navigate their busy lives. She has a consulting background and understands women that juggle multiple priorities, high pressure, and high stakes. Liesbeth will work with you to afford you balance, clarity and focus and create the growth trajectory you desire.

    Liesbeth Van Der Linden, +852 5592 4144, [email protected]

  • Ffyiona Yong life coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asis

    FYIONA YONG: Leadership Coach In Hong Kong

    Intergenerational Leadership Coach In Hong Kong

    Fyiona uses her experience in the corporate world to specialize in intergenerational leadership. She's Shell's youngest head of operations and offers millennial career and purpose coaching. Fyiona's mission is to help you develop greater self-awareness, overcome limiting self-beliefs, and lead confidently. If you want to contribute to making the world a better place, create an impact, feel engaged at work, balance your work and personal life and be an inspiring leader of the future, it's time to reach out to her.

    Fyiona Yong[email protected]

  • Malcolm Andrews lfe coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    MALCOLM ANDREWS: Communication And Executive Coaching In Hong Kong

    Executive Coach With Workshops And Coaching In Hong Kong

    With many years of experience in sales, publishing, and consultancy, Malcolm's soft skills and coaching can help you overcome blockages and develop confidence in executive communication. He's the master of blending skills with strategy. He encourages the use of over 60 complex skills, which will get results in a fixed time frame and deliver optimal outcomes.

    Malcolm Andrews, +852 9263 8594,  [email protected]

  • Carole Lewis life coaches in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    CAROLE LEWIS: Communication And Leadership Coach In Hong Kong

    Business Coach In Hong Kong

    Carole will work with you to ensure that your voice is heard. She’ll work on developing skills to help you present yourself with confidence, clarity, and conviction. You'll learn how to communicate with the presence and charisma that will command attention and drive the business results that you aspire to as a leader. Carole will teach you to speak up, ask for what you want, and say no when necessary.

    Carole Lewis[email protected]

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