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There are some wonderful nurseries and kindergartens in Macau. For kids aged one and over, there are a variety of options. Small and intimate or something part of a larger establishment, there is something for everyone. Here are some of our favorite nursery schools, kindergartens, and preschools in Macau.  This guide covers you from Montessori schools to International kindergartens.

  • St. Anthony’s Preschool Macau

    St. Anthony’s: Preschool In Macau

    St. Anthony’s caters to children in preschool aged 1 to 6 years old. The main language of instruction is English. The core subjects students cover are; English Language Chinese Language (supplemented with Putonghua), Phonics, Vocabulary, Readers, Mathematics, Music, and Rhymes. All teachers are fully qualified and enjoy teaching in a state-of-the-art building.


    St. Anthony’s, www.stanthonysmacau.com/

  • Sun Child Care Centre Macau

    Sun Child Care Centre: Montessori Macau

    This is a lovely little Montessori school, where English is the main language. They cater to children ages 1 to 3 years old. The activity based approach means that students can take part in a wide variety of activities, from reading, drawing, painting, playing and so much more. They have four rooms which cover the following themes; Hi-Five System Physical Training, Artistic Enlightenment, Reading Corner and Playground.


    Sun Child Care Centre, www.sun-childcare.com/

  • Jardim Infantil Da Caritas Macau

    Jardim Infantil Da Caritas: Kindergarten In Macau

    This is a great little kindergarten that’s part of a bigger network. They have created their own curriculum, where students can learn to read, write, play and do so much more. Parents are encouraged to be a part of this process and are required to spend time reading with and to, their little ones.


    Jardim Infantil da Caritas, www.caritas.org.mo/en/service/education-service/jardim-infantil-da-caritas

  • Creche S. João Preshool Macau

    Creche S. João: Preschool In Macau

    This is one of the most well established preschools in Macau, with classes suitable for kids aged 1 to 3 years old. There are 12 activity rooms where students can take part in a variety of activities. As well as focusing on the intellectual development of your child, they also look at the physical development and make sure they are growing at the rate they should be. They want kids to be active, creative learners.


    Creche S. João (two locations: Horta e Costa & Taipa), www.odm.org.mo/english/institution/2/introduction.php

  • Kingdom Kids School Macau

    Kingdom Kids: Nursery In Macau

    This is an English education center that encourages students to have an interest in learning English from an early age. They will not only learn the language but will learn to be polite, disciplined, and build friendships. The curriculum is bilingual and diverse, so they will build a strong a solid foundation.


    Kingdom Kids, www.facebook.com/kingdomkidsmacau/

  • Ze Ai Nursery And Pre-Kindergarten Preparation Macau

    Ze Ai Nursery And Pre-Kindergarten Preparation

    This is a great school for curious kids. Here they will build their confidence through art projects, science exploration, numeracy and literacy activities, play and more. They will have plenty of reading time, and will build on their social and emotional skills. Pre- K classes include group and independent learning.


    Ze Ai Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten Preparation, www.facebook.com/Ze-Ai-Nursery-and-Pre-Kindergarten-Preparation-567325053330306/

  • The International School Of Macao

    The International School Of Macao: International School Kindergarten In Macau

    Suitable for children in Pre-k and grade 12, they follow the Alberta curriculum from Canada. Students come from over 40 different countries which makes it a very international school. Classes are kept to a maximum of 25 students, ensuring their qualified teachers get quality time with all students. Children are encouraged to take part in music, art, drama, physical education and a foreign language, ensuring they get a well-rounded education.


    The International School of Macao, www.tis.edu.mo/

  • School Of The Nations Macau

    School Of The Nations: Kindergarten In Macau

    The curriculum is inquiry based and class sizes are kept to 15-23 students. They will learn; Character Development, Science, Math and Language. As well as strong academics, they also offer many after school activities. Some of these include; boys football, boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, and tennis. The application process is simple and decisions are made relatively quickly.


    School of the Nations, www.schoolofthenations.com/

  • Macao Sam Yuk

    Macao Sam Yuk: Kindergarten In Macau

    This is a religious school in Macau. Here students aged from 2 years and 8 months are accepted into kindergarten. The curriculum is traditional, with students learning core subjects. There are many extra curricular activities students can take part in as well. They have a wonderful library where students are encouraged to read on a daily basis.


    Macao Sam Yuk (Kindergarten), www.msy.edu.mo/kindergarten_index.html

  • Macau Anglican College

    Macau Anglican College: Kindergarten And Through School Macau

    This is a large school with over 1000 students. They follow the IGCSE curriculum. Students are encouraged to take part in lots of after school activities. They want to ensure that well-rounded students are created here and go on to university. There are science and art fairs and also healthy campus day where kids learn more about an active life.


    Macau Anglican College, www.acm.edu.mo/

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