Finding the Best Dentist for Kids in Singapore: 14 Pediatric Dentists In Singapore

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Top Pediatric Dentists In Singapore

When it comes to our children’s health, we always want to provide them with the best care possible. This includes their dental health, which is vital for their overall well-being. Finding the right dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry can make a world of difference in ensuring a positive and comfortable dental experience for your child. In the bustling city of Singapore, where do you begin your search for the best dentist for kids? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various avenues to help you find the best dentist for your little ones in Singapore. From well-known dental clinics specializing in pediatric dentistry to polyclinics offering specialized services, we’ll cover a range of options to cater to your child’s unique dental needs. We’ll dive into specific areas such as Singapore West, Punggol, Tampines, Novena, Central, Marina, East Coast, and West Coast, highlighting reputable pediatric dentists in each location. Whether you reside in these areas or are looking for a dental clinic near you, we’ll provide useful information to assist you in your search.

Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of choosing a pediatric dentist who not only possesses the necessary qualifications and expertise but also creates a child-friendly environment that helps alleviate any dental anxiety your child may have. We’ll shed light on the factors to consider, such as reputation, patient reviews, and the overall atmosphere of the dental clinic, to ensure you make an informed decision. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge on where to find the best dentist for kids in Singapore. We believe that every child deserves exceptional dental care, and with the right dentist, you can pave the way for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

When choosing a pediatric dentist for your child, consider the following five important factors:

  1. Qualifications and Experience: Look for a pediatric dentist who has the necessary qualifications and expertise in working with children. Check their educational background, certifications, and years of experience specifically in pediatric dentistry. A dentist with specialized training and a focus on children’s oral health is better equipped to handle your child’s dental needs.
  2. Child-Friendly Environment: Visit the dental office and assess its atmosphere. A child-friendly environment with a welcoming and cheerful ambiance can help ease your child’s anxiety and create a positive dental experience. Look for amenities such as toys, books, and colorful decorations that cater to children’s needs.
  3. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: A good pediatric dentist should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They should be able to connect with children, gain their trust, and explain dental procedures in a child-friendly and age-appropriate manner. A dentist who can establish a positive rapport with your child will make dental visits more comfortable and enjoyable.
  4. Preventive Approach: Choose a pediatric dentist who emphasizes preventive care. They should prioritize educating children and parents about proper oral hygiene practices, diet choices, and cavity prevention. Regular check-ups, cleanings, and fluoride treatments are essential components of preventive dental care for children.
  5. Emergency and Special Needs Care: Consider a pediatric dentist who is prepared to handle dental emergencies and can accommodate children with special needs. Inquire about their emergency protocols, availability after hours, and their experience in providing dental care to children with unique requirements.
  • Twinkle Dental Singapore

    TWINKLE FAMILY DENTAL: Paediatric Dentist And Family Dental Clinic In Singapore

    Dental Clinic In Tampines, Singapore For Kids And Family

    Twinkle Family Dental is the perfect choice for families and individuals with kids. Their comprehensive services cater to all dental needs, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming environment for children. From gentle Scaling & Polishing to child-friendly Fillings, they prioritize the oral health of your entire family. With their expertise in Braces & Aligners, they offer discreet teeth straightening options for kids. Twinkle Family Dental also understands the importance of preventive care and provides educational resources for good oral hygiene habits. Trust them to provide exceptional dental care for your family, keeping everyone's smiles healthy and bright.

    Twinkle Family Dental, Blk 201B, Tampines Street 21, #01-1069, Singapore 522201, +65 6789 2837,

  • Greenlife Dental Singapore

    GREENLIFE DENTAL CLINIC: Paediatric Dentist And Family Dental Clinic In Singapore

    Variety Of Dental Services In Singapore

    With an impressive track record of serving over 130,000 patients in its 24-year history, Greenlife Dental Clinic has established itself as a reputable and trusted dental practice in Singapore. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, they consistently deliver top-notch dental care. While offering essential services like polishing, Greenlife Dental Clinic goes above and beyond by providing comprehensive braces services, ensuring your child's teeth are properly aligned. They even emphasize the importance of early dental care by recommending that children have their first visit within six months of their first tooth appearing. Experience exceptional dental care and entrust your family's oral health to Greenlife Dental Clinic, where expertise and quality meet.

    Greenlife Dental Clinic, multiple locations,

  • Depacific Dental Group Singapore

    DEPACIFIC DENTAL GROUP: Affordable Dental Care For Kids In Singapore

    Dental Clinics In Ang Mo Kio, Balestier, Jurong West and Pasir Ris, Singapore

    Established in 2000, the Dental Group has steadily grown, prioritizing quality and investing in staff training and the latest dental technologies. dePacific offers peace of mind and comprehensive oral health care. They provide personalized dental services for all ages, including kids. With experienced dentists and state-of-the-art yet affordable treatments, patients are in good hands. Conveniently located in Novena/Toa Payoh, with clinics in Ang Mo Kio, Balestier, Pasir Ris, and Jurong West, dePacific ensures accessible and top-notch dental care.

    dePacific Dental Group, multiple locations,

  • Night Dental Singapore

    NIGHT DENTAL SINGAPORE: Affordable And 24-Hour Emergency Dental Clinic In Singapore

    2 Dental Practice Locations In Singapore - Nuffield Dental Westgate, Nuffield Dental Simpang Bedok

    Night Dental Singapore stands out as an affordable out-of-hours dental clinic, offering late-night services for the utmost convenience of patients. While other dentists may be asleep, the dedicated team at Night Dental Singapore remains tirelessly committed to delivering high-quality and professional care. Their primary goal is to alleviate tooth pain and restore patients' smiles promptly and effectively. With a focus on urgent dental needs, Night Dental Singapore ensures that patients receive top-notch services when they need them most. Trust Night Dental Singapore to provide exceptional care and relief, even during late-night hours. No matter what time you encounter a broken tooth or loose fillings, you’ll be able to get it fixed.

    Night Dental Singapore, multiple locations, +65 6833 4355,

  • Coast Dental Singapore

    DP COAST DENTAL: East Coast Dentist Practice For Families And Kids In Singapore

    Popular East Coast Dental Practice In Singapore

    As of October 1, 2022,  Coast Dental held a merger with DP Dental group!  They now operate in a new clinic under the name of DP Coast at 451 Joo Chiat Road #02-01/03, Katong Point (above Little Farms). Situated in the delightful heritage neighborhood of Katong and Joo Chiat in Singapore, DP Coast Dental is a state-of-the-art dental practice offering modern and advanced dental services. Understanding the common anxiety associated with dental visits, DP Coast Dental was established to create a unique and exceptional dental experience for individuals and families. Under the guidance of Dr. Nijam and his experienced team, patients can expect thorough explanations of available treatment options. Every effort is made to ensure a stress-free and pain-free dental experience, with treatment fees clearly explained before the commencement of any procedures. Additionally, DP Coast Dental offers flexible installment plans and government subsidies, making quality dental care accessible to all. Prioritizing patient well-being and satisfaction, DP Coast Dental is dedicated to providing outstanding dental services in a comfortable and transparent manner.

    DP Coast, 451 Joo Chiat Road #02-01/03, Katong Point (above Little Farms),

  • Eastwood Dentalcare Singapore

    EASTWOOD DENTALCARE: Dental Practice Focused On Family And Kids In Singapore

    Dr. Ang Will Take Good Care Of Your Family

    At Eastwood Dentalcare, Dr. Ang excels in both aesthetic dentistry and general dentistry, providing top-notch dental services for patients of all ages. With a special focus on pediatric dentistry, Dr. Ang understands the importance of addressing children's dental needs with extra care and attention. Through a step-by-step approach, Dr. Ang ensures that kids feel at ease during any procedure, alleviating their anxieties. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of teaching good brushing habits to children, promoting oral hygiene, and preventing future cavities. Trust Dr. Ang and the team at Eastwood Dentalcare to deliver exceptional dental care that prioritizes both your well-being and that of your little ones.

    Eastwood Dentalcare, 20 Eastwood Road, #01-12, Eastwood Centre, Singapore 486442, +65 6243 0911,

  • Cluny Court Family Dental Singapore

    CLUNY COURT FAMILY DENTAL: Your Family Clinic For Dentistry At Cluny Court

    Dentist Practice By The Botanic Gardens In Singapore

    Book an appointment for your dental check-up or your kid’s at Cluny Court Family Dental and be greeted by their team of friendly and experienced dentists. A ton of services are available, including pediatric crowning, night guards, root canal treatment, and fluoride treatment. They’re also located right next to Botanic Gardens MRT station, making it convenient to get to!

    Cluny Court Family Dental, 501 Bukit Timah Road, #02-18 Cluny Court, Singapore 259760, +65 6467 9088

  • Pang And Ng Dental Singapore

    PANG & NG DENTAL: Paediatric Dentist And Family Dental Clinic In Singapore

    Dentist Clinics In Hougang-Kovan And Bishan In Singapore

    With two locations at Bishan and Hougang, Pang & Ng Dental is a trusted clinic among patients young and old. If your child is in pain and needs urgent tending, the clinic is also able to schedule same-day appointments. To distract your kiddo from any feelings of discomfort during procedures, they also have television screens that will play cartoons so young patients can have a smooth dental visit!

    Pang & Ng Dental, multiple locations,

  • Advanced Dental Singapore

    ADVANCED DENTAL: Paediatric Dentist And Family Dental Clinic In Singapore

    Paediatric Dentist And Family Dental Clinic In Singapore With Multiple Locations

    Regular dental checkups for kids are just as important as for adults. Treatments include Prophylaxis – a cleaning procedure that helps to prevent gum diseases, fillings for baby teeth as well and extraction of decayed teeth for kids and at prices starting at SG$70 this is an affordable cleaning option for families in Singapore. Advanced Dental has multiple locations and offers a full range of family dental services.

    Advanced Dental, multiple locations, +65 8684 1000,

  • SMILE FOCUS: Family Dental Practice In Singapore With Long History

    Kids And Family Dentist Near Orchard Road In Singapore

    At Smile Focus, their primary objective is to foster a positive and lifelong attitude towards dental care for you and your children, starting from their very first visit. With a combined experience of over 35 years in treating children, including those with special needs and traumas, their dedicated children's dentists are well-equipped to provide exceptional care. The focus is on instilling good oral hygiene habits early on, which will benefit children throughout their lives, ensuring healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. Smile Focus creates a positive experience through various means, including cartoons, toys, books, and friendly explanations from dentists. Dr. Stephanie Salanitri, an experienced children's dentist with over 20 years of expertise, ensures exceptional care for young patients.

    Smile Focus, Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore, 248649, +65 6834 0877,

  • NATIONAL DENTAL CENTRE SINGAPORE: Oral Healthcare In Singapore

    Integrated Clinics For Dentistry In Singapore

    The Centre aims to be a leading organization for quality oral healthcare. It aspires to deliver quality care to every patient through comprehensive, integrated clinical practices, innovation, and lifelong learning. It provides a unique environment for dental professionals and families looking for quality dental care.

    National Dental Centre Singapore, 5 Second Hospital Avenue, Singapore 168938, +65 6324 8802,

  • SMILE MAKERS: Dental Clinic in Singapore Above Novena MRT Station

    Novena Family Dentist In Singapore

    Smile Makers Dental Clinic is in Novena Medical Center, located just above the Novena MRT station. Smile Makers Dental Novena Clinic is a dental practice for the whole family. The goal of their dentists is to educate you on your dental health so that you can achieve a beautiful smile and keep your smile through life. Dental care is best introduced when there is no pain. The first dental visit should be like a visit to a new friend. You will find various dental procedures such as dental fillings, gum disease treatment, and crowns and bridges.

    Smile Makers, #09-26 Novena Medical Center, 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307506, +65 6397 2739

  • STRAITS DENTAL: Personalized Dental Practice In Singapore

    Dentist Clinic On Orchard Road And Tai Seng, Singapore

    The Straits Dental Group has emerged as a leading dental practice in Singapore, with a particular emphasis on providing exceptional care for children. With multiple clinics located throughout Singapore, their team of highly trained and friendly dentists and dental surgeons specialize in pediatric dentistry. They prioritize creating a positive and comfortable environment for children, utilizing innovative dental technology to deliver personalized treatments. The Straits Dental Group focuses on promoting good oral health habits and ensuring a positive and enjoyable dental experience for young patients.

    Straits Dental, International Building 360 Orchard Road #04-01 Singapore 238869, +65 6235 4686,

    Straits Dental, TAI SENG location, BreadTalk IHQ, 30 Tai Seng Street, #02-06 Singapore 534013

  • SMILE DENTAL GROUP: Dentist Practice In Singapore With A Focus On Family And Technology

    Locations On East Coast And Marine Terrace In Singapore

    A smiling child is a happy child. To keep your child smiling and free from oral diseases, it’s important to establish a good dental healthcare routine early on. At Smile Dental, they focus on prevention, early detection, and treatment of dental diseases. Regular visits to their clinics let them monitor your child’s dental health and allow them to educate your child on preventive dental health habits.

    Smile Dental Group, 231 East Coast Road Singapore, 428927, +65 6346 1138

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