Top Housewarming Gifts Every Singaporean Family Will Love!

Includes Both Practical And Decorative Gifts!

Top Housewarming Gifts For Families In Singapore

Buying a housewarming gift is a lot of fun, especially since there are endless gift options out there. From decorative pieces to practical items, the best gift really depends on what the homeowners need in their new abode. We’ve compiled a list of top gifts that might just be perfect for the next housewarming party you’re planning on attending!

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  • CLASSIC AUTUMN DUVET SET: SOJAO *Best Housewarming Gifts For Families in Singapore

    Costs SG$170

    If you're not too sure what to get your friends for their upcoming housewarming party, maybe a nice duvet set might work. This one from SOJAO features their best-selling classic sateen bedsheets that are made sustainably with organic cotton. This means that it's also lightweight, breathable and super soft - and they get even softer with every wash. It's a wonderful gift for homebodies who love staying home and chilling in bed!

    Classic Autumn Duvet Set, Click Here

  • HINOKI BONSAI: Soilboy *Best Housewarming Gifts For Families in Singapore

    Costs SG$232

    Plants liven up a living space, and this Hinoki Bonsai is perfect for homes with a more minimalistic or zen-like interior. It also makes a great gift if someone in the family has green fingers and enjoys taking care of and nurturing live plants. This particular one requires careful pruning, wiring and soil management to thrive as a bonsai. It's most suited for a bright environment, and will look amazing as a centrepiece for the study table or dining table. Do note that it's mildly toxic for kids and pets when ingested, so it might be best placed on a surface or table which they can't reach!

    Hinoki Bonsai, Click Here

  • FAB FLOWER ARRANGEMENT: Dawn Q. Floral Design *Best Housewarming Gifts For Families in Singapore

    Costs SG$76

    Sometimes, all you need is a simple housewarming gift to convey your sincerity. This alluring flower arrangement by Dawn Q. Floral Design  is going to beautify any home and bring a smile to anyone's face upon receiving them! Even better if the homeowners you're gifting it to have crystal vases, because they'll make amazing homes for this stylish arrangement. If you're not too sure what kind of furniture or gadgets to get, then this flower arrangement makes a wonderful surprise gift.

    Fab Flower Arrangement, Click Here

  • TOYOMI COZY COOKER: HipVan *Best Housewarming Gifts For Families in Singapore

    Costs SG$115

    Families with young kids might enjoy using the Toyota Cozy Cooker. It's a 4-in-1 multi cooker and allows you to deep fry, boil, grill and bake anything you'd like! It's perfect for making different snacks for kids all at once, and feeds about 1 to 2 pax if you're cooking meals. Couples may also enjoy using it for hotpot, and since the parts are detachable, it makes washing the cozy cooker pretty convenient as well!

    Toyota Cozy Cooker, Click Here

  • FIGRARO DRINKING GLASS: Crane Living *Best Housewarming Gifts For Families in Singapore

    Costs SG$34

    This one's perfect for homeowners who'd love a sweet pop of color in their homes. These Figaro Drinking Glasses are fun and quirky, adding a touch of whimsy to any interior. Homeowners can even use them for dinner parties as they are beautiful and add a nice touch to any table setting. There are four different color combinations available, and the glasses look best when you mix and match all of them together. Not t0 worry, the glasses are also food safe and dishwasher safe.

    Figaro Drinking Glass, Click Here

  • AFTONSPARV: IKEA *Best Housewarming Gifts For Families in Singapore

    Costs SG$29.90

    If the family whose housewarming you're attending has young kids, they might like this children's rocket tent for their playroom. Made of cardboard, it's lightweight and can easily be shifted to different parts of the house on different days, depending where the little ones want to play! They can also use their markers or paint to draw on and decorate their little rocket hideout - the adults can even join them, making it a family activity!

    AFTONSPARV, Click Here

  • ENTANGLED FRAMED SCREENPRINT: Island Living *Best Housewarming Gifts For Families in Singapore

    Costs SG$279

    If you're familiar with the homeowners' taste, it might be a good idea to get them something decorative. This Entangled Stretched Screenprint has a quirky, playful design with neutral colors, complemented by the texture of the natural linen background. It's suitable for homeowners who like a bit of abstract wall decor in their house. To best maintain the print's colors, it's best placed somewhere without direct sunlight. It can also be cleaned with a dry cloth.

    Entangled Framed Screenprint, Click Here

  • BRUNO COMPACT RICE COOKER: HipVan *Best Housewarming Gifts For Families in Singapore

    Costs SG$79

    How about something practical for a housewarming gift? This BRUNO Compact Rice Cooker is sleek, simple, and it's also not too bulky, making it perfect even for smaller spaces. This petite rice cooker has generous capacity though, and cooks up to 2 cups of rice. It'll feed a family of 3 comfortably, or even a family of 4 with small kids who don't usually eat a lot of rice per meal. They can also make porridge for the little ones and quick one-pot meals whenever they're pressed for time.

    BRUNO Compact Rice Cooker, Click Here

  • JELLYCAT FUDDLEWUDDLE DRAGON HUGE: Mothercare *Best Housewarming Gifts For Families in Singapore

    Costs SG$162.90

    If you're not too sure what to get for homeowners who have little kids, you might want to get a Jellycat because most kids love Jellycat plushies! This Fuddlewuddle Dragon is soft and perfect as a bedtime buddy, or as a general buddy that your friends' kiddo can lug around the house with them. It's also washable (via hand washing), which helps ensure it contains minimal germs and bacteria.

    Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Dragon, Click Here

  • BAMBOO PLATES: Cats Socrates *Best Housewarming Gifts For Families in Singapore

    Costs SG$9.90

    Any homeowner who loves funky decor and bright colors are going to like these bamboo plates. They feature cute illustrations, and look best when used together as a set! Although they can be purchased individually, you can also choose the set of 4 option on the website. The plates are dishwasher safe but not microwavable, and it's best if they're not scrubbed with harsh objects. You can even gift it with cakes or pastries so that the homeowner can serve them to guests on their new bamboo plates!

    Bamboo Plates, Click Here

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