Best Places To Buy Mattresses In Singapore

The Best Cloud-Like Mattresses For Your Family

Best places to buy a mattress in Singapore Little Steps Asia

Everyone needs and loves a comfy bed, a cloud-soft topper, and feather-light pillows for a good night’s sleep or a lazy afternoon with a good book or a binge-worthy Netflix series. There is a vast range of mattresses and a gaping price range of between S$100 and S$20,000. How do you choose? You will likely spend a third of your life in bed, so you can see the importance of buying the best mattress possible. If you think it’s time to upgrade your mattress, here are some top tips from the Little Steps team.

  • Best places to buy a mattress in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    What’s Your Budget?

    Always have a budget in mind. While you can buy brandless cheap, and cheerful mattresses for under S$100, likely, it will not be the most comfortable experience. If you can up your budget to between S$3,000 and S$5,000, you will be able to find a decent mattress. If you seek the best of the best, then be prepared to dig deep and spend well over S$10,000.

    How Firm Should Your Mattress Be?

    Interestingly, the firmness of your mattress will depend on your usual sleeping position.

    Back Sleeper

    You will need to support your neck, spine, and back; a medium-firm mattress is ideal for supporting you adequately.

    Side Sleeper

    A softer bed will suit your needs better; you might also enjoy a thick downy-style topper for an additional layer of comfort that contours your body for the ultimate support.

    Front Sleeper

    If you sleep on your front, consider a firm mattress to maintain proper spine alignment.

    Combination Sleeper

    This means that you move through a range of sleeping positions at night; try and choose the mattress for your most common position.

    Tossing and turning during the night could be due to your bed being too firm or soft. If a mattress is too firm, it might create pressure points that feel sore or numb. A mattress that is too soft can leave you feeling achy due to your spine not being aligned. If you have a partner, see if you can meet in the middle with a medium-firm mattress or, if budget permits, a customized mattress with a different firmness on each side.

  • Mattress best places to buy a mattress in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Sleeping Habit

    Understanding your sleeping habits will help you find the ideal mattress that suits your needs.

    What Is Your Build?

    If you are a heavyset person, you might want to consider a firmer and thicker mattress. A soft bed could cause you back pain.

    Do You Get Hot?

    If you get hot and perspire easily, avoid memory foam mattresses that retain heat. You could think about trying a cooling gel layer.


    If you or your partner moves around a lot, you could get a mattress with minimal motion transfer. Avoid mattresses with a standard innerspring.

    Light Sleeper

    Individual pocket springs will help you have a good night’s sleep.

    Family Size

    If your child sleeps with you, get a king-size bed so that there is space for everyone. Also, consider a waterproof protector, just in case.


    Consider a naturally hypoallergenic latex mattress if you have sensitive skin or asthma.

    Aches And Pains

    Buy the best mattress possible that gives your body the support it needs.

  • Habits best places to buy a mattress in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Bedroom Size

    The size of your bedroom will help you determine the size of bed you can have.

    Mattress Size

    Surprisingly, bed sizes vary across the world. Singapore bed sizes are slightly different from the USA or Europe.

    Single Size – 91 cm x 190 cm

    Super Single Size – 107 cm x 190 cm

    Queen Size – 152 cm x 190 cm

    King Size – 182 cm x 190 cm

    King Long Size – 182 cm x 198 cm

    USA King Size – 193 cm x 203 cm

    Mattress Types

    Most mattresses are in two layers, one for support and one for comfort; there are four types – spring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid.

    Test Your Mattress

    A mattress is a long-term purchase, and it's essential to try it before buying, whether in the store or in the comfort of your home. Many stores offer timed testing periods so that you can sleep comfortably (or not) in your own bedroom. If the company doesn't offer at-home testing, make sure you test it in the store.

    Lie in your usual sleeping position for at least 15-minutes and check comfort, support, and fit. There should be no space between your body and the mattress, and your spine should be aligned and supported. Talk about your experiences and discover what is right for you; if you can't decide, meet somewhere in the middle! If you have a sleeping partner, test it together and feel more movement as you both change sleeping positions.

    Prioritize what really matters and help your family build great sleeping habits at home. The benefits of high-quality rest are essential to living a healthy, happy life!

    The Little Steps Team has selected the best and most functional bedding brands in Hong Kong, so you get top slumber nights and rise-and-shine mornings!

  • Mattress Boutique best places to buy a mattress in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    The Mattress Boutique

    Top Selling Brands

    The Mattress Boutique is the authorized seller of mattress brands, including Dunlopillo, King Koil, Maxcoil, Sleepynight,  Slumberland, Slumber Pedic, and Sofzsleep. Importing the mattresses directly from the manufacturing factories guarantees low selling prices. Go to their showroom and chat with their knowledgeable team for the best night's sleep; they'll listen to your needs and wants and find the best mattress within your budget. The store also sells divan bedframes, storage and drawer beds, pull-out bed pillows, and bolsters. Keep your eyes peeled for their excellent sales that offer well over 50 percent discount on their mattresses.

    The Mattress Boutique, various locations across Singapore,  +65 6970 6978,,

  • My President best places to buy mattresses in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    My President Mattress

    Mattress For The Stars

    My President Mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in Singapore. Plus, it's affordable and comfortable! Many luxury hotels worldwide use the My King Signature mattress, which blends the durability and support of a coil-on-coil innerspring system with memory foam made from natural latex for a hotel-inspired good night's sleep. The seven-zone advance motion isolation and double micro-pocket springs enhance motion isolation, so you'll never be woken up by your partner again. Pair with the comfort of the Euro pillow for the ultimate rest. The blue diamond icy cooling mattress is Singapore's number one best seller.

    My President Mattress, various locations in Singapore, Northpoint Bizhub, 2 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #05-10, Singapore, +65  9617 7025,,

  • Four Star

    Over Half A Century Of Bed-Making

    Traditional furniture maker Neo Gim Sim founded Singapore-grown brand Four Star in 1968. They have been dedicated to providing comfortable mattresses for well over half a century. Four Star has provided mattresses to generations of families and has received many international awards, including the prestigious International Arch of Europe Convention Award and the Golden American Award of Quality. Four Star is committed to upholding its heritage and strict quality standards. The time-tested range of mattresses features different technologies to provide essential comfort and support your exacting range of needs. The CHIRO+ range provides orthopedic posture support for specialized back care. Hexa-Coil individual pocketed spring system and natural fiber ensure the mattress's durability and firmness for optimal spinal support. Sign up for their newsletter and get S$100 off your first purchase and exclusive offers as a member.

    Four Star, 44 Kallang Place, Level 1, Singapore, +65 6296 5966,,

  • IKEA best places to buy a mattress in Singapore Little Steps Asia


    Value Pocket Spring

    IKEA has a great range of competitively priced mattresses that suit most budgets. Whether you prefer spring, latex, or memory foam, it doesn't matter if you are a side, front or back sleeper; they've got something for you. The HÖVÅG is one of the cheaper pocket spring mattresses in the store and has a memory foam comfort layer that cocoons your body for a good night's sleep. The 24 cm high mattress has individual pocket springs giving even distribution of your body weight by comfort zones, offering softer support for your shoulders and hips. IKEA also has an extensive range of bedroom furniture and accessories, directly or online. The spring and foam mattresses are tested to deliver comfort and durability; they also come with a 10-year guarantee to ensure the utmost quality! Best of all, you can try them out for 365 Days; you can change your mind anytime.

    IKEA, online or instore, Tampines, Jurong and Alexandra, +65 6786 6868,

  • Haylee best places to buy a mattress in Singapore Little Steps Asia


    Mattress In A Box

    If you need a Haylee mattress in a hurry, jump online; you can have it delivered free to your front door within two hours. The mattress is fondly known as the 'mattress that knows you best'; Haylee's Aeroflo and cool gel memory foam will keep you cool and comfy all night. The mattress automatically comes with a generous 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. Perforated vents provide circulation from the upper supportive layer into the lower layer of the cool gel memory foam to regulate your body temperature and motion transfer. Underneath is a thick layer of transition foam to balance weight distribution. A washable bamboo knitted odor-free, anti-fungal, anti-dustmite, and anti-bacterial fabric cover protects the mattress. Haylee has generous sales, so keep an eye on their website.

    Haylee, 5 Toh Guan Road East, Unit #05-01, Singapore, +65 6715 9715,,

  • Noa best places to buy a mattress in Singapore Little Steps Asia


    Multi-Layer Award-Winning Mattress

    The hybrid award-winning Noa mattress provides pressure relief, support, and dreamy comfort. The multi-layer mattress has a pocket spring layer on the transition foam base, followed by latex and a layer of innovative cooling gel memory foam that wicks away heat from your body for an uninterrupted night's sleep. The additional base foam layer disguises the spring layer giving you the comfort of a superior full-foam hybrid. The mattress has very little motion transfer, so your kids can sneak in unnoticed for cuddles. It's a great all-around mattress with a firmness level of seven out of 10. All of the foam layers are REACH certified. Shop online, and you'll qualify for free shipping, a 120-night trial, and, if necessary, free returns and a full refund.

    Noa, 15A Stanley Street, Singapore, +65 6744 9888,,

  • TEMPUR best [places to buy a mattress in Singapore


    Plenty Of Stores

    With many stores around Singapore, it's easy to find the TEMPUR® Hybrid Elite Mattress with Cooltouch™. It’s a pocket-sprung mattress well disguised with substantial memory foam comfort layering. The unique pairing of Precision-engineered MicroCoils™ and adaptive TEMPUR® material high-density foam cocoons your body for a comfortable night's sleep. If you like a firm mattress and appreciate the movement-reducing and body contouring qualities of memory foam, this could be a great alternative. The mattress has a removable, washable cover so that you can keep your mattress clean and fresh with minimal effort. TEMPUR® has various online special offers for accessories such as pillows and slippers.

    TEMPUR®, stores across Singapore, +65 6933 7667,,

  • SleepWiz best place to buy a mattress in Singapore Little Steps Asia


    Cloud-Like Toppers

    If you’ve already got a good mattress, but it doesn’t quite give you the support that you need, why not transform it into a new comfy one? A cloud-like sleep topper is an excellent alternative if you don't have the budget for a new mattress. Using a SleepWiz topper, you can redistribute support and relieve pressure points caused by mattresses that are too firm or soft. SleepWiz offers a seven-night trial and a three-month warranty on their ErgoLush™ gel-infused memory foam mattress topper, Herculean™ All-natural latex mattress topper, or the Tatami pillow-top mattress topper.

    SleepWiz, 11 Woodlands Close, Singapore,,

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