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Founded in 2008, Little Steps Asia is a regional digital company focused on educating, inspiring and connecting families in Asia. Active in 6 local cities (HK, SG, JKT, KL, MO), we focus our content efforts on what parents want and need surrounding the lifestyle of parenting and deliver content according to those needs via our website (#1 for families in Asia), video, Facebook Live, social media, events, email newsletters, and special projects. The dedicated team across Asia scouts, tastes and shops to find the hippest and happening products and places to keep parents in the know and on the go.

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Shea Stanley - Founder Of Little Steps Asia

Shea Stanley

Founder & Chief Executive Insider

Originally from Texas, Shea’s travel and lifestyle media career has taken her around the globe to over 50 countries where she has worked on a variety of TV, print, and digital projects.  When she was pregnant with her first child, Shea longed for a resource offering fun finds and insider tips for parents in Asia.  In 2008, she founded Little Steps Asia!  Mom of 2 active kids, Shea enjoys hiking, yoga, travel, photography, and of course – exploring the city with her clan!  

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  • Favorite Shoes?
    • Summer sandals
  • What’s in Your Sippy Cup?
    • A frozen margarita or a large coffee 🙂
  • Best advice from your Mom or Dad?
    • Surround yourself with good and honest people
Melanie Barnish Little Steps Asia

Melanie Barnish

Regional Digital Marketing Guru

Melanie is an Australian mother of three and has been living in Hong Kong since 2007.  She is now living on Lantau Island and loved to spend time on the island’s beaches or hiking trails.  Melanie co-founded Genie Juicery in 2011 and now leads marketing at Little Steps Asia!

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  • Favorite Shoes?
    • Nike fly knits!
  • What’s in Your Sippy Cup?
    • Tea
  • Best advice from your Mom or Dad?
    • Never give up!

Natasha Pinna-Griffith

Business Development Guru + Head Of Education Partnerships

Natasha is always on the GO! Whether it’s hiking the peak, cooking up a gourmet meal for friends or spending the day with her family 3 kids at Disney, life is always active! She is also an avid foodie who loves to try a new restaurant, bakery, or coffee house and often shares her indulgences with the Little Steps team!  Natasha has worked in sales and business development for 14 years across a multitude of industries including finance, fashion, and cosmetics.  She was born in UK and after living in Hong Kong for 9 years, she is now starting a new adventure in Singapore where she will continue to be a part of the fabulous Little Steps Sales Team and further build the business out there. 

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  • Favorite Shoes?
    • Heels for dancing the night away and date nights, Onitsuka tigers for daytime!  
  • What’s in Your Sippy Cup?
    • Iced Americano to wake her up…Espresso Martinis to keep her going 
  • Best advice from your Mom or Dad?
    • You never know how someone is really feeling inside- always smile and be a good friend. Also life is too short, eat that chocolate cake! 
Sapna Panjabi At Little Steps Asia

Sapna Panjabi

Business Development Guru + Head Of Shop/Bump Club

Sapna is a travel and fitness aficionado who loves stimulating conversations and indulgent desserts.  If she is not in a museum savoring modern art, she is often found stalking contemporary artists on Instagram! With over a decade and a half of sales experience, Sapna has worked extensively in Business Development across multiple sectors in India.  She has now made Hong Kong her home and adores the city’s vibe and people.  A mum of two who greatly reveres her time with her kids and family, she feels right at home at Little Steps Asia.

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  • Favorite Shoes?
    • Anything to keep on Get-Set-Go mode
  • What’s in Your Sippy Cup?
    • Need Masala Chai, want a scotch on the rocks
  • Best advice from your Mom or Dad?
    • There are no short cuts to success, you have to work hard!

Shyam Padmasola

Business Development Guru + Head Of Production

Shyamala is a regular mum of two adult kids, who enjoys writing, reading, travelling and coffee, in no particular order. She’s a long-term Hong Kong resident, who loves the nooks and corners of this beautiful city, and is always open to experiences be it doing a fun graffiti workshop  on the rooftop of an old building to a delicious afternoon tea enjoying the HK skyline. 

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  • Favorite Shoes?
    • Barefoot..or anything comfortable!
  • What’s in Your Sippy Cup?
    • Coffee (but rarely says no to a nice Margarita, G&T, Pinot Noir or Vodka Soda)
  • Best advice from your Mom or Dad?
    • Before you buy anything, always answer two questions- Do you need it and can you afford it?

Stephanie Koh

Resident Editor - Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

A former educator and still very much one at heart, Stephanie left her career to spend time with her kids and knows a thing or two about nurturing young minds. She loves globetrotting and exploring kid-friendly destinations with her family. This mom of two has an immense passion for the outdoors and sourcing out fun-family activities as well as kid-friendly products. Helming the editorials for both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Little Steps is just perfect for this adventurous mama.

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  • Favorite Shoes?
    • Havaianas!
  • What’s in Your Sippy Cup?
    • Double Shot Oatmilk Latte, the stronger the better. Ever so often, some bubbles would be nice.
  • Best advice from your Mom or Dad?
    • Always be thankful and grateful for what you have.

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