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Practices For Raising Environmentally Aware Children In Hong Kong

Practical Activities & Practices

Raising Environmentally Aware Children in Hong Kong

Teaching kids about sustainability and the environment is crucial for fostering an awareness that can lead to lifelong habits and actions beneficial to the planet. We are listing here several effective ways and practices to engage children in Hong Kong in learning about these important topics from educational activities around the city, everyday practices, interactive learning and app, community involvement such as where to donate clothes and used goods, participate in trail and beach clean-ups and so much more.

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    Educational Activities Around Sustainability & The Environment

    Beach & Trail Clean Ups, Start An Urban Garden, More

    From nature walks, beach cleanups, gardening and more there are a number of activities happening all around Hong Kong that will help kids become more aware of the environment and sustainable practices in a fun interactive way. Taking part in a beach cleanup as a family is not only a fun outdoor activity but will also teach the kids about the dangers of plastics on the marine ecosystem. Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong is organizing a beach cleanup on April 21, 2024 - sign up here! Otherwise, just grab a reusable bag and head for the trails, another great way to raise responsible future citizens. The Backyard Gang organizes weekly trekking and beach activities for kids ages 3 to 9 and teaches them lots of interesting factoids about nature and the environment along the way! We know space is tight in Hong Kong but starting a small garden to teach children about plant life cycles, the importance of pollinators, and the basics of composting is really beneficial. Get some help from Rooftop Republic to get you started on your first urban garden!

    Beach cleanups:

  • Interactive Learning, Apps & Books

    Teach Your Kids About The Environment

    Several educational games and apps focus on environmental themes. Games can cover topics like recycling, wildlife conservation, and renewable energy. The Zero2 App in Hong Kong promotes a low-carbon lifestyle through gamification. All you need to do is download the app and log into your "Community" which has missions that kids can partake in such as donating used clothes, recycling waste, walking challenges, and more. By completing missions, you can collect points which can then be redeemed against selected products. Another great online resource is Earth Cubs, which provides award-winning content about the environment, sustainability and climate change for 3 to 11-year-olds.

    Read books about the environment, conservation, and stories featuring characters who solve environmental problems. This can help build empathy and a deeper understanding of environmental issues.

    Children's books about the environment and sustainability:

  • Raising Environmentally Aware Children in Hong Kong

    Practical Everyday Practices

    Education Begins At Home

    Instruct children to be mindful about conserving resources: turn off lights when not needed, use water judiciously, and opt for sustainable options such as reusable bags and containers. Demonstrate how energy is utilized at home and discuss strategies for conservation, like unplugging devices when they're not in use and choosing energy-efficient appliances. Encourage creativity through art projects that incorporate recycled or upcycled materials, which also teach the importance of waste reduction. Children are keen observers of adult behavior; lead by example to show your commitment to environmental stewardship. Simple actions like bringing reusable bags to the supermarket, donate clothes and used goods so they don't end up in a landfill, buy clothes sustainably - are all ways we can contribute to preserving the planet and instill these values in children as they grow.

    Also don't forget to get educated about Hong Kong’s soon to be rolled-out waste charging scheme!

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