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Let’s face it – Hong Kong is a busy place! When you add kids, work, family, and social obligations into the mix of our dynamic city made up of smaller homes, clutter and mess can become the most unwanted guest. Kick clutter to the curb with our Top Professional Home Organizers in Hong Kong who will save you time and space in order to create more beautiful and organized spaces so that you can enjoy your homes as you are meant to – happily and stress-free.

  • iStyle Hong Kong


    Design & Organize A Clutter-Free Haven

    Drawing on her wealth of experience, Karishma Sakhrani of IStyle will help simplify your work, and save you money and time as she uses her keen eye to design and elevate your home. Known for her bespoke and stunning interior designing and styling services, IStyle can give your home a splash of color and a unique personality to match your style, while creating a more organized and functional space for you to easily maintain. She is also the owner TuCasa and can offer her modern, sleek furniture pieces that will compliment your home, become conversation starters, or keep your treasured possessions tidy and organized.

    IStyle HK,,

  • The Happy Space Co Hong Kong


    Tailored Home Organization Solutions

    Promising to help you achieve beautiful and functional spaces – whether that be in your home or office – The Happy Space will leave you feeling just as their company name says – happy! Breathe in a sense of relief as they tackle your clutter and help you create systems in order to maintain your new and improved stress-free spaces. Book a complimentary consult with the team, then The Happy Space will provide a tailored game plan and in-person implementation in order to suit the needs of you and your family.

    The Happy Space Company, +852 9198 5019 (Whatsapp),

  • Clutter Free Hong Kong


    Organizing Space Using Eastern & Western Approaches

    Melding two organizing methods – traditional organizing (a western approach) with the KonMari method (an eastern approach), will help clients gain the maximum benefits from the unique fusion. Amongst many services, they can remove items that don’t bring joy, declutter homes, provide organization services tailored to ones lifestyle, as well as do space planning and furniture placement (prices start at HK$3000), and junk removal (prices start at HK$200). In addition to their many services, they also run workshops to empower participants with the skills they need to live a clutter-free life.

    ClutterFree.HK, +852 9528 4866,,,

  • Clean And Rosy Hong Kong


    Decluterring & Organizing Solutions

    Invite clean and tidy spaces into your home with Clean & Rosy’s sustainable, affordable, and organized storage systems that are personalized to meet your needs and routines. Some of the spaces they can help you organize include offices, homes, kitchens, pantries, wardrobes, bathrooms, playrooms, bookshelves, storage rooms and more. The process begins with an in-person or online complimentary consultation, followed by a plan for the project with a timeline and estimated cost. Once approved, the team will get to work on a mutually selected date and begin the decluttering, organizing, labelling and more.

    Clean & Rosy Professional Organizer,,,

  • Home Makeover Hong Kong


    Creating Functional & Beautiful Spaces In Hong Kong

    With an UCPO Ultimate Professional Organizer Certificitation, Marianna Obena from Home  Makeover HK is equipped to turn your homes into your dream homes by applying various organizing styles and hot trends. Creating functional and beautiful spaces for her clients, Home Makeover HK can organize your homes or businesses, assist with moving, unpacking and setup, and offers classes for domestic workers to develop the skills and confidence in organizing. To add to their repertoire of services, they can also do closet makeovers and personal styling for individuals – allowing for you and your home to become your best versions together.

    Home Makeover HK, +852 5119 4556,,

  • Jupp UK Hong Kong


    Experienced Professional Organizing & Decluttering Service

    Highly qualified and with years of experience and certifications under her belt, Orange, the founder of Jupp UK (and also the founder of the Hong Kong Association for Professional  Organizers), is well-known and reputable in the community having conducted over 400 on-site organizing and decluttering cases since 2016. She provides residential organization services, storage solutions, and decluttering tips, assists with packing and unpacking during moves, as well as provides training for professional organizers.


  • Home Therapy Hong Kong


    Create Efficient Systems In Your Home Plus Helper Training Course

    As the author of “Home Therapy: A Step-by-Step Guide to a Minimalist Apartment” and a professional organizer in Hong Kong, Sharon Lam of Home Therapy helps clients declutter, organize and design their spaces. The ultimate goal to create efficient systems and create more space. Some of the services Home Therapy provides includes in-home organization, office organization, unpacking after moving, domestic helper training, and conducting workshops.

    Home Therapy,

  • Apple Storage Hong Kong


    Storage Solution In Hong Kong

    Not a professional organizer, but Apple Storage can act as an extension of your home giving you the extra space you need. Providing services like Toy and Sneaker storage, where you may also request for a private showcase where your toys, collections, or sneakers are safely stored and exhibited behind a glass enclosure. Or add some room in your closet with their closet storage, where units are equipped with shelves and rails to main your clothing for subsequent seasons. They also provide moving services.

    Apple Storage, +852 8208 9822,

  • Space Box Hong Kong


    Storage Solution In Hong Kong

    Providing on-demand storage and self-storage services, Spacebox understands the growing needs of HK families with smaller spaces. Choose between on demand storage by box, on demand storage by square feet, self-storage with 24/7 self-access, or business and document storage. All storage items are easily managed, too, as they come with a unique number that you can view in their Spacebox app in order to keep track of your items. Providing door-to-door services, life becomes a whole lot easier!

    Spacebox, +852 2319 4138,,, Delivery Pick up Mon-Sat 9am-9pm

  • In N Out Storage Hong Kong


    Storage Solution In Hong Kong

    Meeting all your storage needs is In N Out Storage. With so many services, you’ll be able to declutter and organize your home with ease. Choose between small, medium, and large storage units as well as lockers for smaller items, bicycle storage units, or clothing storage. They also have a professional wine cellar facility set at optimal temperatures with humidity controls and high-level security, so that you can feel good about adding to your collection without the worry of your wine not being stored correctly. In n Out Storage is the perfect solution for decluttering your home and safely storing your valued treasures.

    In N Out Storage, +852 2580 2088,,, Open Mon-Sun 24 hours all-year round (for customers only)

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