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Betterchocolatethannever: Chocolate Cake In Jakarta

Amazing Chocolate Cakes, Truffles, And Ice Creams

Betterchocolatethannever Best Jakarta Dark Chocolate Cafe Cake

Who doesn’t love a decadent chocolate dessert? Whether in the morning, in the afternoon, or as a midnight snack, chocolate is the most satisfying and scrumptious sweet you could ever ask for. That’s why Little Steps loves Betterchocolatethannever!

Located in the South Jakarta area, Betterchocolatethannever is a literal choco-paradise. Dozens of sweet surprises await, from warm, soft cupcakes, to rum-infused chocolate cakes, and a variety of options of different chocolate ice creams. There’s truly something for everyone! And not to fret- this place isn’t just for sweet tooths; they also have a variety of savory snacks as well! Different varieties of quiche and pizza are available for savory lovers.

Just like anything good, chocolate gets even better when you have them with friends. Betterchocolatethannever has Bites Gift Sets available, packed and decorated so you can share your love and wishes. With many different bites and snacks, such as panna cotta, muffins, and mini cakes, it makes a great gift or hamper for anyone.

Go check out Betterchocolatethannever, because when it comes to good chocolate, you either love it or love it a lot!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Super delicious treats!

Who It's Perfect For:

All dark chocolate lovers!

What Else:​

They can decorate their luscious cakes for special occasions.

Where To Find It:​

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