Best IB Schools In Jakarta For Primary And Secondary Education

The International Baccalaureate (IB) In Jakarta

Best IB Schools In Jakarta

You must have heard the letters “IB” thrown around when it comes to the overwhelming subject of choosing an education for your kid. They often appear with other mysterious combos of letters: PYP, MYP, DP & CP. One of the most important tasks we have here at Little Steps is keeping you in the know about the ever-expanding possibilities of modern education. Here come the basics and resources for further reading on the IB curriculum and the best IB schools in Jakarta.


    So, let's get factual. The International Baccalaureate (IB) consists of 4 programmes of international education covering learners aged 3-19. All levels are built on IB's core values of holism and sustainability, a winning combination when you are on a mission to change the world at large in the best way possible. Through cherishing children's inherent curiosity and openness and turning it into the knowledge of how to navigate and embrace the life-long process of learning, appreciate and understand the beauty of the world's diversity and complexity, be proactively kind to others and our planet, form communities and grow as individuals. The organization develops its educational programs and assessment systems in partnership with schools, obviously, but also governments and international organizations. Programs are flexible regarding catering to local differences and recognizing different contexts and circumstances into which their curriculum is employed, yet at the same time serve as the ultimate springboard for catapulting their learners into the possibilities of studying at prestigious universities abroad.


    Across the world and its 4 programs, IB never puts kids in boxes, but shows them all the different kinds of boxes there are and lets them play, explore, think for themselves and maybe create their own, unique boxes too. They are informative, not definitive, and this is why they bring out the best in their learners of all ages—because authenticity is a necessary condition of true, sustainable, beneficial excellence and advocacy.


    The IB Primary Years Program is designed for kids 3-12. It views learners, teachers, and parents as a community which between them share unique sets of knowledge and strengthens each others' motivation, enthusiasm for education and love for the world we live in. The curriculum is challenging and rigorous, but also singularly engaging and relative. Kids take responsibility for their own learning process, discover their personal values and learn ways to approach and navigate the unpredictability of the global world.


    Primary Years IB Curriculum (PYP), Read more detailed info about the curriculum, teaching techniques and principles & practices of assessment of the IB PYP program here.


    The Middle Years Program is meant for students aged 11-16 and builds upon the skills and attitudes gained through the IB PYP while preparing students for the rigorousness of the following stages of IB education. It transcends the classroom's 4 walls by pairing the students' informed knowledge with a chance to try it out in practice. You don't have to be an education expert to know that the conditions of the real world are the most challenging of teachers. As they learn by doing, they intensify their hunger for intellectual expansion and exploration, but also learn humbleness, responsibility, to reflect and to learn from their mistakes!


    Middle Years IB Curriculum (MYP), Read more detailed info about the curriculum, teaching techniques and principles & practices of assessment of the IB MYP program here.


    The Diploma Program enables young, exceptional humans aged 16-19 to dig deeper and deeper into the knowledge the world has to offer, develop their being on all levels—physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically, study at least two languages and participate in the unique theory of knowledge course, which goes all meta on them and prepares them for further ventures into academic excellence by teaching them, implicitly and through practice, how to organize that slippery time and those bulky workloads. They also expand their capacity for awesomeness by completing independent research and undertaking a (community) project!


    Diploma Program (DP), Read more detailed info about the curriculum, teaching techniques and principles & practices of assessment of the IB DP program here.


    IB decided to be even more specific and offered a separate program for those focusing on career-related education. The CP is a bit less meta, even more, practical and prepares students perfectly for apprenticeships, employment, and higher education too. The program offers chances for meaningful, practical achievements, invaluable collaborations, self-direction and infinitely more. It combines courses from the Diploma Programme with a CP core, which provides them with a special entrepreneurial twist!


    Career-Related Program (CP), Read more detailed info about the curriculum, teaching techniques and principles & practices of assessment of the IB CP program here.

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