Best Cake Shops For Birthday Cakes In Jakarta

Custom, Unique, Sophisticated, 3D, Fondant, Buttercream, Brie, Mirror Glazed Birthday Cakes For Kids, Teens, And Adults In Jakarta

Birthday Cakes in Jakarta

Little Steps has sliced, diced, and tasted cakes and sweet treats across Jakarta to bring you the top picks for your next birthday bash. From 3D character cakes to cake pops, cupcakes, and gluten-free treats, there’s something sweet for everyone. Let’s celebrate!  Here is the guide to the best birthday cakes in Jakarta brought to you buy the most unique Cake Shops In Jakarta.

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  • Amber Does Cakes Best Birthday Cakes Kids Adults Jakarta

    AMBER DOES CAKES: Premium Custom Birthday Cakes Jakarta

    Premium Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Amber Does Cakes comes highly recommended by many families, expats and locals alike. Amber makes buttercream and fondant cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts with high-quality ingredients and she can create a whole world of design your child can imagine.

    Amber Does Cakes, +6281290908652, Instagram

  • NOB Journal Best Birthday Cakes Kids Teens Adults Jakarta

    NOB JOURNAL: Cakes, Mini Cakes, Canele, Pastries

    Delicious Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Cakes from the new NOB Journal in The Breeze, BSD, brings a fresh, new adventure to your tastebuds. Little Steps love their Honey Yuzu and Gianduja cakes, but there are many other amazing flavors to introduce to your palate. Es Teler, Lapis Legit Coffee Kahlua, and Royal Ube Cheesecake just to name a few. Whole cakes are normally available on weekends but if you need them on a different day you can put in a special order. For a more intimate birthday celebration and you want a cake just for one or two, the mini cakes would be the perfect option.

    NOB Journal, The Breeze, BSD, Tangerang, +6281210437726, Instagram

  • Unicorn Birthday Cake By Isabeau Jakarta

    ISABEAU: Beautiful Customized Healthy Cakes In Serpong, Jakarta

    Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Allergy Friendly, And Custom Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Isabeau created a range of baby-friendly cakes and is a must-try for your little one's birthday! Their finely garnished round cakes are allergy-friendly, and they offer options for gluten-free, dairy-free, and even vegan-friendly. Best of all, Isabeau can make customized decorations according to your wish.

    Isabeau, +62811906385 (WhatsApp only),

  • On A Platter Unique Spohisticated Brie Cheese Cake Birthday ids Teens Adults Jakarta

    ON A PLATTER: Brie And Other Cheese Cakes Jakarta

    Sophisticated Unique Brie Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    If you are in search of a sophisticated and unique birthday cake for someone who likes to be different, why not opt for an amazingly decorated brie cake from On A Platter? They make beautiful arrangements on a wheel of cheese with the toppings of your choice. Edible flowers, luscious berries, premium cold cuts, gummies, chocolate, or anything your heart desires! Bedazzled with golden flakes, it will be the star of any party. Don't worry, if you go with this one, everything will brie okay.

    On A Platter,+6282298982798, Instagram

  • Paul Indonesia Best French Cakes And Tarts Birthday Jakarta

    PAUL INDONESIA: French Cakes And Tarts In Jakarta

    French Birthday Cakes And Tarts For Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    For the ones who love classic signature French cakes and tarts, the famous Paul is the answer to your prayers. They carry a selection of elegant French cakes like Fleur de lys mousse, refreshing strawberry tarts, and a variety of Charlottes. Go ahead and pick one up from one of their 6 locations in Jakarta: Pacific Place, Plaza Senayan, Plaza Indonesia, PIK Avenue, Citos, and Pondok Indah.

    Paul Indonesia,

  • Dessert Lab Best Birthday Cake Jakarta Pinata Cakesicle

    DESSERT LAB: Pinata Cakes, Cakesicles, Custom Cake

    Unique Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Calling all health-conscious moms! If you are searching for ways to reduce sugar intake but don't want to miss the joy of a birthday cake fun, we have something for you. The pinata cakes from Dessert Lab are beautiful and are made to be pounded like a pinata for treasures inside. Or, you can get one of their cakesicles for a small portion treat. Just send them a message to order!

    Dessert Lab, Instagram

  • Autumn Themed Birthday Cake By Better Chocolate Than Never

    BETTERCHOCOLATETHANNEVER: Amazing Dark Chocolate Cake In South Jakarta

    Custom Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    This minimalist little shop with a catchy name in Panglima Polim offers a range of cakes made from premium dark chocolate ingredients. Freshness is guaranteed at Betterchocolatethannever because they produce in small quantities. Try the classic Black Forest or Hazelnut Fudge cake, and truffles. Simple design with heavenly taste! Custom decorations are available for your special occasion. Read more about it here.

    Betterchocolatethannever, +62215731457,

  • AMKC Atelier Jakarta Best Birthday Cake Kids Adults Teens

    AMKC Atelier: Gourmet Eatery And Cake Shop

    Gourmet Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Brought to you by Indonesia's most famous culinary couple, Karen Carlotta and Adhika Maxi, AMKC Atelier is the place to go when you are in search of rich and unique birthday cakes. At AMKC, you can get unique and unusual flavored cakes with an Indonesian twist like the Martabak cake, Es Teler cake, Pisang Ijo cake, as well as an amazing Red Velvet cake. Order yours via Whatsapp, Shopee, GoFood, or Tokopedia for deliveries, or pick it up at their Plaza Indonesia location.

    AMKC Atelier, Plaza Indonesia Level 1, +6282311665519, Instagram

  • Le Gout Patisserie Jakarta Mirror Glazed Cake Entrement Petit Gateaux

    LE GOUT PATISSERIE: Mirror Glaze Entrement, Petits Gateaux, And More In Jakarta

    Artisan Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Mirror glazed cakes and entrements are gaining popularity lately, and Le Gout Patisserie is the place to get them from in Jakarta! They have beautiful designs that you can order or you can even take one of their glazing workshops! If you want something easy to divide, opt for their pretty petits gateaux. These cakes will make any event one to remember!

    Le Gout Patisserie, Instagram

  • Sweet Gill Dessert Birthday Cake Jakarta Kids Teens Adults

    SWEET GILL DESSERT: Puff Pastry Floral Alphabet Cake And Pudding Jakarta

    Impressive Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    For the next birthday party on your list, try an alphabet pastry cake from Sweet Gill Dessert. Made from layers of puff pastries and cream, studded with impressive edible decorations, this cake can be custom ordered to make your initials or to spell out your name. The texture is light and fluffy so it's easy to eat. As an alternative, get one of their floral or bunny pudding that looks almost too good to eat!

    Sweet Gill Dessert, +62818996358, Instagram

  • Bake Of Arts Fruit Chocolate Tarts Jakarta Birthday Cake Kids Teens Adults

    BAKE OF ART: Stunning Tarts In Jakarta

    Beautiful Birthday Fruit Chocolate Tarts For Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Birthday cakes don't only have to taste good, but they have to look good as well. But what if you're not a big fan of heavy cakes with buttercream and fondant? A tart from Bake of Art is the answer! Tarts from bake of art taste amazing and they come with very elegant edible toppings too. They have extravagant flavor combinations and Little Steps love their Winter Bloom the most!

    Bake of Art, Instagram

  • Purple Birthday Cake By Union Jakarta

    UNION: Award-Winning Cakes In Jakarta

    Classic Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Known for the best Red Velvet cake in Jakarta, Union never stops evolving to make great European-style bread and pastries. The use of traditional recipes and methods are carefully used to produce a line of mouth-watering savory sweets. Union itself is an award-winning restaurant and its accomplishments in making handcrafted food are unquestionable.

    Union Plaza Senayan, Level G, Jl. Asia Afrika, South Jakarta, +622157905863, [email protected]www.unionjkt.comClick here to see other locations.

  • Red Velvet Birthday Cake Slice By Convivium Jakarta

    CONVIVIUM: Delicious Cakes In Jakarta

    Delicious Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Convivium is not only the place of warm and homey Italian recipes but also in fresh traditional cakes, pastries and desserts. They make a super scrumptious Earl Grey Cake and Carrot Cake. The Red Velvet is also worth to try because instead of pecans, it features coconut sprinkles, giving it a unique, unlike any other Red Velvet. Read more about it here.

    Convivium, Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 8A, South Jakarta, +622127081886, Instagram

  • Birthday Cake By Hotel Mulia Chocolate Boutique


    Exclusive Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    This stylish hotel is very well-known for their haute couture chocolate craft and cakes. Share your wish for your child’s birthday cake, and the pros at Hotel Mulia will make it come true with the most exquisite decoration and the biggest size you can imagine. In a rush? Visit their boutique and pick one up from their fashionable and stunning cakes on display.

    Chocolate Boutique, Hotel Mulia Ground Floor, Jl. Asia Afrika Senayan, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia, +62215747777,

  • Chocolate Birthday Cakes By Dapur Cokelat Jakarta

    DAPUR COKELAT: Delicious Cakes In Jakarta

    Delicious Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Nothing will ever be wrong with chocolate, and Dapur Cokelat knows that the best. They have been in the business for 15 years; their confectionery offers various mouth-watering chocolate-based combinations. Mango Casatta, Apple Forest and Pudding Cheese Cake are only a few collections you have to consider.


    Dapur Cokelat is available at more than 10 stores across Jakarta, click here for locations.

  • Cupcakes By Almond Tree Jakarta

    ALMOND TREE: 3D Birthday Cakes, Photo Cakes, And Personalized Birthday Cakes In Jakarta

    Delicious Custom Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Almond Tree welcomes you with a lineup of delicious and creamy cheesecakes with endless toppings. These cakes come in various sizes, and are reasonably priced! Try their all-time best sellers: the mild Blueberry Cheese Cake and Nutty Nutella, or another must-tries such as Java Coffee and Peanut Butter Crunchy. Looking for a personalized cake? Check out those ranges of 3D cakes and photo cakes.


    Almond Tree is available at more than eight stores across Jakarta, click here for

  • Rainbow Pinata Birthday Cake By Colette & Lola

    COLETTE & LOLA: Whole Cakes, Cake Pops, And More In Jakarta

    Custom Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Unique cakes can undoubtedly be found at Colette and Lola! This dessert shop creates exceptional children’s favorites, such as the Lola Bar, Ovo Milo, This Is Not An OREO cake, and the This Is Not A LEGO Cake which was made from four big colorful Lego blocks. Or, go for a different type of birthday celebration and choose from a selection of pie cakes, like Hazelnut Rocher Pie Cake or Strawberry Short Pie Cake. Their collection of witty garnished small cakes and cake pops are perfect and easy to serve!

    Colette & Lola, Jl. Senopati Raya 64, Jakarta Selatan, +622129907997,
    For other locations, click here.

  • Chocolate Birthday Cake By The Harvest Jakarta

    THE HARVEST: European Style Birthday Cakes In Jakarta

    Delicious Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    This cake and bakery shop has been one of Jakarta’s favorite destinations for birthday treats. They have a wide range of European-style cakes, as well as popular chocolate-based cakes, such as the new Madeline Rose Strawberry Mango and the Green Tea Cold Cheese Cake. The Harvest also offers packs of cookies and macarons, a great choice for party bags!

    The Harvest is available at more than 10 stores,

  • Yuzu Flavored Birthday Cake By First Love Patisserie

    FIRST LOVE PATISSERIE: Mille Crepe Layer Cakes In Jakarta

    Delicious Birthday Cakes for Babies, Kids, And Adults In Jakarta

    Originally from Hokkaido, First Love Patisserie produces the best layer cakes in town! Thousands of tremendous spongy layers made from mille crepe that will make the kids and all their lucky guests licking their lips of joy! The creamy flavors are available in original (vanilla), coffee, blueberry, and strawberry, but our must-try suggestions are Japanese green tea and Oreo.

    First Love Patisserie is available in more than five stores across Jakarta, click here for


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