Guide To Special Needs Education & Inclusive Schools In Jakarta

Inclusive International Schools & SEN Centers In Jakarta


Its incomparable joys notwithstanding, bringing up a kid is hard. Due to societal pressure and a still-too-high degree of exclusion, this can be especially true when they don’t fit into the norm. Special educational needs (SEN) is an umbrella term for the needs of children who require additional help with adapting to the learning environment. These needs can stem from medical, mental, physical, or psychological conditions, disorders, and disabilities. Thankfully, our global society is becoming increasingly inclusive and increasingly aware that all of our needs are individual and worth meeting, which is reflected in the number of inclusive international schools and SEN centers and institutions in Jakarta too.

Little Steps has created this guide to special needs education and schools in Jakarta for parents of SEN kids to better understand their options and help special needs children of different ages and abilities thrive!

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    Special Needs Programs In Jakarta

    Inclusive international schools in Jakarta provide support and/or supplemental services for students with special learning needs (provided the school is able to accommodate those specific needs) or, alternatively, have special comprehensive programs specifically designed for SEN students. It’s important to discuss your kiddo’s requirements with schools early on so they could get the support they need to grow into happy lifelong learners!


    These include the following schools:

    1. Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) is an inclusive international school that provides additional support for students with moderate to significant learning needs and global developmental delays through their JIS Learning Center, an extension of the school’s Student Support Services. This includes individualized learning and specialized support provided by highly-trained faculty and staff. Opportunities to learn and grow alongside typically developing peers are an essential component of JIS’s inclusion program!


    1. ACG School Jakarta believes that all students who attend their school should meet their potential regardless of their level of ability. This is why ACG differentiates learning based on a cycle of observation, assessment, planning, and review in order to meet the learning needs of all children, using a variety of pedagogical approaches along the way. The school also has an Educational Adjustment Program that includes gathering specialist input through internal and external assessments.


    1. Jakarta Multicultural School (JMS)’s doors are open to everyone and the school has “reserved seats” for learners with special needs. Inclusivity is one of their core values. SEN learners are treated just like other learners and have access to all facilities and after-school activities. Over the last 10 years, most the JMS’ learners with special needs have successfully completed their Secondary level and were able to continue pursuing their dreams!


    1. Sekolah Cita Buana has 4 units that provide flexible education for children with various learning difficulties that have trouble keeping up with the mainstream program and/or environment. Placement in a particular unit depends on each learner’s ability, but most combine specialized learning with joining their peers in mainstream classrooms. Even those placed in the Special Needs classroom full-time can attend mainstream classes for social integration opportunities!


    1. New Zealand School Jakarta is committed to providing the best learning support for all children including those identified with special learning needs and disabilities as they believe that each child can realize their individual potential and positively contribute to the community. The school provides a number of specialist programs that address barriers to learning for those in need who fit the school’s resourcing abilities.


    1. Lycée Français de Jakarta (LFJ) offers specialized follow-ups that include speech therapy. The school has included the integration of children with special needs in its strategic orientation plan and has different plans developed for the spectrum of special needs ranging from mild difficulties to severe developmental disabilities. The school has also created a Help and Support Group organized in agreement with the class teacher and the parent(s).


    1. Bright School is the first Montessori school with a Homeschooling Program where the educational method is based on self-awareness activities, direct learning, and collaborative games. The Montessori approach is known to be inclusive and directed by each child’s unique social and emotional needs, as well as their academic and physical development, but Bright School additionally has a Special Needs Program dedicated to SEN kids specifically.
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    Special Needs Programs In Jakarta

    If your kiddo’s needs cannot be accommodated by one of the inclusive international schools or you’d prefer for them to learn, grow, and play in an environment completely dedicated to special needs, do check out these educational institutions, organizations, and centers for students with special needs.


    Little Steps highlights the following amazing programs:

    1. Saraswati Learning Center is a non-profit organization working for and with SEN children from 0 to 18+ years. Thanks to its remarkable structure and resources stemming from personal experience, SLC can accept kids with all kinds of disabilities. In addition to an SEN school that offers an environment of a mainstream learning environment, the organization encompasses assessments & diagnostic services, an Early Intervention Program, a Vocational Training Program for empowering young SEN adults to be independent, and rehabilitation services (physiotherapy, behavioral, occupational, speech therapy, and more).


    1. Joyin – The Children’s Centre is an internationally certified SEN center that offers evidence-based developmental-behavioral interventions and specializes in speech delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, language disorder, feeding/eating disorders, and difficult behaviors. Joyin is focused on socialization and communication through an integrated therapeutic approach conducted by certified therapists. The center’s services include comprehensive therapy, playgroups, parent training, diagnostic assessments, short-term intensive programs for specific issues, even school shadowing and transition to mainstream!


    1. Shining Stars is a special needs school and therapy center. It provides SEN programs for children with developmental delays and Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD diagnoses, including an Early Intervention Program (ages 2 to 7) and a Functional Academics Program (ages 7 to 15), tailored based on the needs of each child individually and conducted by experienced SEN teachers. The center employs a speech therapist, physical and occupational therapist, and Applied Behavioral Analysis therapist who works in conjunction with other members of staff to ensure continued, holistic support for all kids to thrive!


    1. Kyriakon School and Therapy Center for Children with Special Educational Needs integrates education and therapy and currently supports students with Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autistic Disorder, Atypical Autism and Rett Syndrome), Microcephaly, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Achondroplasia, Dyspraxia, intellectual disability, and multiple learning difficulties. Its programs encompass learning one-to-one, classes, extracurricular activities, and a truly comprehensive therapy program. Music is an integral part of learning at Kyriakon, and extracurriculars empower students through more arts, crafts, and practical skills!


    1. Multi Colour Learning Center (MCLC) provides a home learning environment for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, Speech Delay, Learning Disabilities, and other developmental delays and disabilities. Led by dedicated and experienced teachers, certified child psychology specialists, and certified therapists, this SEN school combines a wide range of educational activities (classroom, outdoor, and field trips) that foster independence with services to empower and support both kids and parents!

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