Top Music Classes In Jakarta For Kids

Baby Classes + Piano + Guitar + Drums And More!

If your kid loves music the way many kids do, you’ve probably considered signing them up for music lessons. Luckily for Jakarta’s residents, there is an abundance of choice! Early age is the perfect time for your children to get musical and learn to play instruments or sing. Not only is it great for brain development, introducing music is a fantastic way to expose the creative side of children and helps strengthen their memory skills. Style of teaching, location, and type of instruments are important keys to consider before deciding which music school is best for your child. Little Steps has done its research to give you the rundown of Top Music Classes in Jakarta – Piano lessons, guitar lessons, baby music classes in Jakarta – go on now!

  • THE ENSIKLOMUSIKA MUSIC SCHOOL: Multiple Locations Around Indonesia

    Piano, Vocal, And Other Music Lessons For Kids Starting At 1.5 Years Old

    Ensiklomusika Music School is the top provider of music lessons for international students in Bali and Jakarta. Since 2012, Ensiklomusika has been helping children and adults reach their musical potential through music lessons in their branches in Jakarta and Bali. All lessons are presented in English and Indonesian. World-wide certification options for students are available. Click here for more info.

    The Ensiklomusika Music School, multiple locations, info@ensiklomusika.comwww.ensiklomusika.com

  • CANZONA SCHOOL: Meruya Ilir West Jakarta

    Music And Piano Classes For Babies And Kids 0-12 Years Old In Jakarta

    Is your baby keen on pressing the keys on your piano? Consider music and piano classes at Canzona Music School. Located in West Jakarta, Canzona children engage in playful and interactive activities with developmentally appropriate music. Toddlers will get a chance to move around freely and learn basic music concepts like fast and slow, as well as high and low pitches when they first get their hands on any musical instruments. This music school is the first and only one that teaches music and piano lesson to kids as young as a few months old up to 12 years of age.

    Canzona School, Kencana Tower Business Park, Ruko D1 No. 5, Jl. Meruya Ilir No. 88, West Jakarta, Indonesia, +6285921066441 / +6285313544643, canzonaschool.com


    Vocal, Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drum, Bass, And Violin Classes For Kids In Jakarta

    Purwa Caraka Music Studio offers a variety of music courses for all ages. They have selected professional teachers for all of their classes, and conduct lessons using an innovative curriculum that they developed in-house. There are vocal, classical piano, pop piano, keyboard, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass, drum, and violin classes offered in their 76 branches spread all over Indonesia. To allow the students to showcase their abilities, the music studio regularly holds concerts and recitals.

    Purwa Caraka Music Studio, many locations in Indonesia, +622129056892, www.purwacarakamusicstudio.com

  • THE RESONANZ: Kertanegara South Jakarta

    Vocal, Choir, Instrument, Conducting, And Masterclass Lessons For Kids And Adults In Jakarta

    The Resonanz provides the very best in the vocal and choir lesson department. Concerts and recitals are often held by The Resonanz as part of their teaching program. Students will gain the experience of performing in front of an audience of parents, family and even the public. Led by virtuoso Avip Priatna as the music director, The Resonanz kids’ choir has won a lot of world-class championships. This is the perfect place if your kids love to explore the world of singing and train their confidence through performing. Other than vocal courses, The Resonanz also offers other musical instruments courses for kids and adults, from classical piano to guitar, violin, and even courses for aspiring conductors.

    The Resonanz, Jl. Kertanegara no 28, Kebayoran, South Jakarta, Indonesia, +62217201918, www.theresonanz.com

  • MUSIC TEMPLE: Learn At Home, Private Or Online

    Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Cello, Violin, Piano, Saxophones, And Many Other Music Classes In Jakarta And Online

    Having set their hearts on being the Dojo For Music Warriors, Music Temple is a sanctuary where professionals meet fun. With a fully English-speaking environment, their team of certified and seasoned teachers not only teaches your kids how to play various instruments but also for your kiddos to experience and love music. Their lessons are electric and acoustic guitar, drums, violin, piano, brass instruments, and more. Music Temple’s teachers are mostly professional musicians who come from various genres of music, and their fun class includes performing in public spaces, like cafes and other locations. Their instructors are experienced in their field and you can either opt to have online classes or have the teacher come to your home.

    Music Temple, Private and online at home, +6281218601044, www.musictemple.org

  • MUSIC REPUBLICAIN: Fatmawati South Jakarta

    Vocal, Choir & Ensemble, Instrument, And Digital Music Classes For Kids In Jakarta

    At Music Republicain, classes are available for kids as young as 2 years old, as well as teens and adults. The Tchaikovsky Toddlers is a program for kids age 2 to 4-year-old. During the 30-minute session, children will learn and explore music through singing, dancing, rhymes, body movements, and playing instruments that are designed specifically for kids. For kids age 4-6, check out Music for Little Mozart, a music program designed to increase singing and listening skills, movements, rhythmic, and tonal elements while learning to play the piano. They have kids choir for children age 5-12, and if you are outside that age range they have the women's choir. Should you dream of releasing your own single or launching your own song on Spotify, Music Republicain offers an online course that can guide you step-by-step from start to finish!

    Music Republicain, Jl. RS. Fatmawati no 8, Pondok Labu, Jakarta Selatan 12450, +62217511374, www.music-republic.com

  • DUTA NADA MUSIC SCHOOL: Permata Buana West Jakarta

    ABRSM Music School For Kids Starting At 4 Years Old In Jakarta

    With over 10 years of experience, Duta Nada is one of the few music schools that offer international music education standards through the ABRSM accreditation. Many of their teachers were trained under the ABRSM system or have acquired their music and teaching certificates from institutions that are affiliated with the ABRSM. Their classes are mainly around classical piano lessons. If you would like to give your child a head start on the ABRSM curriculum, Duta Nada may be your answer as they offer ABRSM courses for children as young as 4 years old.

    Duta Nada Music School, Jl. Pulau Bira Raya B9 No.3, Permata Buana, West Jakarta, Indonesia, +62215806056, dutanada.com

  • Girl Playing Piano Andante Music School Jakarta For Kids

    ANDANTE MUSIC SCHOOL: North Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi

    Piano, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass & Theory

    The Andante Music School was founded in 2016 and has since proven itself to be a consistently high-quality music school, shaping the students to be competition winners, scholarship recipients, and professional musicians. Affiliated with Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra,  they work hand in hand with parents in helping the kids channel their passion for music. Other than their regular programs, they also offer classes for kids with special needs, baby classes, fun classes, and diploma program.

    Andante Music School, 3 locations in and around Jakarta, +6281905517567, www.andantemusicschool.id

  • FARABI MUSIC EDUCATION CENTER: Bintaro, BSD, And Dharmawangsa South Jakarta

    Piano, Drum, Saxophone, Violin, Bass, And Other Music Classes For Kids In Jakarta

    Farabi Music Education Center is led by the famous Indonesian musician, Dwiki Dharmawan, who believes in the principle that the best way to prepare students for careers in music is through the study and practice of classical and contemporary music. With locations in Jakarta, Bintaro, BSD, Bali, and Medan, this school allows kids and adults to pursue their musical talents. Whether you or your child want to train in singing or playing instruments like piano, drum, saxophone, violin, bass, and more, they have classes for you. Moreover, courses on making arrangements and composing for visual media are also offered there.


    Farabi Music Education Center, Jl. Dharmawangsa XI No. 5, South Jakarta, Indonesia, +62217224407, farabimusicschool.com.

  • Jakarta Conservatory Of Music Classes For Kids


    Academic Music School For Kids In Jakarta

    Located in the South Jakarta area, the Jakarta Conservatory of Music offers academic classes for kids and adults who want to run after their musical dreams. On top of practical instructions, their classes offer music education from many different aspects including music theory, solfeggio, and ensemble. Should your child want to pursue their music education further, the conservatory offers a diploma program in music. From time to time, the Jakarta Conservatory of Music offers masterclasses and seminars on different musical topics. Don't miss out on those!

    Jakarta Conservatory of Music, Komplek Golden Plaza Blok E18, Jl. RS Fatmawati No.15,
    Jakarta, +622127828143, www.jakartaconservatory.com

  • Boy Learning To Play Guitar Yayasan Musik Jakarta Music Schools For Kids

    YAYASAN MUSIK JAKARTA: All Over Jakarta And Tangerang

    Music School For All Ages In Central, North, West, And South Jakarta + Tangerang

    Founded in 1983 by Dr. Kuei Pin Yeo, Yayasan Musik Jakarta or YMJ has made a name for itself as one of the best broad-spectrum music schools in Jakarta. They accept students of all ages with all experience levels, and they are one of the few music schools in Jakarta that can create customized classes for special needs children. With 5 locations in Jakarta and Tangerang, YMJ would make an excellent choice for your little ones!

    Yayasan Musik Jakarta, all over Jakarta, +628119892413, yayasanmusikjakarta.org

  • Percussion COncert Yayasan Musik Amadeus Indonesia Jakarta


    String, Piano, Brass & Woodwind, Percussion, And Early Music Education In Jakarta

    Yayasan Musik Amadeus Indonesia has a unique String curriculum specifically designed by the founder, Grace Soedargo. Aside from the String classes, they also have rigorous yet rewarding piano classes, as well as brass, woodwind, and percussion classes. Tiny toddlers starting from 2.5 years old can join the Early Musical Education class. Located in Ruko Simprug Galleri in South Jakarta, this music school makes a good choice for anyone wanting to seriously pursue music.

    Yayasan Musik Amadeus Indonesia, Ruko Simprug Galleri blok V Jl. Teuku Nyak Arif No.10 Simprug, Jakarta, +6281213526059, www.ymai.org/school

  • Girl playing violin music lessons jakarta Rhapsodie

    RHAPSODIE.CO: Music Marketplace

    Piano, String, Vocal, And More

    When it comes to after-school activities, private lessons at home are often a great option to avoid traffic and save some travel time. Rhapsodie.co offers a solution for your little musicians who want to take lessons at home. Parents can simply download their app, check their real-time schedule, and book lessons with one of their verified music professionals. Not only private instructors, but Rhapsodie.co can also connect you with local music schools and music communities. Payments can easily be made through the app.

    Rhapsodie.co, +622122226985, www.rhapsodie.co

  • Two kids leanring to play the piano music lessons jakarta the concertoso

    THE CONCERTOSO MUSIC SCHOOL: Online And Private Lessons

    Piano + Keyboard

    Learn to play the piano and the keyboard with The Concertoso Music School! Founded by Tanney Chandra, an Universitas Pelita Harapan graduate majoring in Music, this music school offers online and private lessons for kids. Ms. Chandra is International Royal ABRSM certified and has more than 10 years of teaching experience. Contact them for a free trial.

    The Concertoso Music School, +62817755014, Instagram

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