Babies + Tots + Tweens + Teens!
Kuala Lumpur is packed with after school activities for kids of all ages. Whether you are looking for traditional extra-curricular activities such as football, ballet, swimming, drama, rugby or seeking something more unique...this guide has you covered. Little Steps has even...
English, Malay, Japanese, Korean & More
In this part of the world, being bilingual or multilingual is not too uncommon due to the multicultural society that makes up the Malaysian population where most tend to be fluent in at least two languages or more. Often, casual conversations are peppered with snippets of...
Painting + Sketching + Crafts & More!
Unleash the inner Picassos and Monets in your little one with the help of art classes! Who knows, their artistic streak might just be waiting to emerge from those little hands. Art not only allows kids to show off their creativity, there are lots of other benefits that come with...
Water + Rides + Adventure!
There are a huge number of theme parks across Malaysia ready to keep you and the kids entertained. From KL, to Penang, all the way down to Johor Bahru, there are plenty of options for you and your family. So what are you waiting for, go have some fun!
Where To Find STEM Classes
Names like Python, Scratch, and Java may sound foreign to some of us, but kids of Generation Z are fast embracing these programs as part of their relationship with the digital age. Children as young as five are now able to get an early start in coding, robotics, and STEM...
A Splish Splashing Good Time!
What's the best way to beat the tropical Malaysian heat? Spend the day splashing around a waterpark! The newest waterpark in Malaysia, Desaru Coast's Adventure Waterpark, has reopened its doors, offering visitors a reprieve from the heat. Adventure Waterpark is conveniently...
Piano + Ukulele + Drums + Violin + Guitar & More!
Whether it’s singing or playing musical instruments, music classes offer many benefits such as helping kids develop social, motor skills and coordination, build confidence in their own abilities, and encourage discipline and patience. Start them young, and help nurture the love...
Speech, Drama And Acting!
Lights, camera, action! Whether it is serious, humorous, or ancient, under the spell of a fascinating drama or a play, we may forget ourselves for a while and enter the lives of the characters. From the challenges of rehearsals to overcoming stage-fright, each step in the...
Family Fun For Everyone
Looking to keep the kiddos entertained but need some inspiration? Little Steps's got you covered with our guide to the best family friendly tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur. From science to theme parks to animals, KL has much to offer, so let's get started!