Top Confinement Food Delivery Services In KL

Fresh And Nutritious Confinement Meal Plans For Mothers

Confinement Food Deliveries In KL

Confinement period, which usually lasts for a month, is a practice of postpartum care given to a new mother after the birth of a baby. Following childbirth, a significant amount of energy is expended and blood is lost; resulting in a weak body constitution which requires immediate replenishment. Which is why, in many cultures, families place a lot of emphasis on proper confinement in order to allow mothers to rest and recuperate.

We’ve compiled the best confinement food delivery options in KL to ensure that meals are delivered straight to your door-step and are hot and ready to be served!

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  • Confinement Care Malaysia

    CONFINEMENT CARE MALAYSIA: Chinese Confinement Meals

    Best Confinement Food Delivery Services In KL & Selangor

    The experienced confinement nannies and chefs at Confinement Care Malaysia are knowledgeable and highly experienced in combining the right traditional Chinese herbs in crafting healthy food recipes to aid mothers in their journey to recovery during their confinement period. The meals put emphasis on the 3 stages of postpartum recovery;

    • Phase 1: Uterus recovery, lochia discharge and wounds healing
    • Phase 2: Strengthening digestive organs and increasing the supply of energy, blood and breastmilk
    • Phase 3: Physique strengthening and nourishment

    Confinement Care Malaysia, +6012 200 7794 or +6012 233 7794,

  • Phoenix Signature Kitchen

    PHOENIX SIGNATURE KITCHEN: Chinese Confinement Meals

    Best Confinement Food Delivery Services In KL & Selangor

    Phoenix Sugature Kitchen carries a varied menu of both traditional and modern confinement dishes which not only tastes great but will also provide mothers with the necessary nutrients during the crucial postpartum period. You can choose your own daily ain dishes from their menu that has been specially designed by the Taiwan-trained chef, TCM practitioner and nutritionist. Packages start from RM900 up to RM3388.

    Phoenix Signature Kitchen, +6018 911 2833,

  • PopoMama Confinement KL

    POPOMAMA: Chinese Confinement Meals

    Best Confinement Food Delivery Services In KL & Selangor

    At PopoMama, they understand that every mum after childbirth requires the right meals to restore their health. They provide a well-planned, balanced confinement meal menu that helps balance the yin and yang in a new mother’s body. Backed by scientific research, their confinement meal menu is a combination of modern and traditional confinement practices. PopoMama has an in-house team of dietitian, nutritionist, TCM consultant and Confinement Meal Specialist with over 20 years of experience to prepare the meal plans.


  • ViVi Confinement Center

    VIVI CONFINEMENT FOOD DELIVERY: Chinese Confinement Meals

    Best Confinement Food Delivery Services In KL & Selangor

    Eat healthily with ViVi Confinement Food Delivery as they combine traditional and modern Chinese recipes delivered to your doorstep in warmer bags. Depending on your condition, every meal is tailor-made to suit your respective needs. Their confinement meal packages are flexible, where you can pick either 7, 14 or 28 days’ worth of delicious home cooked dishes and soups.

    ViVi Confinement Food Delivery, +6012 988 0557,

  • Momma Gold Confinement Center

    MOMMA GOLD CONFINEMENT: Chinese Confinement Meals

    Best Confinement Food Delivery Services In KL & Selangor

    You can trust the team at Momma Gold to provide you with an enjoyable confinement experience with dishes prepared using fresh ingredients and filled with nutrients, sure to make every meal a hearty one! They provide flexible packages that start from a 1-Day Trial Meal Plan up to a 28-Day Confinement Meal Package. Packages start from RM130 onwards.

    Momma Gold Confinement, +6016 370 9709,

  • Byond28 Confinement Care

    BYOND28 CONFINEMENT CARE: Chinese & Western Confinement Meals

    Best Confinement Food Delivery Services In KL & Selangor

    All confinement meals at Byond28 are specially planned by professional and assistant chefs, using a refined balance of traditional Chinese confinement food and modern Western cuisine, served five times a day. All meals are prepared with less oil, sugar, and salt, while adding selected ingredients handpicked for their rejuvenating properties, including calming effects, improving blood production and circulation, treating inflammation and constipation, detoxification, and recovery. Byond28 also provides 28 days of personalized herbal tonic soup that helps to cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate the body.

    BYOND28 Confinement Care, +6017 362 8548,

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