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Top Moms To Follow On Instagram In Kuala Lumpur

Fashionable Mama’s To Follow

best mom influencers in Malaysia

There are some very cool, beautiful mom’s in Asia who exude style and elegance with ease while dealing with family life. KL’s most favorite mom’s show us how it’s done.

  • Amber Chia

    Amber Chia is one cool mom. She moved to KL when she was young to find fame and fortune and did just that. Now she is a well-known supermodel and shares pictures of her glamorous life. She is also a mom and wife and likes to take pictures of her lovely kids.




  • Atita Haris

    Atita Haris is a young mom with over 600,000 followers. She is a model, entrepreneur, and founder of OP perfume & VTITVHVRIS. She takes pictures of her beautiful kids, family life and fashionable ways to dress for KL life.


  • Aishah

    Aishah proudly claims that her kids are her inspiration and motivation. She is a TV host, actress and mom to two gorgeous girls, Soraya Ann and Aina Elisabeth. She’s also a fitness enthusiast and runner so you’ll see plenty of pics to motivate you to stay healthy.




  • Belinda Chee

    Belinda Chee is a full time mommy to Princess Dani. She’s also a part-time TV host, actress, voice-over talent, emcee, and model. She’s the host of Bella NTV7, and curator of Her pictures document life, love and family time.


  • Danielle

    Danielle looks amazing all of the time and as a busy mom of two we don’t know where she finds the time. She’s also a home chef and a model and creates culinary delights for us all to enjoy. Her new cook book has recently launched @onthetableathome,




  • Daphne

    Daphne is an avid photo taker and vlogger, She vlogs daily inspiring those around her. She is one stylish mommy to two cute daughters Isobel Daniella and Iman Daniella who already have their own Instagram accounts! You’ll also see lots of posts of mantras as well as beautiful family snaps.


  • Dr. Jezamine LIm

    Dr Jezamine is one intelligent mom. Not only does she have a PhD but she is a manager to her husband Harith Iskander. She’s a fitness fanatic, self-confessed gym junkie and always seems to look amazing. Her two lovely kids are Zander Xayne and Alessandrea Jayne they sometimes like to keep fit too!


  • Marion

    Marion is affectionately known as the Giuliana Rancic of Asia. She’s a TV host and mom to three gorgeous kids. You’ll see her dressed in designer clothes and bags that will make you drool with envy. There’s plenty of pictures of the kiddos as well as travel snaps.


  • Scha Ashaari

    Scha is a glamorous mom to daughter Lara Alana and wife to actor Awal Ashaari. She’s an actress, model and TV host. Her feed is all about beautiful and edgy outfits, snaps of her lovely girl and couple envy pics of her handsome hubby.




  • Sazzy is a wife, mother, actor, TV presenter and entrepreneur. She is founder of fashion label SF by Sazzy Falak and website We’re not quite sure how she manages to look so gorgeous all of the time with such a busy life but she does seamlessly.




  • Serena describes herself as a rookiemom! But the pictures of her lovely daughter say otherwise. She looks like she knows what she’s doing. There are lots of pictures of daughter Chloe who looks happy and content. While mommy shows us her style and flair with fashionista abandon!




  • Yiu Lin is a mom and entrepreneur. She is the creator of ShoesShoesShoes and KLutched a must visit for fashion loving moms and ladies. She is mom to daughters Ava and Zara who are cutie pies. Be inspired by her pics and motivation.,




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