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Little Beans Toy Chest Kits

Looking for a great Hong Kong-themed toy or book? Every item on this list is thoughtfully designed to help families express their affection for our beloved city and facilitate learning at home through various forms of play. All products are great for kids and are inspired by or made in Hong Kong. Whether it’s during story time or through sensory activities, these offerings ensure that your children will enjoy a fun, memorable, and profoundly educational experience. They also make great farewell gifts! Browse our selection here.

  • Barefoot Buddies HK

    Barefoot Buddies: Fun Activity Kits And Sensory Products

    Perfect For Young Learners

    A beautiful community for moms and children, Barefoot Buddies provides Hong Kong play-based digital activity kits and other products perfect for sensory play like their ExploraTray™ which you can fill with kinetic sand (which they also sell) and other sensory products. We recommend checking out their printable Honey Bee Resource Activity Kit for HK$15.

    Barefoot Buddies -,

  • Goods of Desire HK Skyline Puzzle

    Goods Of Desire: Hong Kong Gifts And Toys

    Purchase Hong Kong Puzzles And Board Games

    Goods Of Desire is dedicated to celebrating and sharing the rich culture and heritage of Hong Kong through its unique products. Explore their collection of Hong Kong-themed card games, books, and other exciting toys.

    Gather your loved ones and assemble our stunning 500-piece puzzle featuring the iconic Hong Kong skyline, available for HK$280. Not only is it a fun family activity, but it also makes a gorgeous display piece for your home once completed!

  • Lele And Monkey

    Find Traditional Chinese, Mandarin And English Books

    Start your Chinese learning adventure with Lele and Monkey's selection of materials, available as ebooks, audiobooks, or traditional paperbacks. These engaging books will make storytime something your kids eagerly anticipate! Additionally, explore our bilingual posters and magnetic books, perfect for enhancing your little ones' learning experience at home.

    Check out Monkey's Great Adventure which tells the tale of how Lele first met Monkey in Hong Kong and takes you through all of the city's cherished landmarks.

    Lele And Monkey -,

  • Lion Rock Press Bingo HK

    Lion Rock Press: Hong Kong Gifts, Books And Toys

    Fun, Unique Products

    At Lion Rock Press, explore a stunning array of original and high-quality Hong Kong products, gifts, books, and stationery.

    We absolutely love their selection of wooden toys, games, and books that are sure to delight your kids. Thinking of hosting a game night at home? Try their Ultimate Hong Kong Bingo game—it’s not only fun but also bilingual, making it a fantastic choice for family entertainment!

    If you'd like to visit their showroom, it's open on weekdays from 10am-6pm.

    Lion Rock Press - 1005 10/F Arion Commercial Centre, 2-12 Queen's Road West, Sheung Wan,

  • Little Beans Chest HK DIY Kits

    Little Bean's Toy Chest: Handmade Toys And Books

    Hong Kong Based Customized Books

    Enhance your child's developmental journey with Little Bean's Toy Chest's selection of handmade, Hong Kong-themed creative toys and books. We particularly recommend our playbooks, available in various themes that are designed to support fine motor skills. These books are packed with fun activities to keep your child entertained for hours—ideal for long flights! Additionally, you can personalize a book to feature your child as the main character, making it an incredibly special keepsake.

    Little Bean's Toy Chest - Whatsapp: +852 6310 6329, littlebeanstoychest@gmail.com,

  • best family friendly events in may 2023

    Little Nature Wanderlust: A Unique Sensory Play Party Experience

    Sensory Kits For Young Learners

    Little Nature Wanderlust is more than just a playgroup; it provides sensory play and fine motor skills packs perfect for special occasions like birthdays or playdates!

    Additionally, they offer seasonal reusable sensory play kits, such as their Valentine's Day or Easter kits, which are great for engaging activities at home with your kids.

    Little Nature Wanderlust -,,

  • Learning Time HK

    Learning Time: Bilingual Playkits

    Made In Hong Kong For Young Learners

    At Learning Time, explore a diverse range of learning kits suitable for newborns to toddlers, along with books and plushies for your children. We especially recommend our popular Smart Kit, designed to jumpstart your toddler's bilingual education. Each kit includes a parent-friendly guidebook, books, posters, flashcards, and more!

    If you'd like to see their kits in person, you can check out their showroom which is open only on weekdays from 10:00am - 6:30pm.

    Learning Time - 10/F Lin Fook House, 3 Jardine's Cres, Causeway Bay, Whatsapp: +852 5311 9989,

  • Joanne Li Books HK

    Please Be You & I Am Me By Joanne Li

    Stories Made In Hong Kong For Young Learners

    Discover the enchanting books Please Be You and I Am Me by Hong Kong-based author Joanne Li. These beautifully illustrated works are not only a visual treat but also serve as wonderful tools for teaching your children the alphabet and the important value of self-acceptance simultaneously!

    Please Be You & I Am Me By Joanne Li -

  • Tea Tea Mama Game HK

    Tea Tea Mama: Fun, Games And More

    Toys Made In Hong Kong For Young Learners

    Tea Tea Mama, created by a dedicated full-time Mompreneur Samantha, offers a wide array of engaging products for your children. The selection includes poster packs, magnetic shape boards, flashcards, and the exciting Hong Kong MTR Puzzle Game Box. This game allows players to learn about various city stations, each with a corresponding card featuring station information to match.

    Please note that while the station names are in English, all other text is in Chinese. This makes it ideal for families looking to improve their reading skills in both English and Cantonese.

    Tea Tea Mama - Whatsapp: +852 5405 9106, samantha@teateamama.com,

  • Sarah Brennan Books HK

    The Chinese Calendar Tales By Sarah Brennan

    Stories Made In Hong Kong For Young Learners

    Since relocating to Hong Kong in 1998, Sarah Brennan has founded her own publishing company and developed a series of children's books inspired by the region. Explore her series The Chinese Calendar Tales, which delves into the Chinese Zodiac.

    This collection is particularly wonderful to read during the Chinese New Year, as it introduces different morals and themes through its stories. Children can learn about virtues such as hard work, resilience, and perseverance from these engaging tales.

    Sarah Brennan -

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