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Internships And Summer Jobs For High School Students In Hong Kong

Internships + Volunteering + Summer Jobs!

Internships in Hong Kong and summer jobs for high school students

There’s a lot more than getting good grades that matters. It’s just as important, if not more, to make sure that your teens don’t get stuck in a day-to-day routine of studying whilst lacking real-life experience. Internships are a proven way for young minds to gain some hands-on knowledge, gain insights into the fields they might be interested in, and make connections that might be useful in the future. It can be tricky for teens to find both paid and volunteer internships in Hong Kong, but Little Steps has you sorted – go!

Editor Note: Little Steps is hiring for 2 editorial summer interns in 2021 – please click here for details! 

  • HKU Internships In Hong Kong


    Cedars is a center for development and resources for students. The 2021 Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Program just launched.  It offers internship placement opportunities for Hong Kong Permanent Residents. Departments across the HKSAR post their openings on the site which allows easy access. Students interested in the placement opportunities advertised can download application forms as provided by individual departments. Good Luck!


    Cedars - The University of Hong Kong , +852 3762 6262,

  • Internships Hong Kong


    NEXSTEP (Next Step Connections) is a leading Advanced Experiential Learning Organisation and internship placement agency based in Asia. Their High School Internship Program has been built on three main pillars: Career Building, well-being abroad and personal growth. Their program allows students who have finished their junior or senior year of high school to join High School Internships to gain work experience, learn about professional opportunities, and network within a career and academic field. Students have a choice of industry and destination in Asia’s most exciting cities including Chile, Spain, Kenya, the United States, Australia.


  • Kids4Kids get involved program Hong Kong


    Kids4Kids believes in empowering young people to make a difference and has a great annual program for high school and college students to give back to society! Their Summer Internship Programme is always looking for young and energetic students to join their internship program throughout the year. Their internship timeframe varies from 2-8 weeks. Apart from regular operational tasks, Kids4Kids is also looking for students to help with editorial, translating, communication development and graphic design. Looking for summer plans then send your CV to today!


  • Faust Summer Internship program Hong Kong


    Faust International Ltd. was formed in 1999 and aims to bring the wonderful world of theatre, performing arts and creativity to the young people of Hong Kong. They offer challenging and creative workshops that engage our students in the world of theatre and performing arts. They also provide internship and assisting opportunities. They recruit student leadership positions for students aged 16 and above.

    Faust International Youth Theatre, +852 2547 9114,

  • Crossroad Foundation Hong Kong


    Intern for a cause with Crossroads Foundation! They have volunteering options for students (aged 15 years and up) and internship (aged 17 years and up) programs special for high school and university students year-round, and hours are flexible for volunteers. It allows students to meet people from around the globe and work in many different exciting areas in the day-to-day operations of a non-governmental organization, such as organizing donations, bookkeeping including catering and gardening.



  • Summer Internship at Mothers Choice Hong Kong


    Mother’s Choice works with students (over the age of 16) to identify and achieve meaningful voluntary work experience that offers a glimpse into the nonprofit sector and social work field. They provide wonderful opportunities for students to support the Mother's choice teams in various programs. During the internships, students will be given a role that supports their needs reflects their skill set, which could include: administration, writing, research, data entry (project-based), plan and prepare for events, take inventory, meeting minutes or graphic design, photography, translation. Depending on the project needs, The Student Summer Internship Programs  are typically 3-4 days’ work per week for 2-8 weeks from June 15 to August 20, 2021.


    Mother’s Choice,,

  • Music for Life Internship Hong Kong


    Music For Life provides music therapy assessment to children with special needs and clients looking for rehabilitation.
    They are offering a non-paid internship program with the hope to exchange knowledge and experience in music therapy with your time and skills. It offers a potential career path or an opportunity for students to explore. Interns will help with administrative work related to the company, such as analyzing data collected from patients/ clients from music therapy sessions.


    Music For Life, +852 2152 1642,,



    The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children offers a unique 6-week High School Intern Program for highly-motivated high school students over 16 years old. With 3 days per week for 6 weeks, the interns will learn about the concept of providing relief to disabled children in Hong Kong by being assigned to various tasks. The interns will be rotated to office administrative works, website contents management, inventory management, progress report update, fundraising activities and hands-on interaction with beneficiaries as appropriate. If this sounds like something your teen is interested in, apply today!


    The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children, +852 2819 3050,,

  • Volunteer In Hong Kong


    It is not all about internships, students can get enough exposure and experience volunteering at local charities and organizations across Hong Kong.  Through volunteering, students can hone in on new skills, challenge themselves, achieve goals, brush on old skills and discover hidden talents.  Volunteering in Hong Kong is a platform where you can browse through various volunteering opportunities and find the one you think could benefit your existing portfolio.


    Volunteering in Hong Kong, Subscribe here!

  • Internship opportunities for teenagers in Hong Kong


    If your teenager is looking to gain some real-world experience, it doesn't have to be an internship with companies. Consider getting a part-time or summer job where they can learn and earn - whether for some extra spending money or to add to their college funds! From retail to customer service to tutoring positions, there are lots of opportunities out there open for high school students of years 15 and up - simply ask around or look on job search platforms.





    Hong Kong Teen Part-Time


    With the pandemic and the travel restrictions still in place, it is now more than ever that students should look around for other alternatives to cease internship opportunities, such as remote internships. Although you can't physically be present for a remote job, it still gives you an insight, exposure and experience to work in any field that can be handled remotely. Here are our top picks to check out!


    Collegevine  - 10 Remote Jobs

    Teen life  - Amazing resources and information

    Chegg - 2021 High School Internships

    Go overseas - 10 Best Virtual Internships Summer 2021


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