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Macau is growing in popularity as a destination in which to live in. The number of international schools has grown considerably. There are several good schools to choose from for parents living and moving to Macau with kids. Here are Little Steps top international private schools in Macau (Macao).

  • The International School of Macao

    The International School of Macao

    Suitable for children in pre-k and grade 12, they follow the Alberta curriculum from Canada. Students come from over 40 different countries which makes it a very international school. Classes are kept to a maximum of 25 students, ensuring their qualified teachers get quality time with all students. Children are encouraged to take part in music, art, drama, physical education and a foreign language, ensuring they get a well-rounded education.


    The International School of Macao, www.tis.edu.mo/

  • School Of The Nations Macau

    School Of The Nations

    The curriculum is inquiry based, with the incorporation of the IBDP in the secondary school for students aged 16 to 19 years old. As well as strong academics, they also offer many after school activities. Some of these include; boys football, boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, and tennis. The application process is simple and decisions are made relatively quickly.


    School of the Nations, www.schoolofthenations.com/

  • Macau Anglican College

    Macau Anglican College

    This is a large school with over 1000 students. They follow the IGCSE curriculum. Students are encouraged to take part in lots of after school activities. They want to ensure that well-rounded students are created here and go on to university. There are science and art fairs and also healthy campus day where kids learn more about an active life.


    Macau Anglican College, www.acm.edu.mo/

  • Escola Secundaria Sam Yuk De Macau

    Escola Secundaria Sam Yuk De Macau

    This is one of the oldest schools in Macau. They have a kindergarten, primary and secondary school. The curriculum is very traditional and focuses on all key subjects. This is a Christian school with a very strong religious element to school life.


    Escola Secundaria Sam Yuk De Macau, www.msy.edu.mo/

  • Pui Ching Middle School Macau

    Pui Ching Middle School

    This is another of Macau’s old christian school , with over 100 years of history. They have an award winning music program and you’ll often see students performing locally. They enter competitions and have seen recent success in maths and English. They have an excellent sports program where your children can expand on their extra curricular activities.


    Pui Ching Middle School (Macau), www.puiching.edu.mo/

  • Yuet Wah College Macau

    Yuet Wah College

    Students learn in both English and Chinese at this well-respected secondary school. The school building has undergone extensive work over the years. The facilities are very good and students can take part in a wide variety of activities. They take part in many local national and local competitions. Recently they have seen success at the calligraphy and electronic device construction competitions.


    Yuet Wah College, www.yuetwah.edu.mo/86/

  • Escola Sao Paulo Macau

    Escola Sao Paulo

    Here students will receive a holistic education. There are influences from the church to help encourage students to become more well-rounded individuals. The school has a kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. They run an extensive STEM program which is becoming increasingly important for students today.


    Escola Sao Paulo, www.esp.edu.mo/Pages/SaintPaulSchoolHome.aspx

  • Colégio Diocesano De São José Macau

    Colégio Diocesano De São José

    This school is for students in form 1-6. Children will learn the following subjects; Religious Education, Civic Education, English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Chinese History, World History, Geography, Computer, Physical Education, Music, and Visual Arts. Extra curricular activities include; Production Team, Debate Team, Guided Tour and Creative Writing.


    Colégio Diocesano de São José, www.cdsj5.edu.mo/en/index.html#/

  • Macau Portuguese School

    Macau Portuguese School

    Come here if you would like your kids to learn Portuguese. Students will follow a Portuguese curriculum and take part in an extensive range of activities. There’s plenty for students to take part in from science fairs, art projects and sports. The parent teacher association is active, so it’s a great way to get involved and help your child grow.


    Macau Portuguese School, www.epmacau.edu.mo/

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