Sweet Delights: Unveiling The Best Birthday Cakes For Kids And Convenient Cake Delivery Services In Singapore

From Ice Cream Cakes To Affordable Cakes & Cake Delivery

Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore

Is someone’s big day coming up? There are balloons, games, piñatas, and entertainers to settle… and of course, the all-important sweet treat topped with candles. Cast the stress of creating the perfect cake for your little ones aside and leave the stirring, icing, and baking to the experts! Singapore has loads of options for birthday cake options from egg-free to gluten-free, 3D character cakes, classic cakes, affordable cakes, ice-cream cakes, and more. Plus, you don’t have to hunt for a shop when there are cake deliveries in Singapore, that send straight to your doorstep! Here’s our rundown on the best that our little island has to offer – time to get the party started!

In this guide you will find:

  • The best birthday cakes in Singapore for kids and adults!
  • Bespoke cakes for all occasions.
  • Birthday cake delivery in Singapore
  • Cake shops by location all over Singapore

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  • Bob The Baker Boy Singapore

    BOB THE BAKER BOY - Online, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    If you’re into Korean-style cakes, the good news is you can customize your own at Bob The Baker Boy! They’re all super pretty, so your kiddo is definitely going to love it. Depending on the number of guests you’re feeding, you can also choose between various different sizes. For a fun family activity, purchase their DIY Korean Bento Cake so the whole fam can design a special cake together!

    Bob the Baker Boy, +65 9499 4051,

  • Cupplets Singapore

    CUPPLETS - West Coast Drive, Birthday Delivery Available In Singapore

    Cupplets makes the most amazing floral cakes with visuals that’ll leave you in awe. You can also customize your very own cake if you want something a little extra special. Do check out their previous custom bakes for inspiration — especially the oriental and polychromatic collections — because they’re so intricate they’ll definitely blow your mind.

    Cupplets, 1 W Coast Dr, #01-43, Singapore 128020,,

  • Creme-Maison

    CREME MAISON - Tai Seng, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Creme Maison has such a huge selection of cakes that you'll go bananas trying to choose just one! From their simple gourmet cakes to the more intricate fantasy-themed ones, you’re bound to find something that suits your fancy real fast. The bakery even offers customized dessert tables (and they are gorgeous), so you can go all out for your kids party without having to break your back putting all sorts of decorations together!

    Creme Maison, 30 Tai Seng St, #08-03C BreadTalk IHQ, Singapore 534013, +65 8181 3689,,

  • Flor Patisserie Singapore

    FLOR PATISSERIE - Multiple Locations, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Lovely visuals aside, Flor Patisserie’s cakes are light and yummy, so you and you and your family are definitely in for a delicious treat! The Happy Farm or Dino-Dino cake are cute options you can consider — especially if your child is an animal lover. Other than cakes, their signature ice cheese tarts are also highly recommended!

    Flor Patisserie, multiple locations,

  • Cake Spade Singapore

    CAKE SPADE - Tanjong Pagar, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Cake Spade’s cakes are so vibrant they’re perfect for celebrations! And if you can’t quite decide on a single flavour, get the assorted cake platter so you get to try ten different ones instead. They also have adorable cookies for sale, which are perfect as door gifts if you’re hosting your kid’s birthday party.

    Cake Spade, 80 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088504, +65 6444 3868,

  • Ugly Cake Shop Singapore

    UGLY CAKE SHOP - Kallang Bahru, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    There’s nothing ugly about the cakes at Ugly Cake Shop at all — especially the selects in their animal cakes range! Made with natural food dye, each animal cake is not only safe for consumption, but looks so adorable you might not bear to cut it after the birthday song. You can also customize a cake with a photo of your choice, which would make for an unsuspecting surprise for your loved one.

    Ugly Cake Shop, 535 Kallang Bahru, #01-06, Singapore 339351, +65 8228 8300,

  • Elijah Pies Singapore

    ELIJAH PIES - Crawford Lane, Birthday Cakes In Singapore

    If traditional cakes aren’t your thing, you can instead get a ginormous pie from Elijah Pies! They’re really mesmerizing to look at — especially the Wild Berry Lavender Pie. All you’d need to add to it is a fun cake topper of your choice, and then you’re ready to start the celebration!

    Elijah Pies, 463 Crawford Ln #02-21, Singapore 190463, +65 9827 9974,,

  • Zee And Elle Singapore

    ZEE & ELLE - Macpherson, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    If your party set-up is a little more rustic, a cake from Zee And Elle will fit right in. From their simplest, most unassuming cakes to their most visual multi-tiered cakes, each cake design looks so complete and refined that you know whoever made it put a lot into each masterpiece. Some of their bestsellers include light, airy and fruity flavors like Honey Yuzu, Guava Lychee, and Passionfruit Jasmine.

    Zee & Elle, 524 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368215, +65 6741 4514,

  • Patisserie G Singapore

    PATISSERIE G - Millenia Walk, Oue Downtown Gallery, Thomson Plaza, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Patisserie G has an interesting range of nebula cakes that look lovely on the inside and out. It's beautifully glazed on the outside, and when cut in half the cross-section also looks scrumptious! These cakes are available as spheres in individual pieces, but if you require a bigger size you can get them as a round flat top whole cake.

    Patisserie G, Millenia Walk, Oue Downtown Gallery, Thomson Plaza, +65 9033 4382,

  • The Dark Gallery Singapore

    THE DARK GALLERY - Multiple Locations, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Kids love ice cream cakes, and the ones from The Dark Gallery not only taste good but also look good. Their must-try signature is definitely the dark chocolate ice cream cake, but they’ve also got classics like cookies n cream, strawberry and red velvet if you’re craving for other flavours.

    The Dark Gallery, multiple locations,

  • Chocolate Origin Cakes Singapore

    CHOCOLATE ORIGIN - Multiple Locations, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    If the birthday boy or girl has a soft spot for chocolate, then a cake from Chocolate Origin should definitely be an idea! Specializing in chocolate cakes and ice cream, their desserts are rich in flavor and smooth on the tongue. The whole cakes come in either Original or Dark, and are filled with ganache, chocolate sponge, and topped with a delicious chocolate glaze. Choose from various sizes too, suitable for a party of 6 to 48 guests!

    Chocolate Origin, multiple locations,

  • Edith Patisserie Singapore

    EDITH PATISSERIE - Bugis, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    If your kiddo loves bubble tea, then perhaps the bubble tea cake options from Edith Patisserie will be one for the memories. Featuring three flavors, Dark Chocolate, Matcha and Okinawa Milk Tea, the cakes come with real pearls and will be the star of any birthday party. Their kid-friendly customized cake options include designs of animals, cars, and rainbows. Delivery is free for orders $150 and above!

    Edith Patisserie, 772 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198740, +65 6443 7150,

  • Cedele Cakes Singapore

    CEDELE - Multiple Locations, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Cedele is a local brand famous for its brunch fare and dishes, but their cakes are equally mouth-watering! From cheesecakes to special diet cakes for vegetarians or those with allergies, they’ve got it all, with their fan-favorite being their carrot cake. In case you need last-minute cakes for special occasions or surprise guests, they also have same-day delivery available.

    Cedele, multiple locations,

  • Bloomsbury Bakers Singapore

    BLOOMSBURY BAKERS - Bendemeer, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    For those who enjoy their local flavors, you’ll definitely appreciate the creations that Bloomsbury Bakers whip up. Offering unique options like Orh Nee, Pulut Hitam, and Ondeh Ondeh, your tastebuds will be in for a treat. Otherwise, let your imagination run wild by creating a customized cake for your little one in the shape of an alphabet, or 3D cakes with their names and figurines.

    Bloomsbury Bakers, 30 Bendemeer Rd, #01-889, Singapore 330030, +65 6299 3450,

  • Letao Singapore

    LETAO - Orchard, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    There’s just something about Japanese desserts that make them so irresistable. Hailing from Hokkaido, LeTAO specializes in cheesecakes that come in classic plain or chocolate at SG$35 each for a whole cake. Green tea lovers also have the option of a Matcha version, but these are in limited quantities so you’ll have to be quick to place your order! Their cakes are available on Foodpanda and Grab, with an islandwide delivery fee that varies according to distance.

  • Cat And The Fiddle Cakes Singapore

    CAT AND THE FIDDLE - Online, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Who can deny a delicious cheesecake? Cat and the Fiddle has 20 kinds to choose from, with unique localized flavors like Milo Dinosaur and Durian! If you’re up for trying out all their different flavors, you can sign up to be their loyal member which qualifies you to get 7% credit on every purchase and free shipping for orders above SG$90. They also do same-day delivery so you can get your cake fix in a jiffy!

    Cat and the

  • Lynda Ann Cakes Singapore

    LYNDA ANN CAKES FOR FRIENDS - Bedok Birthday Cakes In Singapore

    If flavor is what you're looking for in a cake then you've got to check out Lynda Ann's cakes for your next party. Her sugee cake is by far one of the best in town and is guaranteed to impress. Whether you choose from classic flavors like red velvet or opt for the vibrant rainbow swirl cake, we're sure you'll love Lynda's cakes as much as we do!

    Lynda Ann Cakes For Friends, Blk 122 Bedok North Street 2, #01-98, Singapore 460122, +65 9679 2041,

  • River Ash Bakery Singapore

    RIVER ASH BAKERY - Kovan, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Newer to the scene is this little bakery tucked away in Jalan Pelikat in Hougang. Set up in 2017, it has since been a hit around its vicinity. Known for their character-themed and trendy birthday cakes, River Ash's prices are extremely wallet-friendly. So if you're looking for affordable cakes for your little bub's party and don't want to compromise on design and style, this is definitely the bakery to check out. They even have a cake and cupcakes bundle deals!

    River Ash Bakery, 183 Jalan Pelikat #B1-28, The Promenade @ Pelikat, Singapore 537643, + 65 9190 2432 (by appointment only),

  • Baker's Brew Singapore

    BAKER’S BREW - Upper Thomson, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Baker’s Brew boasts a wide assortment of cakes, including a Rose-scented Watermelon cake for those that prefer a fruity taste, and Swiss Rolls as an alternative option from the usual square or round cakes. Obsessed with the Dalgona coffee trend lately? Try their Dalgona Tiramisu that is only available for delivery. Mix and match different cakes and you’ll get free delivery if you spend at least SG$60.


  • Plain Vanilla Singapore

    PLAIN VANILLA - Tiong Bahru, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Whether you want cupcakes, doughnuts, or a whole cake, Plain Vanilla has them all. Popular choices like their Rosemary Butter Tea Cake and Caramel Apple Tea Cake get sold out quickly, so it’s best to get your orders in early. Free same-day delivery is applicable for orders above SG$95, otherwise it’s a flat fee of SG$15 for deliveries between 12pm and 8pm daily!


  • All The Batter Singapore

    ALL THE BATTER - Upper Thomson, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    If you love avocados, you’ll love All The Batter! Everything on their menu is made with avocado – including cakes, milkshakes, and tarts. Their signature is the Avocado Rhapsody (SG$58.50) which is low sugar, non-dairy, and butter-free which makes them a healthier option. For seniors and kids, they also have cakes adorned with cute figurines for something extra special. Delivery islandwide costs SG$20, but it’s free if you spend at least SG$200.

    All The

  • Lisse Cakes Singapore

    LISSE CAKES - Online, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Lisse Cakes are simple, sophisticated, and scrumptious. Depending on the size, you can order favorites like Banana Chocolate, Earl Grey Lavender, or Lemon Pistachio that range between SG$65 to SG$105. You can customize your own as well, at least one week in advance. They even deliver to places like Sentosa and Tuas, so you can get your fill of cake no matter where you are.

    Lisse Cakes,

  • Tempatations Cakes Singapore

    TEMPTATIONS - Katong, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Voted as “Best Cake Shop In Singapore” by both dedicated fans and media publishers, Temptations is a brand that has proven its quality throughout the years. They’re most famous for their Chocolate Etoile Cake (from SG$34) and Premium Durian Cake (from $SG48) with an option of including real durians (SG$108)! For kids, they can also whip up cakes featuring superheroes and cartoon characters like Superman and Elmo from Sesame Street.

  • Susucre Singapore

    SUSUCRE - Little India, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Book an appointment at this all-exclusive cake shop to see what gorgeous cakes they can create for your special day. This custom cake and dessert table company creates cakes that are uniquely yours, stunningly-designed and decorated. Choose from their selection of premium flavors like Lavender Thyme, Speculoos Caramel Cookie, Hazel Nuttiness and more.

    Susucre, 7 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199139, +65 9867 2176,

  • Charlotte Grace Cakes Singapore

    CHARLOTTE GRACE CAKES - Tanjong Pagar, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Absolutely fantastic is what you'd describe the cake creations at Charlotte Grace Cakes. From original works to themed cakes, they can create just about anything for your little one's party. Plus, they can make matching cupcakes to complement their cake creations! Want more? Add on a few of their delicious macarons to the mix and you're all set for a fab birthday party!

    Charlotte Grace Cakes, Blk 5 Everton Park, #01-24, Singapore 080005, +65 9768 9827,

  • Delcies Desserts And Cakes Singapore

    DELCIES DESSERTS AND CAKES - Whampoa, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    For those looking for gluten-free, dairy-free and eggless cake options, Delcie's is your best bet. Their natural cake recipes do not contain any form of eggs, dairy products, chemicals or egg-aiding agents and whey protein. They even have a range of baby-friendly cakes that avoid ingredients that might be sensitive to little bubs under 1 year old!

    Delcies Desserts And Cakes, 34 Whampoa West #01-83, Singapore 330034, +65 6282 2951,

  • The Patissier Singapore

    THE PATISSIER - Mohd Sultan, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    Famed for their Passion Fruit Meringue, The Patissier also has a whole selection of occasion cakes that are baked with the finest ingredients. If you want something less common and are willing to splurge a little, check out their Velvety Flush Croquembouche that features a cone-shaped tower of approximately 250 profiteroles in pretty pastel shades and decorated with icing butterflies!

    The Patissier, 4 Mohd Sultan Road, #01-01, Singapore 238955, +65 6737 3369,

  • Awfully Chocolate Singapore

    AWFULLY CHOCOLATE - Multiple Locations, Birthday Cake Delivery Available In Singapore

    There’s nothing awful about the cakes from Awfully Chocolate, one of the most popular dessert cafes in Singapore. Their cakes are sinfully delicious, such as their classic Chocolate Banana Cake and Chocolate Praline Cake. For the little ones, they can also whip up cakes in the shape of dogs, ladybugs, and unicorns to make their birthday celebration a memorable one. Delivery charges are waived for orders above SG$120, and you can choose a specific delivery timing too!


  • Ice Cream Cakes In Singapore

    ICE CREAM CAKES: Ice Cream Cakes In Singapore

    With Singapore’s perpetual heat, ice cream cakes can help cool you and your guests even better. For ice cream cakes, Swensen’s is a family-friendly brand that never goes out of style, with many character designs that will delight kids of all ages like Disney Princess and Minions. For decadent, gourmet, and gelato cakes, consider The Ice Cream & Cookie Co instead, to get your sweet cravings sorted!

    The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.,
    Haagen Dazs,
    Ben and Jerry’s,
    Udders, ​
    Baskin Robbins,
    The Daily Scoop,

  • Halal Cakes In Singapore

    HALAL BIRTHDAY CAKES: Halal Birthday Cakes In Singapore

    For Muslim friends, there are plenty of Halal-certified cake options to choose from. Del’s Sweet Delights, for example, is a homebaker who whips up cakes from her kitchen, while cake shop Butter Studio can customize cakes to unique shapes and designs you fancy, for whatever the occasion!

    Del’s Sweet Delights,
    Butter Studio,
    The Royals,
    Swee Heng Bakery,

  • Healthy Cakes In Singapore


    Cakes are yummy and all, but they sure aren’t the healthiest snack to indulge in. For the health-conscious, there are plenty of other birthday cake options that will let you dig in without feeling the guilt or the calories. Those with allergies to dairy can also explore these selections, and vegans can also rest assured with vegan cake options. No matter who you’re celebrating for, this list of healthy birthday cakes will come in handy!

    Oh My Goodness!,
    The Whole Kitchen,
    25 Grams Bakery,

    Want more? Guide To Healthy Cakes In Singapore

Additional Info:​



Abite Atelier - Accepts design requests
Cakes By Seraphina - Custom cakes and bakes
The Cake Shop - Chiffon cakes
Bengawan Solo - Traditional bakes
Chubby Bubs - Healthier artisanal cakes
Whyzee - 1-hour same day delivery!
Lady M - Unique crepe cakes
All Things Delicious - Contactless delivery available
The Frosted Chick - 3D fondant cakes
Riz Delights - Also has cakes in a cup!
Jumi Cakes - Floral-themed cakes
Little House Of Dreams - Both off-the-shelf and customize cakes available
Sinsations By Radhika - Healthier options upon request




Phoon Huat - Ingredients and baking groceries
Bake King - Baking ingredients and workshops
Sun Lik Trading - Baking supplies and tools
Mold Mart - Online store for baking molds
My Bake Store - Online store for all things baking-related
United Baking Supplies - Dairy and confectionery products
ToTT - Baking kitchenware
Bake With Yen - Bakewares, tools and ingredients


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Twelve Cupcakes - Over 30 outlets islandwide
Sweetest Moments - Mini-cupcakes for kids
Fluff Bakery - New flavors every 2 weeks
Swirls Bake Shop - Unique flavors with islandwide delivery
Monice Bakes - Customized cupcakes


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Sumo Pocky - Cute customizable designs
Annabella Patisserie - Made with between 40 to 200 macarons - 5 different size options
Pulse Patisserie - Extravagant macaron towers
Milleaville Macarons - Character macarons for parties




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