Ultimate Guide To Indoor Birthday Party Venues In Singapore

The Perfect Venues For Your Child's Birthday Party In Singapore

Ultimate kids party venues in Singapore Little Steps Asia

Why throw a party in the heat?  Let’s go indoors!  Singapore is bursting with some incredibly fun things to keep your kids entertained inside. Whether they are sporty, immerse themselves in imaginative play, yearn to release their inner geek, enjoy scaling ‘mountains,’ or create magical snow angels in the snow, there is something for everyone’s youngsters that needs to burn off some energy. Grab the clan and head out to some of the Little Steps’ favorite indoor birthday party venues.

Little Steps has, with the help of their little ones, painstakingly scoured the city for some of the best venues for indoor birthday parties for toddlers and kids in Singapore. It’s party time!

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New Indoor Birthday Party Venues In Singapore:

  • Kaboodle ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    KABOODLE: East Coast Party Venue For Toddlers In Singapore

    Encouraging Playfulness

    Kaboodle understands that a child's potential is developed through creative play and inspires kids to enjoy the freedom of childhood. As the only creative indoor play space in Singapore, Kaboodle encourages the development of your child's creative intelligence with both structured programs and free play. Your little ones will be encouraged to use their imagination through brainstorming, experimenting, and risk-taking. Take your child's party to another level and nurture their playful and inquisitive souls through building blocks, arts and crafts, sensory play, and fun competitions for all ages. The Kaboodle team is young at heart and has a passion for its creative learning environment. The active play area features building blocks of various shapes and sizes so your children and their friends can make imaginative creations from castles to space stations. The wet play area has water, ice, stones, and stars. Kids are encouraged to break the ice and seek out frozen dinosaurs! Sensory items abound in the creative play area with wibbly jelly, playdough, and pebbles.

    Kaboodle, 88 East Coast Road, #02-06 Katong Square, Singapore, +65 6247 7020, [email protected],

  • T-Play ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    T-PLAY: Indoor Playground With Peranakan Heritage Fun In Singapore

    Private Hire Interactive Play

    The first indoor playground dedicated to the local Peranakan heritage of Singapore, T-Play at Khatib, celebrates the local culture. T-Play has partnered with the award-winning Peranakan Home Museum to create a unique adventure land. It explores the history of the 15th century and the fusion of Malay and Chinese people. It's fun and educational, and the colorful playground has lots in store for your little ones. Throughout the year, the team embraces a plethora of fun activities, including hoop fitness, paintball arena, action motion, the adventure center, aqua adventure, futsal, and the playpen, where kids can play endless board games and consoles. Kids will love the T-Play indoor playground, an area for the under 12s with interactive play that engages your child's brain development, motion coordination, and sense of direction. You can enjoy the clubhouse while you keep an eye on the kids. T-Play can be hired privately for super-fun birthday parties. They have centres in Khatib And Bukit Batok.

    T-Play, Bukit Batok Clubhouse, 2 Bukit Batok West Avenue 7, Singapore, Khatib Clubhouse, +65 6705 94992 Yishun Walk, +65 6708 6670, [email protected],

  • Canopy Park ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    CANOPY PARK: Celebrate Birthdays At Changi In Singapore

    Flying High And Capturing Dinosaurs

    Located on the upper level of Changi Airport, the Canopy Park has a whole host of exciting play attractions for kids. The vast 14,000 square meters recreational wonderland allows kids to play amongst the tropical petal gardens. Kids love the walking and bouncing nets as they explore the mystical landscapes. From hedge and mirror mazes to bouncing nets, creative garden trails, giant slides, and foggy bowls, there is no better way to celebrate your little one's birthday party. Kids are teleported back 89 million years to the Cretaceous period and become cadet rangers armed with time lenses. They will meet larger-than-life dinosaurs in a breathtaking, realistic, augmented reality experience in the lush greenery of Shiseido Forest Valley and Canopy Park. The kids will complete various missions and participate in many games and activities while learning about life on a dino-riddled planet. Oh, and don't forget, they can marvel at the world's tallest indoor waterfall that cascades dramatically seven stories at the heart of Changi's Jewel.

    Canopy Park, Changi Airport, Level 5, 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore, +65 6956 9898, [email protected],

  • Airzone ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    AIRZONE: Space Playroom At City Square Mall For Indoor Birthday Parties

    Astronaut-inspired kids

    Budding astronauts will love Airzone! Described as a combo of walking on water and the moon, with various exciting bouncy nets that span levels two to six of the City Square Mall. Slides connect the world-class gymnastic nets and are so secure that they can hold two Singapore commuter buses side-by-side! The three-dimensional nets require some deft crawling skills so your kids can zoom from one side to another or find their own pod to take a breather and plan their next move! The oversized ball pit is enormous fun. Giant hammocks are suspended five stories above ground level, giving kids a bird's eye view of the world. When the kids reach the upper level of the elevated playground, the easiest way down is zooming down the giant slide! Your little ones will enjoy feeling like they are sinking into water one minute and bouncing on the moon the next. Not only is Airzone lots of fun, but it will give your children a brilliant workout, expect some sore calf muscles the next day! Airzone offers private parties with snacks and drinks, Xbox gaming, board games, and free WiFi to bring them back down to Earth.

    Airzone, 180 Kitchener Road, 02-K4/K10 City Square Mall, Singapore, +65 6631 9789, [email protected],

  • Splat Paint House ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    SPLAT PAINT HOUSE: Splatter Paint Indoor Birthday Parties In Singapore

    Picasso Anyone?

    At Splat Paint House, there are no rules or boundaries, and there is no normal! Splat is a great place dedicated to mess, expression, and the ultimate parties! They can splatter, splot, and even copy pictures to create their own masterpiece that you'll want to hang on the kitchen wall. If your child wants a party with a difference, they can grab some paints and a canvas and unleash their creative spirit. You'll be impressed with what they can create in just a few hours. After a short briefing from the resident artist, they'll introduce your little ones to various techniques. Don't worry; it's not a classroom environment, it's all about having fun, but a little guidance might get their creative juices flowing. They'll choose their paint colors and work with tools they wouldn't relate to art. Once complete, the kids can try their hand at a different painting style if there is time. The paintings generally take 48 hours to dry, and then you can collect them. A word of warning, do not let them wear their Sunday best; give them overalls to wear. Splat Paint House provides shoe covers, hairnets, and gloves as a matter of course.

    Splat Paint House, 207A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore, +65 8882 0839, [email protected],

  • Crafty Whizz ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    CRAFTY WHIZZ STUDIO: Creative Party Venue In Singapore For Making Bath Bombs, Art Jamming, And More

    Crafts Galore

    Parties at Crafty Whizz Studio encourage your youngster's inner creative side. The resident crafters and designers host extraordinary parties for your little ones, including sewing sessions where kids can enjoy making a patch pillow, a pretty stuffie, a gorgeous bucket hat, a monogram pillow, or creating a pencil case or tote bag. They also have fun arty parties where children can make an oven-baked plate, have an art jamming session, window art, money box painting, scented soaps or candles, dream catchers, flower pot painting, and sand art. Little girls will love the spa pampering. They will make soap or bath bombs, relax, have a homemade face scrub, and finish with a blissful foot soak, all set to a personalized birthday-themed backdrop. There'll be games with prizes and, 10 helium balloons, a cake-cutting ceremony (perfect for those Insta kids). Children for the spa pampering need to be at least eight. To jazz up the party vibe even more, why not add a collection of 10 teepee tents with pretty fairy lights? Crafty Whizz Studio can come to you if you’d rather host the party at home!

    Crafty Whizz Studio,  81 Joo Chiat Rd, #02-05, Singapore, +65 9101 8203, [email protected],

  • Nerf Action Xperience ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    NERF ACTION EXPERIENCE: Nerf Wars In Singapore For Birthday Parties

    Nerf of Nothin’

    The Nerf Action Xperience will encourage your kids to feel empowered throughout the challenging experience. With multi-themed activity zones, the kids can get their adrenaline pumping with various exciting challenges while fostering connections or competition with their friends. Once the kids have geared up in Zombie City, they'll start blasting terrifying digital zombies with their Nerf blaster guns! Orange Nation teams blast orange targets, while Blue Nation teams blast their blue ones. The kids will search for hidden missiles to gain all-important extra points. It's fun, it's furious, and it's a blast! In Camp Dune, children will blast their opponents and collect colored flags and bring them back to their home base. The referee will be present to judge the game through an honor system. If the kids are blasted by their opponents, they return to base for some time-out. Other activities include an obstacle course and an art space corner.

    Nerf Action Xperience, NAX Singapore Pte Ltd, Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #01-208, Singapore, +65 8388 3448, [email protected],

  • Kidz Amaze ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    KIDZ AMAZE: Birthday Party Venue In Singapore For Water Loving Kids

    Splashing Good Fun

    For some splashing fun, head to Kidz Amaze and explore the magical waterworld of over 2,000 square meters! The fully integrated three-story Ballocity play area is one of the tallest in Asia. There are visually impressive interactive play zones with five slides, including one that is a staggering 18.5 meters tall and eight decks interconnected with various climbing structures. Toddlers will love their own wading area. Early childhood specialists designed the inclusive Kidz Amaze, which caters to children of all ages and abilities. After the kids have had a good splash around, various facilities and private rooms dedicated to children's parties, including Pirates Cave at SAFRA Punggol, The Galaxy at SAFRA Toa Payoh, and Bumble Bee at SAFRA Jurong.

    Kidz Amaze, Splash @ Kidz Amaze, SAFRA Punggol, +65 6585 8710, [email protected], Kidz Amaze, SAFRA Jurong, +65 6686 4321, [email protected], Kidz Amaze, SAFRA Toa Payoh, +65 6355 4550, [email protected],

  • RHYTHM FOR ME: Dance Birthday Parties For Kids In Singapore

    Disco Dancing

    Engage your child musically in an environment that encourages skills development in vocalizing, playing, organizing, listening, and moving. The environment is structured, yet it has a wonderful spirit of play with the belief that every child can embrace rhythm and music when developed early. The kids will develop confidence, and Rhythm In Me allows them to explore problem-solving skills in other areas of life. The homegrown dance school caters for parties for little ones. It is high-energy and interactive as they dance to disco, Zumba, and diva-inspired music. Their packages include everything from the setup, activities, party snacks, and delicious cake and goodie bags for all the kids attending.

    Rhythm In Me, Depot Road, #01-16 108, Singapore, +65-9325-6653, [email protected],

  • Snow City ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    SNOW CITY: A Snow-Filled Indoor Birthday Party Venue In Singapore

    Arctic Parties

    Time to layer up to stay snuggly and warm in the snow! Snow City is Singapore's first permanent indoor snow center with a chilly Arctic Circle theme that the kids will adore. With a sub-zero 1,200 square meter snow chamber, there are plenty of activities and educational programs for a one-of-a-kind party. The kids can roar with laughter as they play in the snow and have bumper car rides, followed by snow-themed party games in the party room, decorated with a special birthday banner and balloons. Your host will ensure everything runs smoothly and guide a special birthday celebration for all partygoers. Each child will receive a party pack and watch a 20-minute cool science show. You can bring your own party food, cakes, crockery, and cutlery. Book at least two weeks in advance; Snow City is a popular party venue! Don't worry; warm coats, boots, and gloves are all included in the price.

    Snow City, 21 Jurong Town Hall Road, Singapore, +65 6560 2306, [email protected]

  • Bounce ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    BOUNCE: Trampoline Park Birthday Parties In Singapore

    Freestyling Fun

    A lively place where kids can let off some steam, Bounce allows children of all ages to have fun, learn new skills, and express themselves. As part of the global Freestyle movement, the center allows children to move, connect and be part of a bounce tribe. There are junior jumper areas where kids can learn the bouncing fundamentals of movement and an area for freestyle athletes who want to take on the challenging X-Park adventure course. The Bounce Freestyle parties encourage kids to elevate their trampolining skills while having fun for two hours. It's the ultimate way to celebrate a birthday or gather a group of fellow bouncing friends together. You'll have a dedicated party host to demonstrate and help your children develop their skills. Kids will have access to their own party room and receive goodie bags, light snacks, and Bounce merch to take home.

    Bounce Singapore, Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #09-01, Singapore, +65 6816 2879, [email protected]

  • AMPED TRAMPOLINE PARK: Nerf Wars, Nintendo Switch, And Trampoline Birthday Parties In Singapore

    Bouncing Until Their Hearts Are Content

    With two great packages to choose from, Amped Trampoline Park has the ideal solution for your child's birthday party. Whether you want a private room or take over the entire facility, they'll have lots of fun. For the full experience, your little ones will have two-and-a-half hours of hosted fun, including trampoline jumping, laser tag, nerf wars, dodgeball, football, and basketball, and 50 minutes of freestyle play. After exerting their energy, they can all head to the party room, play Nintendo Switch and Giant Jenga, and delve into the fully stocked fridge with water and ice cream. You can store their birthday cake too! They also include grip socks for each child. If the kids turn into trampoline champions, Amped Trampoline Park also has various classes to hone their skills. Who knows, they might be Olympic champs before you know it!

    Amped Trampoline Park, 10 Raeburn Park, Block C #02-33 Singapore 088702, +65 9823 8443, [email protected]

  • Kinder Klass ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    KINDER KLASSE: Active Playroom Fun For Birthday Parties In Singapore

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    A one-stop gym and play area designed for children between 11 months and seven years, Kinder Klasse is fully loaded with fun equipment such as air barrels, trampolines, balance beams, ball pits, ladders, and a bouncy castle. They cater for birthday parties for children between one and three and four and nine for 90 minutes of fun and celebrations! The kids will be encouraged to explore the gym, climb colorful rock walls, dive in and out of the ball pit, and bounce around on the bouncy castles and trampoline. Kids can even take a ride on thezipline! They have add-ons, including a personalized birthday banner, balloons, and other fun decorations. The deluxe package also includes 20 helium balloons, a 40-inch birthday balloon, decorations, and 20 slices of cake with plates, cups, and forks. Kinder Klasse believes that children learn best through play, allowing them to grow together, and that laughter is the best medicine.

    Kinder Klasse, 11 Rhu Cross, #02-01 Passion Wave @ Marina Bay, Singapore, +65 8893 3694, [email protected],

  • Waka Waka ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    WAKA WAKA: Amazing Indoor Playroom For Birthday Parties In Singapore

    The Party House

    Waka Waka is the place for a party! The kids run unhindered in the indoor playground, including the safari play area with a multi-level maze with volcanos, tunnels, trampolines, and giant slides. The adventure cove has a thrilling rope adventure course that tests their coordination skills. The toddler's zone is dedicated to little ones under the age of 18 months, with colorful ball pits, sensory play areas, and fun slides. The Lion's Den is a relaxing café in the center of the playground so that you can keep an eye on the kids. The extensive menu feeds hungry post-party appetites! They have special packages for a house party or a junior party, including exclusive use, personalized invitation cards, goodie bags, and lots of yummy food and drinks.

    Waka Waka, 407 Havelock Road, Furama Riverfront, Annex@Furama #05-01, Singapore, +65 6738 7733, [email protected],

  • Time Zone Games ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    TIME ZONE GAMES: Gaming Birthday Parties In Singapore

    Endless Games

    Allow your kids to immerse themselves in a world of games. The games are broken down into green, yellow, and red zones and include timeless games such as Halo, Luigi's Mansion Arcade, Air Hockey, Pinball, Down the Clown, Ace Angler, and Let's Bounce. Kids can race around the purpose-built bumper car track or participate in the Fireteam Raven four-player arcade machine game with 4K panoramic displays and an impressive surround sound system. They can link their Xbox Live Gamertag accounts via the QR codes for exclusive statistics and rewards. Hold on tight and choose from three unique VR gaming experiences; Alpine Adventure, Canyon Chaos, and Holiday Hijinks, full of twists and turns through 360-degree landscapes. They'll be thrown into an adventure full of thrills and spills. That's not all; there is an air hockey arcade and Highway 66 Bowling if they still have energy to burn! After all the fun, the children can wind down in the dedicated party area and eat plenty of cake before retiring from a fun day.

    Time Zone Games, Jurong East, Singapore, [email protected],

  • Rocking Horse Playhouse ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    THE ROCKING HORSE PLAYROOM: Boutique Indoor Playroom In Singapore For Birthday Parties *6 Months - 6 years

    Mucky Pups And Eco-Friendly Toys

    The Rocking Horse Playhouse is perfect for mucky pups who love crawling, exploring, and playing with high-quality toys. With various classes, why not book an entire session for your little one and their friends for an exciting play date party? Every Saturday and Sunday, the playhouse blocks out various two-hour sessions for parties that cover everything from storytelling, little yoga, drama, music and dance, and easy language classes. The Rocking Horse Playhouse has a gorgeously sustainable collection of toys that you can rent if you decide that you'd prefer to have your own party at home, perfect for eco-friendly parents. Each toy has been hand-selected by the professional team, so every time you visit, there is something new for your little one to play with. Open play spaces encourage children to bond and play together creatively. The center has a pantry so you can heat food for your teeny ones and there are comfortable private spaces for nursing.

    The Rocking Horse Playhouse Singapore, 100 Turf Club Road, Singapore, +65 8874 5851, [email protected],

  • Super Park ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    SUPER PARK: Active Indoor Birthday Parties In Singapore For Toddlers And Kids

    Get Movin’

    All the way from Finland, Super Park is bursting at the seams with sports-orientated activities for all ages. The Game Area has sports such as baseball and street basketball, where state-of-the-art digital systems and radars measure the kid’s performance. Kids and adults are encouraged to channel their brave spirits in various zones and explore obstacle walls, trampolines, zip wires, and pedal racing tracks in the Adventure Area. Kids can skate and scoot, trampoline, and learn how to climb in the Freestyle Hall. Ideal for little people parties, the Adventure Area also has the flying fox, adventure city, tube slide, kid's gym, and the ultimate ninja track that encourages your children's ninja skills such as strength, balance, coordination, and agility on climbing ropes, bridges, and a giant swing. Little Steps loves the super hunt, a time-based challenge where the kids solve a series of riddles and challenges dotted around the park. The Super Park offers two-and-a-half-hour party playtime, personalized e-invitations, goodie bags, grip socks, VIP express check-in, and water. The kids will love tearing around and even receive revisit vouchers if individuals would like to return for another afternoon of fun and frolics. Discounts are available for those that are already members.

    Super Park, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall, #02-477 (North Wing), Singapore, +65 6239 5360, [email protected],

  • Amazonia ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    AMAZONIA: Snow-Filled Activities For Birthday Parties In Singapore

    Snow-Filled Activities

    Amazonia is ideal for snow-loving kids. It's bursting with snow-filled activities that will keep kids entertained for hours! When you host your little one's birthday party, you'll have a private room equipped with tables and chairs, and you can choose your child's favorite decorations to make it even more special. Choose from climbing walls, slides, ball pits, toys, and endless games to keep the kids running around until it's time for birthday cake! The dedicated party hosts provide fun educational games for your kids and inspirational goodie bags. There are even separate rooms for boys and girls (you know what they are like at that age!). The boy's room has a space theme for an otherworldly experience. The girl's room is a whimsical wonderland with a magical carriage that transports them to a world of princesses and all things pretty. Not only are there two packages to choose from, but you can also add a glitter tattooist, caricature artist, henna painter, or magician.

    Amazonia Family Fun Centre, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-113 Great World, Singapore, +65 6836 2544, [email protected],

  • PIRATE LAND: VR And Escape Room Fun In Singapore For Birthday Parties In Singapore

    VR Entertainment And Escape Rooms

    The ultimate indoor playground and virtual reality entertainment center is a maze of fun for kids of all ages. You'll find a bouncing house, ocean animal projection drawing, a jungle gym, and the toy brick street, supermarket, and kitchen square, all of which are fundamental in a child's intellectual learning, social, emotional, and physical growth. There are VR shooting games, a VR escape room, and other casual games suitable for younger children. Expert escape room artists will love Alice, which will take you into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland; it's challenging but lots of fun! A much simpler VR escape room game is Christmas; you'll help the elves rescue Santa from being lost and save Christmas, perfect for those with winter birthdays! The 'birthday team' are dedicated to making your children's dreams come true and can arrange unique themes and packages with complimentary decorations, personalized e-invitation cards, a birthday gift, and goodie bags for each guest.

    Pirate Land, 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint #04-08/09/10/11, Singapore, +65 6734 9307, [email protected],

  • Polliwogs ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    THE POLLIWOGS: Personalized Birthday Parties + Treehouse Toddler Parties + More In Singapore

    Enriching Lives Through Fun

    Already, Polliwogs has hosted hundreds of parties for kids around the island. Their parties include all sorts of fun goodies with balloons for each of the children, a party master to host all of the activities in the private celebration zone, a cake-cutting ceremony, and a gift for the birthday child! The team will help you plan everything from sending personalized e-invites to creating exciting programs and preparing delicious food. Polliwogs has a fully padded indoor playground with fun activities, including a mirror maze, bouncy nets, fun ball pits, and an air gun range! There's even a treehouse-themed toddler play area for tiny tots. Optional extras include a Polliwogs mascot, magician, balloon sculptor, face painter, caricature artist, and a photographer to capture all the fun. Parents can relax in the onsite café while the kids kick up a storm of fun. Polliwogs has venues at Vivo City and Park Quay Central.

    The Polliwogs, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-63, Clarke Quay Central and 1 Harbour Front Walk, #03-12 VivoCity, Singapore, +65 6970 0867, [email protected],

  • Lee CKong Chian ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    LEE KONG CHIAN NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM: History Filled Birthday Party In Singapore

    Dinosaurs And Fossils

    The museum strives to be the leader in biodiversity in Southeast Asia; its interesting programs aim to encourage a true fascination with nature, biodiversity, and environmental issues while supporting research in Singapore with local and international partner institutes. The museum houses an incredible range of historical and research specimens that will excite your kids and their friends, particularly the dinosaur zone and the rare collection of over 10,000 species of animals in the zoological department. The museum has three diplodocid sauropod fossils, the largest and heaviest vegetarian animals to ever walk on Earth. Various fascinating exhibitions run throughout the year. There is also a range of delicious restaurants to take the kids to, including Bar Bar Black Sheep, Sapore Italian Restaurant, Waa Cow, and the Central Food Court.

    Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, National University of Singapore 2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore, +65 6601 3333, [email protected],

  • Gardens by the Bay ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    GARDENS BY THE BAY: Picnic Birthday Parties Inside And With Nature In Singapore

    Horticulturalist Picnic Dreams

    Tended by world-class landscape designers, horticulturists, arborists, engineers, plant health, garden, and turf management experts, Gardens By The Bay is a true Singaporean hotspot for nature lovers. The gardens have won endless accolades, including the Guinness World Record, the President's Design Award, and the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. If you've got mini-horticulturalists in your family, head to the extraordinary gardens and the world-famed plant kingdom and explore plants, colorful dart frogs, sculptures, suspended bouquets, floral arrangements, and some of the rarest plants in the world. Pack up a picnic or choose from traditional hawker fare or gourmet dining. There's also a gift shop so the kids can grow their own little gardens at home.

    Gardens By The Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore, +65 6420 6848, [email protected],

  • THE TIARA SOCIETY Princess Birthday Parties In Singapore

    Once Upon A Time

    Kids are dreamers and possess extraordinary imaginations! Whether they love the thought of battling with dragons or being princesses in fairytale lands, The Tiara Society has an extensive walk-in wardrobe of over 200 costumes for children and adults. They've even got an iconic life-sized pumpkin-inspired carriage to start their journey of wonder and magic. Not only is the entire experience immense fun, but it teaches kids about stranger danger, good manners, royal etiquette, and other essential life skills. Your little ones can enjoy crafting, drama sessions, interactive speech classes, talent quests, and stage performances, boosting their confidence and encouraging their ever-growing imagination. Kids can explore the various 'sets' such as the wall of dollhouses, the runway, the knight's fort, and the princess carriage. The Tiara Society also runs courses dressed as princes and princesses that run for several weeks and teach your kids about modern-day etiquette. Book a whimsical tea party, classic party, or royal party, which can include everything from e-invitations, party and dance sessions, crafty activities, nail and make-up bars for girls and tattooing for boys, balloons, and party bags for all of the kids. Complete makeovers and photography sessions are available for the kids or families.

    The Tiara Society, Once Upon A Time, 902 East Coast Parkway Coastal Playgrove #02-02, Singapore, +65 8462 7763, [email protected],

  • Ground Up Climbing ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    GROUND UP CLIMBING: Bouldering And Rock Climbing Birthday Parties In Singapore

    Kids Rock Climbing Party

    If your kids have experienced endless parties and want something a little different, why not take them climbing? Join Ground Up Climbing for two hours of endless fun and engage your children with plenty of party games as they learn how to climb, belay, and monkey around on the various climbing and bouldering walls. The team will even help you set up your own decorations! Under the guidance of qualified instructors, your kids will soon be scaling walls and swelling with pride as they reach the top! It'll get their adrenaline pumping, unleash their brave souls, encourage strong minds and bodies, sharpen their motor skills, and perfect their coordination.   There will be smiles all around as they race their friends to the top. The instructors ensure that safety measures are never compromised amidst all the fun. Ground Up Climbing also has private lessons for kids who display natural talents and group weekend classes. Who knows, you might even want to build your own climbing wall at home!

    Ground Up Climbing, 60 Tessensohn, CSC @ Tessensohn (Level 2), +65 6292 7701, [email protected],

  • Baker Brew ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    BAKER BREW JUNIOR: Cooking Birthday Party Venue In Singapore For Kids Ages 4-12

    Cooking Frenzy

    Kids can immerse themselves in baking gorgeous cupcakes and explore the world of delicious sweets and pastries. They can join the resident master chef and explore their interest in baking gorgeous cupcakes with themes such as Frozen, rainbow unicorns, Baby Shark cookies, under-the-sea cupcakes, Cocomelon pull-apart cupcakes, Paw Patrol doughnuts, and lots more. The Little Steps team is rather partial to the sheepish mini Charlotte cakelets! Gather together your little one's friends, don some aprons, and get baking at Baker Brew Junior. The classes are ideal for children between 4 and 12, with aprons, ingredients, packaging, and recipes provided so they can continue practicing their skills at home.

    Baker Brew Junior, 290 Orchard Road, #05-46 Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore, +65 3129 5577, [email protected],

  • Children's Museum ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    CHILDREN'S MUSEUM SINGAPORE: Take A Scavenger Hunt At The Museum In Singapore

    Joyful Learning

    Recently refurbished, the Children's Museum Singapore is dedicated to children under 12. Their mission is to create a welcoming, immersive environment and harness the power of learning through play. Spanning across two levels, your little ones and their friends can dive into some of Singapore's history and travel back in time; they can sell fruit and veggies from an old-school convenience store, have a pretend barber's haircut and enjoy coloring time at the Stamp Parade interactive permanent exhibition. Kids love the scavenger hunt that allows them to discover various modes of transportation on land, sea, and air! The museum believes it takes a village to raise a child, which involves communities and partnering families in their various fun activities.

    Children's Museum Singapore, Coleman St, 23-B, Singapore, +65 6337 888, [email protected]

  • Adventure HQ ultimate kids party venues Singapore Little Steps Asia

    ADVENTURE HQ: Singapore's Largest Multi-Installation Indoor Adventure Hub

    The Largest Playground In Singapore

    Home TeamNS Khatib is Singapore's largest multi-installation indoor adventure hub with a mini ninja warrior course, the Peranakan-inspired kid's indoor playground, and TactSim, an airsoft area. They partner with various local companies such as the delicious cake makers Lisse and After Bakery, Owl Readers Club, and a range of great kid-friendly restaurants, so you'll be able to extend the birthday fun throughout the year. The impressive four-story 2,800 square meters indoor adventure hub, Adventure HQ, boasts various low and high obstacles, including Sky Venture, a two-tier challenging ropes course, climbing haven, sensory adventure trail, and fireman slides! While the kids are having their birthday party fun, parents can enjoy the state-of-the-art clubhouse. There's also a man cave equipped with the latest gaming gizmos and a BBQ area. The clubhouses are in Balestier, Bedok Reservoir, Bukit Batok, and Khatib.

    Adventure HQ @ HomeTeamNs Khatib Clubhouse, 2 Yishan Walk, Khatib, Singapore, +65 6708 6600, [email protected],

  • KIZTOPIA: Multiple Branches For Cool Birthday Experiences In Singapore

    A Play Haven

    With branches across Singapore, Singapore Tourism awarded Kiztopia as the winner of the bests attraction experience in 2021. It's a play haven that specializes in 'play, learn, eat and bond' experiences for families. There are ball pits, trampolines, slides, obstacle courses, and an indoor carousel. The in-house café has plenty of light bites and refreshing drinks when the kids tire and get hungry. Their birthday parties are all about fun! The team will arrange an unforgettable birthday bash for your little one with party games, decorations, food, and playtime. Kiztopia can also arrange a magic show, balloon sculpting, face painting, a yummy popcorn station, and a photographer so that you can record the day's memories. Each location has different offerings, so you can choose the one that best suits the little partygoers! Jurong Point offers a galactic space out-of-this-world party with interactive activities and many icebreaker games. Goodie bags are always included. There's even a gift shop packed with toys and games, school essentials, and gift bundles if you are stuck for birthday present ideas.

    Kiztopia, Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #01-09, Singapore, +65 8201 0393, [email protected]

  • THE MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM: Sensory ice Cream Themed Party In Singapore

    With Or Without Sprinkles?

    If you have a bunch of ice cream aficionados ready for a one-of-a-kind birthday party, you'll be in for a sweet treat at Singapore's Museum Of Ice Cream. You and the kids will learn all about the history of ice cream across 12 multi-sensory installations and eat unlimited ice cream treats in five different shapes and forms. You'll all be able to tap into various flavors spanning delicious global tastes, textures, and toppings. Whether the kids love creamy, crunchy, or fruity ice cream, they'll enjoy tantalizing their tastebuds with these chilly treats. Your little ones can enjoy a rainbow-colored journey in the world's largest sprinkles pool and a unicorn playground designed to encourage learning through play. Book your ice creamy day in advance and enjoy various discounts and promotions, including fun workshops, milkshakes, and ice cream sundaes. Their yummy birthday menu includes decadent brownies, fluffy waffles, goodie bags, personalized sprinkles, and aromatic coffee for the grown-ups! Lots of hand wipes and tissues are always on hand for those sticky fingers and ice cream faces!

    Museum of Ice Cream, 100 Loewen Road, Singapore, [email protected]

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