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Best Co-Working Spaces In Bali

Work Life Balance For Digital Nomads In Bali

Co-working spaces are opening all over Bali, from Ubud to Canggu. Whether you’re a digital nomad, or entrepreneur, or just want to do a little work while you’re on holiday, these co-working spaces are perfect for you. Are you looking for something that gives you a little vacay-vibe with a pool and palm trees? What about something more artistic and creative with huge ceilings and studios to rent out? There are co-working spaces for every preference and budget in Bali, you just have to know where to look!

Read on to find the top co-working spaces in Bali (updated for 2023!) so you can be productive, and enjoy your time exploring this gorgeous island.

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    Kinship Studio: Co-Working Spaces In Bali

    For Creative People Who Want To Focus (Berawa)

    This co-working space is set in a gorgeous, lightfilled, space with high-ceilings and natural tones. Kinship offers visitors a range of benefits (like discounts on local restaurants and events), and it’s perfect for entrepreneurs or digital nomads in the creative space. There are studios for photography, meetings, recording, and even an ceramics studio. There are many regular workshops throughout the month include things like life drawing, skill-share, exhibitions, and more.

    Kinship Studio, Gg. Jalak VI B, Canggu Permai, Berawa, +62 812 3866 2897, [email protected],

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    Dojo Bali: Co-Working Spaces In Bali

    For Some Tropical Feels (Canggu)

    Poolside working spaces help you feel like you’re still on vacation, even as you sit down for a productive work morning or full day of creating. This community hub has super fast wifi, conference rooms with pleasant aircon (a must-have for the Bali heat), and soundproof private skype booths. It’s a two-story building that’s close to the center of Canggu and the famous surf-spot Echo Beach. As with all good co-working spaces, there are social meet-ups, networking events, workshops, and more. For people looking for a co-working and co-living situation, check out Dojo’s living quarters here.

    Dojo Bali, Jl Batu Mejan No. 88, Canggu, [email protected],

  • Tropical Nomad Coworking Space:

    Right On The Famous Shortcut (Canggu)

    As another one of the more large co-working spaces in Bali, Tropical Nomad is just as it sounds, a breezy balcony gives you some nice views of ricefields and the hustle and bustle of busy Canggu below. The ground floor has communal working in a cool, light-filled space. There are lots of office facilities like a meeting room, skype booth, and scanner/printer for members. Whether you’re after a dedicated desk on a monthly membership or just an hourly drop-in, their flexible fees are a bonus for traveling entrepreneurs and workers.

    Tropical Nomad Coworking Space, Jl Subak Canggu No.2, Canggu, [email protected],

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    Tribal: Co-Working Spaces In Bali

    Close To The Beach (Pererenan)

    Close to Pererenan beach, to the west of Canggu center, Tribal is a different kind of co-working space. They don’t have memberships. Rather, it’s a co-working, co-living hostel-style space with a beautiful pool view and lots of open air. The all-day menu is filled with hearty and healthy foods, and the coffee is strong and tasty, so you’ll have the energy you need to get your work done. Although it isn’t membership-based, Tibral is still community-driven, with workshops, events, and other entertainment usually on offer every month.

    Tribal Bali, Jl.Pantai Pererenan, Gg. Tribal, Pererenan, e. [email protected],

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    Genesis Creative Center: Co-Working Spaces In Bali

    Great Studios For Production (Canggu)

    The name says it all - the Genesis Creative Center really is a hub for creative minds to bring to life the content that they’ve been wanting to create. There are recording studios (fully equipped), art, fashion, and photography studios, and lots of seminars and workshops to upskill and connected with like-minded people. Come to the communal co-working area, or book out one of their many studios if you need a professional space for filming, recording, and more. They even have a video course production package for people wanting to finally make that online course they've been thinking of.

    Genesis Creative Centre, Jl Pantai Berawa, Tamora Gallery, Berawa, +62 813 3805 1930,

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    ZIN@Work: Co-Working Spaces In Bali

    Free Co-Working Space (Canggu)

    With its bamboo pavilion structure, ZIN@Work gives off strong breezy Bali vibes for people looking for a space in central Canggu to work and grab a bite to eat. ZIN@Work is a free co-working space above the popular cafe of the same name, with air-conditioned focus rooms as well as a communal working area. The open-air feel is great on sunny days if you want some shade, but if you definitely always need aircon as you work, you’ll have to use the focus room only. After work, head out to the rooftop pool and bar to unwind.

    ZIN@Work at Zin Cafe, Jl Nelayan No. 78F, Canggu, +62 816 747 444,

  • ubud coworking space

    Outpost: Co-Working Spaces In Bali

    Co-Working And Co-Living (Canggu And Ubud)

    With the very bold claim of being the “co-working space Google would create if they opened in Bali,” Outpost is making its mark in Bali. It has three locations - one in Canggu and two in Ubud. There are indoor communal rooms, offices, outdoor gardens, standing desks, skype rooms, focused air-con zones, meeting rooms, and other amenities for workers. There’s co-living accommodation and even an onsite masseuse if you need a little work break and loosen some tension. At the heart of Outpost’s vision is to have a community-based feel; you can see this from the robust events and entertainment lineup.

    Outpost, Canggu, Jl Raya Semat No.1; Ubud: Jl Raya Nyuh Kuning & Jl Raya Penestanan Kelod, +62 361 9080584, [email protected],

  • ubud coworking space

    Hubud: Co-Working Spaces In Bali

    Bali's OG Co-Working Space (Ubud)

    As the first Bali co-working space for digital nomads in Ubud the space they needed, Hubud has been on the top list of Bali’s co-working community spaces for a long time. There are co-working and co-living facilities, as well as a social impact mission with different groups, meetups, and initiatives. Hubud also hosts retreats, courses, and coaching for people interested in upskilling and networking. There’s also a garden cafe, and plenty of great cafes. If you want to visit Doji in Canggu, your Hubud membership can give you access to both co-

    Hubud, Jl Monkey Forest 88X, Ubud, +62 361 978 073,

  • Biliq Bali: Co-Working Spaces In Bali

    They've Thought Of Everything! (Seminyak & Sunset Road)

    There's something special about Biliq Bali - they really do bring that productive vacay dream to life with desks strategically installed in the pool so you can literally dip your toes in as you work. If you feel like staying dry, however, there are communal work areas, meeting rooms, aircon skype rooms, and more. The two locations, Seminyak and Sunset Road, are perfect for people who are staying out of Canggu and Ubud and don’t want to travel far to work. We love Biliq because it seems like they really have thought of everything - there are napping rooms, co-living accommodation, and a tasty menu. Plus, it’s also Bali’s first pay-per-minute co-working concept. What else do you need?

    Biliq Bali Cosharing Space, Jl Yudistira No. 3A, Seminyak, +62 819 3738 7372 & Jl Sunset Road No. 819, +62 361 620 1311, [email protected],

  • professional coworking in bali

    GoWork: Co-Working Spaces In Bali

    A Business Hub For Professionals (Kuta)

    If you’re looking for a more refined, corporate feel for your co-working, GoWork is Indonesia’s co-work provider for professionals. There are 25+ locations around the country, with one of them in the Park 23 mall in Bali. This space is beautifully designed, with lots of natural light, conference rooms, private offices, hot desks, and more. We love that there are also five different membership packages to choose from, so it’s flexible depending on your needs and budget. You also have the opportunity to rent out spaces and hold your own events and seminars at GoWork.

    GoWork at Park 23 Mall, 3rd Floor, Jl Kediri, Tuban – Kuta, +62 361 4756825, [email protected],

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