Best Family-Friendly Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

Learn More About Plants And Wildlife!

Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

It can sometimes be difficult to reconnect with nature while living in a city —  but it’s not impossible. If you and your family are especially fond of the great outdoors and find joy in learning about the vegetation and wildlife in Singapore, you might be interested in some of these guided activities listed below. They all involve nature in one way or another, and each one leads to the gaining of new knowledge and wondrous facts about plants and animals.

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  • TWO-HOUR INTERTIDAL WALK: The Untamed Paths *Best Family-Friendly Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

    Learn About Marine Life At Changi Beach

    If you and the family are up for an enriching intertidal walk along Changi Beach, this activity is for you! You’ll be led by an experienced marine naturalist guide who’ll not only provide knowledge and expertise about marine life in the area, but also let you get up close and personal with these tiny marine creatures! Kids who are signing up for this program have to be at least 3 years old, and do note that although wildlife can be expected during the tour, animal sightings are not fully guaranteed.

    The Untamed Paths,

  • PRIVATE FOREST BATHING: Xiu Nature Connections *Best Family-Friendly Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

    Slow Down And Reconnect With Nature

    Life in Singapore can be fast-paced and hectic, and through forest bathing, one can reconnect with nature and revitalise your senses. This private forest bathing tour is wonderful for those who wish to destress, and takes around one and a half to two hours. It’s guided and led by a certified forest therapy guide, and participants will be learning techniques that help to strengthen your focus. Since it’s a more contemplative type of activity, the recommended age for kids is 16 years old.

    Xiu Nature Connections,

  • KAYAK FROM PASIR RIS TO PULAU UBIN: SneakPeek Singapore *Best Family-Friendly Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

    Kayak Tour + Land Tour All In One

    For families who not only enjoy being in nature but also being active, this activity is great for you! On this one-way kayaking adventure from Pasir Ris to Pulau Ubin, you’ll be able to explore places accessible only by boat and gain an immersive experience deep in the mangroves as well. What’s more, the family will also be enjoying a meal at a floating restaurants in the middle of the sea! Besides the kayaking portion of the tour, there will be also a land excursion covering different landmarks — so you’re guaranteed a full day of fun and exploration! This activity is suitable for kids aged 6 and above.

    SneakPeek Singapore, Asian Civilisations, Empress Pl #1, Singapore 179555, +65 9622 1961,


  • RANSACK @ Fort Canning: Monster Day Tours *Best Family-Friendly Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

    A Puzzle Hunt In The Midst Of Fort Canning

    Not just a simple tour, Ransack @ Fort Canning is a fun and immersive outdoor adventure where participants get to explore the area while engaging in a treasure hunt! The kiddos will definitely have an exciting experience scavenging for clues and solving puzzles, and there’s even a prize to collect should the team succeed at the treasure hunt! There’s also an opportunity for terrain exploration along the way, where the family can learn about Fort Canning’s landmarks at your own pace. Do note that participants for this activity have to be at least 7 years old.

    Monster Day Tours, 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #04-01, Singapore 139951,

  • ZOOKEEPER FOR A DAY: Singapore Zoo *Best Family-Friendly Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

    Hands-On Zookeeper Experience

    If your kiddo is in love with animals and nature, let them be a zookeeper for a day at the Singapore Zoo! This private tour is a fun and educational experience that lets kids step into the shoes of zookeepers and get to see for themselves how the animal care team provides top-notch care for the animals there. It’s a pretty hands-on program that’ll be a memorable experience, and the Singapore Zoo provides two different editions: the kids edition and junior edition. For the kids edition, the program is suitable for children aged 6 to 12. For the junior edition, it’s recommended for teens 13 years and above.

    Singapore Zoo, 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826,

  • WETLAND EXPLORATION AT SUNGEI BULOH: Ulu Singapore *Best Family-Friendly Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

    Learn More About The Importance Of This Mangrove Forest

    Explore one of the last remaining mangrove forests in Singapore with an expert naturalist guide leading the way! During the tour you’ll be learning about the importance of the Sungei Buloh mangrove and also get to see wildlife like tree-climbing crabs and mudskippers. The guide will also be explaining how different species or plants and animals have adapted in their own way to be able to survive and thrive in this pretty harsh environment. The tour is open to all ages, but the recommended age for kids is 6 years old and above.

    Ulu Singapore,

  • NATURALIST NIGHT ADVENTURE: The Untamed Path *Best Family-Friendly Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

    Explore The Rainforest At Night

    Check out the wild side of Singapore with the Naturalist Night Adventure tour by The Untamed Path, a guided family-friendly activity that teaches you how to spot and identify nocturnal wildlife. The tour is open to both kids and adults, and it can also accommodate infants — so the whole family gets to experience it together regardless of age! It’s an amazing opportunity to let the young ones learn more about Singapore’s wildlife and watch our rainforest come to life at night.

    The Untamed Paths,

  • SINGAPORE BOTANIC GARDENS GUIDED TOUR: Volunteer Basis *Best Family-Friendly Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

    Free Tours On Weekends

    There’s so much to see and learn at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and the best way to do so might be through guided tours! There are many types available on weekends, and each one is led by volunteers. You can check the full schedule online, and the tours cover different parts of the Botanic Gardens each week. Some examples include the Healing Garden, Learning Forest and National Orchid Garden. These tours are also free of charge, and group sizes are managed for the most conducive experience.

    Singapore Botanic Gardens, 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569,

  • LEARN MORE ABOUT BEES: Bee Amazed *Best Family-Friendly Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

    Different Programs About Bees Available Here

    Bees are such amazing and gentle creatures, and should be appreciated. At Bee Amazed, the family can learn all about local bees, honey, and basic beekeeping through a tour of the Bee Amazed garden. They also offer a wide variety of education programs, each one covering a different topic related to bees. For example, their “BEE Educated” program explains the importance and roles of honey bees and how their colony functions.

    Bee Amazed,

  • BIRDWATCHING AT GARDENS BY THE BAY: Jane’s Singapore Tours *Best Family-Friendly Activities For Nature Lovers In Singapore

    Guided Birdwatching Experience

    If you and the family are interested in birdwatching, this is an excellent opportunity to do so in the heart of the city! The tour is held at Gardens By The Bay, a great location for birdwatching in Singapore. You’ll be led by an expert guide, and along the way will get to learn about resident birds in the area and their usual behaviours. The species you’re most likely to see during the tour include sunbirds, tailorbirds, kingfishers, and more!

    Jane's Singapore Tours,

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