Discover Top Student Care Centers In Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

Nurturing Kids, Enriching Afternoons

After School Student Centres In Singapore

Are you on the lookout for a friendly and nurturing student care center in Singapore that ensures your kids are in good hands after school? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide, offering details on subsidies, locations, and student care fees.

While little ones attending preschools and kindergartens have childcare centers, older kids in primary and lower secondary schools find their place in student care centers. These centers create secure and supportive environments for children who need care after school or during holidays. At student care, kids spend their afternoons engaged in various activities and programs, while also getting their homework done, saving them the hassle of tackling it in the evenings at home! Plus, student care centers provide meals, ensuring a well-rounded experience.

Beyond homework help and meals, different student care options offer exciting after-school programs like music, sports, outdoor activities, and field trips!

Type of Student Care Centre Description Starting Fees Subsidies Available
School-based Found within MOE primary schools, these centers offer a seamless transition for primary school children from classrooms to care without leaving the premises. Enrollment is exclusive to primary school students. Inquire about application processes during school orientations or after confirmed enrollment. Notable operators: NASCANS, Pro-Teach, Big Heart, YMCA, Morning Star, Commit Learning. SG$200/month Yes
Community-based Ideal for cases where school-based care is fully subscribed, community-based centers near your home or child’s school offer an alternative. Although it may require independent travel, it allows children to interact with peers from neighboring schools, widening their social connections. Varies Yes

*Subsidies are available for eligible families under the Student Care Fee Assistance (SCFA) scheme.

  • PlayFACTO After School Student Care Singapore

    PLAYFACTO: Multiple Locations *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore

    Immersive Learning Environment

    Discover the essence of PlayFACTO School's exceptional student care, an immersive learning environment meticulously crafted to feel like a second home. Boasting expansive, thoughtfully designed classrooms, inviting reading corners, and café-style dining spaces, the school aims to inspire a sense of belonging and comfort after the school day. Beyond ensuring timely completion of assignments, as Singapore's premier student care facility, they prioritize a learner-centric approach, offering in-house enrichment activities and dedicated support for e-learning needs to instill a lifelong love for learning in every child.

    PlayFACTO School goes beyond academics; its mission is to nurture happy children by imparting crucial life skills like resilience, optimism, and mindfulness, fostering holistic well-being. Moreover, they prioritize nutrition, meticulously curating well-balanced, delectable menus in collaboration with their central kitchen to provide students with wholesome meals every day. Join PlayFACTO School to witness firsthand the amalgamation of academic excellence, holistic growth, and a nurturing environment fostering happiness and well-being.

    PlayFACTO, Multiple Locations, https://playfactoschool.com.sg/

  • CUROS Student Care Singapore

    CUROS: Bukit Timah & Upper Thomson *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore

    Nurturing Well-Rounded Children

    At Curos, the focus is on nurturing well-rounded children equipped for both academic success and life's challenges. Understanding the modern parent's desire for more than just good grades, Curos aims to meet all three essential needs—academic, holistic, and quality care—for a child's development. The environment is carefully curated with uncluttered classrooms featuring soft, natural colors and appropriate sensory stimuli, fostering an atmosphere conducive to learning and well-being.

    With dedicated and extensively trained teachers, Curos maintains small class sizes, ensuring a low student-teacher ratio for personalized attention to every child's growth. Moreover, prioritizing nutrition, the school offers well-balanced, healthy meals, following nutritional guidelines to enhance concentration and learning abilities. Emphasizing transparent communication, Curos actively engages parents in their child's progress through regular updates via emails, texts, or calls, creating a robust parent-teacher partnership that empowers parents to support their child's journey effectively. Join Curos for a rewarding collaboration in your child's holistic development, where learning, care, nutrition, and parent involvement converge for a comprehensive educational experience.

    CUROS, Bukit Timah Plaza, #02-01D, Singapore 588996
    Thomson Plaza, #02-22, Singapore 574408, +65 8946 1236, enquiries@curos.com.sg, www.curos.com.sg

  • Edufirst Learning Centre Singapore

    EDUFIRST LEARNING CENTRE: Multiple Locations *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore

    Meeting Evolving Educational Needs

    Edufirst’s Integrated Student Development Program (ISDP) is tailored to meet evolving educational needs, addressing academic, social-emotional, and character development. The program blends formal (homework guidance, tuition, field trips) and informal learning (language building, socialization, play) for a balanced approach. Balancing 4 hours of informal learning with every 1 hour of formal learning, Edufirst ensures a comprehensive education.

    Their Singapore Student Care Centre offers features like school fetching, air purifiers, 24-hour CCTV, showers (select outlets), educational TV, a customized schedule, nutritious meals, and various engaging activities. The center emphasizes holistic growth through homework support, art, sports, moral education, and enriching holiday programs, fostering a safe and conducive environment for students.

    Edufirst Learning Centre, Multiple Locations,  www.edufirst.com.sg/student-care-service-singapore.html

  • Raffles Student Care Centre Singapore

    RAFFLES STUDENT CARE: Multiple Locations *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore

    Instilling Core Values And Life Skills In Children

    Raffles Student Care Centre, a sustainable Social Enterprise, emphasizes holistic development through its Integrated Student Development Program (ISDP). With a focus on instilling core values and life skills in children, they subsidize learning experiences for at-risk youngsters and support non-exclusion causes. As a Student Care Financial Assistance (SCFA) Administrator registered with the Ministry of Social and Family Development, they aid at-risk families by connecting them with various forms of support.

    Guided by the vision of Building Our Next Generation, the center aims to shape confident, well-adjusted young adults by embedding humanistic values and promoting a culture of care and excellence. Through age-appropriate experiential learning and parental engagement, they encourage mindfulness in applying these values to daily routines, reinforcing positive behaviors, and celebrating progress.

    Raffles Student Care Centre, Multiple Locations, https://rafflesstudentcare.com/

  • Edventure Learning Academy Singapore

    EDVENTURE LEARNING ACADEMY: Chai Chee *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore

    Enhancing Cognitive, Physical, And Emotional Development

    Edventure Learning Academy's innovative S.T.R.E.A.M inspired Student Care Programme is built on four fundamental pillars: Homework Importance, Engaging Learning Activities, Children’s Well-being, and Enrichment Lite. Through Engaging Learning Activities, the academy strives to enhance cognitive, physical, and emotional development by introducing enjoyable educational experiences such as social board games, reading materials, and STEM kits. With a focus on your child’s well-being, the program incorporates exercises designed for relaxation, stress management, and emotional regulation, acknowledging the profound impact of well-being on academic success.

    Enrichment Lite, conducted by skilled educators, provides a diverse array of weekly concise sessions spanning English, Mandarin, Arts & Crafts, STEM, and Virtual Learning Discoveries. These sessions are aimed at enriching academic, social-emotional, and personal growth by involving children in interactive and stimulating learning experiences, nurturing existing skills while fostering the development of new ones.

    Edventure Learning Centre, 750 Chai Chee Road #01-14/14A, Singapore 469000, +65 9829 5900, +65 9829 5900 (WhatsApp), enquiries@edventurelearning.sg, https://edventurelearning.sg/student-care/

  • Hokkien Huay Kuan Student Care Singapore

    SINGAPORE HOKKIEN HUAY KUAN CULTURAL ACADEMY - SCHOOL-AFTER-SCHOOL: Toa Payoh & East Coast *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore

    Comprehensive After-School Care

    The Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Cultural Academy offers comprehensive after-school care focusing on character development, bilingual education, and Chinese language proficiency for primary students. Their program aligns with UNESCO’s educational pillars, instilling ten core values while providing lessons in speech, drama, arts, and problem-solving skills.

    The academy emphasizes five key areas: Character Development, Intellectual and Physical Skills, Social Skills, and Aesthetic Cultivation. Services include nutritious meals, conducive study spaces, guidance on syllabus comprehension, habit formation, and parental engagement through daily notebooks. Additionally, they promote good learning habits, and social responsibility, as well as support community contribution through various activities.

    Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Cultural Academy, Various Locations, www.shhkca.com.sg/after-school-care

  • REDWOOD CAMPUS: Upper Thomson *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore


  • THE KIDZ CLUB: Bukit Timah, Toa Payoh & Bukit Batok *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore


  • LEARNING LEAP: Newton *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore


  • STAMFORD SCHOLARS: Multiple Locations *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore


  • YMCA STUDENT CARE: Multiple Locations *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore


  • MindSpace After School Student Centre Singapore

    MINDSPACE: Multiple Locations *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore

    Celebrating The Uniqueness In Your Child

    MindSpace, developed by MindChamps, is a revolutionary after-school program designed to foster the Champion Mindset in children. Founded on proprietary research-backed pedagogy, MindSpace nurtures your child's growth using the Champion Mindset, developed through extensive neuroscience studies by Emeritus Professor Allan Snyder. This mindset, distilled from research involving global icons like Nelson Mandela and Richard Branson, equips children with attributes common among high achievers.

    The 3-Minds Approach, consisting of Champion Mind, Learning Mind, and Creative Mind, forms the cornerstone. These qualities, celebrating uniqueness, enhancing learning strategies, and fostering creativity, empower children to unlock their full potential. At MindSpace, parents' involvement complements this approach, ensuring children thrive and develop vital skills for future challenges.

    MindSpace, Multiple Locations Islandwide,

  • Agora Student Care Centre Singapore

    AGORA STUDENT CARE: Harbourfront, Keppel *Top Student Care Centers In Singapore

    Supporting Children's Academic Journeys Through Innovative Tools

    Agora Student Care goes beyond classrooms, nurturing self-directed learning by fostering habits that encourage children to independently initiate, prepare, and conquer tasks. Collaborating with top education providers, they tailor personalized programs to match each child's needs. Emphasizing transparency, Agora adopts a straightforward fee structure—no hidden charges, only a simple monthly payment with optional add-ons for transport or tuition at no extra cost. To keep parents informed, they utilize technology for regular reports on homework progress and behavioral insights, ensuring a holistic view of each child's development. Customized homework and revision materials are crafted to match individual learning paces, helping children stay aligned with the school curriculum. Agora Student Care is dedicated to supporting children's academic journeys through innovative tools and a commitment to their growth beyond traditional educational boundaries.

    Agora Student Care, HarbourFront Centre, 1 Maritime Square, #04-01 Lobby C, Singapore 099253, +65 6252 5585, info@agora-colearning.spacewww.agora-colearning.space/student-care


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