Guide To Early Years And Kindergarten Curriculum In Singapore

Early years are a period in our preschoolers' lives when their mechanisms of existing in the world, i.e. personalities, are in rapid development as they absorb the world around them – both through their senses and our own modeling of behavior – like a sponge. Especially at this stage of development, education should follow a...



Classroom Etonhouse Singapore

Nurturing Inquisitive Minds At EtonHouse Singapore

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A few decades ago, the idea that toddlers think like scientists would have been considered...
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Global Indian International School Singapore

Kindergarten Days At The Global Indian International School In Singapore

Day-Long Program Starts October 4
Keen to find a kindergarten for your little one in Singapore? The Global Indian International...
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Eton House Bilingual Teaching Singapore

How To Nurture Bilingual Children In Singapore?

Little Steps Facebook Live With EtonHouse
We all want to provide the best bilingual start for our children, and EtonHouse has...
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