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SCHOOL NEWS – Guide To Singapore School News And Openings In 2021 And 2022

Openings + Workshops + News!

School News And Openings in Singapore

Hey little scholars! The education scene in Singapore is getting very exciting, with new school openings and existing schools expanding their campuses to cater for the growing population. It means more school places for babes, tots, and teens with more choices and diversity. Get the scoop now in this Little Steps Guide to School News And New School Openings in Singapore In 2021 And 2022!

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More handy guides to aid in your search for schools in Singapore:


    Singapore has constantly been placed in the top 5 countries for educational outcomes - allowing the educational tech industry to grow rapidly. The Ed Tech industry has evolved and grown into learner data analysis, gamification, social learning, and personalized learning solution. There are 339 EdTech startups throughout Singapore but the top 10 are; XSEED, Cialfo, Knowledge Platform, Amdon, Tigerhall, Gnowbe, Tueetor, Teamie, Geniebook, and ACKTTEC Technologies. Whether their developing thinking and problem-solving skills in students like XSEED or helping students discover tutors like Tueetor - each app is guaranteed to aid students in a specific way and enhance their academic journey!

  • XCL WORLD ACADEMY: School Rebranding (From GEMS World Academy)

    XCL World Academy (the former GEMS World Academy) is enrolling now in Singapore! With a rigorous curriculum, tight knit community and excellent IBDP results - this  institution aims to become the premier international IB school in Singapore. The rebranded school promises to highlight the multicultural constitution of the community and to embed a global perspective into every child's learning. The international school also aims to help students make early and informed decisions about their future career and education. With a university and career counselling programme offered starting from Grade 8 - XCL World Academy thoroughly prepares our future leaders. The rebranded school is also accompanied by new facilities including a running track, basketball, cricket batting nets, new tennis courts and significant upgrades to classrooms and student areas.

    XCL World Academy, 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039, +65 6808 7300,

  • INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB): Singapore Scores In 2021

    Singapore has seen fantastic results among the 22 IB schools in regards to their scores in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Despite all the upheaval of COVID 19 and local restrictions the number of students attaining the diploma is 1,679 compared to 1,663 in the previous year.  The IB score of these students has also increased from 34.52 to 37.69 what an amazing accomplishment! Singapore's pass rate is is 97.9% compared to the global pass rate or 88%. Additionally, a total of 59 students achieved the maximum IB score of 45. Congratulations to the 2020-21 academic year!


    Singapore American School has been hard at work preparing several exciting projects that are currently underway. The new campus aims to bring students, faculty, and community members a variety of benefits across divisions. In the elementary school, SAS will create a more flexible and responsive space to student needs and ensure that it is adaptable to innovations in education for decades to come. New renovations include the learning community in elementary school, the bus bay, early learning center hub, and a variety of play spaces. The middle school aims to create more learning space and create stronger links to nature - presenting students with more opportunities to create, connect and explore. The high school's renovations have a forward-looking vision in mind with renovated spaces enhancing the student experience in several ways. These revamped facilities include the building of a 50-meter pool, expansion of the health and fitness facilities and so much more!

    Singapore American School, 40 Woodlands Street 41, Singapore 738547, +65 6360 6360,

  • ONE WORLD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (SUNTEC): A New International School Campus in the Heart of Singapore

    One World International School (OWIS) is renowned in Singapore for its strong value system that is underpinned by kindness, the multicultural student community, and an engaging learning approach. OWIS is now launching a new campus at Suntec, which is right in the heart of Singapore. This new campus will initially welcome Kindergarten to Grade 5 students from August 2021, and will later grow to Grade 8. At this new campus, students will enjoy discovering new ideas and concepts through an inquiry-led and play-based learning approach. The balanced curriculum includes art, music, and physical education for well-rounded development. The premium facilities at the Suntec campus will include discovery zones where children can explore their creative sides and enjoy social and collaborative interactions with their class friends. The prime location of the new campus in the Central Business District of Singapore will be leveraged with a robust CCA program in partnership with specialist schools nearby. The team at OWIS Suntec comprises passionate and experienced educators, and the team is led by Mark Renie, Head of School, OWIS Suntec, who brings 18 years of international school experience to the new campus.

    For more information on this conveniently located new international school campus in the central part of Singapore, please join the upcoming virtual open house. (Campus opening subject to CPE approval.)

    OWIS Suntec Campus Contact Information, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Level 3, Singapore 038983, +65 6914 6700,,


    Melbourne Specialist International School is delighted to announce their new subsidiary - The GUILD International College. This financially inclusive and empowering learning environment is an art and trade-based college for differently-abled students that are 16 and above.  The college offers a safe space for curious learners and trains students to have "an infinite mindset". Further education is offered in the areas of carpentry, music, art, retail, fitness, media, care-taking, and more! Each experience is designed to unlock every leaners potential and offer a wholesome learning experience that suits their needs. Additionally, real-life work experiences are offered - allowing every student to utilize the amazing opportunities as stepping stones towards their dreams!


    GUILD International College, 318 Tanglin Road Phoenix Park, Singapore 247979 +65 6235 8240,,


    Grange International Preschool was specifically designed for students to enhance their play, imagination, and creativity as well as build connections through interactive experiences. The school is divided into 6 purposeful learning zones - each providing opportunities for different types of learning to occur. The curriculum aims to create a holistic experience that equips students with lessons that can be applied in the real world. This brand new preschool also has an ideal location with a lush 3-acre compound, the lower Seletar reservoir to its north, and Thompson nature park to its west. These natural surroundings allow The Grange to place a large emphasis on the students connecting to nature. Whether this includes spending time in the eco-garden or farm or learning about the life cycle of plants - The Grange educates its students about responsibility and environmental awareness.

    Grange International Preschool, 1 Grange Garden, Singapore 249631, +65 6884 8490,

  • MOE KINDERGARTENS: Opening in 2024 and 2025

    Hot off the press!  There are 7 new Ministry of Education (MOE) that will open across Singapore in 2024 and 2025. Each of these will be located across primary schools - offering about 100 to 120 kindergarten places each. This is a list of the upcoming opening kindergartens and their location.

    Opening in 2024
    1. MOE Kindergarten @ Casuarina - Casuarina Primary School, 30 Pasir Ris Street 41, Singapore 518935

    2. MOE Kindergarten @ Tanjong Katong - Tanjong Katong Primary School, 10 Seraya Road, Singapore 437259

    3. MOE Kindergarten @ Yangzheng - Yangzheng Primary School, 15 Serangoon Avenue 3, Singapore 556108

    4. MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol - Punggol Primary School, 61 Hougang Avenue 8, Singapore 538787

    5. MOE Kindergarten @ South View - South View Primary School, 6 Choa Chu Kang Central, Singapore 689762

    Opening in 2025
    1. MOE Kindergarten @ Elias Park - Elias Park Primary School, 11 Pasir Ris Street 52, Singapore 518866

    2. MOE Kindergarten @ Hougang - Hougang Primary School, 1 Hougang St 93, Singapore 534238

    Registration for admission will start February the year before the opening dates.

  • PLANO: New Parental Control App!

    Plano App is the world's first science-based parental control app with the aim to keep your children safe online and maintain their eye health. Easily track and manage your child in this unpredictable digitalized world all from your own device. The parental control app features include a remote device lock, scheduling device-free timings, app, and browser blocking, and safe zone creation. Not only does the app protect your child in terms of safety but also in terms of eye damage. This is made possible by features such as safe face to screen distance detection, eye break reminder, poor posture detection, low light detection, and more. Check out their website here for their education and science-driven technological solution!


  • MULBERRY LEARNING: New Bilingual Preschools At Braddell, Bukit Batok, Changi Business Park, Namly, and Punggol

    Mulberry Learning’s curriculum has been voted as “Singapore’s Best Holistic Learning Programme” for 4 years running by leading parenting publications. Last December, Mulberry Learning opened its Braddell center, featuring a large central indoor playground for children to learn and play. 2021 is an exciting year for Mulberry Learning as they opened 4 new centers! You are warmly invited to learn more about Mulberry Learning’s newest bilingual preschools at Bukit Batok, Changi Business Park, Namly, and Punggol and schedule a visit when they open for virtual school tours. Register your interest in meeting their passionate, dedicated, and well-qualified educators, learning more about their unique curriculum, and exploring their beautiful learning facilities.

    Mulberry Learning, 11 locations across Singapore, with 4 new centers (Bukit Batok, Changi Business Park, Namly, and Punggol) opening in 2021,+65 6653 8082,

  • GESS: Scoring Above The World Average In The International Schools' Assessment (ISA)

    GESS is recognized for its languages and offers a choice between two main curricula: the German Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in English. GESS Primary School is excited to announce that its students have consistently scored above the world average in the International Schools' Assessment (ISA). In the most recent ISA, the Primary School students scored 10% above the world average in tests related to Reading, Writing and Mathematics, they scored 17% higher than the ISA Reading Test. Grade 5 students scored 13% higher than the world average for Math Literacy. For those who are interested in finding out more about GESS, applications are open for the Primary School. Find out more at the Online Primary School Open House on April 27, 2020, at 3.30pm.


    GESS, 2 Dairy Farm Lane, Singapore 677621, +65 6469 1131,

  • LITTLE FOOTPRINTS PRESCHOOL: Expanded Centers At Sengkang And Punggol Area

    Little Footprints Preschool has 24 centers situated around multiple heartland areas in Singapore, and they're excited to announce that their centers at Sengkang and Punggol area have expanded in 2021! With the 5 new centers around Sengkang and Punggol, they provide infant care and child care services. Being a community-based preschool, children are often introduced to community collaborations which helps the children understand more about the world around them and inculcate good values from positive role models. Enquire with their friendly brand representative to find out more!

    Little Footprints Preschool, 24 Centers in located all over Singapore, +65 6463 3465,

  • SINGAPORE AMERICAN SCHOOL: Chinese Immersion Program

    Bilingual learning is one very hot topic in Singapore and globally! Parents are looking for an immersive experience that will go beyond their learning? This is what Singapore American School aims to achieve with its Chinese Immersion Program. The first such program was launched for their kindergarten community in 2017-2018 and is made to roll forward each academic year through fifth grade by 2022-23. As a part of this program, the students work toward fluency while excelling academically.

    Singapore American School, +65 6363 3403,

  • WHITE LODGE: Preschool Expansion In Singapore

    White Lodge Preschool has a thrilling announcement - the opening of two new childcare centres in Toa Payoh and Grandeur Park Residences! These new centres opened in March 2021 and ensure that students receive the most up to date teaching practices. The new facilities enhance the learning experience of the community and maintain the same level of recognised commitment and excellence. The centres consist of state of the art facilities like an extensive library, spacious classrooms and specially designed indoor/outdoor play areas. The openings were also accompanied by the introducing of enrichment activities like coding, robotics, drama, music and more.

    White Lodge International Preschool & Childcare, +65 6255 4230, ,

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