Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses 2024 In Singapore

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Top PSLE Revision Crash Courses Singapore

Gear up for success with the Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses in 2024 in Singapore. These carefully curated courses are designed to provide primary school students with a thorough and effective review of key subjects, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Led by experienced educators and specialists, these revision courses aim to enhance students’ understanding of core concepts, tackle challenging topics, and refine their examination strategies.

Whether it’s mastering crucial exam techniques or gaining insights into subject-specific nuances, these courses offer a complete and targeted approach to ensure students are well-prepared and confident as they approach the PSLE. Prepare for success with the best-in-class revision courses tailored to meet the unique needs of students on their journey to PSLE excellence.

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Best Tuition Centers & Tutors In Singapore

Helping Your Child To Prepare For PSLE

  • The Pique Lab PSLE Science Singapore

    THE PIQUE LAB: Bukit Timah *Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses In Singapore

    Complete Concept Integration Science Course

    Pique Lab offers the P6 CCI™ Science Course, a 15-hour program designed to equip primary school students with effective strategies for tackling open-ended PSLE Science questions. The course focuses on integrating, linking, and applying scientific concepts across various topics, crucial for the application-type questions emphasized in examination papers.

    Participants in the workshop receive step-by-step guidance on handling open-ended questions, along with beautifully illustrated notes, fill-in-the-blank handouts, and worksheets that facilitate easier learning.  The P6 CCI™ Science Course emphasizes understanding question trends and types, applying tested and proven answering techniques to navigate open-ended questions—an area where many students face challenges. Recognizing and addressing common conceptual pitfalls is emphasized, enhancing the likelihood of scoring A or A* in the PSLE Science examination.

    The Pique Lab

    Serene Centre Campus, 10 Jalan Serene, #02-05A/17A/18/20*, Serene Centre, Singapore 258748

    *Reception is located at #02-05A, Serene Centre.

    Crown Centre Campus, 557 Bukit Timah Road, #01-06/07 & #02-02/15/20/21, Crown Centre, Singapore 269694

    [email protected], https://thepiquelab.com/p6-science/cci/

  • The Writing Samurai PSLE Course Singapore

    WRITING SAMURAI: Online *Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses In Singapore

    Pre-Recorded Videos For E-Learning & Revision

    Go on a journey towards significant improvement in your child's English proficiency with Writing Samurai's Grammar Intensive course. This comprehensive PSLE Grammar Crash Course is designed to build a strong foundation, starting from the basics and gradually enhancing your child's understanding of English fundamentals. The primary objective is to equip your child with the knowledge needed to ace the PSLE Grammar section and boost overall English grades efficiently. Emphasizing effective studying, the program aims for full marks in the grammar section while offering practical insights to perfect grammar, from word formation and tenses to subject-verb agreement and modals.

    Structured based on the latest MOE syllabus, essential topics such as dialogue, punctuation, and more are covered in 12 quizzes and 20 mixed grammar practices. Each session focuses on questions frequently encountered in school exams. By enrolling your child in this course, you gain access to a wealth of resources, including video lessons, assignments, and quizzes, with lifetime access for a one-time payment. Encouraging continuous learning, students can revisit lessons and assignments whenever needed, making it an invaluable tool for revision before exams. Enroll now at a special price of SG$49, discounted from the usual SG$200!

    Want more? Also check out their PSLE Oral Exam and Situational Writing Crash Courses!

    Writing Samurai, https://writingsamurai.com/all-courses/

  • Terry Chew Academy Singapore Math Intensive Course PSLE

    TERRY CHEW ACADEMY: Thomson *Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses In Singapore

    Strong And Proven Critical Thinking Training Process

    TCA, founded by Mr. Terry Chew, stands out as an ideal choice for comprehensive Mathematics PSLE preparation. With a strong emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills, the program connects diverse topics to enhance problem-solving abilities. Tutors, specializing in Math Olympiad, equip students with practical Olympiad skills directly applicable to the PSLE Math Curriculum. The center excels in building foundational concepts and employs 28 essential tools for effective problem-solving, ensuring both accuracy and speed in responses. TCA's commitment extends to personalized attention in small groups, ongoing progress tracking, and targeted callback sessions to reinforce weak topics.

    For those seeking exceptional PSLE Mathematics coaching, TCA offers programs such as the PSLE A* Mathematics Course and Intensive Revision Course.

    Terry Chew Academy, 167A Thomson Road, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307619, +65 8809 5884, [email protected], https://terrychew.com.sg/

  • Oodles Learning Centre PSLE Revision Singapore

    OODLES LEARNING: Multiple Locations *Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses In Singapore

    P6 SPRINT2PSLE: ‘Get Set’ Module Workshop

    Gear up for PSLE success with the P6 SPRINT2PSLE Workshop, meticulously crafted for optimal preparation. Tailored for focused revision, this workshop provides students with a competitive edge by delving into core mathematical concepts, honing crucial problem-solving techniques, and ensuring a deep understanding for sustained comprehension. The comprehensive approach aims to empower students with confidence and skills crucial for excelling in the PSLE.

    The Get Set Module in March covers fundamental topics such as Fraction, Ratio, Percentage, and introduces new concepts like Speed, Geometry, and Circles. Moving on to the Go Module in June, the workshop dives into advanced model drawing techniques, the +hinkingMath strategy for higher-order-thinking questions, and tackles various topics including Circles, Speed, Rate, Ratio, Branching, Composite Figures, among others. The workshop fee is $400, and sessions are scheduled at Tiong Bahru on March 14 & 15 (Thursday & Friday, 9 am to 1 pm) and Woodleigh on March 11 & 13 (Monday & Wednesday, 9 am to 1 pm).

    Oodles Learning, Multiple Locations, www.oodleslearning.com/sprint2psle-get-set

  • The Learning Lab PSLE Intensive Revision Singapore

    THE LEARNING LAB: Multiple Locations *Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses In Singapore

    Intensive Revision During The Holidays

    P6 Intensive Revision at The Learning Lab offers a tailored and impactful approach to preparing your child for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). With a limited timeframe leading up to the PSLE, their specialized programs are carefully designed to enhance your child's grasp of essential content and refine subject-specific exam techniques.

    The program highlights include the flexibility to choose specific subjects for targeted support or opt for the Intensive Revision bundle covering all three subjects, providing comprehensive guidance. Each session, spanning 2 x 3 hours, is designed to maximize learning efficiency. The Learning Lab's commitment to academic excellence is reflected in the fully physical class format, providing an immersive and engaging environment for students to thrive.

    The fees for the program are transparent, with options for single-subject support or a bundled package for holistic exam preparation. Enroll your child in P6 Intensive Revision 1 and empower them for success in the upcoming PSLE. The program fees are SG$427.68 (with GST) for one subject and SG$1,154.74 (with GST) for all three subjects.

    The Learning Lab, Multiple Locationswww.thelearninglab.com.sg/programme/holiday-programmes/p6-intensive-revision-holiday-programme

  • TUTOR SUZANNE: Jurong West *Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses In Singapore

    Science And Math Revision Courses

    Tutor Suzanne presents the PSLE Math Problem Sums Crash Course, comprising two intense 3-hour classes dedicated to conquering problem sums from the four major pain-topics: Whole Numbers, Fractions, Ratio, and Percentage. This masterclass focuses on targeted drilling in these highly-feared areas, teaching students how to identify question types, simplify complex problem sums, and providing exposure to critical problem-solving skills. The course ensures a deep dive into exam-favorite problem sums, offering valuable insights for immediate improvement.

    The schedule for this crash course is on June 10 and 11, 2024, with Lesson 1 covering Fractions and Ratio, and Lesson 2 focusing on Percentage and Whole Numbers. The total duration for each lesson is from 9am to 12pm. The classes are available both onsite (limited slots) and online. The comprehensive fee of S$210 includes notes and materials, providing a strategic and focused approach to mastering problem sums at Grade Solution Learning Centre. Enroll your child now for targeted and effective PSLE Math preparation.

    *Tutor Suzanne also offers PSLE Science Revision Course.

    Tutor Suzanne, Blk 503 Jurong West Avenue 1, #02-853 Singapore 640503, +65 8767 2484 (WhatsApp), [email protected]www.tutorsuzanne.com/psle-math-revision-course

  • Stalford Learning Centre PSLE Crash Course Singapore

    STALFORD LEARNING CENTRE: Multiple Locations *Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses In Singapore

    Led By Top-Notch Primary School Teachers!

    Gear up for the PSLE in just 12.5 hours by enrolling in Stalford Learning Centre's PSLE Crash Courses, led by top-notch Primary School Teachers renowned for elevating students' results from AL8 to AL1! These intensive revision classes are specifically designed to guide your child through the Primary School Leaving Examination successfully, ensuring they achieve outstanding results and secure a spot in their desired secondary school.

    Subjects covered in these crash courses include English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, and Higher Chinese. The courses implement proven methods, featuring an exam-oriented approach that exposes students to common exam questions. Experienced teachers provide focused and comprehensive notes on crucial topics, enabling students to grasp content effectively. The courses also emphasize revision and reinforcement of major concepts, equipping students to excel in the exam. Additionally, the curriculum covers essential exam skills such as time management and strategies for answering various question types, including Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Structured, and Open-Ended questions. Common errors made by students are highlighted, ensuring a thorough understanding and preparation for the PSLE.

    Click here for the March holidays 2024 schedule.

    Stalford Learning Centre, Multiple Locations, [email protected], www.stalford.edu.sg/crash-course-psle

  • Lil But Mighty PSLE Intensive Workshop Singapore

    LIL’ BUT MIGHTY: Various Locations *Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses In Singapore

    Primary 6 PSLE English Intensive Camp

    Boost your child's PSLE readiness with a specialized P6 drill-and-prac workshop offered by Lil’ but Mighty. Designed for Primary 6 students, the intensive two-day program, with each session lasting 3 hours and 15 minutes, focuses on Grammar, Synthesis, and Comprehension (Error Analysis and Comprehension Practice). With a limited class size of only 6 students, each participant benefits from personalized attention for an effective learning experience.

    This dynamic workshop provides concentrated practice and exposure to various question types, including challenging ones, across the specified components. Accompanied by annotated answer keys, the worksheets ensure comprehensive revision post-workshop. Geared towards motivated students eager to make progress, the workshop, featuring 150 Grammar Questions, at least 50 Synthesis questions, and Comprehension Error Analysis, is an ideal opportunity to master commonly tested question types and refine answering techniques. Limited seats are available!

    Lil’ but Mighty, Various Locations, +65  9646 0930, [email protected], https://lilbutmightyenglish.com/psle-intensive-camp/

  • Grade Solution Learning Centre Singapore

    GRADES SOLUTION LEARNING CENTRE: Suntec *Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses In Singapore

    Exam Smart Techniques For Fast Improvement

    Grade Solution Learning Centre offers transformative PSLE Intensive Holiday Programmes to propel students toward academic success. Tailored for children facing challenges, the top-rated 3-day courses focus on clearing misconceptions, reducing errors, and boosting confidence through exam-smart techniques. Covering key subjects like English, Chinese, Science, and Math, the courses address specific problem areas. They are conducted live and online via Zoom during the March Holidays, providing a strategic and actionable approach to immediate academic improvement. Enroll now to equip your child with the tools for success at Grade Solution Learning Centre. Sign up here!

    Click here for the full schedule.

    Grade Solution Learning Centre, 7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower One Singapore 038987, +65 8495 1120, [email protected], https://gradesolution.com.sg/psle-intensive-holiday-programmes/

  • iSun Education PSLE Power Revision Singapore

    ISUN EDUCATION: Thomson *Top PSLE Comprehensive Revision Courses In Singapore

    Reduce 6 Years Of Learning Into 6 Days Of Mastery

    Experience a transformative PSLE Power Revision Programme tailored for Primary 5 and 6 students at ISUN. This intensive six-day mastery program condenses six years of learning into targeted sessions, focusing on mastering different key question types and maximizing scoring through proven answering techniques. With a proven track record of helping over 4000 students achieve breakthroughs in results and positive attitude changes, ISUN's Power Revision is designed to significantly reduce revision time while ensuring exceptional outcomes.

    At the heart of ISUN's PSLE Power Revision is the S3 "Cheatsheets," meticulously compiled by top academic specialists. These cheatsheets distill hundreds of hours of effort into a comprehensive set, providing students with scoring techniques and answering templates essential for mastering their grades. The program offers a wealth of resources, including in-house S3 cheatsheets, exposure to key question types, and answering templates, creating an intensified, impactful, and insightful learning journey. Fully illustrated answer keys further enhance scoring performance, making ISUN's Power Revision Programme a dynamic and effective tool for PSLE preparation.

    Book your free workshop here!

    ISun Education, 1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-09, Singapore 308899, +65 8816 9595, [email protected], https://isunworld.com/psle-tuition/

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