Top 5 College Admissions Counseling Agencies And Consultants In Singapore

How To Get Into The University Of Your Dreams


Mentors are catalyzers of personal and academic development and success, and the same is true (in a meta way) for college admissions counselors. These consultancies are armed with knowledge and experience that with jump-start you on the daunting adventure called college admissions – they guide clients through the whole admissions process for highly selective universities in the UK and the US, as well as for prestigious medical universities in the UK, Asia, and the world. They will also help you if are not necessarily shooting for the stars but dream of a specific university, or if you come from a low-income family and need help with securing financial aid.

We’ve shortlisted 5 college admissions counseling agencies for Singapore so you can shortlist your top colleges and start preparing for the next chapter of your life – academically, administratively, personally, financially, and emotionally. Don’t wait – get all the info as soon as possible to have more time to prepare.

  • Quintessential-Consultancy-College-Admissions-Counseling-Singapore

    QUINTESSENTIAL CONSULTANCY: University Admissions Counseling And Mentoring Services In Singapore

    Portfolio Building, Personal Statement, Entrance Tests, And Academic Interview Mentoring

    Quintessential Consultancy (QC) is Asia’s premier university admissions and life skills mentoring specialist offering one-stop, start-to-end mentoring for college admissions and courses that prepare students for lifelong success beyond higher education. The agency and its 70 Oxbridge and Ivy League mentors have a unique, highly personalized 5:1 mentoring approach that covers various stages of the admissions process for leading US and UK schools (as well as those in Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong), namely Portfolio Building, Personal Statement, Entrance Tests, and Academic Interview Mentoring. QC guides both valedictorians and those who are less academically inclined, as well as everyone in between!

    Quintessential Consultancy (QC), 545 Orchard Road, #14-09, Singapore 238882, +65 6100 9338, enquiries@qeducation.sg, qconsultancysg.com

  • Prep-Zone-Academy-College-Admissions-Counseling-Singapore

    PREP ZONE ACADEMY: Test Prep And Admissions Consultation Centre In Singapore

    Profile Evaluation, School Shortlisting, Essay Editing, Interview Coaching, More

    Prep Zone Academy™ is Singapore’s most acclaimed Test Preparation and Admissions Consultation Centre, founded by MBA, HD and Ivy scholars from the same universities their clients now dream of getting into. The schools that Prep Zone Academy’s clients get admitted to include Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, King’s College, among others. Their services include profile evaluation & improvement, school shortlisting, essay editing, interview coaching and more. Book their free consultation as early as possible and get a sense of their expert, nuanced and empoweringly supportive approach!

    Prep Zone Academy, 15 Scotts Road, Thong Teck Building, #07-05, Singapore 228218, +65 6812 9999, college.edu.sg

  • Pathways-College-Consulting-College-Admissions-Counseling-Singapore

    PATHWAYS COLLEGE CONSULTING: Personalized Approach To College Applications

    College Applications Consulting In Singapore

    This boutique college consulting agency was founded by Mala Swaminathan, a qualified tester from the British Psychological Society certified to order, administer, score, interpret and provide feedback on a complete range of ability, aptitude and personality questionnaires. This set of expertise amounts to an exceptionally flexible and personalized approach to college applications that leads students to making informed long-term decisions and gets them into universities that are truly the right fit for who they are deep inside!

    Pathways College Consulting, +65 97825120, contact@pathwayscollegeconsulting.com, www.pathwayscollegeconsulting.com

  • Areus-Consulting-College-Admissions-Counseling-Singapore

    AUREUS CONSULTING: US And UK College And University Consultants In Singapore

    Personalized Consulting Services In Singapore For University

    Aureus has a goal of helping the most ambitious students in Singapore gain admission into top universities – colleges in the US & the UK, as well as medical schools in SG, UK and Australia. They offer personalized consulting services, refining crucial components of admissions and developing an intelligent application strategy, along with your personal brand. Admissions Guarantee speaks for the agency’s confidence in their services: clients are entitled to a refund if they are not admitted into one of the schools of their choice. If that’s not enough for you, you can book a free face-to-face or online appointment before starting!

    Aureus Consulting, 61 Stamford Road, Stamford Court, #01-01, Singapore 178892, +65 6337 8807, guidance@aureusconsulting.com, aureusconsulting.com

  • Ivy-Coach-College-Admissions-Counseling-Singapore

    IVY COACH: US-Based College Admissions Counseling Agency

    Ivy League College Consultants In Singapore

    This might be your best choice if your child is aiming for the very top of US education. Ivy Coach is a US-based college admissions counseling agency specialized in admissions to Ivy League colleges and other highly selective universities working with students from across the US and the world, in person or through Skype, FaceTime, via phone or e-mail. The process begins with a free 20-minute consultation you can apply for here! Over the last 28 years, no less than 93% of students who completed applications with Ivy Coach earned admission to their first college choice!

    Ivy Coach, +1 212 600 0312, ashley@ivycoach.com, www.ivycoach.com/college-counseling

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