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Tuition Centres and Tutors In Singapore

School curriculums are often fast paced and students who are unable to catch up, may end up falling behind. This can be discouraging and pressurizing for the child in the long-run. Parents might want to help your child in their academics, however it can be challenging as the school syllabus may have changed over the years. Guidance from experienced tutors and organized curriculums by tuition centers can help enhance your child’s learning journey.

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  • British Tutors Singapore

    PRESCHOOL, PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND JC: BRITISH TUTORS LTD. *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Highest Standard Of Tailored Home Tuition

    Established in 2008, British Tutors offers the highest standard of tailored home tuition by top tutors from the UK. They have teams in Singapore and Hong Kong teaching a wide range of subjects and courses, from English Literature and Language to Latin, History, and French. British Tutors are specialists in school entrance preparation for international schools in Singapore and top British boarding and day schools. They create educational pathway plans to guide families through all stages, from choosing the right school for their child to their first day at the school. Lessons cover the skills and practice required for tests including CAT4, ISEB, UKiset, Common Entrance, GCSE, A-Level, and IB. British Tutors adopts a personalized approach to each student’s journey and has high success rates for entrance to top schools. The company also works with families worldwide to place residential tutors with them for short periods of intensive tuition, long-term homeschooling, or academic support.

    British Tutors Ltd., Home Tutoring, +65 7071 1561, www.britishtutors.com

  • EduGrove Singapore Mandarin Enrichment

    PRESCHOOL, PRIMARY AND SECONDARY: EDUGROVE *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Renowned Tuition Center

    EduGrove has helped thousands of students of all backgrounds achieve better results with its multi-award winning fun, engaging and effective methodology.

    Through the use of debate discussions, active learning games, and role-playing drama, students at EduGrove are coaxed to vocalize the commonly tested keywords and retain them in their long-term memory. Learning through play has always been proven to be more effective, moreover, it is a ton of fun! Just ask any of their students!

    Trial fee lesson starts from SG$50

    EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre, multiple locations, +65 6909 5728, enquiries@edugrove.com.sg, www.edugrove.com.sg

  • Future Academy Tuition Centre Singapore

    PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND JC: FUTURE ACADEMY *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Small tuition group to maximize engagement

    Led by former teachers from renowned schools and with extensive teaching experience, Future Academy offers programs for various subjects including English, Math, Economics and at different levels from primary to junior college. All of their classes are deliberately capped at 6 students to maximize class engagement. Their lessons are also tailored based on students’ feedback and results, in order to provide a more personalized learning approach for their students.

    From S$500 for 4 lessons.

    Future Academy, Check website for locations, www.fa.edu.sg 

  • Simply Education Singapore

    PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND JC: SIMPLY EDUCATION *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Aims to make learning enjoyable 

    Offering classes for primary up to tertiary students, Simple Education provides tuition classes for subjects including Math, Economics, English and more. The center believes in fostering a collaborative partnership with their students, by using simple strategies to make learning enjoyable. They also ensure that the center’s syllabus is reviewed periodically to align with the school’s curriculum. Test assessments are also conducted during the lessons to ascertain their student’s progress and help them reach their learning potentials.

    Check website for fees.

    Simply Education, Tampines, Hougang and Tiong Bahru, www.simplyeducation.com.sg

  • The Math Lab In Singapore

    PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND JC: THE MATH LAB *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Specializing in Math

    Math has a notorious reputation for being one of the most dreadful subjects for students. At the Math Lab, the team of tutors are guided by a simple goal of making Math engaging and fun for students. Specializing in only Math subjects, the center offers both home tuition as well as group classes for primary to junior college levels. The curriculum is updated regularly to align with official syllabus and makes use of reference materials from top schools to better prepare their students for exams.

    From S$420 per month.

    The Math Lab, Blk 4 Queen's Road #02-121 Singapore 260004, www.themathlab.com.sg

  • AGrader Learning Centre Singapore


    Accessible learning materials

    AGrader prides itself for its comprehensive range of high quality programs, covering subjects like Math, Science, Creative Writing and more. Lessons are taught ahead of the school syllabus and students get to access exclusive materials like worksheets, concept maps and learning videos. Their proprietary Everloop Improvement System, also provides students with complimentary after-class support to help resolve gaps in their knowledge before moving to the next syllabus.

    Check website for fees.

    AGrader, Check website for locations, www.agrader.sg

  • EduFirst Learning Centre Singapore

    PRESCHOOL, PRIMARY AND SECONDARY: EDUFIRST *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Multiple outlets islandwide

    Voted as one of the top enrichment and learning schools, EduFirst has been featured on various news platforms for their classes. The center offers students in person and online lessons for a variety of subjects including humanities and principles of accounts. For busy parents, EduFirst also offers student care services. The service incorporates both formal and informal learning, as well as homework supervision by experienced tutors. With multiple outlets islandwide, it provides many options for children to select a location nearby home or school.

    From S$140 per month.

    EduFirst, Check website for locations, www.edufirst.com.sg 

  • Stag Match Tuition Centre Singapore

    PRESCHOOL, PRIMARY AND SECONDARY: STAG MATCH *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Broad range of programs 

    Stag Match offers various tuition programs focused on enhancing their students’ creative thinking and analytical skills, and designed to help them gain a competitive advantage in their learning journey. Their tuition classes cover various subjects including Math, Science, Phonics for preschool to secondary 5 level. Beside the core subjects, Stag Match also offers a variety of enrichment courses catered for the little ones, including robotics, IT programming and more.

    Check website for fees.

    Stag Match, Check website for locations, www.smet.edu.sg 

  • SECONDARY AND JC: PMC.SG EDUCATION GROUP *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Highly Rated Tuition Center

    Specializing in Physics, Math and Chemistry for IP, O-level and A-level, students can choose to attend group tuition classes, private sessions or holiday camps based on their needs. Ranked as one of the top rated tuition centers in Singapore since 2009, PMC prides themselves on the quality of their lessons and materials provided. The lessons emphasize on explaining concepts and using live demonstrations to illustrate solutions to engage students.

    From S$126 per lesson.

    PMC.SG Education Group, Check website for locations, www.pmc.sg

  • Mind Stretcher Singapore

    PRIMARY and SECONDARY: MIND STRETCHER *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Aims To Stretch Students’ Academic Abilities 

    With over multiple centers islandwide, Mind Stretch is committed to help students reach their full potential by providing guidance to enrich their learning journey. There are 3 main brands - Mind Stretcher, Xue Hui Le and Ms Junior Campus, each curated for different subjects and age groups. During the year, students are provided revision papers to keep track of their progress. Existing students also get exclusive access to webinar classes and workshops for free or at preferential rates.

    Mind Stretcher, Check website for locations, www.mindstretcher.com 

  • Berries World Singapore

    PRESCHOOL AND PRIMARY: BERRIES WORLD *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Established Chinese language school
    Focused solely on the Chinese language, Berries World offers students a committed team of MOE accredited teachers and established programs based on their 25 years of industry experience. The learning center believes in providing a fun environment and experiential learning experience for children to master the language. Their curriculum features both in-person and online learning, to engage the kids through different activities like storytelling and game sessions and audio books.
    From S$770 per term (16 lessons).
    Berries World, Check website for location, www.berriesworld.com
  • Nanyang Tuition Singapore

    PRIVATE TUTOR: NANYANG TUITION *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Comprehensive Range Of Tuition Services 

    For students who prefer 1-to-1 lessons, Nanyang Learning has a database of over 50,000 private home tutors to cater to different requirements. From local university students, full time tutors, MOE school teachers, shortlisted tutors have to undergo a stringent selection criteria before they are referred to any parent or student. There is a wide range of tuition services available including core school subjects, music, computing and trained tutors for special needs children too.

    Request for tutor and fees here.

    Nanyang Tuition, 5008 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #04-09 Techplace II Singapore 569874, www.nanyanglearning.com/nanyang-tuition 

  • The Learning Lab Singapore

    PRESCHOOL, PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND JC: THE LEARNING LAB *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Good track record of students achieving good grades 

    This popular tuition center chain is well known for offering comprehensive programs designed to help students develop their curiosity to learn and achieve good results. Besides going through the school syllabus, the lessons include additional materials ahead of the curriculum so students can get a headstart. Also, tutors from The Learning Lab are required to undergo a thorough interview process and at least 270 hours of inhouse training on teaching strategies and MOE guidelines - so you can rest assured your child is learning from highly qualified professionals.

    From S$107 per lesson.

    The Learning Lab, Check website for locations, www.thelearninglab.com.sg 

  • PRIVATE TUTOR: SMILETUTOR TUITION AGENCY *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Easy and efficient tutor-matching system

    SmileTutor is a tuition agency platform that connects you to a tutor in less than a day - eliminating the hassle of researching and getting disappointed. There is no agency fee and the platform guarantees users tuition classes at affordable prices.Their database of tutors range from part-time undergraduates to existing MOE teachers who offer tutoring services for various subjects and examinations. The platform also has a range of free test and examination papers with answer keys for students to download for revision.

    From S$20 per hour.

    SmileTutor Tuition Agency, WCEGA TOWER 21 Bukit Batok Crescent #22-76/77 Singapore 658065, www.smiletutor.sg 

  • MindFlex Home Tuition Singapore

    PRIVATE TUTOR: MINDFLEX HOME TUITION AGENCY *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Quick Turnaround Time And Selection Process 

    Access over 50,000 vetted and experienced private tutors at MindFlex with a click of a button and schedule a session as quickly as within 6 hours from your request. The agency offers tutors who teach various subjects from pre-school up till adult level courses. Students can also opt for trial lessons without any commitments - this is a great opportunity for students to check the tutors’ suitability before signing up for more sessions.

    From S$25 per hour.

    MindFlex Home Tuition Agency, 28 Sin Ming Ln Singapore 573972, www.singaporetuitionteachers.com 

  • PRIVATE TUTOR: KIDIBLISS *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Easy And Convenient Booking Process

    Kidibliss is an on-demand kids care service provider app that includes a range of nanny services including home tuition and music lessons. The platform offers an integrated service which includes child care and tuition services at an extra fee. This is helpful for working parents who may require last minute urgent support. With every successful booking and new review made, users can also accumulate credits, which can be used to offset the next booking.

    From S$80 for 4 hours.

    Kidibliss, 2 Venture Drive, Vision Exchange, #24-01 Singapore 608526, www.kidibliss.com

  • All A's Tuition Singapore

    PRIVATE TUTOR: ALL A's TUITION *Top Tutors and Tuition Centers In Singapore

    Programs specially designed to improve academic performance

    Inspired by their belief that everyone has the ability to fulfill their dreams, All A’s Academy aims to help all students achieve A grade in their academics. The tuition center offers tutoring programs for Biology, Chemistry and Math for primary till A levels. Depending on your learning style, students can choose between home or group tuition classes. The tuition center also offers additional supplementary materials featuring questions with detailed explanations, aimed to help students with their revisions and provide them an advanced standing.

    Check website for fees.

    All A's Tuition, Check website for location, www.aatuitioncentre.com

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