Where To Find The Best IB Tutors In Singapore?

Expert Tuition To Give Your Child The Best Results In The IB Exams

best IB tutoring in singapore

Will your child be following the IBDP route, and eventually need to take the six IB exams? Without an IB tutor, many IBDP candidates really struggle to meet the demands of the IBDP programme. It can be extremely daunting for your child to navigate their way through the IB learning curriculum. Thankfully, expert IB tutors will help ensure that your child excels in their IB exams.

Singapore has a wide range of IB tuition providers for you to consider so that you can find the best fit for your child. Below we’ve shortlisted some of the best IB tuition providers in Singapore, covering all types of IB tutoring needs.

  • ib tutoring in singapore

    Aegis Advisors: IB Tutors In Singapore

    Unlocking Potential And Achieving Students’ Academic Dreams

    Aegis Advisors offers private or group IB tutoring to students in Singapore by appointment only, either online or at a student’s chosen location. They provide Pre-IB and IB preparation for students across all major subjects. Aegis Advisors assist with building a solid academic foundation at an early age. Their IB online tutors work on flexible schedules, so you can book sessions at your most convenient time. Check this info out for the IB tutoring services they offer.

    Aegis Advisors, [email protected], www.aegis-advisors.com

  • singapore ib tutoring

    Quintessential Education: IB Tutors in Singapore

    Flagship IB Tuition For Achieving Top IB Exam Results

    Quintessential Education (QE) is the leading specialist in Pre-IB and IB tuition in Singapore. Their team of IB tutors include IB examiners and IB graduates. They offer a range of classes from regular IB tuition to crash courses. In 2021, all of their graduating IB students scored levels 6 and 7 in their IB exams, with an average score of 43.1 for their students. QE adopts a time-proven exam based teaching methodology. Have a look at their IB curriculum design principles here.

    Quintessential Education, 545 Orchard Road, #14-06/09, Singapore, +65 6100 9338, [email protected], www.qeducation.sg

  • great IB tutors in singapore

    Tutor City: IB Tutors In Singapore

    Best IB Home Tutors To Help You Score 7 On IB Exams

    Tutor City is the leading home tuition agency in Singapore, providing IB tuition through an efficient and effective tuition matching service. Their pool of outstanding IB tutors are specially trained to provide personalised quality IB home tuition, so your child can excel in all their IB exams. Tutor City offers affordable and flexible home online lessons, one-to-one physical tuition and small group tuition. They have an easy-to-use “request a tutor” form online. Have a look here at what their IB home tutors have to offer.

    Tutor City, 50 Gambas Crescent, #10-54, Singapore, +65 9067 2547, [email protected], www.tutorcity.sg

  • great tutor in singapore for IB

    ChampionTutor: IB Tutors In Singapore

    Unleashing Your Child’s IB Academic Potential To Its Fullest

    ChampionTutor is one of the best tuition agencies in Singapore. With numerous options of home tutors available at affordable rates, you are sure to find the right IB tutor through them. Their expert IB tutors provide one-to-one private IB tuition, and are well-versed in the various exam techniques. They also provide tuition for a wide range of the IB subjects. Get in touch with them here, where they aim to have all your specific IB tutoring requirements met efficiently.

    ChampionTutor, +65 6850 5040, [email protected], www.championtutor.com

  • tutoring service for ib in singapore

    Mindlab: IB Tutors In Singapore

    Professionalism And An Unwavering Focus On Quality

    Mindlab is a leading educational centre based in Singapore, specialising in IB tuition and other programmes leading to IBDP. Their weekly IB tuition classes are personalised and their resources are customised. They also offer IB tuition globally to students online. Mindlab has a diverse range of IBO Certified tutors from different backgrounds related to their field of expertise. They have also launched Lab Sessions for your self-revision, which offers online class notes and exam practice for students of all skill levels.

    Mindlab, 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #15-01, Singapore, +65 6341 9618, [email protected], www.mindlab-international.com

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    IB Super Education Centre: IB Tutors In Singapore

    Supercharged Learning Through An Effective Methodology

    IB Super Education Centre (IB Super) is a specialised IB tuition centre operated by expert tutors, Bel Hwang and Mr Ng. They offer small group and one-to-one personalised IB tuition to students. Their tutoring methodology follows a 4P’s Learning System. This includes the consideration of a student’s prior knowledge, the presentation of new concepts in class, the practicing of skills, and personalised learning to fill the gaps a student faces. IB Super also has an online learning portal for IB students.

    IB Super Education Centre, 190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Centre, #05-33, Singapore, +65 9819 8928, [email protected], www.ibsuper.com.sg

  • best ib tutoring singapore

    Learningsparks Education Services: IB Tutors In Singapore

    Providing The Best Supplementary Chemistry IB Tuition In Singapore

    Learningsparks Education Services (Learningsparks) is an education centre that provides Chemistry tuition for the IBDP and IGCSE. This Chemistry IB tuition is offered by the highly qualified and very experienced Mr Chiam Kok Chong. The lessons are provided online or face-to-face to students in groups. Learningsparks also offers mock IB exams, so students can get a feel for what writing the real IB exams would be like. Be sure to check out one of the online sample lessons offered at Learningsparks here.

    Learningsparks Education Services, Tanglin Shopping Centre, #05-16, 19 Tanglin Road, Singapore, +65 9336 9897, [email protected], www.learningsparks.sg

  • tutoring service for ib singapore

    Keystone Tutors: IB Tutors In Singapore

    Acting As Your Partner And Your IB Tuition Provider

    Keystone Tutors is one of the most established providers of supplementary education in the UK, now also offering IB tuition to students in person or online through their offices in Singapore. They have over 50 full-time professional tutors working exclusively for them, allowing for long-term commitment to their students. When requesting a tutor through Keystone Tutors, a significant amount of time is spent learning about your circumstances. This ensures they put forward the very best IB tutor for your requirements. Monthly reports are also provided to students and parents.

    Keystone Tutors, 1 George Street, 10-01, Singapore, +65 3157 6543, [email protected], www.keystonetutors.com

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    Ideas Ink School: IB Tutors In Singapore

    Developing Students Knowledge, Speed And Accuracy Through Motivation

    Ideas Ink School offers IB tuition to students in Singapore. At Ideas Ink School, their tutors are not just hired for their impressive qualifications, but also for their personalities. This enables them to connect with students. They follow a motivational-based approach to tutoring as opposed to a discipline-based approach. Ideas Ink School prides itself on conducting every lesson in a fun and engaging way. They create customised learning plans based on each student’s needs, after following their Student Success Blueprint approach.

    Ideas Ink School, 7 one-north Gateway, #01-13, Singapore, +65 6778 3308, [email protected], www.ideas-ink.com

  • expert education ib tutoring singapore

    Crucible: IB Tutors In Singapore

    Striving To Inspire Students To Succeed

    Crucible offers various academic tutoring to students, including IB tuition. Their students are grouped together in classes based on their competency level and the schools they attend in Singapore. They offer an enjoyable and intimate classroom environment, allowing you to clarify any questions you have on the IB curriculum immediately. Crucible also provides complimentary one-on-one consultations, quarterly reporting to students, and tailored revision worksheets to target your specific learning needs. Be sure to book a no-obligation trial lesson with them.

    Crucible, 245 Whitely Road, #01-11, Tanglin Community Club, Singapore, +65 9366 8722, [email protected], www.crucible.com.sg/jcib

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