Breakdown Of The Cost Of Singapore International Schools 2023 / 2024

What Does It Really Cost To Send Your Children To An International School In Singapore?

Cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

Are you planning to send your little one to an international school in Singapore? The mean average annual schooling costs is SG$30,900 or SG$580,000 during your child’s schooling! Providing an international education for your child is not a decision that can be taken lightly. Little Steps provides the ultimate guide on how much it will cost, from application fees, registration fees, uniforms, lunches, contributions to parent’s associations, exams, insurance, and extra-curricular activities.

Singapore has an inimitable reputation as a stable and prosperous business hub in Southeast Asia that attracts professionals worldwide. Numerous world-class international schools have been established to cater to ex-pat families’ educational needs. You’ll be spoilt for choice with over 50 schools that offer various curriculums, cultural exposure, community events, sciences, sports, and arts programs.

Before investing in long-term international education, choosing the right school for your little one is essential. The Little Steps guide will help you navigate through the myriad of information. Make sure to bookmark it for future reference!

One of the advantages of sending your child to an international school is that classes tend to be smaller and less challenging than competitive local schools. Each international school has its own admission requirements, so directly contacting your preferred educational facility is important. Some schools prioritize specific nationalities; French schools prefer French students, siblings of existing students, or children of the teachers or staff.

School Costs

Your annual investment varies widely depending on the international schools you are considering, with fees ranging from SG$15,000 to SG$60,000 for various age groups. You can see it pays to research to learn more about the potential fees and the possible savings you can make. Tuition fees are subject to 7% goods and services tax, GST.

Thought-Provoking Facts About Schools In Singapore

Applying to some schools in Singapore is free, while others have partial or non-refundable fees. It’s worth keeping abreast of any open days offering discounted or waived fees; it could save you considerable outlay. You’ll also have to keep hunger at bay; daily meals in the school canteen can set you back over SG$1,700 per year! Transportation to and from school could also make a dent in the housekeeping tin of up to SG$7,000. You’ll also have to factor in insurance, school uniforms, sportswear, extra-curricular activities, books, field trips, other resources, and exams. Some schools offer sibling discounts if older children are already at the same school. While some schools might allow you to pay in installments, others ask for full payment before the school year. Inevitably, school fees increase as your little one progresses through various age groups, so check with the school about the incremental rates if you plan to educate your child for an extended period.

Local schools are notoriously tricky for non-Singaporeans to enter, and international schooling is expensive. The good thing, a multicultural education will provide your child with a firm foundation for a lifetime love of learning and becoming a global citizen. It’s one of the most important investment decisions you’ll make for your child, so take some time to consider your options.

  • Anglo Chinese cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Anglo-Chinese School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Self-Discipline, Patience, And Empathy

    Founded in 1886, the Anglo-Chinese school is a methodist institution with a strong foundation in spiritual values, traditional excellence, and global perspective. The school's core purpose is to provide an education to broaden the mind and nourish the soul. Educators nurture students to be catalysts for change with Godly values that allow them to willingly serve their families, nation, and global communities. It is authorized as an International Baccalaureate World School offering GCE O-Level examinations and the integrated IB Diploma program. The school provides rich learning experiences outside the classroom to develop resilience and ruggedness in each student. They offer a Music Elective Program for students who demonstrate their abilities in academia and music. Holistic education provides students to develop a deep foundation for a love of lifelong learning and allows them to discover their strengths and talents.

    Anglo-Chinese School Singapore, 121 Dover Road, Singapore, +65 6773 1633, acsindep@acsindep.edu.sg, https://www.acsindep.moe.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees range from SG$2,145 for Express students to SG$2,900 for International Baccalaureate Diploma Program students. There are discounted rates for ASEAN and Singaporean students.  Click here for updated fees!
  • Astor International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Four Hour Days

    Astor International School is proud to offer the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for all students aged five to 12 years. Committed to maintaining a nurturing community, the school provides each student opportunities to belong, grow, be respected, and be celebrated. The international primary school develops hands-on, inquiry-based learning strategies where children feel safe and stimulated. The four-hour school day allows students to focus on their core maths, literacy, and English subjects. Teachers encourage a love for art, music, dance, and drama, which are instrumental in cognitive development. They identify every student as an individual and inspire them to develop into life-long learners. Astor educators want children to be internationally-minded citizens who actively participate in the ever-changing global society and be prepared for higher learning.

    Astor International School Singapore, 1 Kay Siang Rd, Singapore, +65 69745700, hello@astor.edu.sg, https://www.astor.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees vary from SG$14,900 per year for the Flexi Fees program to SG$19,700 for the Fixed Fees program, which covers the main curriculum and enrichment classes. There is a one-off administrative fee of SG$1,700 and a materials fee of SG$150. The polo shirt uniform is SG$25. Optional enrichment classes are $10 to $40 per class. Student support is available between SG$500 and SG$4,500 per month. English as a second language, ESL, is between SG$250 and SG$1,000 per month.  Click here for updated fees!


  • Australian International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    A Cosmopolitan Vision

    The Australian International School Singapore's students represent a cosmopolitan vision of opportunity, achievement, and respect with over 50 nationalities. Every day, they live by the values of respect and achievement. They strive to ensure that students realize their potential through exceptional opportunities within a nurturing community, allowing them to flourish throughout life and make a positive difference. The world-leading early years, elementary and secondary environment maintains academic well-being where each child's emotional, physical, relational, and intellectual is supported. AIS is an authorized school for the IB Primary Years and IB Diploma programs and provides education for children between two months to 18 years. Educators offer a holistic education with a strong academic focus in a multicultural environment underpinned by Australian values.

    Australian International School Singapore, 1 Lorong Chuan, Singapore, +65 6517 0247, admissions@ais.com.sg, https://www.ais.com.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees range from SG$2,832 per month for infant care to SG$58,128 for preparation for secondary years, PCS, and years 6 to 9. There is a non-refundable application fee of SG$808 and an enrolment fee of SG$3,897. English as an additional language class is $5,088 per semester. A technology fee also applies to students. The non-refundable one-time facility fee ranges from SG$2,398 for nursery and preschool children to $5,427.00 for preparatory to year 12 students. The annual course fees include all books, stationery, and Parents’ Association membership. Click here for updated fees!
  • Canadian International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Diverse Development

    From nursery to grade 12, the Canadian International School Singapore provides an International Baccalaureate program that gives students a common understanding of key terms and tenets while creatively using their resources. Educators teach IB Primary Years, IB Middle Years, and the IB Diploma programs that offer students the opportunity to develop through a diverse and challenging curriculum and a wide range of activities to prepare them for university and a lifetime love of learning. Each child is given ownership of their learning process and is actively encouraged to participate in their own education by setting personal goals and practicing ongoing self-evaluation. The inquiry-based program and activities encourage students to discover their interests and strengths in a safe, caring, and supportive school environment that fosters positive attitudes and allows students to challenge themselves and be risk-takers without fearing judgment.

    Canadian International School Singapore, Lakeside Campus, 7 Jurong West Street 41, Singapore, +65 6467 1732, Tanjong Katong Campus, 371 Tanjong Katon Road, Singapore, +65 6345 1573,  communications@cis.edu.sg, https://www.cis.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: English curriculum school fees vary from SG$26,790 for nursery full-day programs to SG$47,070 for grades 11 and 12. The French-English curriculum starts at SG$35,730 for kindergarten students, rising to SG$39,890 for grades 4 to 6. The English-Chinese curriculum varies from SG$36,730 for pre-kindergarten to SG$43,830 for grades 4 to 6. The CIS Foundation program for grades 3 to 8 is SG$43,210. Various learning support programs are available. There is also a non-refundable application fee of SG$2,500 and a confirmation fee of $4,000. Click here for updated fees!
  • Chatsworth International cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Chatsworth International School: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Inspire, Educate, And Enlighten

    Chatsworth International School is an established K-12 international school that offers holistic education for students aged three to 18. Since 1995, the Chatsworth mission to inspire, educate and enlighten has been the foundation of their philosophy. The school offers the three core programs of the International Baccalaureate curriculum. It takes pride in a personalized learning approach that celebrates each individual's unique talents. They strive to offer a community-based and internationally-minded learning experience and see it as their purposed to stir and awaken individual ambitions, empower a hope-filled future, and challenge students to become the people they envision themselves to be in an inclusive and caring environment where they feel encouraged and inspired to learn. The school's inquiry-based learning in the context of the changing world fosters the development of conscientious and caring global citizens, empowering them to become thinkers and problem solvers.

    Chatsworth International School, 72 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore, + 65 6463 3201, information.bt@chatsworth.com.sg, https://www.chatsworth.com.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees start at SG$25,298.30 for kindergarten students rising to SG$34,753 for years 12 and 13. A non-refundable application fee of SG$270 is payable at application submission. There is a non-refundable one-time confirmation fee of SG$2,700. A levy is payable for the general maintenance and improvement of the campus and facilities of SG$2,350.30 per year. There are various miscellaneous fees for exams, field and overseas trips, school apparel, and equipment. Click here for updated school fees!
  • Dover Court cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Dover Court International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    A Nord Anglia Education School

    The only fully inclusive international school in Singapore, Dover Court International School’s award-winning, personalized approach to education empowers students of all abilities and backgrounds to succeed. The teachers nurture each student’s strengths and build their confidence and resilience to help them overcome challenges and enable them to achieve world-leading academic results. The holistic education allows them to follow British and international IGCSE and IBDP curricula. Students can also study career-focused BTEC or ASDAN qualifications to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Dover Court International School is home to over 1,900 students from over 60 countries. In the last 50 years, they have established a reputation for providing comprehensive and inclusive education in a warm and supportive environment.

    Dover Court International School Singapore, 301 Dover Road, Singapore, +65 6775 7664, admissions@dovercourt.edu.sg, https://www.nordangliaeducation.com/dcis-singapore

    • School Fees: School fees start at $23,601 for nursery children rising to SG$36,891 for year 12 and 13 students. There is an application fee of SG$1,020, a one-time registration fee of SG$3,060, and a building fund fee of SG$1,515. There is an additional language fee of SG$3,666. There are various miscellaneous charges for compulsory school uniforms, examination fees, school camps, and trips. Charges are also levied for optional services such as bus transport, school lunches, individual instrument lessons, extra-curricular activities, and therapy services. Click here for updated school fees!
  • DPS International cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    DPS International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Indian Expatriate Education

    Founded in 2004, DPS International School provides the Indian expatriate community with world-class education. The school combines academic and co-curricular excellence to mold socially responsible global citizens through the international curriculum endorsed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and Cambridge Assessment International Education. Students embark on educational field trips each month to explore the world beyond the curriculum. The DPS Literary Society, Entrepreneur's Club, and Cultural and Co-Curricular Activities Club have encouraged a new era of a student-led effort to promote arts activities, charitable drives, literary campaigns, and entrepreneurial projects. DPS aspires to live by the motto "CARPE DIEM," seizing each moment to shape the learning environment of the future, applying all acquired knowledge with scientific reasoning, humanity, and wisdom for a happier society.

    DPS International School, 36 Aroozoo Avenue, Singapore, +65 6285 6300, admissions@dps.edu.sg, https://www.dps.edu.sg/

    School Fees: School fees range from SG$13,478 for grade 1 to SG$22,356 for grade 12. The registration fee is SG$2,500. The eligibility fee is applicable for students registering for ISC programs. Additional fees include books, stationery, uniforms, meals, local and international field trips, exams, and bus transportation. Click here for updated school fees!


  • Dulwich College cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Dulwich College Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Four Centuries Of Excellence

    Dulwich College Singapore is an international school with an independent British school ethos and values drawing on over four centuries of excellence and tradition forming part of their culture. Each student follows a personal, social, and health education course appropriate to their age. The college strives to educate the whole child in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment that understands the world by questioning and actively solving problems collaboratively. Dulwich College values awareness of the natural world, and its resources encourage lifelong learning and challenge each child to be their best. Dulwich College Kindergarten School (DUCKS) caters to students from ages 2 to 7 with their award-winning Early Years Programme, through the IB Middle Years program for junior school students, to the IB Diploma for senior school students.

    Dulwich College Singapore, 71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore, +65 6890 1003, admissions.singapore@dulwich.org, https://singapore.dulwich.org/

    School Fees: School fees range from SG$31,650 for nursery children to SG$49,310 for year 12 and 13 students. There is a non-refundable application fee of SG$4,500 and a one-off payment capital levy of SG$3,700. If you choose to board your child, there is a non-refundable application fee of SG$214, a refundable boarding deposit of SG$3,000, and an annual boarding fee of SG$35,300. Other costs include bus transportation, uniforms, meals, books, other study resources, technology devices, outdoor education trips, overseas sports, and other field trips. Click here for updated school fees!

  • Eaton Court cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    EtonHouse International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Shaping The Future Through Education

    EtonHouse believes that children do best when they take ownership of their learning. They understand that when children are happy and engaged, their learning happens naturally. Educators encourage open-mindedness and a life-long love for learning. For over a quarter of a century, the through-train K-12 education pathway takes children from playgroup to high school. The International Baccalaureate school runs E-Bridge in partnership with the Singapore government. They strive to nurture, embrace, honor, and respect the uniqueness of each child to bring out the best in them and develop highly engaged learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. They aim to develop confident and capable global citizens with bilingual and bicultural programs. They recognize the importance of observing each child within a socio-cultural context and using inquiry and exploration as central modes of learning.

    EtonHouse International School Singapore, 8 Stevens Road, Singapore, +65 6746 3333, enquiry@etonhouse.com.sg, https://www.etonhouse.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees are available directly from the school. Click here
  • International French School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Building Meaningful Connections

    The dynamic, multilingual International French School offers structured education, passionate teachers, and a safe environment for children shaped by French culture. Dedicated educators build meaningful connections with each student, fostering their participation, involvement, and passion for learning. The student's academic, social, and personal development is at the heart of their teaching philosophy. They understand it takes an active community to equip and prepare their students to excel in an ever-changing and uncertain world. The school strives to empower students through the multilingual French curriculum to reach their full potential, build confidence and ensure that they are driven to succeed. Their association with Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger, AEFE, affords a global network of schools providing an unmatched opportunity for globally mobile families and exchange programs. For over 50 years, they have prepared young minds for the challenges that they face.

    International French School Singapore, 3000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore, +65 6805 0000, administration@ifs.edu.sg, https://www.ifs.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: The International French School Singapore fees range from SG$10,960 for kindergarten students to SG$28,155 for grades 10 to 12. There is a first-time registration fee of SG$4,320, a school fee advance of SG$5,125, and an application fee of SG$1,080. Re-enrolment fees are up to $1,620 for returning students. Annual canteen charges are up to SG$1,435. Click here for updated school fees!


  • German European cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    German European School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Award-Winning Deutsche Schulpreis

    The not-for-profit international German European School Singapore offers personalized education for children between two and 18. Home to students from almost 70 nations, the school provides a home-away-from-home community based on mutual support and solidarity. The language program supports students allowing them to grow up speaking multiple languages and preparing them for an international environment. GESS encourages respect, openness, and diversity, leading students to nurture their life after school and have a life-long love of learning. The curriculum follows the German International Abitur or the IB Programme. In 2022, the school was awarded the Deutsche Schulpreis, the German school prize recognizing them for their extraordinary concept of 'making teaching better.' Educators ensure that learning is not limited to the classroom by encouraging local, regional, and worldwide communities and partnering with local businesses in the Beyond Classrooms Programme so that students can gain practical insights and experience.

    German European School Singapore, 2 Dairy Farm Lane, Singapore, +65 6461 0881, school@gess.edu.sg, https://www.gess.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees start from $29,280 for pre-kindergarten students with an entrance fee of SG$3,900, an annual development levy of SG$6,070, and learning materials of SG$200, rising to SG$38,600 for high school IB students. There is an entrance fee of SG$3,900, an annual development levy of SG$6,070, and tuition for one Pamoja course of SG$1,820. Miscellaneous fees include examinations, learning materials, school transportation, snacks and lunches, and excursions. Click here for updated school fees!
  • Global Indian International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Skills-Based Education

    The Global Indian International School Singapore offers students a skills-based education. Established in 2022, students at the Punggol and East Coast campuses are nurtured to become well-rounded individuals prepared to face the future confidently. The school offers international and Indian curricula, including the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, Cambridge IGCSE, IB Diploma Programme, CBSE, and the Global Montessori Programme for Kindergarten, allowing students to choose an academic path based on their interests. Students are selected to join some of the world's top universities, including the UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. The school has a range of co-curricular activities that encourage an interest in visual, fine and performing arts, science club, and sports. They follow the 9GEMS framework, further developing leadership and community development skills. The happiness index ensures the well-being of all of the students.

    Global Indian International School Singapore, SMART Campus, 27 Punggol Field Walk, Singapore, +65 6914 7000, East Coast Campus, 82 Cheviot Hill, Singapore, +65 6914 7000, admissions.sg@globalindianschool.org, https://singapore.globalindianschool.org/

    • School Fees: School fees range from SG$15,270.12 for nursery students to SG$25,897.32 for year 12. The fees include registration, tuition, activities, building development, student welfare, events, resources, and technology but exclude miscellaneous fees such as bus transportation, exams, overseas field trips, camps and workshop activities, snacks and lunches, and laptops or Ipads. Click here for updated school fees!
  • Hillside World cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Hillside World Academy Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Integrating Eastern And Western Values

    The modern international school strives to create opportunities for students to enjoy independent learning, meet challenges and have a lifelong love of learning. Hillside World Academy Singapore, HWA, blends the importance of the Chinese language and culture with the International Baccalaureate curriculum system with a multicultural attitude. There is a fusion of students from China, Europe, America, and Australia; through proficiency in Eastern and Western cultures, students gain a deep understanding of the world around them. HWA strives to create an environment where each student is empowered through the immersive bilingual Mandarin and English program. It allows them to become thoughtful, caring, and capable students and prepare them to become responsible global citizens in the 21st century.

    Hillside World Academy Singapore, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-100, Singapore, +65 6254 0200, enquiries@hwa.edu.sg, https://www.hwa.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees range from SG$20,400 for preschool children to SG$32,800 for grades 11 and 12. There is a registration test fee of SG$685, an enrolment fee of SG$2,140, a development fee of SG$1,450 for new students, or SG$950 for progressing students. There are various support program fees for students who need additional help with English, their mother tongue, Mandarin languages, or academic subjects, up to SG$6,420. School bus transportation, uniforms, insurance, and immersion or experience programs are not included. Click here for updated school fees!
  • Holland International cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Holland International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Cooperative Learning Experiences

    In 1919, Dutch companies ABN-AMRO, Heineken, Philips, and Shell joined forces to set up a Dutch primary school to provide high-quality native education to Dutch families in Singapore. They aim to provide an excellent cooperative learning experience and optimal transition to Dutch and international education in a playful, rich environment and open-minded culture to prepare students for a modern global society. Holland International School lives and breathes openness, respect, and enthusiasm and is a place where learning is fun. The school provides a safe environment where they focus on individual attention that brings out the best in each child. The International Primary, Dutch, and English curriculums are interwoven with bilingual lessons, IT skills, computers, and smart boards for inspired learning. There is an extensive program of extra-curricular activities, including art, games, sports, and cooking.

    Holland International School Singapore, 65 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore, +65 6466 0662, admin@hollandinternationalschool.sg, https://www.hollandinternationalschool.sg/

    • School Fees: The primary education fees are SG$24,611 each year. There is a non-refundable registration fee of SG$525 and an admission fee of SG$3,210.  Click here for updated school fees!
  • Hwa Chong cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Hwa Chong International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Continual Pursuit Of Excellence

    As a member of the Hwa Chong family of schools, the Hwa Chong International School, HCIS draws its century-old traditional educational excellence and philanthropy. Founded in 2005, the school endeavors to diversify the local educational landscape with a six-year integrated International Baccalaureate Diploma program. Educators nurture students with capability building and character development into global citizens who will collectively create a better world. They focus on holistic development with high-quality programs that enrich their learning experiences and prepare them for the ever-changing future. Students can board in a positive living and learning environment beyond the classroom. It's the school's mission to encourage students to explore their passions while honing their unique competencies.

    Hwa Chong International School Singapore, 663 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, +65 6464 7077, admissions@hcis.edu.sg, https://www.hcis.edu.sg/.

    • School Fees: School fees are available directly from the school. Click here!
  • Integrated International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Redefining Success In Singapore

    Founded in 2009, Integrated International School, IIS is built on the principle that every child is capable of success, that no child is the same and has a different response to learning. The school strives to change how success is defined in Singapore by offering resources and support to develop well-rounded and fulfilled individuals. Their goal is to challenge students to achieve their own level of success, whatever their learning style, and through adaptive lesson plans to encourage individual strengths or preferred intelligence to become successful human beings. They expect children to develop significantly through differentiated learning in a supportive environment and in-house support. The British curriculum allows educators to be flexible and develop customized programs to accommodate each student and establish a solid foundation of knowledge, understanding, skills, and values. Young students follow the Early Years Programme, and grades 1 to 9 enroll in the Primary and Lower Secondary Programmes, while secondary school students embrace the British curriculum and the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE programs. Together, educators and children think outside the box and enjoy a full and varied education.

    Integrated International School Singapore, 41 Sunset Way, #01-01, Singapore, +65 6466 4475, admissions@iis.edu.sg, https://iis.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees start at SG$41,202 for early primary years to International GCSE levels rising to SG$82,404 for Cambridge International A levels. The school fees include maintenance, technology, a fee protection scheme, and excursions. School uniforms, examination fees, school transportation, extra-curricular activities, and external therapy services are not included. There is a non-refundable application fee of SG$2,600. Click here for updated school fees!
  • International Community cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    International Community School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Multi-Award-Winning International Community School

    The multi-award-winning International Community School has provided quality education since 1993 and welcomed thousands of students worldwide. Their community of dedicated educators and young learners transforms the world for the glory of God. The school is committed to each child and their bright futures through a research-backed education integrating holistic learning, the American curriculum, and recommendations from the National Council of Teaching of English, the International Literacy Association, the National Council of Social Studies, and the National Standards for Art Education. The school offers AP courses that best prepare its students for university education. Students are encouraged to explore and grow their natural talents within small classes and discover extra-curricular options and art-related programs. The school expects its students to make a difference and impact at home, school, within their neighborhoods, and globally.

    International Community School Singapore, 27A Jubilee Road, Singapore, +65 6776 7435, info@ics.edu.sg, https://www.ics.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: The school fees start at SG$25,492.50 for kindergarten students rising to SG$36,890 for high school grades 9 to 12. The fees include textbooks, educational supplies, and some field trips. An application fee for each student is SG$3,000, an annual learning support fee of up to SG$3,532.70, and a re-enrolment fee of SG$1,514.02. Click here for updated school fees!
  • Insworld Institute cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Insworld Institute Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Global Academic Excellence

    Insworld Institute Singapore is a private school teaching the British curriculum to local and international students. Their primary focus is on their student's academic achievement, affording them the best possible opportunities and access to leading universities and medical schools. The small classroom sizes allow educators to select appropriate learning activities so that students can extend their learning. The school believes students should develop personally and intellectually with various programs and extra-curricular activities encouraging participation in sports, recreational pastimes, and outreach activities promoting social responsibility. The safe and supportive multi-national community encourages students to be engaged, active, and individual, show mutual respect and consideration for others, and value diverse cultural and social traditions.

    School Fees: School fees range from SG$25,500 for Pearson's Edexcel GCE A levels, IAL, GCE program, international tuition, or English for Academic Study. The course enrollment fee is SG$2,000, which includes school uniforms, mandatory sports and enrichment activities, and social events. There are additional fees for chemistry and physics laboratories, textbooks, and local and international field trips. Click here for updated school fees!

  • Invictus International cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Invictus International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Immersive Classroom Experiences

    Since 2015, Invictus International School Singapore has provided quality, affordable education for preparatory years to grade 12 by utilizing internationally renowned curricula and immersive classroom experiences to develop a spirit of lifelong learning. Invictus International School is a proprietary brand of Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse Pte Ltd. Invictus has a team of international educators holistically developing each learner within a quality educational framework. The curriculum encourages key personal traits that prepare students to succeed and achieve Cambridge International A-Levels, enabling them to apply for universities worldwide. The primary school campuses are at Dempsey Hill and Centrium, and the secondary school campus is at Centrium.

    Invictus International School Singapore, 73 Loewen Road, Singapore, +65 6259 3877, info@invictus.school, https://www.invictus.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees vary from SG$20,331.10 for grades 1 to 6 to SG$24,740.34 for years 12 and 13. There is a non-refundable application fee of SG$500, a registration fee of $2,000, course material of SG$250, and an assessment fee of SG$200. There are various miscellaneous fees, including academic field trips, competition fees, personalized learning program support, co-curricular activities, uniforms, stationery, and school transportation. Click here for updated school fees!
  • ISS International cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    ISS International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Customized Learning Programs

    The longest-established World International Baccalaureate school in Singapore, the ISS International School has refined its educational offerings for over 40 years. They welcome students from kindergarten to grade 12 and customize their individual learning programs focusing on specific needs and strengths, encouraging them accordingly across academic, artistic, sporting, and other areas of interest. ISS's student-centered approach facilitates their learning to capture their understanding and interest, allowing them to thrive, excel and prepare them to be active global citizens. The inclusive environment boasts a diverse and cosmopolitan student population of over 30 nationalities. Educators ensure that each student follows their own educational path relevant to success and interest. Realizing their potential and becoming lifelong learners is a journey, not just a destination.

    ISS International School Singapore, 21 Preston Road, Singapore, +65 6475 4188, admissions@iss.edu.sg, https://www.iss.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees range between SG$27,029 for K1 and K2 years and SG$44,488 for grade 12 students. There is a one-time placement test fee of SG$505, a student support review fee of SG$505, and an enrolment fee of SG$3,633. The English as a second language fee is between SG$3,916 and SG$5,874, and the learning support fee ranges from SG$1,080 to SG$4,320. Additional fees include examinations, excursions and field trips, bus transportation, extra-curricular activities, school events, yearbooks, and graduation gowns. Click here for the updated school fees!
  • Japanese School cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    The Japanese School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Japanese Core Curriculum

    Originally founded in 1912, The Japanese School Singapore today is one of the largest schools in South East Asia, with over 2,440 students. They maintain an exceptional reputation and strive to keep up with the ever-changing contemporary world so students can meet these new challenges. The school provides equivalent education to that found in Japan. It's the school's mission to develop Japanese students with a rich international perspective and nurture their ability to connect with people worldwide, motivate them to achieve self-fulfillment, understand the value of life and develop a healthy mind and body, have a broad perspective, and respect different cultures. Educators ensure that each student has a love of learning and can work together within the school and community. Each teacher is approved by the Ministry of Education of Japan and teaches the core curriculum.

    School Fees: School fees start from SG$6,804, rising to SG$11,340. Entrance fees are from SG$1,080, and a building surcharge fee of SG$2,700. Click here for updated school fees.

  • Knightsbridge House cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Knightsbridge House International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Global Curriculum

    Knightsbridge House International School offers a global curriculum to encourage each student’s growth in a safe learning environment. The school educates children between six and 11 years. It offers the International Primary Curriculum and KBH Mandarin Bilingual Programme, which equips children with Chinese competencies and helps them reap the benefits of being bilingual speakers. Educators strive to provide each child with stimulating and engaging opportunities that facilitate their intellectual, social, and emotional development, believing that students succeed in their own unique way. The tight-knit community allows students to flourish and have a sense of belonging. It's the school's mission to deliver high-quality, affordable international education in a nurturing and inspiring environment.

    Knightsbridge House International School Singapore, 167 Jalan Bukit Merah, Connection One, Tower 4, Singapore, +65 8399 6449, admissions@kbh.edu.sg, https://www.kbh.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees are SG$12,960. Course materials are SG$540 for preparatory to grade 6 and SG$1,080 for grades 7 and 8. There are no registration, assessment, re-enrolment, or application fees. Click here for updated school fees!



  • Nexus International cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Nexus International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Developing Empathy For Others

    Established by Taylor's Schools in 2007, Nexus International School Singapore encourages an open and creative mindset for students for better critical thinking skills to learn how to build supportive relationships, understand their impulses and develop empathy for others. Educators encourage individuals to see the world from a global perspective, to become independent through experiences within and beyond the classroom, and to use technology to enhance their creativity. Nexus has created a guiding philosophy that adopts elements of mindsets, relationships, inclusion, and innovation. The school follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme designed to support learners aged three to 11 years. The IB Middle Years Programme provides an internationally recognized curriculum for secondary school students to develop the skills and knowledge to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The inquiry-based teaching encourages students to ask questions and explore the world around them in a way that suits their unique learning style.

    Nexus International School Singapore, 1 Aljunied Walk, Singapore, +65 6536 6566, enquiry@nexus.edu.sg, https://www.nexus.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees range from SG$29,200 for nursery children rising to $42,000 for year 12 and 13 students. There is an application fee of SG$972, an enrolment fee of SG$3,456, and an annual development levy of SG$1,728. Additional miscellaneous fees include intensive English support, textbooks, examination fees, local and overseas field trips, and co-curricular activities. Click here for updated school fees!
  • North London Collegiate cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    North London Collegiate School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Rich History And Tradition

    NLCS Singapore draws on its rich history and tradition to provide students with an inspirational and life-changing educational experience to ensure they become successful, well-rounded, compassionate human beings in an ever-changing world. Over 160 years ago, the North London Collegiate School opened and has since been a pioneering educational facility synonymous with excellence, ambition, and aspiration. The school produces scholars and critical thinkers who can bring positive change to the world. The NLCS spirit is nurtured by exposing students to opportunities that challenge them emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Their outstanding pastoral care ensures that each child feels supported. The curriculum is based mainly on that of NLCS (UK).

    * North London Collegiate School Singapore, 130 Depot Road, Singapore, +65 6989 3000, admissions@nlcssingapore.sg, https://nlcssingapore.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees range from SG$33,369 for pre-kindergarten students to SG$49,510 for grade 12. The fees do not include uniforms, school lunches, transportation, examination fees, or school trips. There is a non-refundable application fee of SG$1,000, a one-time capital levy of SG$3,500, and a one-time enrolment fee of SG$3,500. Click here for updated school fees!
  • Overseas Family cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Overseas Family School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    For Overseas Families Living In Singapore

    With a worldwide family approach, the Overseas Family School Singapore values diversity. It promotes multiple perspectives with no biased attitudes to other cultures, ensuring that students of all nationalities are fully empowered. Educators focus on the individual needs of each student and provide a supportive atmosphere that inspires their potential and academic goals. Through a broad range of stimulus materials, the International Early Years, International Primary, and International Baccalaureate curriculums help students develop global attitudes at school and for their future by understanding local and international issues. The OFS Curriculum is the International Early Years Curriculum Pre-K1 and K2, two to five years old, the International Primary Curriculum for Grades 1 to 5, and International Baccalaureate Grades 6 to 12 with Model United Nations incorporated into their core curriculum.

    Overseas Family School Singapore, 81 Pasir Ris Heights, Singapore, +65 6738 0211, support@ofs.edu.sg, https://www.ofs.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees range from SG$26,000 for full-time pre-kindergarten children to SG$44,000 for grades 11 and 12. Miscellaneous fees include educational materials, examinations, excursions, field trips, co-curricular activities, school uniforms, exercise books, and files. There is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of SG$2,000. Click here for updated school fees!
  • The Perse School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    A Well-Balanced Education

    An accredited Cambridge International School, the Perse School Singapore educates primary and lower secondary students. They offer mathematics, Mandarin classes, English, science, geography, history, global perspectives, and digital literacy to ensure a well-balanced education in a nurturing small-school setting. Educators develop a rounded education by adding school trips, clubs, sports, outdoor pursuits, music, art, and drama to the curriculum. The school values its four-century heritage and celebrates diversity, a feeling of belonging, and a strong sense of identity through a nurturing approach and building positive relationships. Their aim is that students leave The Perse School as confident individuals who are excited to learn through taking risks and reflecting on their mistakes. The school believes in hands-on learning through multi-sensory and experiential learning techniques such as technology and visual aids, and games in parallel with traditional textbooks.

    The Perse School Singapore, 191 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, +65 6971 8210, admissions@perse.edu.sg, https://perse.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: The tuition fee is SG$25,000. There is an application fee of SG$500 and an enrolment fee of SG$1,000. Technology, material, and facility fees are SG$1,750 per year. Additional costs include local and international field trips, lunches, uniforms, and school transportation. Click here for updated school fees!
  • Singapore American cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Singapore American School: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    The Leading American International School

    Since opening in 1956, the Singapore American School has been on the leading edge of preparing students for their future. SAS holds a legacy as one of the world's leading American international schools with decades of strong academic results. Educators encourage students to think outside the box by personalizing learning pathways and offering challenging and exciting courses at all levels. They offer a fulfilling blend of academic and co-curricular activities that guide children to discover their true selves and develop skills and interests to pursue their dreams. Preschool children follow the Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum. Elementary school children follow the Chinese language and culture immersion program while secondary students embrace Advanced Placement courses, the AP Capstone Diploma program, and a growing number of specialized advanced topic courses.

    Singapore American School, 40 Woodlands Street, Singapore, +65 6363 3403, sasinfo@sas.edu.sg, https://www.sas.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees range from SG$24,490 for early childhood learning to $38,930 for high school grades 9 to 12. There is a one-time non-refundable application fee of SG$2,500 and a registration fee of at least SG$7,700. Other costs include local field and overseas trips, bus transportation, laptop, school lunches, and uniforms. Click here for updated school fees!
  • Singapore Korean cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Singapore Korean International: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Multilingual, Multicultural Facility

    Accredited by the governments of Korea and Singapore, Singapore Korean International has been operating a convergence curriculum in kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools since 1993. Fostering global talents with character and intelligence, the school is a multilingual, multicultural facility that encourages students to develop their thinking capabilities, realize their dreams and talents, and develop a rich sensibility and warm personality. Educators strive to encourage students to grow into global creative talents, interests, and communication skills while celebrating their traditional Korean culture through manners, games, art, and food.

    Singapore Korean International, 71 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore, +65 6741 0778, info@skis.krhttps://www.skis.kr/

  • Stamford American cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Stamford American International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Ingenuity, Compassion, Courage

    The International Baccalaureate Stamford American International School has almost 3,000 students across two campuses with multiple learning pathways, including IB, AP, and BTEC, and a school-wide commitment to student well-being. The large school has the heart of a small school where community, relationships, ingenuity, compassion, courage, and integrity matter. Educators seamlessly connect learning to make a difference in the world. The robust programs ensure that each student grows confident in a culture of care and high academic standards. The school commits to developing a deep sense of belonging and contentedness as they inspire students to think, write, design, compose, and collaborate. Their mission is to cultivate a culture of optimism, excellence, and empowerment for everyone by developing their mindset and skills to thrive in a complex world. The Accrediting Commission fully accredits Stamford American International School for Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It is an authorized school for the IB Primary Years Programme, the IB Middle Years Programme, and the IB Diploma Programme.

    Stamford American International School Singapore, Woodleigh Campus, 1 Woodleigh Lane (Off Upper Serangoon Road), Singapore and the Early Learning Village, 3 Chuan Lane, Gate 4, Singapore, +65 6653 2949, admissions@sais.edu.sg, https://www.sais.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees start at SG$26,724 for five days per week pre-nursery and nursery years and $46,545 for senior grades 9 to 12. A non-refundable application fee of $807, an enrolment fee of SG$3,493​​​ is payable upon acceptance, and a facility fee of SG$7,007 for grades 1 to 12. Miscellaneous costs include an annual technology fee, academic field studies, English as an additional language, school meals,  bus transportation, and boarding fees. Click here for updated school fees!
  • Swiss School cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Swiss School in Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Small And Intimate

    The small and intimate Swiss School in Singapore is a tropical learning oasis that prepares children with the highest academic standards for life. Highly qualified educators support and challenge students' cognitive skills, independence, self-confidence, and sense of responsibility. They value social responsibility, open communication, respect for others, honesty, and reliability in each child's daily life. The school provides education according to Swiss standards and strict criteria. It is officially recognized by Bundesamt für Kultur as a Swiss Government Approved School. Classes are conducted in German, English, and French, allowing them entry into any German or French-speaking country for further education and providing a smooth transition to the United World College of South East Asia. They strive to build toward a sustainable future informed by Swiss excellence and international openness. Swiss School in Singapore educates children from kindergarten to grade 10 at secondary school.

    Swiss School in Singapore, 38 Swiss Club Road, Singapore, +65 6468 2117, info@swiss-school.edu.sg, https://www.swiss-school.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees range from SG$8,484 for children attending two mornings of Little Tots classes to SG$25,637 for primary year 6. Costs for secondary school fees are available on the application. The registration fee is SG$2,700, a building and facility fee of $5,620, an SSiS membership of SG$108, and a fee for using Swiss Club land of SG$2,160. Additional fees include teaching materials, speech or occupational therapy, optional language preparation courses, lunches, and school transportation. Click here for the updated school fees!
  • St Joseph’s Institution International School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Rooted In The Catholic Faith

    Founded in 2007, St Joseph’s Institution International School forms part of the seven Lasallian schools in Singapore with a history that dates back to 1852 and offers education to Singaporean and ex-pat families. With children from over 40 nationalities, the community includes families from many different cultures, faiths, and traditions. The school is firmly rooted in the Catholic faith. It offers classes that prepare students for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion in the school chapel. The religious education program deepens each student's conviction of their own beliefs and an understanding of other religions and cultural differences to make the world more peaceful. SJI follows the International Primary Curriculum, IB Diploma, and IGCSE curriculums. The educators strive to instill enthusiasm and curiosity for learning, encourage the pursuit of excellence and achievement, face new challenges, be discerning and analytical, and become critical thinkers.

    St Joseph’s Institution International School Singapore, 490 Thomson Road, Singapore, +65 6871 5202 or +65 6353 9383, contact@sji.edu.sg, https://www.sji-international.com.sg/

    • School Fees: The school fees range from SG$34,952 for preparatory years 1 to 3 to SG$37,604 for grade 12 students. There is a non-refundable application fee of SG$1,620, an enrolment fee of SG$3,780, and a security deposit of SG$6,000 for high school students. Additional miscellaneous fees include day camps, field and overseas trips, canteen food, textbooks, school uniforms, and other essential school resources.  Click here for updated school fees!
  • Tanglin Trust cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Tanglin Trust School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Camaraderie And Connectedness

    Every day at Tanglin Trust School is to be looked forward to with excitement and anticipation. Educators encourage camaraderie and connectedness and aspire to be the best school in the world with dynamic learning and a community that nurtures and inspires each student to be their best. Their creative approach ensures that each child is respected for their uniqueness and as their needs change as they grow. Named International School of the Year 2023 at the global International School Awards, Tanglin Trust School safeguards and promotes the welfare of the children. The school has a long history of providing British-based learning with an international perspective by following the bespoke 3 – 14 curriculum, A Levels, or the International Baccalaureate programs. Students learn in cutting-edge facilities. The infant school has adopted the curiosity approach, which features creatively constructive classrooms inspired by nature. The Forest School provides a safe and secure environment for outdoor exploration. Senior students can enjoy the impressive design and technology suite with the latest 3D facilities, a 40-seat cinema, and photography studios.

    School Fees: School fees start from SG$30,192 for nursery years to SG$48,573 for sixth-form students. There is a non-refundable application fee of SG$575, an enrolment fee of SG$2,160, and a capital levy of SG$3,785. Other costs include examination fees, bus transportation, food services, uniforms, books and other school resources, technology, and local and overseas trips and activities.  Click here for updated school fees!

  • United World Collage cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    United World College Of South East Asia: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Shaping A Better World

    * For over 50 years, the United World College of South East Asia has welcomed students from over 100 nations. They aim to educate students and embrace challenges to shape a better world. With over 5,600 students across two campuses, the school movement stands for concern and compassion for others, the willingness to accept responsibility with tenacity, the pursuit of truth, and a diverse range of activities. Students are encouraged to investigate and value their own unique talents and those of other people and cultures. The holistic environment increases the richness of ideas creating an internationalist mindset and a deep understanding and respect for others. UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. The concept-based K-12 curriculum develops knowledge, skills, and understandings that challenge students to take responsibility for shaping a better world and embraces five elements of age-appropriate learning - academics, activities, outdoor education, personal and social education, and service.

    United World College Of South East Asia, Dover Campus, 1207 Dover Road, Singapore, +65 6775 5344, East Campus, 1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore, +65 6305 5344, admissions@uwcsea.edu.sg, https://www.uwcsea.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees range from SG$43,620 for K1 students to SG$53,346 for grades 11 and 12. There is a development levy of SG$9,051, a day student application fee of SG$621, a boarding application fee of SG$833, and a one-off enrolment fee of SG$4,946. Additional fees include Apple computers, off-site activities, various local adventures and international field trips, uniforms, textbooks and other learning materials, examination and assessment fees, meals, and school transportation. Click here for updated school fees!
  • Windstedt cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Winstedt School Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    Challenging Conventional Thinking

    The Winstedt School challenges conventional thinking by creating an inclusive, comprehensive support system to leverage each student's strengths. Individualized attention, small student-teacher ratios, and an emphasis on soft skills result in each child's success. The students develop into thoughtful, creative, and confident young adults with strong self-awareness and self-worth. The school strives to defy convention and create a movement of equity in education through intuitive, imaginative, and engaging learning with a keen sense of social responsibility within the school and the local community. They believe that no two brains are alike, that there are many paths to successful learning, and that education should be relevant to the opportunities of today and tomorrow. The Winstedt School delivers an internationally-recognized British curriculum through multi-sensory, arts-infused lessons and personalized instruction. Students access the internationally accredited curricula through the International Primary and the International Middle Years curriculum. The Senior School core subjects are all taught in the Edexcel KS3 and KS4 curricula.

    Winstedt School Singapore, 1208 Upper Boon Keng Road, Singapore, +65 6715 5373, info@winstedt.edu.sg, https://winstedt.edu.sg/

    • School Fees: School fees range from SG$34,592 for reception year children to SG$53,350 for years 10 to 13. The fees include push-in classroom and pull-out group therapy, social and emotional learning, local field trips, extra-curricular activities, yearbooks, fresh fruit throughout the day, fee protection, and student medical insurance. There is a one-time, non-refundable enrolment fee of SG$7,000 and a capital levy of SG$3,500. Click here for updated school fees!
  • XCL World Academy cost of international schools Singapore Little Steps Asia

    XCL World Academy Singapore: Cost Of Schooling In Singapore

    The School Of The Future

    Through a world-class curriculum, XCL World Academy Singapore empowers a community of happy learners who aspire to positively impact those around them and the wider world. Their mission is to encourage students to aspire, act and grow, helping them realize their full potential, flourish into well-rounded world citizens, and prepare them for an uncertain tomorrow. They mentor each student to learn, innovate, find their own voice, and lead others. The school offers a balanced education for students between ages two and 18, starting with the nursery program through the International Baccalaureate continuum of studies inside and outside the classroom. XWA IB Diploma students are comfortably above the international benchmark. For the second year running, XWA students have achieved an admirable 100% IB Diploma pass rate and a perfect score of 45.

    School Fees: School fees range from SG$22,682 for nursery students to SG$43,250 for grades 11 and 12, SG$37,626 for the Chinese-English bilingual program, and SG$41,250 for the Foundational English program. The application fee is SG$850, and the enrolment fee is $5,200. Siblings will receive concessions. Tuition fees exclude transportation, uniforms, EAL fees, optional enrichment activities, and other miscellaneous fees. Click here for updated school fees!

    XCL World Academy Singapore, 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore, +65 6230 4230, admissions@xwa.edu.sg, https://www.xwa.edu.sg/

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