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Kids parties can be a lot of fun, but sometimes choosing a theme and finding theme-appropriate supplies can be quite a task. That’s why we’ve helped compile a list of ten popular children’s party themes, all of which can easily be put together from scratch. Whether you’re keen on going all out or simply planning something more low-key, these theme suggestions are incredibly effortless to follow and come complete with links to suitable cakes, decors, party favors!

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  • SAFARI-THEMED PARTY *The Best Themed-Parties For Kids in Singapore

    For Kids Who Love Animals

    If your kid loves animals and frequently pesters you to bring them to the zoo, you might want to throw them a safari-themed party. It's relatively easy to put together, starting with this intricate 3D animal-themed cake from Edith Patisserie. To top it off, you can add a bunch of adorable animal birthday candles to the cake and also use these animal paper plates and animal print paper cups.

    Decor wise, you could place this Jumbo Standing Lion Balloon at the entrance of your party venue, and the best part is that you can even customize it by adding your kiddo's name. Inside the venue, these cute Jungle Safari Standees and Walking Animal Balloons help to liven the space even more.

  • PRINCESS-THEMED PARTY *The Best Themed-Parties For Kids in Singapore

    Let Your Kiddo Be The Princess Of The Party

    For young ones obsessed with Disney princess, they might be thrilled to have a princess-themed party for their special day. To be a princess, they'll need to put on a fairytale-inspired outfit, and there are many such dresses available at The Elly Store to choose from. The next most important thing has got to be the cake, and this extravagant Princess Cake is just what a party like that needs! If you need more sweets, these beautiful Princess Mini Cupcakes will look good at the dessert table too.

    If you're planning on going all out, you can get these princess-themed party supplies, ranging from balloons and banners to party plates, cups and napkins, all at the same store. For party favors, why not give out glittery wands to guests when they enter the venue? It'll compliment all the kids' princess outfits and add a nice touch to the princess party!

  • PAW PATROL-THEMED PARTY *The Best Themed-Parties For Kids in Singapore

    For Kids Who Simply Can't Get Enough Of Paw Patrol!

    For fans of Paw Patrol, being gifted a Paw-Patrol themed party would be a dream. This store right here carries a whole bunch of Paw Patrol party supplies, such as paper plates, party cups, utensils, banners and even Paw Patrol backdrops. If you need an adorable Paw Patrol birthday cake, this one from Afters Bakery can feed up to 15 pax. For more desserts, you can add these Paw Patrol Cupcakes to the mix.

    To make it even more like a Paw Patrol party, throw in these foil balloons and get your kiddo some Paw Patrol outfits or accessories from H&M. Before everyone leaves the party, perhaps give out these Paw Patrol treat boxes, containing either leftover cake from the party or party favors.

  • MERMAID-THEMED PARTY *The Best Themed-Parties For Kids in Singapore

    For The Kiddos Who've Always Wanted To Be Like Ariel

    A mermaid-themed party is going to look so pretty! To truly immerse themselves in the theme, your kiddo's gonna need a lovely mermaid birthday outfit, complete with a mermaid headband of their own. Party goers can also be given these sparkly mermaid party hats, as well as a box of mermaid macaron party favors.

    For an extra special party, you can even invite real-life mermaids to your venue - something the kids are going to truly fawn over! Singapore Mermaid Parties offers semi-bespoke party packages, and you can have their crew of mermaids come hang out at your child's birthday party as they chat with them and engage in a series of curated games together. There are also a wide variety of mermaid-themed birthday cakes available, including this Mermaid Dream Cake, as well as other sweet treats like this Creme Maison mermaid-themed dessert box.

  • SUPERHERO-THEMED PARTY *The Best Themed-Parties For Kids in Singapore

    Have Your Kiddo Form Their Own Avengers Team

    The Superhero-themed birthday party is pretty popular, so there are an abundance of amazing party supplies available online. You can start by taking the little one costume shopping so that they can choose which superhero they want to be for their special day. You can also purchase this superhero backdrop so that all party guests can take cool pics posing in front of it - and don't forget to use these props or superhero paper masks while you're at it!

    There are many spectacular superhero birthday cakes out there, especially ones featuring The Avengers, but just in case your little one is more into DC than Marvel, this Batman Cake looks awesome. After cake cutting, why not let the kids have some fun hitting a Superhero Piñata until all the candy falls out!

  • SPA-THEMED PARTY *The Best Themed-Parties For Kids in Singapore

    Everyone Deserves A Self-Care Day!

    Why not bring the spa to your kiddo and their friends? Aleyda Mobile Spa offers services for kids spa parties that include a kiddie nail bar (mini manicures and pedicures) and kiddie Rub-A-Dub (hand and foot massages). Your little one's gonna feel so pampered on their special day, and friends get to bring home their very own scrub jar as a party favor as well.

    Such a party is not complete without spa-appropriate outfits, so why not get your little one and her friends their very own bathrobe? It comes in an assortment of pretty patterns, and you can even throw in a fluffy headband to complete the look. In their gift bags, it might be cute to add in some Disney Princess nail polishes, mini nail files, and nails sticker sheets. This make-up themed birthday cake can also be really cute if your little one is into dressing up.

  • DINOSAUR-THEMED PARTY *The Best Themed-Parties For Kids in Singapore

    Everyone's Gonna Have A Rawr-ing Good Time

    A dinosaur-themed party is incredibly easy to pull off because of the sheer number of related party supplies available online. You can easily find dinosaur-themed birthday banners, decorative balloons, tableware, and cute piñatas online. They've even got walking pet dinosaur balloons which your kiddo can parade around as host of the party. Giving each party guest their very own pair of dino paper glasses can also be a cute touch.

    If you or your partner are up for it, you can add a little extra fun by dressing up in this inflatable dinosaur costume - the kids are sure to go wild when they see it! This chocolate dinosaur egg is also a more unique option than traditional birthday cakes since your kiddo has to crack it open! For more conventional cake options, perhaps you might like this adorable Foresty Dino cake or these Prehistoric Dinosaur Cupcakes.

  • RAINBOW-THEMED PARTY *The Best Themed-Parties For Kids in Singapore

    Go Wild With All The Colors!

    If you want a theme that's less niche and more broad, why not throw your little one a Rainbow-themed party! There are so many amazing elements you can add to such a party, including a delightful and eye-catching Balloon Rainbow Sculpture or Curtain Fringe Backdrop. You can even use a rainbow tablecloth for the food table, as well as these rainbow-themed party utensils.

    Cake wise, this Half Pastel Rainbow Cake With Clouds is super whimsical and an absolute beauty, and these Rainbow Cakesicles are a lovely choice for desserts. To make it feel even more like a Rainbow-themed party, why not request everyone dress up in colorful clothes, much like this Pleated A-Line Dress or Glittery Tulle Skirt. Give out these Rainbow Temporary Tattoos to guests so that they look even more suited for the theme!

  • MINECRAFT-THEMED PARTY *The Best Themed-Parties For Kids in Singapore

    For Kids Who Are Obsessed With The Game

    If your kid spends majority of his time playing Minecraft with friends, they might enjoy having a Minecraft-themed party! There are so many cool party supplies available online, such as Minecraft-themed cupcake stands, foil balloons, and even a Minecraft piñata. When party guests enter the venue, you can even give them one of these Minecraft character tattoos.

    Cake wise, this one from Bob The Baker Boy is pretty impressive, while these Minecraft cupcakes from Creme Maison also make an excellent choice for dessert. Deck the entire place with Minecraft-related items such as this wonderful tablecloth and these Minecraft tableware and cutlery. Before guests leave, hand out these Minecraft goodie bags containing items such as Minecraft novelty pens, stationery and keychains.

  • GALAXY-THEMED PARTY *The Best Themed-Parties For Kids in Singapore

    Have The Kids Feeling Like They're In Outer Space!

    When your little science genius wishes for a galaxy-themed party, what do you do? You throw them one, of course! There are many cool elements you can add to liven the festivities, such as these funky outer space-themed balloons, a spaceship piñata, and these glow-in-the-dark moon and star stickers. Each guest can also have one of these handheld space-themed balloons and wear a pair of space-themed paper glasses for the fun of it! Add two of these quirky alien balloon stands to the entrance of your venue and you're all set!

    Cake wise, why not order a Space Galaxy Cake like this one from Edith Patisserie, plus Space Astronaut Cakesickles that are personalized with the birthday kiddo's name and age. Themed tableware and banners are also a must, and can all be bought from the same store here.


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