Unique And Memorable Baby’s 100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

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100 Days Baby Celebration Ideas In Singapore

The 100th day celebration has historically been known as a significant milestone, to commemorate the child and mother for surviving the vulnerable period. This was practiced in the past when maternal and infant mortality rates were high due to the limited medical care. Traditions may vary among families but typical customs include conducting prayers, burning incense and gifting friends and families red eggs and pickled gingers. Fast forward to the present day, many young parents still continue the tradition of celebrating this auspicious occasion but with a modern twist. This includes substituting traditional gifts with customized pastries, organizing a themed party, setting up colorful decors and many more!

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  • Afters Bakery 100 Days Celebration Singapore

    AFTERS BAKERY: Kallang *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Exquisite Cakes For Kids' Celebrations

    Indulge in the enchanting world of Afters Bakery, where their specialty lies in crafting exquisite cakes for kids' celebrations. With their full customization process, you can infuse your cake with your child's most beloved elements, from cuddly toys to beloved cartoon characters or even a charming miniature figurine of them. Their pièce de résistance is the signature interactive pinata cake, a delightful spectacle that captivates kids as they smash open the chocolate pinata, revealing a treasure trove of candies, chocolates, and macarons. Additionally, their best-selling baby full-month boxes offer a modern twist on tradition, combining red eggs and ang ku kueh with macarons and scones, allowing you to curate your unique box from a selection of six delectable dessert items.

    Afters Bakery, 28 Cavan Road, Singapore 209855, +65 8742 3895 (WhatsApp),

  • Bob The Baker Boy Cakes Singapore

    BOB THE BAKER BOY: Clementi *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Over-The-Top Customizable Cakes

    Bob the Baker Boy is your ultimate destination for cakes that not only taste delightful but also tell a unique story. Whether you desire a simple and practical cake or an over-the-top, fully customizable masterpiece for your special event, they have you covered. These cakes are far from ordinary, boasting creativity and interactivity in every bite, from gravity-defying wonders to money-pulling marvels and intricate 3D designs. Each serving size, at just 60g, contains 12g of sugar or less, making them an ideal choice for kids and those with dietary concerns. Signature flavors like the Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake and the Kaya Butter Cake add an extra layer of indulgence. Bob the Baker Boy ensures that every cake leaves a lasting impression, making your loved ones feel truly cherished.

    Bob The Baker Boy, 218 Pandan Loop, Clementi, Singapore 128408, +65 9499 4015 / 8862 3327,,, Facebook, Instagram

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-tradition

    FOLLOW THE TRADITION *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Customs and auspicious events

    In certain cultures, your child’s 100th day marks a significant milestone and is considered an auspicious occasion. For instance, in Chinese culture, parents will snip a small lock of the baby’s hair or share red eggs and pickled gingers with family and friends as a sign of good wishes. While in Hindu culture, the celebration “Annaprashan” marks the child’s transition to solid foods. A religious ceremony is also held, where babies are presented symbolic ceremonial gifts where they believe what the baby chooses will indicate their futures.

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-family photoshoot

    FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Capture the occasion

    Mark this special day with a family photoshoot! There are various professional studios specializing in family portraits and baby milestones photography. Rebecca Berger Photography, Tomato Photo and Oh Dear Studio are some family-friendly photography studios, offering customized 100th day baby studio photoshoot packages at affordable rates! Want something closer to nature? Hit up some of the amazing FREE photo spots located island-wide. Some of the top locations highly recommended by photographers include Gardens By The Bay, Botanic Gardens, Hort Park and more!

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-themed cake

    ORDER A THEMED CAKE *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Cakes suitable even for the little ones

    Cakes are such an integral part of any celebration and what better way to celebrate this amazing milestone than with a themed cake? Olsen Bakehouse and Delcie’s offer an array of baby-friendly cakes like Olsen Bakehouse’s Baby Cake Smash which is a banana cake topped with Greek yogurt frosting and Delcie’s Red Forest Cake which features a vanilla sponge cake layered with juicy Japanese strawberries. Looking for something more personalized? Afters Bakery offers custom cake orders featuring adorable themes and characters like unicorns, Cocomelon, Kirby, and more!

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-house party

    HOST A HOUSE PARTY *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Celebrate in the comforts of your own home

    One of the easiest options is to skip the venues and host the celebration right at home! With everything like milk, diapers and sleeping cot conveniently located within reach, it also gives you the flexibility to tailor the timing and size of the group. Neo Garden, Manna Pot and Stamford Catering offers baby 100 days celebration packages that includes a buffet set menu and complimentary themed decors and baby shower favors to add on for your party!

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-rent event space

    RENT AN EVENT SPACE *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Large themed event spaces 

    There are various event spaces that offer a full suite of amenities and party packages for celebrations! Workspace cum preschool center, Trehaus, has a nature themed and playroom themed venue available for rent. Conveniently located within Funan mall, which has baby changing rooms, food and playgrounds all easily within reach. Play Space at Agora Colearning and presents a mix of indoor and outdoor activities. Also located within a mall near VivoCity, their play area has climbing blocks, mats and an outdoor playground for the little ones to explore!

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-hotel celebration

    THROW A HOTEL CELEBRATION PARTY *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Celebrate and enjoy a night’s stay

    It takes a lot of effort to plan a party and even more so for new parents. Many hotels in Singapore have function rooms and party packages for special occasions. Besides the convenience and space, celebrating at a hotel also guarantees food, drinks and access to amenities. Some hotels also have event planning services, including additional perks like Shangri-La which offers curated e-invitations and Goodwood Park which provides an extensive range of complimentary items including birthday cake, parking coupons and even a night’s stay!

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-dine with loved ones

    DINE WITH YOUR LOVED ONES *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Family-friendly restaurant and cafe 

    Celebrate with your family and friends over a hearty meal this special occasion! There are a variety of family-friendly eateries that offer a cozy space for parties. Cafe Melba has a range of delectable all-day breakfast menu and party packages. From small get togethers to large buffet parties, you can enjoy access to their onsite bouncy and games. Marche is another venue offering family-friendly party packages. Having won many awards for their child-friendly approach, their premises are equipped with functional facilities like Baby Service Station and Kids’ play corner.

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-local getaway

    ORGANIZE A LOCAL GETAWAY *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Comfort and exclusive space for celebration

    Looking for a hassle free getaway without having to travel too far out or rush with the party setup and tear down timing? Organize a staycation at a local resort! In addition to the endless selection of activities, many resorts offer handy baby services including nanny services, complimentary baby cots, baby strollers and more! D'Resort downtown has a variety of adorable themed rooms and Sofitel Sentosa has connecting rooms and offers all in-house guests with kids access to their exclusive kids club.

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-TODDLER FRIENDLY INDOOR PLAYGROUND

    EXPLORE A TODDLER FRIENDLY INDOOR PLAYGROUND *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Perfect for kids of different age groups 

    Let the little one explore new activities and spaces to commemorate their 100 day milestone! Rocking Horse Playhouse offers party planning services at their venue. Their space features a whole range of baby-friendly facilities such as a nursing room, pantry area and even designated play zones curated for little ones to crawl and explore safely during your party. Waka Waka and The Polliwogs also offer a dedicated play area for kids 4 years old and below!

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-party decor

    PARTY DECORATION *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Fun 100-day themed decors

    Backdrops and decor are a quick and easy way to set the tone for the party. Party Force and Misty Daydream carries a huge collection of 100-day-themed balloons and custom banners for you to choose from. At Kidz Party Store, you can find themed cutleries and table covers to pair with your party decor. Or you can have everything set up and managed by party planner Happier, which offers a range of awesome party deals and packages.

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-babyspa

    BABY SPA *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Relaxing spa session for babies and parents

    Schedule a pampering session at a baby spa for your little ones (and yourself) to unwind! The sessions are specially designed to promote benefits such as blood circulation and regular sleeping patterns. BabySPA offers a full suite of baby spa services that are tailored for infants as young as one month old. And at BMB, both mummies and babies can enjoy a relaxing massage session. Led by an experienced team of therapists, they also offer baby hydrotherapy sessions to let babies enjoy the therapeutic floating sensation.

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-party favours

    PARTY FAVORS *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Thank your guests

    Goodie bags are a great way to share the joy with your guests and show appreciation for their attendance! Traditionally, guests will be presented with red eggs which signifies good luck and a happy life. Celebox and Sweetest Moments has a collection of instagram worthy desserts, traditional chinese pastries and the classic red eggs. Check out their bundles which features a preselected mix from each collection - perfect take-home gifts for your guests.

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-baby gifts

    BABY GIFTS *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Child friendly gifts

    Besides party favors, a party isn’t complete without gifts for the hosts! Little Bearnie and Humming offers a whole suite of gift hampers and cakes specially curated for newborns and parents! At Hi Buy Mama, they have an adorable kids busy book collection that is designed to encourage brain development and open ended play! You can also enjoy free local delivery for purchases above a S$50!

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-virtual party

    VIRTUAL PARTY *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Remote themed parties

    Fuss-free and budget friendly, virtual parties are great for those who have friends and families out of town. You can prepare a simple digital thank you card for guests or send them a small gift. Fiazzle has various virtual party packages which also includes delivery of party packs to individual locations from as low as S$7! Rich & Good Cake shop also offers baby packages with mini pastries packed in boxes and the store also provides delivery services for multiple locations of 30 and above.

  • 100-Day-Celebration-Party-Ideas-multisensoryplay

    MULTI-SENSORY PARTY *100 Days Celebration Party Ideas In Singapore

    Play date for the kids and adults 

    Sensory play is a great way to encourage brain and language development, and this is essential during your child’s first few months. Baby-friendly spaces like Artground are equipped with facilities and exploratory play areas suitable for children from birth to 9 years old. They also offer celebration packages which include craft activities and free e-invite for guests. Little Bear House is another space that holds various themed toys for the little ones and comfy sofas for adults to rest.

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