Best Inclusive Pre-Schools For Learning Difficulties And Special Needs In Singapore

Early Intervention & Supportive Education For Your Child

Best Preschools for Early Intervention in Singapore

If your child is on the autism spectrum, has been diagnosed with a learning, developmental, language, or other disorders, disability, or difficulty, early intervention, and daily inclusive education are the best things you can give them – and yourself.

The educational scene in Singapore is exceptionally advanced when it comes to inclusivity. Schools are opening spaces or even dedicating their expertise to the inclusion of children with special needs, learning differences, and disabilities into mainstream settings – or preparing them for it. This not only sets them on a path towards personal and academic growth, but also provides them, and you, with the much-needed, life-changing support and resources.

We bring you a list of schools that offer full-day early intervention programs, go beyond labels, demystify special needs education and collaborate with you, your kiddo, and dedicated specialists to rewire your child’s brain with quality, early, targeted intervention, and supportive education!

For Primary/Secondary Schools In Singapore Catering To Special Needs And Inclusive Schools – Click here!

  • Dover Court Preparatory School Inclusive Schools In Singapore

    DOVER COURT PREPARATORY SCHOOL: Supportive Education Program for Early Years

    Dover Court Preparatory School is passionate about inclusion and offers a range of unique learning pathways, i.e. different levels of curriculum personalization, for all students, including those who require both short term intervention and structured ongoing support. Their Supportive Education Program starts in Early Years from the age of 3 and tailors lessons to different learning styles. The school offers Speech, Occupational and Physiotherapy on site, as well as Learning Support, Counseling and the support of a Learning Psychologist.

    Dover Court Preparatory School, 301 Dover Road, Singapore, 139644, +65 6775 7664, [email protected], www.nordangliaeducation.com/our-schools/singapore

  • Preschools Kidsfirst Singapore

    KIDSFIRST SCHOOL: Early Intervention Center with a School Setting

    KidsFirst is an early intervention centre and school with intensive integrated speech and occupational therapy supports provided within the program. Through their Early Years Intervention Program and School Readiness Intervention Program, they provide specialized learning environments for children with developmental needs from 2-12 years. Each child within the program has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with goals based on their unique developmental profile and the family’s priorities.

    They provide holistic behaviour support through evidence-based assessments and curriculums, with intensive integrated therapy and parent support such as caregiver training, parent coffee mornings, therapist facilitated play dates and other supplementary services. The school programs run either 3 or 5 days a week, for up to six hours each day.

    KidsFirst, 8 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059561, +65 9166 5597, [email protected], kidsfirst.co

  • Kindle Garten Inclusive Schools in Singapore

    KINDLE GARDEN: Inclusive Preschool

    This inclusive preschool implements a whole-school approach that supports diversity, evolves inclusive practices and creates inclusive cultures. As its name suggests, Kindle Garden believes that the environment is the “third teaches” and uses intentionally designed spaces to support learning and be accessible to kids of all abilities. This preschool strongly emphasizes collaboration between educators, occupational therapists, psychologists and families. It has a toddler program for kids aged 18 to 36 months and a kindergarteners program for ages 4 to 6.

    Kindle Garden, 20 Lengkok Bahru #02-05 Singapore 159053, +65 6511 7660, [email protected], www.kindlegarden.com.sg

  • Bright Path Inclusive Schools In Singapore

    BRIGHT PATH: Inclusive Preschool

    Bright Path’s educators are trained both in early childhood education and early intervention. Every child at Bright Path has an individualized curriculum tailored to their needs. The preschool uses the TEACHH teaching program and the knowledge and support of a team of specialists: an Inclusive Education Consultant, an Occupational Therapist and a Speech Therapist. Their inclusive education is carried out in a learning environment designed for children of all abilities who (above the age of 3) are placed in classes based on their current development level instead of age group.

    Bright Path, 55 Fairways Dr, Singapore 286846, +65 6501 7500, [email protected], www.brightpath.com.sg

  • ABC Center Inclusive Schools in Singapore

    ABC CENTER SINGAPORE'S EARLYPREPS: Early Intervention Special Needs Preschool

    ABC Center is a global expert is autism treatment and that, among other services, runs EarlyPreps, a private early intervention special needs preschool based in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy. ABA is the most clinically proven method for helping children with autism, which results in 100% kids making progress and successfully communicating their wants and needs within a year! EarlyPreps enables 90% of their students to successfully attend mainstream schools with peers and develop independence. Also note that kids can join daily or 3 times a week.

    ABC Center, 318 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park Office Campus, #01-59, Singapore 247979, +65 9423 6248, [email protected], abccentersingapore.com/early-preps-preschool

  • KidzRock International preschool Inclusive Schools In Singapore

    KIDZROCK: Special Education Preschool

    KidzRock International School is one of the first full-fledged special education preschools in Singapore that offers a mainstream preschool curriculum for kids with diverse developmental and learning needs. The preschool uses Applied Behavior Analysis and two curricula: the Nurturing Early Learners Curriculum by MOE as well as the Carolina Curriculum for Preschoolers with Special Needs intervention program. Speech and occupational therapists are there to support them, and therapy sessions can be integrated into the school schedule!

    KidzRock, The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, #04-11, Singapore 287994, +65 9854 5699, [email protected], www.kidzrockintl.com

  • Wee Care Inclusive Schools In Singapore

    WEE CARE: Specialized Preschool for SEN

    Along with a host of fantastic early intervention services and programs, Wee Care runs a mainstream play-based preschool to encourage kids of all abilities to learn together. First Starts, its specialized preschool program for kids with learning needs, has a modified academic curriculum that accommodates learning differences and emphasizes the development of social language, social and creative play and social interaction skills with the goal of enabling kids to transition into a mainstream setting!

    Wee Care, weecare.com.sg
    10 Winstedt Road,#01-18 (Block D), Singapore 227977, +65 6836 1450, [email protected]

    71 Oxley Rise #02-02 to #02-08, Singapore 238698, +65 6908 4626, [email protected]

  • The Growing Academy Inclusive Schools in Singapore

    THE GROWING ACADEMY: Nursery & Kindergarten

    The Growing Academy prepares kids for a smooth transition into a mainstream school. Their approach draws inspiration from the Reggio Emilia and combines Applied Behavior Analysis and TEACCH, therapy and academics. It recognizes the innate uniqueness of each child and customizes interventions to address their specific needs, helping bridge the gap between mainstream and special needs learning! It offers a number of different inclusion programs, including Nursery & Kindergarten, Buddy PLUS Program, Therapy, School Shadow, Mainstream Readiness Preparatory Services, and more!

    The Growing Academy, 206 Ponggol Seventeenth Ave, Singapore 829680, +65 9424 1961, [email protected], www.thegrowingacademy.sg

  • The Winstedt School Inclusive Schools In Singapore

    THE WINSTEDT SCHOOL: Learning Support & Integrated Therapy From Early Years on

    The Winstedt School offers the mainstream International Primary Curriculum from age 4, but tailors class structure, lesson plans, homework packets, activities to each individual child, celebrating learning differences as a core value, which makes learning support a priority. It uses a unique Integrated Therapy model and a dedicated team of educators, support specialist and Speech & Language, Occupational and Behavioral Therapist at disposal and involved in all aspects of the school day!

    The Winstedt School, 1208 Upper Boon Keng Rd, Singapore 387312, +65 6715 5373, [email protected], www.winstedt.edu.sg

  • Melbourne Specialist International Inclusive Schools In Singapore


    MSIS uses a unique, innovative model that brings together educational and therapy services, including during the Early Years. Teachers, specialists and therapists (specialized in Occupational, Speech, Art, Music Therapies and more) work together to integrate therapy into the classroom, with a 1:1 teacher to student ratio for children who require extra support. MSIS works with therapists, educational and clinical psychologist to engage students with special needs through an art-based program that uses dance, drama, music and visual arts to teach functional English, Math, Daily Living Skills and more!

    Melbourne Specialist International School, 75C Loewen Road, Dempsey Singapore 248853, +65 6634 8891, [email protected], msis.edu.sg

Additional Info:​

If you're looking for an early intervention center that your kiddo can attend alongside a preschool (with a mainstream program) for half a day, a couple of hours every couple of days or wish to find out more about the kinds of early intervention programs offered in Singapore outside of specialized and inclusive (pre)schools, check out these early intervention centers that offer integrated support to children and parents:









Note that citizens of Singapore can also check out the subsidized Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC).

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