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While investing in your children’s education is undeniably invaluable for their future, it shouldn’t impose an overwhelming financial burden on your family. Although international school fees in Singapore can reach over $50,000 or more, the city’s education landscape offers a wealth of innovative and cost-effective options. The Little Step’s guide presents budget-friendly international schools that provide high-quality education without compromising quality, all with annual fees below SG$20,000.

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The fees mentioned in the guide may not include one-time charges such as admission, registration, assessments, or optional or additional fees like lunch, transportation, classroom materials, or field trips. It’s worth noting that several of these schools do provide discounts for siblings and other arrangements. Consider this guide as an initial reference, and for the most precise and current information, visit the respective school websites and follow the links for up-to-date information.

  • GIIS-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore


    Committed To Excellence

    GIIS is deeply committed to excellence, employing ethical practices and forward-thinking methods to provide exceptional education to its global learners. Guided by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, GIIS nurtures students' growth, preparing them for higher education and beyond, with a strong focus on values and all-round development. The institution's core philosophy emphasizes teamwork, adaptability, and the importance of mentorship. GIIS ensures that the values of Mahatma Gandhi are integrated into its students' education through the Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values, present in all global campuses.

    GIIS Singapore's dynamic educational framework fosters holistic student development by merging Eastern and Western educational approaches through the innovative 9GEMS model. Beyond academics, it emphasizes sports, skills, and values, creating well-rounded individuals. This approach encompasses academic excellence, comprehensive sports opportunities, artistic exploration, personality development, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, universal values, community engagement, and skill development. GIIS instills academic excellence through collaborative, project-based learning while providing top-notch sports facilities. Educators hone creative talents are through skills-based programs and various initiatives for personality development. The focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership is evident in expert-led boot camps and interactive events. Students also learn universal values and ethics guided by Mahatma Gandhi's teachings. GIIS promotes community engagement and social responsibility through charity drives and conservation efforts. Finally, it strongly emphasizes skills development, ensuring students gain real-world and soft skills for a well-rounded education.

    Annual fees are from $18,247.68 for Nursery, KG1, and KG2 to $37,635.84 for class 12. See the fee structure here. 

    Global Indian International School, SMART Campus, 27 Punggol Field Walk, Singapore, East Coast Campus, 82 Cheviot Hill, Singapore, +65 9631 600, admissions.sg@globalindianschool.orghttps://singapore.globalindianschool.org/

  • Middleton-International-School-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore


    A Blend Of International And Local Learning

    Middleton offers a rigorous curriculum that seamlessly blends international and local learning outcomes, delivered by experienced educators using an inquiry-led approach to engage students in their learning. Beyond academics, the school prioritizes its learners' social and emotional well-being, proudly serving as The Contentment Foundation's Mothership School in Southeast Asia. Despite being an affordable international school in Singapore, Middleton maintains a commitment to the highest quality of education by optimizing operational costs and leveraging the expertise of the EtonHouse International Education Group.

    As part of the EtonHouse group, Middleton benefits from decades of experience in operating international schools worldwide. The school's programs are designed to cultivate 21st-century skills and nurture compassionate, responsible, and active global citizens. Guided by the motto "Learn, Innovate, and Serve," Middleton actively engages students in building knowledge, skills, and understanding, fostering positive dispositions to generate innovative ideas that benefit themselves, their communities, and the world. Middleton offers four distinct programs for students aged 4 to 18, ensuring educational continuity and portability for expatriate children moving between countries and progressing through different age levels. Highly qualified and experienced teachers deliver these programs. The curriculum follows the Reggio-inspired Inquire-Think-Learn program for early years, International Primary Curriculum, International Middle Years Curriculum, Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge A-Levels.

    Annual school fees are from $17,449 for primary years to $23,000 for high school. Find out more about fees here and here!

    Middleton International SchoolTampines Campus, 2 Tampines Street 92, Singapore, +65 6636 1155, tampines@middleton.edu.sg, Upper Bukit Timah Campus, 215 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, +65 6875 0089, enquiry@middleton.edu.sg, https://www.middleton.edu.sg/

  • Invictus-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore


    Holistic Development And Individualized Opportunities

    Invictus International School in Singapore is an independent co-educational institution committed to holistic development and personalized opportunities for every learner. They aim to excel in education innovation and inspiration, offering a comprehensive educational journey from Kindergarten to Cambridge A-Levels. With an emphasis on internationally recognized curricula, Invictus delivers immersive classroom experiences through its seasoned educators to instill a lifelong passion for learning and a pursuit of excellence.

    Invictus operates as an all-through international school, accommodating students from Years 1 to 6 in the primary school and Years 7 to 13 in the secondary school. Their primary school campuses are at Dempsey Hill and Centrium, while the secondary school is at Centrium. Invictus offers two primary school programs, an English language primary school at Dempsey Hill and an English-Chinese Bilingual Programme primary school at Centrium, both utilizing the International Primary Curriculum to provide a well-rounded and enjoyable learning experience while celebrating diversity and individual uniqueness. For Years 7 to 9, Invictus follows the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum, which equips students with essential understanding, skills, and knowledge for their subjects while nurturing traits essential for success in their journey to young adulthood. In Years 10 and 11, students prepare for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams, receiving internationally recognized grades. This pivotal qualification paves the way for Cambridge International A-Levels (Advanced Level) in Years 11 and 13, positioning students for global university applications.

    Annual school fees $19,845 for primary years to $24,400 for years 12 and 13. Find out everything you need to know here!

    Invictus International School, Dempsey Campus, 73 Loewen Road, #01-21, Singapore, +65 6259 3877, Centrium Campus, 320 Serangoon Road, Singapore, +65 6271 6088, info@invictus.edu.sghttps://www.invictus.edu.sg/

  • KBH-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore


    Affordability And Accessibility

    Knightsbridge House International School understands the growing financial challenges associated with international education in Singapore, where affordability and accessibility have become pressing concerns. As Singapore's leading advocate of inclusive education, Knightsbridge House is committed to providing an inclusive and affordable international schooling option. Knightsbridge House is Singapore's most affordable international school, offering bilingual Mandarin and English medium programs and personalized learning pathways for students requiring additional support. The school firmly believes that education should be a universal right, not a privilege, and aims to impact the world through accessible education.

    Knightsbridge House International School focuses on delivering high-quality, affordable international education within a nurturing and inspiring environment. They aspire to be leaders in affordable, high-quality international education, providing students with a well-rounded, inquiry-based academic curriculum. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is central to their academic program, complemented by best practices from the Cambridge Curriculum for English and Science, and Singapore Maths standards. Beyond academics, Knightsbridge House incorporates the development of essential 21st-century skills into each student's educational journey, fostering a strong sense of responsibility to the global community. The school's dedication to holistic education has already garnered recognition, with top honors in the international Cambridge MidYis examinations for 2022-2023, solidifying Knightsbridge House International School as an emerging educational institution in Singapore and beyond.

    Annual school fees from $13,759.20. Learn more about fees at Knightsbridge House here.

    Knightsbridge House International School, Sentosa Campus, 31 Ocean Way, #01 - 15, Singapore, River Valley Campus, Connection One (Tower 4) 02- 15, 167 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore, +65 8028 3177, admissions@kbh.edu.sghttps://www.kbh.edu.sg/

  • 5-Steps-Academy-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore


    Accelerated Learning Record-Breaking International School

    5 Steps Academy offers US and UK curricula administering SAT, AP, IGCSE and A-level examinations. It’s the only international school in Singapore focusing on mathematics. It provides a world-class, multilingual, well-rounded education founded on small classes, academic rigor, excellent teacher-student ratios, and rich co-curricular programs. Educators view each of their students as unique individuals with the potential to contribute to school and society; they encourage independence, responsibility, and the necessary skills for challenges in the future. The school is non-selective in its admissions policy, believing every student can succeed. The professional development center is accredited by the University of Cambridge, teaching teachers worldwide and giving access to university and college board resources. The school environment provides constant opportunities for students to build their knowledge and skills base. The 5-steps system increases students’ morale and their interest in learning.

    During elementary school, 5 Steps Academy provides a balanced education program within a safe and stimulating environment that encourages fun and laughter and captures each student’s interests through exciting activities. Throughout secondary years, children experience physical, emotional, mental, and social changes and have increasing abilities for complex thoughts. Educators stimulate each child to learn and grow to their greatest potential. High school students follow the Cambridge International and US College Board-approved K-12 curriculum to sit SAT, AP, IGCSE, and A-level examinations accepted by most global universities.

    Annual fees from $16,640 with no registration, admission, material or holiday fees, and deposits. Learn more here.

    5 Steps Academy, East Coast campus: 143 East Coast Road, Singapore, +65 8655 0005, admissions@5steps.academyhttps://5steps.academy/

  • Razum-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore


    A Community-Focused Institution

    Razum International School is a community-focused institution offering the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in conjunction with Singapore Math and English, catering to students aged 5 to 12. Razum International School adopts a 4-hour school day structure, optimizing learning and enabling students to participate in extra-curricular activities based on their preferences and schedule. Committed to delivering quality education at an affordable cost, Razum International School prioritizes the formation of a connected and nurturing community that fosters student growth and respect. Their mission is to revolutionize international education in Singapore, allowing children to experience enjoyable, creative, and affordable learning, ultimately cultivating lifelong learners, creative thinkers, and independent global citizens through intercultural understanding and respect for the world.

    Razum takes pride in its distinctive curriculum, which combines IPC, Singapore Math, and English, offering primary-age students a well-rounded educational experience. The school's hands-on, inquiry-based approach promotes skill mastery and a lifelong passion for learning, all within the confines of a 4-hour school day over ten months, from August to June. With a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 18 to 1, Razum International School is dedicated to equipping international students with IPC, Math, and English knowledge, nurturing their growth as independent, open-minded lifelong learners.

    Annual school fees from flexi fees of $14,900 to fixed fees of $18,500. See your options and the details here.

    Razum International School, 1 Kay Siang Road, Singapore, +65 6974 5700, hello@razum.edu.sghttps://www.razum.edu.sg/

  • TLS-Academy-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore


    Individualized And Comprehensive Private Education

    TLS Academy is an EduTrust-certified private secondary school in Singapore, offering individualized and comprehensive private education for local and international students from Grades 1 to 12, culminating in an American High School Diploma award. TLS Academy's diverse student body comprises over 200 international students representing over 20 nationalities. The school's distinctive approach prioritizes personalized learning to accommodate each student's unique pace and learning style, fostering a lifelong love for learning. TLS Academy's holistic methodology addresses academic, social, and psychological needs, enabling students to progress. This individualized and supportive environment proves particularly beneficial for students facing academic or social challenges in traditional educational settings.

    TLS Academy employs The Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program, emphasizing a Christian education curriculum developed by the School of Tomorrow in the USA. This curriculum encompasses core subjects such as English, science, social studies, and mathematics, all grounded in a theistic philosophical foundation. Beyond academic preparation, the ACE program aims to ignite a lifelong passion for learning and spiritual growth while instilling Christian values. It promotes critical thinking skills and independent creativity within a Biblical framework, guiding students through six phases of development - knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Through student counseling and mentoring, TLS Academy ensures that students thrive academically and emotionally, unburdened by life's challenges and stresses. 

    Annual school fees $13,000. Learn more here.

     TLS Academy, 10 Winstedt Road, Block A #02-04, Singapore, +65 6836 0061, enrol@tlsacademy.org, www.tlsacademy.org

  • Heritage-Academy-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore


    Educational And Spiritual Growth

    Heritage Academy is committed to nurturing each unique child's educational and spiritual growth to help them realize their full potential. Recognizing the challenges in training each child, the school offers a comprehensive curriculum and co-curricular activities designed to cultivate critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, leadership, communication, and social interaction skills. Heritage Academy creates a supportive learning environment where students can progress at their own pace, focusing on mastery and inspiring a pursuit of excellence. The school's vision is to see students' lives transformed, leading them to become excellence-driven individuals who achieve success to their fullest potential. Heritage Academy aims to develop confident, caring individuals who actively contribute to their communities through a mission centered on training students to become independent learners, fostering a passion for learning, and instilling a commitment to excellence.

    The school utilizes the Accelerated Christian Education® (ACE®) curriculum, also known as The School of Tomorrow®, which is Bible-based and administered following ACE® procedures. This curriculum equips students with critical thinking skills, reading proficiency, and character training while instilling knowledge of God and wisdom through studying His Word. Recognizing that students learn at different rates and styles, Heritage Academy accommodates various learning paces and levels, ensuring each student is placed at the appropriate curriculum level based on diagnostic test results. This approach allows students to progress at their own pace, with opportunities for enrichment and support as needed, regardless of the time of enrollment during the school year.

    Annual school fees $7,853.76 for elementary grades 1 to 6, $8,835.48 for high school grades 7 – 12, $7,853.76 for high school diploma. See the whole fee structure for Heritage Academy here.

    Heritage Academy, various locations, +65 9382 5753, heritageacademy.singapore@gmail.com, www.heritageacademy.com.sg

  • HFSE-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore


    Nurturing Primary-Level Students

    HFSE International School aims to provide a nurturing environment, fostering well-rounded, proactive, and successful global citizens through quality education, skills development, and a holistic approach. The school envisions itself as the primary choice for global migrating families, fostering a community of skilled educators, supportive parents, and competent students dedicated to pursuing excellence in academics and service. HFSE International School offers a primary-level program with a self-developed integrated curriculum that combines syllabi from Singapore, the Philippines, and other countries, incorporating subjects such as languages, social studies, arts, values education, and Christian living.

    Additionally, the school offers a foundation and preparatory course for students aged 12 to 16+ who seek entrance into Singapore Government Schools through various examinations. This course equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge, mainly in English and mathematics, aligned with the Singapore syllabus. HFSE International School's Primary School Pathway spans six years, incorporating elements from both the Singapore and Philippine curricula, culminating in the iPSLE (International Primary School Leaving Examination) for Primary 6 students to benchmark their achievements against Singapore's academic standards.

    Annual school fees $8,160 lower and upper primary, $10,200 secondary. For more information about fees explore here.

    HFSE International School, 231 Mountbatten Centre, Building D Level 2, Singapore, +65 6451 0080, enquiry@hfse.edu.sghttps://hfse.edu.sg/

  • The Grange affordable schools Singapore Little Steps Asia


    Nurturing Future Leaders

    The Grange, an international primary school catering to students aged 6 to 12 who are Singapore PRs or Dependant Pass holders, has a distinct approach to education. With the belief that quality education is the cornerstone of nurturing future leaders, the school strives to create a dynamic and imaginative learning environment, fostering excellence while cultivating responsible, innovative, and respectful members of society. Embracing the uniqueness of each individual, The Grange fosters a sense of belonging within its international community through teamwork, involvement, and active participation. At the heart of The Grange's educational philosophy lies the innovative Cre8tors-in-Action® approach, shaping students into "Cre8tors" equipped with eight core competencies (construction and design, respecting the environment, entrepreneurial spirit, active citizenship, teamwork and partnerships, original ideas, recognizing issues, and service leadership). This distinctive philosophy prepares students to become influential global citizens.

    The Grange is the first school in Singapore to offer both the Cambridge Primary Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for students aged five to twelve, setting it apart from other international schools. This future-focused curriculum provides diverse learning opportunities, equipping students for academic and personal achievements. With a commitment to nurturing caring citizens who respect their environment and others, The Grange instills values of global citizenship and independence, preparing students to thrive in a multicultural community.

    Annual school fees from $22,390 for all years. Discover more information here.

    The Grange Institution, 449 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore, +65 68173630, enquiry@thegrange.edu.sg, https://www.thegrange.edu.sg/


    Not-For-Profit Jewish School

    At Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS), every child experiences a sense of belonging and affection. This tight-knit community, designed to preserve the school's core principles, becomes a second family for all who join. SMMIS prioritizes its integrity, acceptance, and academic excellence values to foster deep connections among students. Rooted in humility and curiosity, the students engage with the world, balancing resilience and kindness. Their journey embraces the "the grace of great things" that lies ahead.

    SMMIS envisions a world improved through first-class education with Jewish values, driven by a mission to instill a love for learning, guide hearts toward truth, and build meaningful connections. The school has meticulously crafted a tailored curriculum that caters to its diverse and ambitious community. It draws from the best educational practices worldwide to meet the unique needs of its students. The Primary School integrates the British National Curriculum Literacy and Singapore Maths elements with the inquiry-based International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Meanwhile, the Secondary School follows the International Middle Years Programme (IMYC) and offers the Cambridge iGCSE qualifications. Beyond academics, students explore creative arts, music, drama, and Makerspace, benefiting from various enrichment and co-curricular opportunities.

    Annual school fees from $17,684 for pre-school years to $27,958 for grades 6 to 10. Find out more information here.

    Sir Manasseh Meyer International School, 3 Jalan Ulu Sembawang, Singapore, +65 6331 4633, admissions@smm.edu.sg, https://www.smmis.edu.sg/


    A Low Teacher-Student Ratio

    Established in 2019, Astor International School is a boutique primary school in Singapore designed for children aged 5 to 12. With a mission to provide quality, affordable education within a nurturing environment that fosters a love for lifelong learning, Astor International School offers a unique approach to education. The school concentrates its core curriculum into four hours daily, providing flexibility for families to customize the rest of their child's day. Students can leave school at 1 pm, enjoy lunch, and participate in various Extra-curricular Activities (ECAs), including art, music, drama, sports, foreign languages, and more. The ECA fees are adaptable, offering options to pay per term for individual classes or purchase comprehensive ECA packages.

    Astor International School prioritizes individual attention and a low teacher-student ratio, with a maximum of 18 students per class. This allows for personalized education and adaptable lesson plans tailored to each student's needs. The school's curriculum is built upon the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), British English, and Singapore Math, emphasizing inquiry-based teaching methods that stimulate curiosity, engagement, and deep comprehension. Astor International School's commitment to using these educational foundations aims to provide students with a robust primary school foundation and foster a lifelong love for learning. With a focus on the philosophy of teaching and learning based on the pedagogy of inquiry and the principles found in the International Primary Curriculum, Astor International School aspires to be among the top international primary schools in Singapore. Their goal is to produce internationally-minded citizens with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to actively participate in a global society and excel in higher education. The school values student-centered, hands-on, inquiry-based learning, focusing on using various manipulatives and activities to facilitate skill development and cultivate a lifelong passion for knowledge among students.

    Annual school fees from $14,900 for flexi fees to $19,700 for fixed fees. Discover the range of fees here.

    Astor International School, 1 Kay Siang Road, Singapore,  +65 69745700, hello@astor.edu.sg, https://www.astor.edu.sg/

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