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Top Moving And Relocation Companies In Singapore

Help When Moving To Your Next Home

Top Moving & Relocation Companies In SG

Moving back home or moving to a new country is often a stressful and daunting experience. There are many companies out there to help you pack up and move. We’ve put together a list of our favorite suppliers who will get you to your new home safely and securely. Happy packing!

  • Crown Relocations Singapore Moving Truck

    Crown Relocations

    Crown Relocations provides transportation, destination and immigration services, including family support to assist people in relocating internationally or domestically. As a company with experts working worldwide, Crown Relocations makes it simpler for families to move efficiently without hassle. Apart from home removal services, they assist in moving valuable possessions and pets to more than 150 countries worldwide. With experts working in 54 countries, they provide support, guidance, care and personal attention needed to ensure success. And with their innovative E-packing services, items can be tracked and traced for easy accessibility.


    Crown Relocations, +65 6861 6818, They specialize in: immigration & visas, pets, schools, accommodation, international moves, packing & shipping, destination services. 

  • Baby In Cradle

    Allied Pickfords

    Moving internationally means you’ll be dealing with language barriers, customs regulations, global security requirements, and a heightened need for precise coordination and punctuality. With all the stress associated with these changes, wouldn’t it be great if there is an expert who has walked thousands of people through moving—someone you could trust to handle all the details? That’s just what the moving specialists at Allied Pickfords do best. So whether it’s moving your pet, finding a new school and home, or organising your immigration paperwork and visas, Allied Pickfords are your number one resource.


    Allied Pickfords, +65 6862 4700,  They specialize in:  immigration & visas, pets, schools, accommodation, international moves, packing & shipping, destination services.

  • Asian Tigers Mobility Singapore Moving Truck

    Asian Tigers Mobility

    Asia Tigers provides an end to end moving service which relocates more than 16,000 families each year. They offer a school search program at your new destination and can help with the following; explain and clarify the differences between the various local schooling options, review availability of schools and processes for application, interview and acceptance, arrange school / kindergarten appointments and tours as appropriate and assist with school registration processes.


    Asian Tigers Mobility, +65 6261 8116, They specialize in: immigration & visas, destination services, international moves, training, packing & shipping. 

  • Couple Moving In

    Astro Worldwide Movers

    For more than 20 years, Astro Movers have designed international moving services for individuals, corporations and families. They have become an internationally renowned source for worldwide moving and relocating; they assist government agencies, locals as well as multinational organizations. They will be able to pack up your home and ensure all your belongings arrive at your new destination safely and securely.


    Astro Worldwide Movers, +65 6791 2488, They specialize in:  international moves, packing & shipping.

  • Couple Sitting On The Floor

    Classic Moving

    Classic Moving is an independent international moving company. They have established themselves as one of Singapore's most trusted moving Companies and pride themselves on offering expatriates and their families a first class quality service at an affordable price. They are a one-stop-shop when it comes to cleaning your home, end of tenancy preparation and air con cleaning. They will even transport your vehicle or family pet safely and securely.


    Classic Moving, +65 6515 4430, They specialize in: international moves, packing & shipping, pet shipping.

  • Happy Family With Dog

    Raffles Relocation & Moving

    Raffles can help with every part of your move, from international relocation to pet moving and destination services both at your current location and your destination. They work with a worldwide network of partners ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to your new home. One size does not fit all, and at Raffles they will tailor make a relocation package to suit you and your family.


    Raffles Relo, +65 6894 3720, They specialize in:  immigration & visas, pets, international moves, packing & shipping.

  • anta Fe Relocation Singapore Moving Truck

    Santa Fe Relocation Services

    Each year they handle more than 110,000 international, domestic, and local household goods moves. As well as packing up your belongings they will help you with your visa and immigration paperwork. They offer visa assessment consultations, visa pre-screening, visa documentation collection and application assistance, easy visa tracking and renewal, and compliant visa cancellation services. They also work with a network of providers to help assist you with moving pets, vehicles and fine art.


    Santa Fe Relo, +65 6398 8588, They specialize in: immigration & visas, pets, international moves, packing & shipping.

  • Happy Family Outside House


    SIRVA provide end-to-end solutions for your international move. They handle every step of each relocation. They streamline processes and communication through innovative technology making it easy to track your move. As well as getting you packed up and moved they will support you with all of your destination service requirements. Whether it’s help selling your home, relocating your pet, looking for a new school or arranging all of the immigration and visa paperwork, they’ve got you covered.


    SIRVA, +65 6224 3004, They specialize in: immigration & visas, pets, schools, accommodation, international moves, packing & shipping, destination services.

  • Unigroup Singapore Moving Truck


    UniGroup Worldwide provides international moving services designed to solve your mobility needs. Their worldwide network of international movers can help with every step of your relocation. They offer a whole host of destination services to make your transition easy from, cultural and language training, school assistance, partner and spouse support and pet relocation.


    Unigroup Worldwide, +65 6632 3708, They specialize in:  international moves, packing & shipping, destination services.

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