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Give Back With Purpose: Donate Baby And Kids Clothes In Singapore!

Fuss-Free Methods To Donate Any Pre-Loved Apparel!

Babies and kids outgrow their apparel relatively quickly, and most times, their clothes are still in a pretty good condition even after they can’t fit into them anymore. For parents wondering what you can do with these pieces of clothing, we’ve compiled a list of places you can donate them to – and it turn, pass it on to someone who’s in need of them. It’s a great way to give, and these great organizations help make it a smoother process.

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  • THE SALVATION ARMY: Multiple Locations *Where To Donate Baby And Kids Clothes in Singapore

    An Organization That Supports Those In Need

    The Salvation Army actively helps those in need through their comprehensive network of diverse social services, and one way you can contribute is by donating pre-loved items at their Donation In-Kind Booths. These booths are located in numerous parts of Singapore, and the full list can be found here. What they do is recycle and restore these donations by putting them up for sale at their Family Thrift Stores, supporting their mission of providing holistic care to the community.

    The Salvation Army,

  • ZARA: Multiple Locations *Where To Donate Baby And Kids Clothes in Singapore

    They Have A Used Clothing Donation Programme

    Zara created a used clothing donation programme in collaboration with local non-profit organizations, and what they do is recover your donated garments to give them a second life. All you have to do is drop off the clothes at one of their donation containers, which can be found via their store finder. The garments don't necessarily have to be from the brand itself, and you can even include items like footwear or accessories. Don't worry if some of your donated apparel aren't quite in good condition either, as some of these items can still be recycled into new fabrics.


  • CLOOP: Multiple Locations *Where To Donate Baby And Kids Clothes in Singapore

    Helping Consumers Close The Textile Loop

    If you don't like that it's not so sustainable constantly purchasing new clothes for a growing toddler, fret not, as Cloop can assist with that. Their mission is to reduce fashion overconsumption, and they employ several methods to reach that goal. For starters, they collect pre-loved apparel via their collection boxes and textile recycling bins before sorting and curating these items. They're then circulated to be upcycled, resold, and more. You can even join their Fashion Swap events if you're big on sustainability and want to do as much as you can to reduce overconsumption!


  • GREENSQUARE: Multiple Locations *Where To Donate Baby And Kids Clothes in Singapore

    Recycling Textiles And Promoting The Importance Of The 3Rs

    Greensquare is an organization that focuses on recycling textiles and teaching the next regeneration about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. Their textile recycling bins can be found in multiple locations in Singapore, and here's the full list. They even offer doorstep collection for those who prefer a fuss-free and more convenient method of recycling apparel. Donated clothing is then checked and sorted, with some shipped to developing countries to be sold at affordable prices for the less fortunate, while the rest is repaired and repurposed locally.


  • UNIQLO: Multiple Locations *Where To Donate Baby And Kids Clothes in Singapore

    Global Recycling Programme

    Uniqlo has a global recycling initiative that allows consumers to maximize the use of clothing that their customers no longer wear. All you have to do is drop off the apparel in one of their collection bins in their store, and then the items are sorted and distributed to those in need, including refugees and underprivileged people. It's a relatively fuss-free way to donate baby or kids apparel that you no longer need, and requires a minimal amount of time to drop these clothes off at their store!


  • SHARE AT DOOR STEP: Online *Where To Donate Baby And Kids Clothes in Singapore

    Donate At Your Doorstep

    One of the more convenient methods of donating your pre-loved apparel, all Share At Door Step requires you to do is schedule a pick-up with them (a fee applies) and the organization comes to collect the items during the chosen slot. You'll also be notified about the details of the recipient organization in Singapore, and the whole process is transparent and tech-driven - meaning you can track your donation from end to end. Besides clothes, they also accept shoes, bags, books, and more. For those who'd prefer not to opt for a clothing pick-up, you can also drop off your donations with them yourselves.

    Share At Door Step,

  • TEN FEET TALL: No Specific Location *Where To Donate Baby And Kids Clothes in Singapore

    Donate Gently Used Shoes

    Although Ten Feet Tall is more of a shopping brand for school uniforms and shoes, they do have a shoe bank initiative where they collect gently used shoes to support micro-enterprise programs in developing countries around the world, providing long-term opportunities to break the poverty cycle. Although the brand does not have a current or ongoing shoe collection drive, they do partner with schools to host shoe collection drives. You can get in touch with them should you wish to donate shoes, or if you're keen to collaborate with your kid's school and help host a shoe collection drive with Ten Feet Tall.

    Ten Feet Tall,

  • BOYS' TOWN: Upper Bukit Timah Road *Where To Donate Baby And Kids Clothes in Singapore

    Donation Only By Appointment

    Boys' Town is a charity which serves both boys and girls, from infants to young adults. They help youth coming from disadvantaged and disengaged families, and currently, their main source of donation is financial donation. However, should you wish to donate other items like apparel, footwear or accessories, you can reach out to them as they do take in in-kind donations as well. You would need to contact them beforehand though to check if what you're donating aligns with their current needs, and if they do, you'll be able to drop off your donations after making an appointment with them.

    Boys' Town, 624 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 678212,

  • H&M: Multiple Locations *Where To Donate Baby And Kids Clothes in Singapore

    Repair & Recycle

    H&M is another fashion brand that has their own sustainability initiative where they repair and recycle clothing donations. Their garment collection program is international, and they do take in any unwanted garments regardless of brand and condition. The clothes are then sorted, and items that can be reworn will be sold as second-hand apparel. Other items are either reused and turned into other products or recycled by being shredded into textile fibers and used for other purposes. All you have to do is hand in your bag of donated clothes at the cashier of a H&M store.


  • SSVP: Geylang Road *Where To Donate Baby And Kids Clothes in Singapore

    By Appointment Only

    Society of St. Vincent de Paul Singapore (SSVP) helps the vulnerable and low-income in Singapore by providing assistance to couples, families and elderly. They do have an SSVP Shop which sells pre-love items donated by others, including apparel, accessories, and even some household items. Donation drop-offs are strictly by appointment only though, so you'd have to reach out and contact them for a drop-off slot should you wish to donate your pre-loved apparel. They also only have capacity for up to two bags of pre-loved items.

    SSVP, 501 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389459,

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