Top Halloween Activities At Home In Jakarta

Spooktacular Celebration At Home!

Halloween is just around the corner and even though the Jakarta provincial government is still implementing a Level 3 lockdown, it doesn’t mean that the little ones (and the young at hearts!) should miss out on all of the fun. There are so many things you can do at home to celebrate so choosing and planning might get a little overwhelming. Luckily, Little Steps Jakarta has put together a list of our top recommendations for Halloween activities at home. So say Boo! and scary on…


  • Costume Party Best Halloween Activities At Home Jakarta

    COSTUME PARTY: Family Dress Up Time!

    Staying at home doesn't mean you can't dress up. Get the whole family costume up for the occasion and do a costume party at home! It will be an experience to remember for a while. Do your little ones want to be spooky ghosts? Or maybe they want to be super heroes and princesses? Fret not, whatever they aspire to be, Little Steps has compiled a complete guide to getting Halloween costumes in Jakarta.


    See Little Step's list of Best Places To Buy Halloween Costumes in Jakarta.

  • Creamy Comfort Haunted Gingerbread Halloween Acivity At Home Jakarta


    Who says Gingerbread is only for Christmas? We are screaming in excitement for this amazing DIY Haunted Gingerbread House from Creamy Comfort. You can order your kit now for delivery between 15-31 October, 2021. Make it a family fun co-operation activity, or buy more and have a spooktacular competition! The box kit includes everything you will need to make your own haunted gingerbread house.


    Creamy Comfort, +628161868060, Instagram

  • Zenbu House Of Mozaru Halloween Special Menu

    ZENBU SHOCKTOBER MENU: Special Halloween Sushi

    This Shocktober, Zenbu House of Mozaru has launched their scariest menu of all time: a special Halloween menu for any sushi lovers out there! You can either make it a family outing or play it safe and have them delivered to your doorstep. Try the amazing Mystic Dragon roll or the curious looking Dark Sushi roll. Make sure you save some room for dessert!


    Zenbu House of Mozaru, +6287810018899, Instagram

  • Boost Juice Jakarta Halloween Menu Activity

    BOOST UP WITH A TREAT: Spine-Chilling Juices

    Come out, come out, where ever you are! Want some treats with no tricks? Head over to Boost Juice and have some spine-chilling healthy drinks from their special Halloween menu. Have some spook-tacular Berry'D In Choc, Raspberry Ripples, or Strawberry and Cream. They are so scarily good!


    Boost Juice, various locations in Jakarta, Instagram

  • Honest Recipe Treats Of Terror For Dogs

    TREATS OF TERROR: Halloween Treats For Furry Friends

    Now, Halloween treats are not only for hoomans but the furry friends can enjoy them too. They are the master of tricks, after all. This Halloween, Honest Recipe collaborates with Paws Habit came up with a ghostly delicious treats for your pooch. The Treats of Terror kit contains Ube Boogie Waffles, Black Magic Pancakes, Zombie’s Brain Kefir, Bloody Berries, Witch’s Mud Peanut Butter, and a Bat Cookie. Order yours today!


    Honest Recipe, Instagram

  • Carve Your Own Pumpkin Halloween Activities At Home Jakarta

    CARVE A PUMPKIN: Make Your Own Lantern

    What's Halloween without a real Jack-O-Lantern that you hand-carved yourself? It's difficult to source a large pumpkin in Jakarta, but smaller ones are readily available at supermarkets like Grand Lucky or at online marketplaces like Tokopedia. Be sure to check the sizes properly when you order online so you know what you are buying. Smaller pumpkins are easier to carve and is easier to clean, and you still get to carve simple shapes so it's almost just as good as the large ones! Moreover, when you deal with small ones, you can do several pumpkins with ease.


    Tokopedia, www.tokopedia.com

  • Netflix Marathon Top Activity Halloween Jakarta

    NETFLIX MARATHON: Kids Friendly Halloween Movies

    There's an abundance of Halloween themed movies over the years, and some of them are especially made for kids. This Halloween, get the popcorn ready and binge-watch those not-so-scary Halloween movies with your young ones at home. Some of our favorites are Hotel Transylvania, Hotel Transylvania 2, Super Monsters Save Halloween, and Corpse Bride. Lights out!


    Netflix, www.netflix.com

  • Squid Game X Titans Halloween AR Activities

    SQUID GAME AR: Augmented Reality Game Based On The Famous TV Show

    Technology is getting more and more advanced. You can now have access to high-tech games at your fingertips. This Halloween, play this AR game based on the famously creepy Korean TV show, Squid Game. The game is developed by Titans Tech and is available for anyone with a smart phone.


    Squid Game X Titans, squidgame.titans.id

  • Top Activities Halloween At Home Jakarta Decorate

    SPOOK THE MUGGLES: Decorate Your Entire Home

    Spooky-boos out there!  For Halloween this year, why not make it extra special by decorating your entire home -inside and out- and spook the muggles next door (or anyone who dares to pass)! Creepy lights, skeletons, spiders, bats, and of course, the Jack-O-Lantern are not to be skipped. Little Steps has gathered all the information you need for Halloween decoration shopping for your home.


    Check out Little Step's guide to the Best Places To Buy Halloween Decorations

  • Krispy Kreme Black Pink Halloween Donuts

    SCREAM FOR DONUTS: Black Pink Halloween Donuts

    When we think of Halloween, usually trick or treats comes to mind. But in reality, it's normally trick or treat, plus more and more treats! Sweeten up your Halloween this year with Black and Pink Halloween donuts just released by Krispy Kreme. You can choose from Mummy, Spiderweb, Spider, or Pumpkin donuts; or get them by the dozen and share with your neighbors! These special donuts are available in store, or you can order them via Gofood, Grabfood, or Shopeefood. Don't forget to write Halloween Donuts in the note section!


    Krispy Kreme, Instagram

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