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Where To Donate And Declutter Stuff In Hong Kong?

Storage, Donation, Selling, Movers & Consignment

donation Hong Kong

It’s always a good time for a deep clean! And it’s always good to have a plan. The first step is probably to have a clear-out. Hong Kong’s notoriously cramped apartments mean you probably need to make some space. But don’t worry – Little Steps has removed all hurdles. We have neatly gathered all the storage solutions, donation resources and local removers in one tidy list. So, out with the old, and let’s freshen up the home for a brighter, less-cluttered future!

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  • Storage solutions Hong Kong

    STORAGE SOLUTIONS: Top 10 Mini Self Storage Options In Hong Kong

    In Hong Kong, where space can be a luxury, on-demand storage services such as Boxful and Redbox Storage come in handy. Like a virtual dropbox, they help you store and manage off-season items from your computer or mobile device. Most of them offer free door-to-door delivery, picking up and bringing back your items on your request.  Items are stored in safe, climate-controlled facilities. All of the Top 10 Mini & Self-Storage Options In Hong Kong offer a secure extension of your home and office space and provide you with an extra piece of the city!

  • donation Hong Kong

    DONATION: Charity Organizations and Groups

    Give your unwanted reusable items a new home by donating them to charities. There are a number of local and international charity groups that will help redistribute the items to people and organizations in need. Most organizations only accept goods that are in good condition and some have Wish Lists of items they need most. Make sure you call or email before making a donation!


    Crossroads Foundation: Furniture, household goods, toys, clothes, electrical items

    Po Leung Kuk: Electrical appliances, computers, stationeries, toys, books, household accessories, cookware

    The Salvation Army: Clothing, electrical home appliances, computers, monitors, toys, stationery, books, gifts and premiums, software / DVD / VCD / CD with copyright

    The Toy Bank @ YMCA: Toys in good condition

    Green dot Home: Furniture and homeware

    Christian Action: Online donations

    Oxfam: Clothing, toys, etc.

  • Buy and sell services Hong Kong

    BUY & SELL: Consignment Platforms

    Earn a few bucks by selling items you no longer use or need to the right outlets! Platforms like Retykle and Green Ladies have made buying and reselling of used clothing items easy, convenient and stylish. For designer and luxury goodies, online and physical marketplaces like Luxify, Collector Square, and Milan Station will be your go-to! Alternatively, check out JupYeah.com, which is an online swap platform for people to exchange items.


    Retykleretykle.com/pages/about-us - Baby and kids’ clothing.

    Green Ladiesgl.sjs.org.hk/greenladies - Physical stores specializing in ladies' fashion.

    2nd Chancewww.2ndchance.com.hk - Furniture


    Collector Squarewww.collectorsquare.com


    Secondhand HKwww.secondhand.hk

    Swap-it Facebook Group, www.facebook.com/groups/294230537337692

  • Recycle Hong Kong

    RECYCLE: Top Tips To Get Your Family Into Recycling In Hong Kong

    Recycling is one complicated business. In Hong Kong, we all must take responsibility by ensuring recycle items end up in the correct place and avoids landfills. Little Steps HK Recycling Guide answers any questions and helps you make the best recycling choices for the planet and families globally. Recycling becomes even easier when you produce less waste and consume consciously!

  • Royal Movers Hong Kong

    LOCAL MOVERS: Top Local Movers In Hong Kong

    Packing and moving can be stressful chores, but moving companies are here to help. Whether you're just moving a few boxes, large and bulky household items, or a whole apartment, there is an abundance of options and packages that will suit your needs and budget. If you're only dealing with light removal or relocation, you can also consider man and van delivery services such as Call4Van and GoGovan.


    Local Movers And Packers In Hong Kong, click here!

  • removal service in Hong Kong

    RELOCATION: Go-to Guide To International Movers In Hong Kong

    Moving back home or moving to a new country is often a stressful and daunting experience. There are many companies out there to help you pack up and move. We’ve put together a list of our favorite suppliers who will get you to your new home safely and securely. Whether you are moving to Hong Kong, moving to a new location in Hong Kong, or moving to a new city altogether - these folks can help.


    Top Moving & Relocation Companies in Hong KongClick here!

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