Your Family Hiking Hong Kong Guide – Best 15 Easy Hikes For Kids And Families

The Best Hikes For Families!

Exploring nature can be a learning experience for the whole gang. Whether you are new to the trails or an expert hiker, Little Steps has rounded up the best Hong Kong hikes to enjoy with your children. Hikes are all ranked based on difficulty levels: Stroller Friendly for 0+, Little Legs for ages 2+, and Young Hikers for ages 6+. So pack up your kit bag with the essentials, and let’s hit the great outdoors!

This guide has you covered with the best hikes for kids and families in Hong Kong.  From the favorites including Dragon’s Back, Sheung Yiu Family Walk, and Tung Chung Family Hike (Lantau) to new secret finds, baby-friendly hikes, and easy shaded hikes for families too.  There are plenty of hiking trails kids and families will love in Hong Kong.  Enjoy the hiking trail!

Want more hikes for kids and families in Hong Kong?

  • Dragon's Back Hike in Hong Kong

    DRAGONS BACK HIKE WITH KIDS: Bucket List Family-Friendly Hike For Kids In Hong Kong (Age 6+)

    Easy Hike For Kids On Hong Kong Island Offering Views Of Shek O, Hong Kong

    Take your tykes on this popular hike that brings you through Shek O Country Park and some of the prettiest terrain in Hong Kong. Not only is it a smooth journey with few inclines, but it’ll also afford for plenty of beach time afterward at Big Wave beach. The entire trail will take between two to four hours; bring sunscreen, a hat, and a camera to snap photos of the pretty scenery. Click here for tips and directions.

    Dragon's Back Hong Kong Hike For

    What Is Nearby?  Enjoy lunch in Shek O after the big hike! Kids will also enjoy the awesome beach - it's gorgeous.

  • Lantau Hiking, Hong Kong

    LANTAU ISLAND HIKE WITH KIDS: Easy Family-Friendly Hike For Kids In Lantau, Hong Kong (Age 6+)

    Easy Hike For Kids On Lantau Island, Hong Kong

    There are numerous trails across Lantau, but test out the easiest one first and see how the family copes. The 6km trail starts at Mui Wo ferry pier. Follow signs leading to the Trappist Haven Monastery. The trail goes off-road along the water’s edge before arriving on the other side of Discovery Bay at Nim Shue Wan ferry pier. Reward your little rascals with lunch at a waterfront restaurant along the boardwalk or hit the beach.

    Lantau Island Hike For KidsWebsite

    Mui Wo (Discovery Bay) to Lantau With Kids, Click Here

    What Is Nearby?  So much!  Go camping at Long Coast (advanced planning required), beach eats at Bathers, or ride bikes and enjoy vino at China Club in Mui Wo. There is also cultural fun on Lantau too with the Big Buddha and Tai O!

  • Tai Long Wan Hiking Trail, Hong Kong

    TAI LONG WAN HIKE WITH KIDS: Beautiful Family-Friendly Hike For Kids In Sai Kung, Hong Kong (Age 6+)

    Beautiful Hike For Kids In Sai Kung, Hong Kong

    Many first hikes happen on this popular Sai Kung trail, which offers up picturesque scenery while winding through a dense forest that passes by deserted traditional Hakka Chinese houses along the way. From Sai Kung town, take minibus NR29 to Sai Wan Pavilion and follow the signs pointing towards Sai Wan. It’s a flat road with a few inclines that is more suitable for active kids. Everyone will enjoy the white sand beach at the end of the hike.

    Tai Long Wan, click here. Food is available for order in Sai Wan and Tai Long Wan - so no need to pack a lunch!

    What Is Nearby?  Why not visit the secret Sheung Lok Stream And Sai Wan waterfalls while you are there? Click here for the article and VIDEO!

  • Po Toi O Hiking Trail, Hong Kong

    PO TOI O HIKE WITH KIDS: Best Family-Friendly Hike For Kids In Clearwater Bay (Age 6+)

    Easy Hike For Kids In Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

    The three-hour-long journey may seem daunting at first but the flat terrain winds through the Clear Water Bay Golf Course and offers pretty vistas that stretch out to Clear Water Bay and Sai Kung. Residents of Clear Water Bay know this hike well, and the added cultural value of a visit to Tin Hau temple makes the long hike worth it. Take the MTR to Cheung Kwan O and then minibus 103M along Clearwater Bay Road.

    Clearwater Bay Hiking With Kids, Click here

    What Is Nearby? Click here for the Clearwater Bay Guide! Be sure to eat at Po Toi O after your hike.

  • Lamma Hiking, Hong Kong

    LAMMA ISLAND HIKE WITH KIDS: Best Family-Friendly Hike For Young Kids And Toddlers On Lamma Island (Age 2+)

    Easy Hike For Kids In Lamma Island, Hong Kong

    Make an afternoon out of it by taking the entire bunch over to Lamma for a leisurely stroll around the island. The flat and easy Family Trail finishes off at the beach, where you can splash around before pulling up seats at one of the Chinese seafood restaurants at the pier, such as the scrummy Lamma Hilton Shum Kee Seafood restaurant among many others. Catch a ferry from Central Pier No. 4. The journey is approximately 25 minutes.

    Lamma Island Hiking With KidsWebsite

    What Is Nearby?  Eat seafood by the sea at one of Lamma Island's fantastic alfresco restaurants.

  • Little Hawaii Trail Hong Kong

    LITTLE HAWAII FALLS HIKE: Best Family-Friendly Hike For Kids In Clearwater Bay (Age 6+)

    Waterfalls, Swimming Holes, And Unique Shaded Hike In Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

    This relatively easy trail offers a respite from the heat with tree-shaded areas, gently-sloped paths, and its prime appeal – two quaint waterfalls – perfect for cooling down and splashing fun! Choose from one of two starting points – Po Lam or Tseng Lan Shue. If coming from the Po Lam MTR, take exit C and walk to Po Hong Road towards Tseung Kwan O Village. Follow the path toward Au Tau, and from there, you will see the starting point of the Little Hawaii Trail. Once on the trail, relish in the views of the lush greenery, mountainous landscapes, and cascading streams. Follow the path for about 15 minutes until you reach the first waterfall, Little Hawaii Falls, where tiny and big adventurers alike will be thrilled to climb rocks and splash around. Spare some time for a second splash at the picturesque Lin Yuen Terrace Falls. Cross the bridge and continue walking downhill along Little Hawaii Trail, turning right at the intersection. A short 15-minute walk will lead you straight into this serene oasis – providing a canopy of trees and clear cascades.

    Little Hawaii Falls Trail, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong, Click here

    What's Nearby?  Cruise to St. Barts for a nice outdoor lunch after your hike!  You can also explore more of CWB here.

  • Pok Fu Lam Hiking Trail, Hong Kong

    POK FU LAM HIKE WITH KIDS: Best Family-Friendly Hike For Young Kids And Toddlers On Hong Kong Island (Age 2+)

    Easy Hike For Kids On Hong Kong Island With Great Views

    From Central, take a bus or drive up to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road and walk along the flat, tranquil path that leads through the greenery and offers a breath of fresh air above the city. With lovely views of the reservoir and Lamma Island from afar, this easy walk is just what you and your little ones need to blow off some steam.

    Pok Fu Lam Hiking With Kids, Click here

    What Is Nearby? Picnic by the reservoir or head into Cyberport for lunch! Or, visit Waterfall Bay Park in Hong Kong.

  • Tai Tam Reservoir Hiking Trail, Hong Kong

    TAI TAM FAMILY WALK HIKE WITH KIDS: Best Family-Friendly Hike For Young Kids And Toddlers In Southside, Hong Kong (Age 2+)

    Pretty And Easy Hike For Young Kids On Hong Kong Island (Southside)

    If you can’t keep your kids’ attention spans longer than an hour, then perhaps the scenery along the Tai Tam Reservoir trail will. Starting at Parkview, the trail weaves through a picturesque journey with mesmerizing views of the Southside. Halfway through, the trail splits with a flight of stairs leading up to one of the toughest hikes in Hong Kong - The Twins - which winds up in Stanley, while the other smoother path takes you across the Tai Tam Reservoir.

    Tai Tam Family Walk With KidsWebsite

    What Is Nearby? Stanley - head here for lunch!

  • Bowen Road Hiking Trail, Hong Kong

    BOWEN ROAD HIKE WITH KIDS: Stroller-Friendly Family Walk + Young Kids (Age 0+) On Hong Kong Island

    Easy Stroll For Kids, Strollers, And Toddlers In Hong Kong

    Take your car up to Bowen Road and park it, or grab a cab to drop you and your wee ones off. The trail is short and sweet, plus you simply can’t beat the city views while walking along the shaded, lush path. The popular trail is a prized spot for runners - including moms that run with strollers in tow - and can be just the place to burn off that extra, post-natal chub.

    Bowen Road Fitness TrailWebsite

    What Is Nearby? A visit to Hong Kong Zoological and Botanic Gardens is always perfect.

  • THE PEAK HIKE AND THE MORNING TRAIL WITH KIDS: Stroller-Friendly Walk For Families At The Peak (Age 0+)

    Easy Stroller-Friendly Walk With Amazing Views Of Hong Kong

    Take the tram (currently under construction) or one of the numerous buses up to The Peak Trail. Although it’s touristy, the flat road is a breeze for strollers, and the looped, shady path offers spectacular views of the Island. Plus, there are plenty of family-friendly restaurants where you can change your bub and enjoy lunch with top views of the city we love!  Another option to take up or down from the Peak is the famous Morning Trail - easy for strollers and toddlers.

    The Peak TrailWebsite

    The Morning TrailWebsite

    What Is Nearby?  Hong Kong's best playground at the peak! Visit Mount Austin Playground for views, play, and picnic fun. Lunch at Italian restaurant Fiamma is kid-friendly.

  • Sheung Yiu Village Hiking, Hong Kong

    SHEUNG YIU VILLAGE HIKE WITH KIDS: Stroller-Friendly Walk With Kids In New Territories, Hong Kong (Age 0+)

    Easy Stroller-Friendly Walk Through Hakka Village In New Territories, Hong Kong

    Go for a leisurely hike and learn about Hong Kong history on this stroller and little-leg-apt trail, situated in Sai Kung Country Park. The paved trail is shaded, and there are varying degrees of difficulty to choose from. Start in Sheung Yiu - for those with prams, walk to the museum, those with young kiddos can loop around Tai Mong Sai Road, and those with older children can head out to High Island Reservoir.

    Sheung Yiu Family Walk, Click here

    What Is Nearby?  Visit Sai Kung after for a meal by the sea or a play in the square.

  • Devil's Peak Hike Hong Kong

    DEVIL'S PEAK HONG KONG: Cultural Family-Friendly Hike In Hong Kong For Kids (Ages 6+)

    Easy And Mostly Shaded Hike In Yau Tong. Hong Kong

    Bring your mates, tall and small, and hike the Devil’s Peak – an area aptly named after the wild pirates who once occupied it. But don’t let the frightening name steer you away as, despite a devilish tag, the views here are heavenly, and the hike is family-friendly with mostly paved paths. Accessible by the MTR, alight at the Yau Tong Station and take exit A. Make your way to Ko Chiu Road, then walk up the slope towards the Tseng Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery. From there, you will find the entrance to Wilson Trail. Walk up the steps and follow the signs for Devil’s Peak. If you’re heading straight up for the fabulous views, continue following the signs to ‘Devil’s Peak,’ but if mini history-buffs are amongst your crew, then take a little detour to witness impressive relics of WWII and follow the sign to ‘Devil’s Peak Fortifications.’ A short walk to your right will lead you to the ruins of Gough Battery – an area consisting of two gun pits and underground storerooms – for a peek into the past. Make your way back down the same path, then scramble through your final ascent towards Devil’s Peak for your well-deserved reward of spectacular, panoramic views overlooking the Victoria Harbor and the skylines of Central and Kowloon.

    Devil's Peak, Yau Tong, Hong Kong, Click here

    What Is Nearby? Kwun Tong is nearby!

  • Kam Shan Country Park

    KAM SHAN COUNTRY PARK AND MONKEY HILL: Easy Hikes Where Kids Can See Monkeys (Ages 6+)

    Monkeys And More In The New Territories With Kids

    Hiking with little ones isn’t always easy. However, if given an option of relaxed family trails plus a chance at witnessing monkeys in nature – then Kam Shan Country Park might be the perfect way to entice them to an adventurous day out. Also known as Monkey Hill, it is home to large populations of the Rhesus Macaques Monkeys – giving you a taste of the wildlife in our very own backyard! Beginning from the Shek Lei Pui Reservoir, you’ll immediately be surrounded by monkeys and occasional wild boars. There will be clear signs of the do’s and don’ts when in the vicinity of the monkeys, but be sure to not feed the animals as this may encourage them to edge closer and possibly become feisty. From the reservoir, take the path on your left then cross the Kowloon Reservoir dam wall entering Kam Shan Country Park. From here, you’ll have a few trails to choose from. The Kam Shan Tree Walk is a relatively simple, short trail with a mostly flat, paved road – and can be completed in less than an hour. Perfect for strolls with little ones! More adventurous types can work their way to the top of Monkey Hill or try some of the more challenging trails leading out of the park such as MacLehose Trail eastwards toward Lion Rock. Walking up Monkey Hill, you may also choose to detour along the enjoyable Kam Shan Family Trail.

    Kam Shan Park And Monkey Hill, Click here

    What Is Nearby? Be sure to check WWII bunker ruins!

  • Pineapple Mountain:Po Lo Shan Hong Kong

    SECRET PINEAPPLE MOUNTAIN HIKE WITH KIDS: Easy Hikes Where Kids Can Catch Canyon View (Ages 8+)

    Hong Kong's Very Own Mini "Grand Canyon"! For Family Hikes In Po Lo Shan, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

    Get the fam together and head to this remote part in Tuen Mun to witness the only natural canyon formation in Hong Kong, where sloping valleys open up for breathtaking views! This city has many amazing and family-friendly hikes, but perhaps none quite like Po Lo Shan, translating to Pineapple Mountain in Cantonese. The mountain was named due to the natural dark yellow rock formations resembling the sweet crust of the famous Hong Kong pineapple bun. However, many also refer to the “Grand Canyon of Hong Kong” as it is the only natural canyon formation in the city. You and the kiddos will have reached the correct location once you see a blue sign stating “Dangerous Road, No Trespassing”, where military drills occasionally take place. To welcome you to the start of your hike, you’ll be greeted by the stunning sloping canyon. Although not as grand as its American counterpart, it’s still a sight to behold and ideal for taking amazing pics for the gram!  How to get here - click here!

    Pineapple Mountain Hike, Po Lo Shan, Tuen Mun, Click here

    What Is Nearby? End the hike and watch the sunset at Pak Nai Beach!

  • Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls

    NG TUNG CHAI WATERFALLS HIKE: Easy Hikes Where Kids Can Play In 4 Waterfalls (Ages 6+)

    Waterfalls Hike For Families And Kids In New Territories, Hong Kong

    Get ready – this hike is a real stunner and proves to impress the most regular of hikers in Hong Kong. Ng Tung Chai is one of the most unique hikes in Hong Kong offering a 4-6 hour loop depending on your speed. The trail is a picturesque route offering a slew of different views, plant life, and 4 incredible waterfalls.  A real gem in Hong Kong, we suggest you start at the bottom and loop around – making an effort to stop, swim, and picnic along the way. The full hike is around 10k but there are ways of doing shorter hikes with younger kids too. The full hiking loop is around 10K and features all four waterfalls (Bottom Fall, Middle Fall, Main Fall, and Scatter Fall). This hike is recommended for kids over 6 years old. While the path is shaded, it is not considered easy and has rocky climbs in many areas. At the entrance, you will follow the signs to the waterfalls passing by streams, the gorgeous Man Tak Monastery, and more as you head to your first waterfall – Bottom Fall.

    Ng Tung Chai Waterfall Hike, New Territories, Hong Kong, Click here

    What Is Nearby? Not much :-) There is no water or food along the trail so be sure to pack what you need. There are a few houses at the entrance selling drinks.

Additional Info:​

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