Lantau Island abounds with hiking trails. The Discovery Bay – Mui Wo Trail is one such trek popular with families. It’s the perfect initiation route for novice hikers. Thankfully, you will do more walking than hiking on this route. The trail is well-paved with concrete pathways, steps, and handrails.

Take a walk along the village of Nim Shu Wan with its modest houses and vegetable farms before your ascend along a tree-lined path to the peaceful Trappist Haven Monastery that’s shrouded in foliage. This ancient Monastery boasts medieval architecture and is well worth the visit. If cries of “Are we there yet?” escalate, here’s best to rest in the monastery’s shady grounds. There’s plenty of flora and fauna, and wildlife such as colorful butterflies and insects to keep little ones enthralled throughout.

A steep climb takes you to the very top for a stunning view of the forest, nearby islands, the sea, and Hong Kong in the distance. Then, it’s a rather steep descend (safe nevertheless) towards Mui Wo. Little ones may surprise you with their speed and agility as they go downhill. What awaits you? A stroll along the sandy shores of Mui Wo and a well-deserved seafood lunch at the pier.