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Sai Kung With Kids In Hong Kong – Restaurants, Things To Do, Restaurants

Where To Eat, Things To Do, Secret Gems


Whether you are traveling from further afield or just around the corner, there is so much to discover in Sai Kung. Sai Kung is the ultimate playground for outdoor and fun-loving families. The local experts at Little Steps have compiled the best of the best activities, hidden coffee shops, must-visit shops, family-friendly restaurants, island excursions, and more in and around Sai Kung. Surrounded by islands, beaches, and boats – this area of Hong Kong is a favorite for both visitors and locals. Read it, pack up the kids, and have a blast! Here is the ultimate guide to enjoying Sai Kung with kids.

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  • Tai-Long-Wan-BEACH-Hong-Kong

    THINGS TO DO IN SAI KUNG: The Best Beaches

    Sai Kung is famous for the best beaches in Hong Kong. Tai Long Wan is the best beach in all Hong Kong and is ideal for camping, hiking, or days out with the kids. Trio Beach is very easy to access and popular with families with toddlers. Hoi Ha is a natural paradise - well worth the trip! Long Ke - it's simply stunning!


    Tai Long Wan: Take the MTR to Diamond Hill, then catch the KMB 94 bus to Wong Shek Pier. From the pier, hire a private sampan to take you directly to the beach or Chek King (depending on the waves). The hike from Chek King to the beach is 30-45 minutes. Click here for information!


    Long Ke: Junk boat from Sai Kung. Or take a green taxi from Sai Kung Town Center and head past the East Dam. Take the trail to Long Ke Wan. Note, this walk is not easy for the little tykes. Click here for information!


    Trio Beach: By Bus:  Take the 1A minibus from Choi Hung MTR or 101M minibus from Hang Hau MTR. By Taxi or Car:  Pak Sha Wan Pier, Sai Kung. Sampan:  Stop at Pak Sha Wan, where a sampan will take you on a 10-minute journey to the beach. Click here for information!


    Hoi Han Marine Reserve: Either take green minibus 7 from Sai Kung to Hoi Ha Village or take a taxi to Wong Shek Pier, then hop on the KMB bus 94 to Ko Tong and hike for an hour Hoi Ha Road. Click here for information!

  • Hoi-Ha-Marine-Park

    THINGS TO DO IN SAI KUNG: Unique Excursions With Kids

    An adventure playground, Sai Kung has loads of unique areas to explore! Lions Nature Education Center is a 16-hectare park offering stroller-friendly paths and plenty of areas for kids to roam. There is also an educational Chinese Medicine Garden and farms to learn about local fruits and veggies. You can also visit a Hakka Villa in Pak Sha O. Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park is a protected area in Sai Kung Park and offers visitors a treat for the senses with over 60 types of hard coral and over 120 species of coral fish. Sheung Luk Stream is a famous set of waterfalls that you can also jump from (be careful)!


    Lions Nature Education Centre, Che Keng Tuk Road, Sai Kung, Click here

    Pak Sha O, Take minibus 7 from Sai Kung Town.

    Sheung Luk StreamClick here

    Hoi Ha Marine ParkClick here


    More Fun Excursions:

    Squid Fishing In Sai Kung

    Golfing In Sai Kung


  • Sampans-Sai-Kung

    THINGS TO DO IN SAI KUNG: Sampan Adventures

    Families love taking one of the sampans to the outer islands near the pier in Sai Kung Town. You will find a slew of sampan "dealers" in front of the fishing restaurants where you can negotiate your family onto a small boat. There are also larger ferry options that frequent the islands. Favorite islands that are very close to Sai Kung Town are below! You can also get ferries to further beaches and islands, including Long Ke, Tai Long Wan, Sai Wan, etc.


    Sharp Island, Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Call +852 9437 3194 to arrange a sampan. It should be HK$50-80/person for a return trip, only on weekends. Click here for full details.

    Yim Tin Tsai, Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Call +852 2791 6226 to arrange a sampan. It should be HK$50/person for a return trip.

    Trio Beach, Ma On Shan Country Park Management Centre, Pak Kong Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Catch a sampan at Pak Sha Wan Pier. It should be HK$20/person for a return trip. Click here for the Little Steps Video!

    Kau Sai Chau, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, Call +852 6736 3051 to arrange a sampan with KH Boats. It should be HK$100-150/person for a return trip.

  • Sai-Kung-Watersports

    THINGS TO DO IN SAI KUNG: Water Adventures

    Sai Kung is packed with fun water-based activities for the whole family! From a swimming pool that is cheap and offers gorgeous views and twirling slides to the best of ocean activities - your family is sorted here!


    Wake Surfing

    Goofy Waves was founded in 2021, and they are one of the only dedicated schools for wake surfing, their services include a variety of one-on-one instruction, group classes, summer camps, boat rentals, and more! They provide fun and safe lessons taught by professional instructors who will tailor the lesson to meet individual skill levels.

    Goofy Waves,


    Sai Kung Swimming Pool

    Not exactly in the ocean, but this pool is a real family favorite and right by the waterfront and Sai Kung town! It has slides, views, and a toddler playground. It's closed on Wednesdays.

    Sai Kung Pool, Wai Man Road, Sai Kung, +852 2792 7285


    Stand-Up Paddle Board And Kayak Rentals

    Located near Hong Kong Academy International School on Sha Ha Beach, Blue Sky offers rentals of kayaks, snorkeling gear, stand-up paddleboards, and more.  You can book them online, take them out on your own (or in one of their tours) and then walk back to Sai Kung Town for some food afterward.  Fun!

    Blue Sky Sports, Sha Ha Road, 743-751 Tai Mong Tsai Rd, Sai Kung,


    Sailing Classes

    Take a sailing class, or kids will love their workshops and camps. Hebe Haven Yacht Club offers events and training for both members and non-members in Hong Kong.

    Hebe Haven Yacht


    Scuba Diving

    Splash is one of Hong Kong's leading scuba center. They will help organize your family's scuba courses or join one of their Splash Day events, including shore dives, a boat trip, and beers. They also do overnight camp trips where you can experience night diving in Hong Kong. Kids and teens - they have options here for you too!

    Splash Scuba



    From wakeboarding to wakeskating in Sai Kung, the folks at Wake Plus can sort you and the family out with all your watersports and boating needs. Give them a shout!

    Wake Plus, Sai Kung, +852 6770 7449,

  • Sai-Kung-Watersports

    THINGS TO DO IN SAI KUNG: Adventure Tours

    Wild Hong Kong organizes super entertaining outdoor adventures, including hikes to Sai Kung beaches, geopark SUP tours, and more. A single-family or a group can book Adventure Tours. Tours range from bat night tours, Hoi Ha snorkeling tours, visit Ninepin Islands, Hakka Culture tours, and more around Sai Kung.


    Wild Hong


  • Sai-Kung-Restaurants

    WHERE TO EAT IN SAI KUNG: The Best Restaurants

    Sai Kung is famous for seafood but also offers a range of international cuisine, amazing coffee shops, and cool seaside bars. Here are a few of our favorites below.


    Seafood By The Sea:

    A real favorite for guests traveling with kids, Sai Kung is popular for seafood.  With views of the passing boats and huge tanks of fish - the atmosphere is quite fun too.

    Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant, 96 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, +852 2792 6938

    Sing Kee Seafood, 33-39 Sai Kung Tai Street, 2791 9887

    Hung Kee Seafood, Shop 6 & 9-10, G/F, Siu Yat Building, Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square, 2792 1348


    Sai Kung Square:

    A real family favorite, Sai Kung Square offers a playground surrounded by restaurants in a car-free area.  Popular restaurants here include JaspasThe Conservatory (amazing brunch), Cena (Japanese-American hot spot), and Piccolo's (casual).

    Jaspas, Sai Kung Square, Hong Kong,

    The Conservatory, Sai Kung Square, Hong Kong, 2792 1105,

    Cena, Sai Kung Square, +852 2757 1020,



    Sai Kung - Around Town:

    Little Cove is a treat for everyone! Offering some of the best food in Sai Kung (their avo-toast is fabulous), great coffee, outdoor seating, and a modern atmosphere, Little Cove is a must-visit. If you are in the mood for baked goods, ice cream, or looking for a birthday cake, head over to Ali Oli, they will sort you out! Don't forget about Thai Dao, a local gem that offers delicious Thai Food with a fantastic beach view, you can rent kayaks there too! Zeugma is simply delicious - it offers authentic and casual Mediterranean cuisine including hummus, falafel, and more. It is more of a casual pick-up spot - but does have some seating. For Thai food, head over to Sawaddee Thailand. For desserts - Honeymoon Desserts is a favorite! For pizza, Paisano's and Pepperoni's are both popular. Momentai is a larger family-friendly restaurant on the water offering poke bowls, burgers, and craft beer - a great place to gather and a friendly place! The Picture House is a popular beer garden and Sunday Roast hot spot in Sai Kung.

    Little Cove, Shop 1 + 2, G/F, Siu Yat Building, Block A, Hoi Pong Square Sai Kung,

    Ali Oli, G/F, 11 Sha Tsui Path, Sai Kung, +852 2792 2655,,

    Thai Dao, G/F, 9 Sha Ha Village, Tai Mong Tsai Rd, Sai Kung
    Hong Kong, Facebook Page

    Zeugma, 74 Fuk Man Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 2706 0622,

    Sawaddee Thailand, No. 4, G/F, Sai Kung Garden, 16 Chan Man Street, Sai Kung, Hong Kong,

    Honeymoon Dessert, 10 A-C Po Tung Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 2792 4991,

    Paisano's, G/F, Shop 27, Chan Man Street, Sai Kung,

    Pepperoni's, 1592 Po Tung Road, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong,

    Momentai, seaside Sai Kung,

    The Picture


    Special Occasions - Outside Sai Kung Town

    For a special occasion, One-Thirtyone is a real experience.  It's fancy so plan for spending a bit of cash here, but the experience is worth it. Situated on the water, they serve food from their garden on their large lawn. They do offer family-friendly weekend brunches!

    One-Thirtyone, 131 Tseng Tau Village, Shap Sze Heung, Sai Kung, 2791 2684,


    Pak Sha Wan Area + Hebe Haven

    A favorite for families and date nights - the multi-tiered restaurant and bar are great for those heading back from Trio Beach or a junk party arriving at the Pak Sha Wan pier.

    Padstow, 112 Pak Sha Wan, Sai Kung, Hong Kong,

  • WHERE TO DRINK IN SAI KUNG: Best Coffeeshops

    Head to Shiba Taro Cafe, where you will be greeted by the adorable Shiba to which the cafe was named after. This pet-friendly cafe serves up delicious cups of joes and they also have snacks for your four-legged friend. For something more spacious, the two-story cafe Cozy Coffee, is located by the main road leading into the town center, and this lovely place is also pet-friendly. For the coffee diehards, go to Little Cove Espresso. This Australian coffee shop is known for its excellent bulletproof coffees and insta-perfect brunch dishes. No Nationality is a somewhat new coffee shop in Sai Kung. Aside from the great coffee, they also serve hearty pasta dishes, sandwiches, and freshly baked goods!


    Shiba Taro Cafe, G/F, 11 See Cheung Street, Sai Kung, Facebook Page

    Cozy Coffee, G/F-1/F, 72-74 Po Tung Road, Sai Kung, Facebook Page

    Little Cove Espresso, Shop 1-2, Siu Yat Building, Hoi Pong Square, Sai Kung, Facebook Page

    No Nationality, G/F, 47 See Cheung Street, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, +852 6771 7355, Facebook Page

  • WHERE TO SHOP IN SAI KUNG: Deli's + Wineshops + Boutiques!

    There are a lot of unique shops in Sai Kung, from environmentally friendly stores to cheese shops, delis, and more!

    Here are a few of our favorites:

    A local favorite is BeCandle, where you can purchase lovely fragranced candles which are ideal as a gift or making your own house smell gorgeous. All of their products are handcrafted and they also offer workshops so can learn how to make your own scented candles!

    BeCandle Shop, 18b Sai Kung Tai Street, Sai Kung, Hong Kong,


    For the cheese lovers, make to stop by at Le Magasin, aside from selling every type of cheese under the sun, they also sell wines, jams, soaps, and even tableware. Perfect to spot to fill up the picnic basket.

    Le Magasin, G/F, 12 Hoi Pong Street, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 2791 0292, Facebook Page


    Looking for environmentally-friendly products, Seeds is the place you need to visit. They stock up on a wide range of eco-friendly household cleaning products, beauty, personal items, as well as organic spices, pasta, fruits and more!

    Seed, 29 Yee Kuk Street, Sai Kung, +852 5703 2223,


    Forgot to bring a bottle of wine to the party, fret not, Winerack will sort you out! Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect bottle of red or bubbles, they also have an alfresco area so you taste the wine there!

    Winerack, Shop 1, Sha Tsui Path, Man Nin Street, Sai Kung, +852 2253 6929,

  • Pier-Hotel-Sai-Kung

    WHERE TO STAY IN SAI KUNG: Staycation Or Vacation

    Whether you are planning a staycation or vacation in Sai Kung, there are a few options. The new waterfront hotel in Pak Sha Wan, The Pier, offers a more luxurious option and is just a 5-minute drive from Sai Kung town. Airbnb offers a huge selection of places to stay including amazing full houses for group fun.


    The Pier, No. 9 Pak Sha Wan Street, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, +852 2912 6777,

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