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Top Divorce Lawyers In Singapore

Most good things come to an end. And sometimes, that includes divorces. When a marriage is ending, there is a lot to consider as you work out the practicalities of a divorce. With the help of legal experts who specialize in family law, you can move through your divorce with confidence that all arrangements and settlements will be finalized in the most timely and fair manner.

Separation is already stressful enough, so handing all the legal documentation and processing over to a divorce lawyer will take away any unnecessary weight off your shoulders. Thankfully, here’s a list of the top divorce lawyers in Singapore for you to browse through and decide on who can help you during this time.

Remember that the “best” divorce lawyer for you will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and the complexity of your case. It’s essential to find a lawyer who not only has the necessary expertise but also communicates effectively and understands your goals during the divorce process. Always verify the credentials and reputation of any lawyer you consider hiring.

To file for a divorce in Singapore, you and your spouse need to meet these requirements:

  1. Either one of you must be a Singaporean citizen or have lived in Singapore continuously for three years before filing the divorce application.
  2. Your marriage should have lasted for at least three years.
  3. If your marriage is under civil law, you can file for divorce in the civil court. However, if your marriage is under Syariah law, you should seek divorce in the Syariah Court.
  4. If your marriage is less than three years, you will need to seek the court’s permission (leave of court) to proceed with the divorce application. This usually requires exceptional circumstances like abuse or desertion and is filed separately alongside your divorce application.

More Guides:

  1. Ivan Cheong Divorce Lawyer Singapore

    IVAN CHEONG: Divorce And Family Law Team In Singapore At Withers Worldwide

    Focus On Singapore: Contentious Divorces, Child Custody Disputes, Relocation of children, Maintenance, Division Of Matrimonial Assets, Family Violence

    Ivan is an experienced partner in the divorce and family team at Withers Worldwide - Singapore. He's a Family Law specialist, well-versed in all aspects of family law, from contentious divorces and child custody disputes to maintenance and division of matrimonial assets. Ivan's achievements are impressive! He's been listed as a Leading Family & Divorce lawyer in Singapore since 2017 and is a Preeminent lawyer for 2023. He believes in alternative dispute resolution and is an accredited Family Mediator, dedicated to finding the best solutions for his clients. Ivan's passion for family law is evident in his involvement with various committees and speaking engagements. He's even been interviewed by local and international media on family law matters.

    Ivan Cheong, +65 6238 3276,,

  2. Drew And Napier In Singapore - Divorce Lawyers

    SHU MEI: Director Of Dispute Resolution At Drew & Napier In Singapore

    Prenuptial, Postnuptial Agreements, Private Client And Matrimonial Disputes In Singapore

    Meet Shu Mei, a family and divorce lawyer specializing in private client and matrimonial disputes. With extensive experience in family matters, she represents clients in Singapore Courts on issues like matrimonial assets, custody, and international relocation. Shu Mei is a Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, recognized for her expertise in family law. As an accredited mediator and Collaborative Family Practitioner, she excels in negotiations and mediation, drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Shu Mei's versatility extends to representing corporations in international arbitrations. A sought-after speaker, she shares insights on family law, dispute resolution, and mediation at events and conferences. Her academic contributions have earned acclaim both locally and internationally.

    Shu Mei, 10 Collyer Quay 10th Floor Ocean Financial Centre Singapore 049315, +65  6535 0733,,

  3. Amy Lim Divorce Lawyer Singapore

    AMY LIM: Founder Of Amy Lim Law Practice In Singapore

    Focus On Peaceful Approaches To Family Law + Collaborative Family Practice Lawyer *Divorce Survivor

    Meet Amy, the accidental lawyer, proud mother of 3, and a divorce survivor. With a passion for Family Law, she started her own firm to bring a unique perspective to her practice, having experienced a challenging 7-year divorce process. Throughout it all, she managed to keep her sanity, sense of humor, and faith in the justice system. Amy earned her Law Degree from the National University of Singapore in 2003, embracing her new career path instead of pursuing her childhood dream of winning the lottery and traveling the world. For the last 5 years, she has focused solely on Family Law, advocating for the 'peace approach' in resolving family disputes. Amy is an accredited family mediator, trained in mediating cross-border family conflicts, and a skilled Collaborative Family Practice lawyer. Outside of work, she's happily married and cherishes her role as a wannabe Tiger Mom to her three children. With Amy, you'll find not just a lawyer but a compassionate and relatable advocate on your side.

    Amy Lim, High Street Centre, 1 North Bridge Road, #08-08 Found 8, Singapore 179094, +65 6550 6306,

  4. Ms Wong Kai Yun in Singapore - Divorce Lawyers

    WONG KAI YUN: Co-Managing Director At Chia Wong Chambers In Singapore

    Matrimonial Matters, Cross-Jurisdictional Concerns, Complex Divorce Cases In Singapore

    Meet Ms. Wong id s highly specialized lawyer with a niche focus on matrimonial law matters. Her clientele consists mainly of high-net-worth individuals and expatriates with cross-jurisdictional concerns. As a Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, she is recognized as one of the most experienced matrimonial law specialists worldwide. Ms. Wong's expertise also extends to estate & succession planning, private banking, and contentious and non-contentious probate. She is an accredited mediator for civil, commercial, and family disputes, advocating for peaceful conflict resolution. With numerous accolades, including the Citywealth Powerwomen Awards, Ms. Wong's dedication and achievements make her an outstanding legal partner for complex matters.

    Wong Kai Yun, 6 Temasek Boulevard #38-02 Suntec Tower 4 Singapore 038986, +65 6342 0002,,

  5. YAP TEONG LIANG: Director At TL Yap Law Chambers LLC In Singapore

    YAP TEONG LIANG: Director At TL Yap Law Chambers LLC In Singapore

    Family Law, Foreign Marriage Cases, Child Custody, Maintenance In Singapore

    Yap Teong Liang is an experienced Family Law specialist in Singapore. Teong Liang's boutique law firm serves high-net-worth clients, handling cases involving foreign marriages, child custody, maintenance, and more. He's also a Collaborative Family Practitioner and Associate Mediator, advocating for peaceful resolutions. With active involvement in professional committees, Teong Liang is committed to advancing family justice. He is recognized as an advocate for all family law matters.

  6. Gloria James Civetta Singapore

    GLORIA JAMES-CIVETTA: Head Lawyer At Gloria James-Civetta & Co

    CDC Divorce Coach® + Certified Associate Mediator + Collaborative Family Practitioner

    Gloria is an experienced and compassionate lawyer with an impressive range of skills. With 27+ years of legal practice, she has expertise in various areas, including Family Law, Criminal Law, Civil, Corporate & Commercial Law, and Estate Law. Gloria is truly bilingual, fluent in English and Mandarin, and she's known for her commitment to providing clients with timely and affordable access to legal representation. Her dedication to her client's well-being extends beyond the courtroom, as she is also a certified CDC Divorce Coach®, offering personal support during difficult journeys. Gloria's popular divorce blog and user-friendly apps demonstrate her commitment to helping the public navigate family law matters. With a heart for giving back to the community, she volunteers with various legal bodies and has been involved in high-profile cases and media coverage. Gloria's warm and empathetic approach, coupled with her vast expertise, makes her an exceptional advocate for her clients.

    Gloria James-Civetta, Gloria James-Civetta & Co, 3 Church Street #15-04 Samsung Hub Singapore 049483, +65 6337 0469,,

  7. Poonam Mirchandani Singapore Lawyer

    POONAM MIRCHANDANI: Family And Divorce Law At Mirchandani & Partners In Singapore

    International Law And Jurisdictional Disputes, High-Conflict Custody Cases In Singapore

    Poonam Mirchandani is a precedent partner of M/s Mirchandani & Partners. After graduating from the National University of Singapore and being admitted to the Singapore Bar in 1984, she founded Mirchandani & Partners in August 1991, now a reputable boutique family law practice. Poonam specializes in a wide range of family law issues, including international divorce and jurisdictional disputes. Her expertise covers cross-border divorces, international custody disputes, child abduction, financial resolutions, and more. Beyond her legal achievements, Poonam has been actively involved in women's advocacy groups, providing free legal advice and advocating for stricter laws against domestic violence. As an appointed "amicus curiae" for children in high-conflict custody cases and a member of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Poonam's dedication to her work and her multilingual abilities (English, Malay, Hindi, and Sindhi) make her a valuable asset in the legal field.

    Poonam Mirchandani, No. 11 Keng Cheow Street, #02-09, The Riverside Piazza, Singapore, 059608, Singapore, + 65 6323 6800,,

  8. Food Siew Fond Singapore Divorce Lawyer

    FOO SIEW FONG: Partner And Head, Family and Divorce At Harry Elias In Singapore

    Pre-nuptial Agreements, Divorce Law, Family Law In Singapore

    Meet Foo Siew Fong is the head of the Family and Divorce Practice Group at Harry Elias in Singapore. She's dedicated to all aspects of family and divorce law, including preparing pre-nuptial agreements to start relationships on the right foot. Siew Fong's expertise has garnered numerous awards like being named "Matrimonial Law Firm of the Year" at the ALB SE Asia Law Awards and ranking highly in prestigious legal guides. She's not only an exceptional lawyer but also deeply involved in various organizations, like the Singapore Association of Women's Lawyers (SAWL), where she served as President and is now the honorary advisor. As a committed member of the community, Siew Fong actively participates in organizations supporting children with cerebral palsy and serves on the Citizenship Committee of Inquiry under the Ministry of Home Affairs. With decades of experience and a passion for progress, Siew Fong continues to make a positive impact in the legal community and beyond.

    Siew Fong, 4 Shenton Way, SGX Centre 2,#17-01, Singapore 068807, +65 6361 9356,,

  9. Ahmad Nizam Abbas Crescent Law Chambers Singapore

    AHMAD NIZAM ABBAS: Managing Director At Crescent Chambers In Singapore

    Family Law, Syariah Law, Criminal Law, And Private Wealth In Singapore + Muslim Law In Singapore

    With extensive experience in Family Law, Syariah Law, Criminal Law, and Private Wealth, Mr. Nizam has played a vital role in shaping Muslim law in Singapore. He has represented clients in significant cases related to employment, conflict of laws, and criminal matters. Over the years, he has held key positions, such as Chairperson of the Law Society's Muslim Law Practice Committee. Mr. Nizam is also actively involved in teaching and training future lawyers, serving as a lecturer at the Singapore Institute of Legal Education and a Trainer and Assessor with the Singapore Mediation Centre. Beyond his legal work, he actively participates in civic activities and serves on various boards and committees, contributing to the community's welfare.

    Ahmad Nizam Abbas, PBM,  +65 9382 9358,,



    • Rajan Chettiar - Boutique Family Law firm specializing in three options for divorce: litigation, collaborative law, and mediation in Singapore.
    • Yeo Soon Kong (Quahe Woo & Palmer) - Divorce, Succession Planning, Family Law
    • Kee Lay Lian (Rajah & Tann)- Complex divorce and family legal cases in Singapore
    • Lim Chong Boon (PKWA) - Family and Divorce lawyer  in Singapore *English/Chinese
    • Loh Wai Mooi (Bih Li & Lee LLP) - Mediator, Family Law, Child Representative
    • Bernice Loo (Allen & Gledville) - Prenuptials, Divorce, Matenaince,  Family Law
    • Michelle Woodworth (GWP) - Family & Matrimonial Practice Lawyer  + Mediator In Singapore
    • Dorothy Tan (PKWA) - Family and Divorce Lawyer + Mediator In Singapore *Chinese/English
    • Engelin Tei (Engelin Teh Practice LLC) - Family and Divorce Lawyer + Mediator In Singapore
    • Thian Wen Yi (Harry Elias) - Family and Divorce Lawyer with a specialty in custody, care and control, access, maintenance, and division of matrimonial assets.
    • Clement Yap (Harry Elias Partnership) - Family and Divorce Lawyer in Singapore with specialty in custody/care & control, relocation, division of matrimonial assets, maintenance, and conflicts of law
    • Anuradha Sharma (Winchester Law LLC) -  Family Mediator, Collaborative Practice Lawyer
    • Randolph Khoo (Drew & Napier) - Family Law with a specialty in arbitration and international disputes


    • Harry Elias Partnership:  As one of the largest family and divorce practices in Singapore, Harry Elias Partnership claims to have handled the highest number of cases in the Family Justice Courts of Singapore. They are also made up of an expert team where many of the divorce attorneys are ranked among the best Family Law Practice Groups by Law publications in Singapore and Asia. The attorneys work with local Singaporean residents and expat families on their divorce cases
    • Populus Law Corporation: At Populus Law Corporation, you’ll have access to a more affordable divorce solution as the firm states that they ‘do not believe in hidden costs and do not charge GST.’ They offer full transparency in the price of their services by providing a complete price list on their webpage as well, so you can survey rates before you commit. The firm also offers a free consultation for prospective clients that are exploring whether the team at Populus Law Corporation can help them with their divorce case.
    • Tan, Lee & Choo: This full-service corporation is one of the longest-running law firms in all of Singapore. They handle various divorce affairs including simplified and contested, division of assets, child custody issues, and more. They can also communicate in Mandarin, Malay, English, Cantonese, and other dialects, making their services even more accessible for a wider range of people.
      • Tan, Lee & Choo, No. 1 Park Road #04-04, People Park Complex, Singapore 059108, +65 6535 6077,
    • Tembusu Law: Tembusu Law is dedicated to helping their clients claim their fair share in divorce proceedings, by promising ‘nimble, agile, lean, and creative’ solutions to family disputes. They offer a comprehensive range of family law services such as contested divorces, child custody arrangements, division of matrimonial assets, domestic violence cases, and more. Speak with one of the team members in a free consultation to see how they can help you with your unique divorce case.
      • Tembusu Law, 11 Keng Cheow St, #02-05 The Riverside Piazza, Singapore 059608, +65 6974 0068,
    • Characterist LLC: The company has a professional, yet empathetic approach to the divorce process to help people navigate this tough time. The areas of specialty include high net worth divorce, contested divorce, uncontested divorce, and expat divorce. The firm offers a free consultation and some helpful information on its website.
      • Characterist LLC, 51 Goldhill Plaza, #10-01, Singapore 308900, +65 6298 8388,
    • Lam & Co: Lam & Co work exclusively with family law in Singapore, using their LAMNCO Divorce Method which potentially minimizes the hassle of getting your divorce processed. The firm is headed by Mr. Phillip Lam, and the mission of Lam & Co is to provide an approachable and results-oriented service for people dealing with divorce matters who want to settle matters like the division of assets, custody, or contested separation issues.
      • Lam & Co., 24 Raffles Place #28-00 Clifford Centre, Singapore 049483, +65 6535 1800,
    • Dhillon & Panoo LLC: Explore the wide range of services that this top divorce law firm in Singapore offers, as they take their combined 40 years of experience into practice. The team is made up of the founder S.S Dhillon, and experienced partners and lawyers Partner Sunil Singh Panoo, S.K Murthi and Jasjeet Singh. The team is skilled in handling complex divorce and family law cases as they have seen many different cases in the past. Simply fill out their contact form on the website to book a consultation with the firm to see if they are right for you.
      • Dhillon & Panoo LLC, Shenton House, 3 Shenton Way, #07-01, Singapore 068805, +65 6323 2320,
    • Yeo & Associates LLC: Founded by Beatrice Yeo Poh Tiang, her law agency has close to two decades of experience working specifically in family law and she heads a team of 11 experts across three offices in Singapore. They specialize in simple and uncontested divorce cases, as well as contested divorce and other complex separation arrangements. In some cases, you can get a fixed fee package for your divorce, but you’ll need to have a consultation to discover what the team can do for your unique case.
      • Yeo & Associates LLC., 101A Upper Cross Street #12-13 People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058358, +65 6220 3400,
    • PKWA:  Welcome to PKWA Law, a prestigious and acclaimed Singaporean law firm that focuses on a diverse spectrum of family law services, including divorce, annulments, custody matters, and prenuptial agreements. At PKWA Law, we prioritize amicable resolutions for divorces in Singapore, ensuring a smooth and peaceful process for our clients. They offer a complimentary initial consultation to help you navigate the best path forward. Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, you can trust PKWA Law to provide transparent and fixed divorce lawyer fees.

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