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Do your kids have learning disabilities, attention, and emotional issues, lack fine motor skills, or have problems with completing daily tasks at home or school? If this sounds familiar, then occupational therapy may be the answer. In occupational therapy, typically the therapist will use a series of assessments to help understand the child’s strengths and difficulties and then create a customized program to help work through their problems. Here at Little Steps, we have shortlisted the best Occupational Therapists for kids in Singapore, so your kids can learn techniques on how to keep calm and complete their daily activities in a more efficient manner. 

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What areas can Occupational Therapists help in?

  • Developmental Milestones
  • Sensory Processing
  • Social skills and communication
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Sensory Processing
  • Visual Motor Integration
  • Visual Perception Skills
  • Motor Planning
  • Motor Coordination
  • Self-regulation of emotions/behavior
  • Handwriting Skills
  • SG Kids Therapy - Best Occupational Therapists For Kids In Singapore

    SG KIDS THERAPY: Occupational Therapists For Kids In Singapore On Beach Road

    SG Kids Therapy is the pediatric branch of SG Rehab, and as the name suggests, specializes in kids’ therapy. What’s great here is that the team not only works with you and your child but can also work with the school teachers to address any concerns at school. From the lycra swing to the rope ladder and foam steps, the sensory gym is used to work on a combination of skills like body awareness, planning, motor skills, balance, and strength. The great team here also teach kids how to manage their routine, time, and schedule.

    SG Kids Therapy, 11 Beach Road, #03-02, Crasco Building, Singapore 189675, +65 6980 0858,,

  • Oz Works Therapy - Best Occupational Therapists For Kids In Singapore

    OZ WORKS THERAPY: Occupational Therapists For Kids In Singapore On Orchard Road

    Oz Works Therapy focuses on occupational therapy for early childhood, childhood, and adolescents. Therapy is based on the child’s needs and goals, so it is a personalized program. From Samonas (a sound therapy program using music, sound, and science) through to eye-hand co-ordination (jigsaws, writing, and drawing), postural control (standing on a swing), and body spatial awareness (crawling through and over objects), Oz Works Therapy provides fun and engaging ways to assess and assist kids with problem areas.

    Oz Works Therapy, 583 Orchard Road, #10-01/03, Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884, +65 6836 4560,,

  • Best-Occupational-Therapists-For-Kids-Hand-In-Hand

    HAND IN HAND OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY CENTRE FOR CHILDREN: Occupational Therapists For Kids In Singapore On Orchard Road

    Hand In Hand Occupational Therapy Centre For Children provides family-based occupation therapy for kids from 0 to 18 and their families. What’s great about the therapy sessions is in addition to a sensory gym, they offer home-based programs, as well as programs for those that are overseas, school-based programs, parent education, and group therapy. Check out their website for links to great resources and for their upcoming workshops.

    Hand In Hand Occupational Therapy Centre For Children, 91 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Place #04-02, Singapore 247918, +65 6777 1322,,

  • Occupational Therapy Little Marvels Singapore

    LITTLE MARVELS: Occupational Therapists For Kids In Singapore On Beach Road

    Little Marvels' Occupational Therapists utilizes child-centered, family-centered and evidence-based approaches to support your child's participation and engagement in school, home and play. They are experts at assessing and treating conditions such as sensory processing disorders, autism, executive functioning disorders, developmental delays, challenging/oppositional behaviours and many more.

    They can conduct therapy in their special sensory integration gym or at home or school to facilitate transference of skills learnt. They involve caregivers throughout sessions and coach parents on how to practice therapy strategies in daily routines. They also specialise in novel approaches such as animal assisted interventions to facilitate engagement in sessions and to work on specific therapy goals.

    Little Marvels Therapy Singapore, 371 Beach Road, Citygate, #02-51, +65 8189 1636,

  • Occupational Health Workout Annabelle Kids Singapore

    ANNABELLE KIDS: Occupational Therapists For Kids In Singapore In Thomson

    Annabelle Kids (AKIDS) provides occupational therapy for children through a safe, play-based approach that develops the skills for optimal functioning in their daily life. Thorough occupational assessments enable the therapist to identify the various sensory, motor, cognitive, and psychosocial needs. Exercises are specifically designed to cater to the unique differences in each child, allowing them to practice their skills in home and school settings. Providing your child with the fundamental building blocks, they will be empowered to explore the world with confidence and bravery.

    Annabelle Kids (Thomson), 510 Thomson Road, SLF Building #15-03, Singapore 298135, +65 8189 3820,,


  • Therapy Room KidsFirst Singapore

    KIDSFIRST: Occupational Therapists For Kids In Singapore On Tanglin Road

    The Occupational Therapy team at KidsFirst uses a variety of standardised assessments and evidence-based practice to work with children and young adults from 0-18 years to help with motor coordination, body awareness, fine motor, ocular motor, visual perceptual, self-regulation, sensory modulation or executive functioning skills. They believe in a collaborative approach and work closely with schools and caregivers to empower the whole team working with the child to achieve their goals. KidsFirst have multiple sensory and motor therapy gym spaces and offer individual and group-based sessions. They run executive functioning, handwriting and social skill groups for a wide variety of ages.

    KidsFirst, 8 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059561, +65 9166 5597,,

  • Dynamics Therapy Centre For Kids-Best Occupational Therapists For Kids In Singapore

    DYNAMICS THERAPY CENTRE FOR KIDS: Occupational Therapists For Kids In Singapore On Orchard Road

    Dynamics Therapy Centre For Kids has a great team of occupational therapists to help your kids with visual perception skills, fine motor skills, sensory processing, motor coordination, and handwriting skills. Dynamics Therapy Centre For Kids, do therapy in a fun way using age-appropriate and play-based activities in their sensory integration gyms and/or sensory room. What’s more, the therapists provide activities that you can easily do with your child at home.

    Dynamics Therapy Centre For Kids, 583 Orchard Road #15-04, Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884, +65 6100 9235,,

  • Occupational Therapy Ohana SIngapore

    OHANA THERAPY: Occupational Therapists For Kids In Singapore On Orchard Road

    Ohana Therapy's occupational therapists adopt evidence-based, child-led, and neurodiversity-affirming approaches in their care for every client. They are strong advocates for collaborative care and actively guide parents and teachers along the child’s therapy process. The therapists are seasoned experts in the fields of sensory integration, emotional regulation, fine and gross motor skills, executive function, visual perception, attention, and more. Let Ohana Therapy help to empower your child in their day-to-day living needs today!

    Ohana Therapy, 545 Orchard Road #14-01, Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882, +65 8155 6575,,



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