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We always liken physiotherapy to post-injury rehabilitation, but actually, it’s a form of treatment that helps to restore, stabilize, and improve your overall movement, strength, and general well-being. This is achieved in a variety of ways in physiotherapy including movement exercises as well as manual therapy. If you’re facing mobility issues, be it from health conditions, injuries, or perhaps just getting along in age, especially after years of running after the kids (for some!), then physiotherapy is for you. Here are the top physiotherapists, affordable physiotherapists, and physiotherapy and rehab clinics in Singapore!  We also include home physiotherapy in Singapore as well!

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  • Wings Youth Center Singapore

    WINGS THERAPY CENTER: Tanglin *Top Physiotherapists In Singapore

    Providing A Place For Teens And Young Adults To Thrive

    After the success of the WINGS Therapy Center, Singapore's first and only Intensive Therapy Center, the WINGS team launched the WINGS Youth Center in June 2024 to provide a supportive environment for teens and young adults to thrive. At this new center, patients can access Suit Therapy (NeuroSuit™ and TheraSuit Method®), Spider Cage Therapy, Universal Exercise Unit, Intensive Gait Training with LiteGait, Robotic Gait Training with Trexo Robotics, Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), Vibration Therapy with Galileo, Autism Fitness, and Adaptive Sports.

    WINGS also offers seating assessments, equipment consultations, and dynamic orthotic solutions like TheraTogs and Dynamic Movement Orthoses®. Since their inception, over 6000 babies, children, teenagers, and young adults have benefited from their services, achieving a 70% success rate. The dedicated and highly trained therapists at WINGS provide intensive programs to help individuals with a broad range of conditions, including Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Traumatic and Anoxic Brain Injuries, Spina Bifida, Ataxia, Dystonia/Athetosis, Hypertonicity, Hypotonicity, Post-Stroke, Down Syndrome, Genetic Disorders, Metabolic Disorders, Prematurity, Torticollis/Wry Neck, Muscular Dystrophy, Delays in Developmental Milestones, Hypotonia, Hypertonia, Gross Motor Incoordination, Motor Planning Difficulties, Gait Difficulties, Orthotic Concerns, and Neurological Problems.

    WINGS Therapy Center, 1 Kay Siang Road, North Tower, #07-10, Singapore 248922, +65 8690 4714,,

  • Physio Focus Singapore

    PHYSIO FOCUS SINGAPORE: International Physiotherapy And Osteopathy Clinic In Singapore *Pelvic Floor, Pregnancy/Post Pregnancy Pain, More!

    Physiotherapy And Osteopathy Clinics In Singapore

    Established in 1995, Physio Focus is one of Singapore’s premier international physiotherapy clinics. Conveniently located in Forum Office Tower on Orchard Road, Physio Focus boasts an international team of physiotherapists providing in-depth assessment and individualized approaches to each patient. The clinic provides physiotherapy and osteotherapy treatments for musculoskeletal issues including neck and back pain, sports injuries, spinal conditions, women’s health, sports massage, neurological and vestibular rehab as well as clinical Pilates and clinical yoga services.

    Physio Focus Singapore, Forum Office Tower, 583 Orchard Road #07-01, Singapore 238884, +65 6734 8151 or WhatsApp +65 9168 5539,,

  • Heartland-Rehab-Singapore

    HEARTLAND REHAB: Physiotherapy In Singapore

    An allied health clinic specializing in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy, Heartland Rehab’s skilled physiotherapists are trained and well versed in locating the root cause of your problem and implementing evidence-based treatments to promote rapid repair. Their clinicians are committed to consistent professional development so as to be versed to use the latest and most effective techniques. Heartland Rehab is also one of the few preferred partners in Singapore that provide direct billing with major health insurance companies such as Geoblue, Healix, HTH Worldwide, and many more.

    Heartland Rehab, +65 9424 7154,,

    • Bukit Merah: 11 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-4454, Singapore 150011
    • Depot: 180 Depot Rd, #01-07, Singapore 109684
    • Downtown: 111 Somerset, #07-02, Singapore 238164
  • Physio-Asia-Therapy-Centre-Singapore

    PHYSIO ASIA THERAPY CENTRE: Affordable Physiotherapist In Singapore

    If you are looking for an affordable physiotherapy clinic in Singapore, look no further than Physio Asia for reasonable rates and effective treatment. They strive to provide efficient and effective Physiotherapy services while utilizing the latest technology and evidence-based clinical practices. Through pain management, improvement of function and mobility as well as muscular re-education, their team will access your condition and plan a program to help you return to an active lifestyle. They also specialize in women’s health, focusing on pelvic floor healthy therapy. The center also conducts classes to train up better posture and also physio-led pilates.

    Physio Asia Therapy Centre, 360 Orchard Road, #05-02 International Building, Singapore 238869,

  • The-Rehab-Lab-Singapore

    THE REHAB LAB SINGAPORE: Physiotherapy Clinic In Singapore *Home Based Sessions Available

    Accessible And Affordable Physiotherapy In Singapore

    The only physiotherapy clinic that sponsors both our national cyclists and national runners, The Rehab Lab Singapore focuses on enabling every individual to move stronger and pain-free at their fullest potential. They place a high emphasis on proactive injury prevention through robust movement and strengthening exercises coupled with manual hands-on techniques. Their mission is to change perception change the perception of physiotherapy into one of a proactive lifestyle choice. For avid runners, they offer the TRL-RUNFREE running assessment that is a program aimed at improving your running performance regardless of your running level.

    The Rehab Lab Singapore, 60 Tessensohn Road, Civil Service Club, #02-00, Singapore 217664, +65 9229 1337,,

  • Physio-Active-Singapore

    PHYSIO ACTIVE: 5 Physiotherapy Clinics In Singapore

    With a network of five clinics spread across Singapore, Physio Active's team begins with an accurate diagnosis of your problem or issue and from there, moves to evidence-based treatment to ensure that you stay active, healthy, and able to engage in the pursuits you enjoy. Physio Active’s highly-educated and qualified professional international team delivers effective care for orthopedic, neurologic, and sports rehabilitation, as well as specialized care for expectant mothers, corporate ergonomics, massage, and many other areas.

    Physio Active,

    Camden Medical: 1 Orchard Blvd, #11-05 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649, +65 6235 2647

    Raffles: 6 Raffles Quay, #20-01, Singapore 048580, +65 64380162

    East Coast: 46 East Coast Rd Eastgate #08-03, Singapore 428766, +65 6443 4591

    Novena: 8 Sinaran Dr, #07-12, Singapore 307470, +65 6734 4707

    Jurong: 2 Venture Dr, #02-13/14 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526, +65 6258 5602

  • EMW-Physiotherapy-TCM-Singapore

    EMW PHYSIOTHERAPY & TCM: Physiotherapy In Singapore And Chinese Medicine Clinic

    Both physiotherapy and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) services under the same roof? Yes! EMW Physiotherapy & TCM takes an integrative approach to pain management that utilizes both Eastern and Western medical interventions. They treat conditions like Repetitive Strain Injury (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / Trigger Finger / De Quervain’s Syndrome), various ligament injuries, sprains or soft tissue inflammation, and also Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow. The treatment plan developed by your therapist will be specially tailored to your condition and degree of pain, needs and personal objectives.

    EMW Physiotherapy & TCM,

    Scotts: 9 Scotts Road #10-04, Scotts Medical Centre @ Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210, +65 6735 9458

    Novena: 8 Sinaran Drive #07-02, Novena Specialist Center, Singapore 307470, +65 6735 9459

  • Edge-Healthcare-Singapore

    EDGE HEALTHCARE: Physiotherapist In Singapore

    An approachable and friendly clinic, Edge Healthcare’s highly trained therapists provide you with quality personalized care. They pride themselves on being research-led and forward-thinking in their methods of treatment and work closely with other medical and health professionals including General Practitioners, Sports Physicians, Orthopeadic Surgeons, Podiatrists, Personal Trainers, and Sports Coaches. Services rendered also include Cranial Osteopathy and Paediatric Physiotherapy.

    Edge Healthcare,

    Telok Ayer: 137 Telok Ayer Street #01-01A, Singapore 068602, +65 6222 4766

    Robinson: 14 Robinson Road #01-00 Singapore 048545, +65 6787 9560

    Orchard: 583 Orchard Road, #11-01, The Forum, 238884, +65 6235 5488

  • Focus-Movement-Singapore

    FOCUS MOVEMENT: Physiotherapist In Singapore

    Movement is at the heart of everything that Focus Movement does. It is an integrated Pilates, Physiotherapy, and Movement studio that offers a holistic approach and embraces all forms of movement to help you reach your personal fitness goals and achieve your optimum state of health. If you are a recreational or an existing runner, their running assessment is designed and tailored for you to enhance your running performance. The package consists of 3 x 60 minutes one-on-one private sessions. They are also an appointed training center for the internationally-recognised Polestar Pilates Instructor Education Courses.

    Focus Movement, 22 Malacca Street, #08-00, RB Capital Building, Singapore 048980, +65 6235 3938 / 6327 2072 / 9850 8156,,

  • The-Posture-Lab-Singapore

    THE POSTURE LAB: Physiotherapist In Singapore

    If you’ve always been concerned about having good posture, book an appointment with The Posture Lab that dwells in The Art of Fixing Bodies. They aim to enlighten you on how your muscles work and body functions, so that you are able to maintain a proper posture and prevent further injuries that hinder your active lifestyle. A full posture screening will be done to determine your body’s muscular imbalances, core strength, presence of any functional and joint dysfunctions and incorrect movement patterns. Thereafter, you will be provided with a comprehensive posture analysis report and a proposed customized program. They also offer Sports Massage Therapy, Performance Coaching, and Performance Testing.

    The Posture Lab, *SCAPE 2 Orchard Link #02-15, Singapore 237978, +65 8792 7172,,

  • The-Rehab-Studio-Singapore

    THE REHAB STUDIO: Home-Based Physiotherapist In Singapore

    The Rehab Studio provides both clinic-based and home-based physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Home-based Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Suitable for those who have difficulty traveling to the clinic and are keen to explore recovery exercises that can be done at home. Especially for those with chronic diseases like stroke, Parkinson's Disease, and so on, home-based services would be more suitable to practice activities of daily living. If you’re able to head over to their clinic, you can participate in high-function recovery exercises plus fully utilize their rehab equipment.

    The Rehab Studio, 21 Anson Road #21-01 & #22-01, Singapore, +65 8892 0350,,

  • Client Doing Physio In Touch Singapore

    IN TOUCH PHYSIO: Physiotherapist Clinic In Singapore

    Founded in 2005, In Touch Physiotherapy Clinic is a well-established and highly reputable clinic that’s centrally located in Singapore’s CBD, Raffles Place. With a team of internationally-trained physiotherapists, they believe in providing patients the highest quality care by empowering them to achieve their rehabilitation goals. The clinic specialises in treatments such as musculoskeletal, spinal and sports physiotherapy, women’s health, running assessments, and sports massage therapy. Patients that require post surgical rehabilitation, pilates or core strengthening can also visit In Touch Physiotherapy for their treatments!

    In Touch Physiotherapy, #14-02 RB Capital Building, 22 Malacca Street, Singapore 048980, + 65 6534 0969 or Whatsapp + 65 9664 3243


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