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Best ophthalmologists In Singapore

If you’re looking for a general eye checkup for you and your family, or perhaps have a pre-existing condition and are seeking the best eye doctor in Singapore, look no further. We’ve created a list of the best Ophthalmologists in Singapore that will help you no matter your condition. You don’t have to suffer through eye pain and vision issues, visit one of these centers. No matter your issue, you’ll be treated by professionals, get expert care through surgery, and learn the best tips for long-term eye wellness. While you’re at it, if you’re seeking other healthcare providers for a full check-up or alternative treatment, take a look at our list here.

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More Ophamologist Clinics In Singapore

  1. Team Asia Pacific Eye Centre Singapore

    ASIA PACIFIC EYE CENTRE: Napier *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore

    Multiple Experts To Treat All Ages

    Established in 2007, Asia Pacific Eye Centre (APEC) is an eye specialist clinic located in Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore. Helmed by resident eye specialists Dr Lee Hung Ming, Dr Tan Yar Li and Dr Wong Chee Wai, the clinic is established as a joint venture between Parkway Pantai Hospitals and ISEC Healthcare. With this joint venture, they leverage on Parkway’s exceptional medical facilities and ISEC Healthcare’s vast experience in medical eye care to provide safe, effective, and holistic medical services.

    Among the vast range of surgical procedures that APEC provides, their strength lies in Phacoemulsification and Intraocular Lens Implantation (cataract surgery), LASIK, glaucoma surgery, and treatments for retinal conditions. Aside from surgeries, they are also highly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, refractive errors, retinal tears, and detachment, as well as childhood myopia.

    Asia Pacific Eye Centre, 6A Napier Road, Gleneagles Hospital, Hospital Block Level 3, Singapore 258500, +65 6470 3366,

  2. Livia Nobel Eye And Vision Singapore

    NOBEL EYE & VISION CENTRE: Napier *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore

    Treating Newborns To Seniors

    At Nobel Eye & Vision Centre, they are committed to helping patients best preserve the gift of sight. Among their main focuses is preventive eye care, as many eye diseases have the best outcomes when detected and treated early. Their supportive team of experts ensures that patients receive personalized medical treatment according to their specific vision care needs, age, lifestyle, and health condition.

    Dr. Livia Teo is a Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist at Nobel Eye and Vision Centre. Dr. Teo has expertise in managing a range of eye conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, myopia, and dry eyes. She has a special interest in pediatric and adult ptosis and related eyelid conditions, ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face and orbits, and lacrimal surgery.

    Nobel Eye & Vision Centre, 6A Napier Road, Gleneagles Hospital, Annexe Block Unit #02-37, Singapore 258500, +65 6990 4571, WhatsApp,,

  3. Where to get eyes treated in Singapore

    EAGLE EYE CLINIC SINGAPORE (Dr. Val Phua): Multiple Locations *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore + Children Eye Tests In Singapore

    Consultant Ophthalmologist - Dr. Val Phua

    The head consultant at Eagle Eye Clinic in Singapore is Dr. Val Phua. His areas of expertise conclude contact lens surgery, LASIK, cataract surgery, presbyopia treatment, and myopia control.  If you’re having difficulty with your eyesight, need to check up on a pre-existing condition, or want to schedule surgery, this clinic is a good choice.

    There are popular Opthamologists at Eagle Eye Clinic offering a range of comprehensive medical and surgical services, and they also have pediatric practitioners. This means you can bring your children to get their eyes checked, too. Some of the main services you can access here are retina treatments, corneal transplants, diabetic eye treatments, refractive surgery, myopia screening, and many more.

    Eagle Eye Clinic (Dr. Val Phua) In Singapore, multiple locations in Singapore including Mt Alvernia, Royal Square at Novena, King Albert Park, Singapore,

  4. where to get eye tests singapore

    INTERNATIONAL EYE CATARACT RETINA CENTRE (Dr. Joy Chan): Orchard *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore

    Medical Director Dr. Joy Chan

    Dr Joy Chan is very well-known in the Singapore community of professional Ophthalmologists. She was awarded the Academic Medicine Development Award in 2013, among other accolades, and has a speciality in cataract surgery. Dr Joy Chan is Medical Director & Senior Consultant at International Eye Cataract Retina Centre at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre and Farrer Park Medical Centre. She is also a great choice if you suspect cataract issues are what you are dealing with, or if you already know that you need surgery. Additionally, she is known for novel surgical techniques for treating eyelid laxity, novel ophthalmic imaging techniques, and rare eye conditions.

    International Eye Cataract Retina Centre, 3 Mount Elizabeth #07-01, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510, +65 6887 2020,,

  5. Best eye doctor in singapore

    CHELVIN SNG EYE CENTRE: Novena *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore

    Dr. Chelvin Sng

    Voted by her peers to be in the top 100 Most Influential Female Ophthalmologists in 2021, Dr. Sng is a well-known expert in her field. She’s also known as being one of the pioneers of Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery in Asia. She works with patients that are dealing with dry eyes, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Retinal Diseases, and more. You can visit the Shelving Sng Eye Centre to have a general eye screen check-up, or decide on the next steps in treating a pre-existing eye condition.

    Chelvin Sng Eye Centre, 38 Irrawaddy Road Mt Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, #06-25, Singapore, +65 6334 2282,,

  6. professional eye clinic singapore

    STEVE SEAH EYE CENTRE: Orchard *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore

    Senior Consultant Dr. Steve Seah

    Dr. Steve Seah is an expert Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist with his namesake center that he operates out of. Dr. Seah specializes in treating all ranges of eye disorders, like cataracts, glaucoma, refractive issues like presbyopia, and more. Some of the more unique services that Seah provides include diabetic eye examinations and contact-lens-induced eye disorders. Dr. Seah has also performed complex procedures such as glaucoma drainage implants, which displays his high level of expertise in Ophthalmologists.

    Steve Seah Eye Centre, One Orchard Boulevard #16-01/02 Camden Medical Centre Singapore, +65 6565 6888,,

  7. Best eye clinic singapore

    W EYE CLINIC: Suntec *Ophthalmologist / Optician / Optometrist In Singapore + Pediatric Eye Services

    Private Eye Clinic Offering LASIK, Soft-touch PRK, TransPRK, SMILE, Intra-Ocular Lens Implants, And More Eye Care Services.

    At the W Eye clinic, they have occupational eye screening services and pediatric eye treatments, among other services for eye conditions. It’s another clinic to take your children who need a general checkup or to treat their eye condition. Some of their more complex procedures include LASIK surgery, SMILE Surgery, cataract surgery, cornea surgery, and other eye diseases. They also provide insight on how to increase vision and promote the best eye health.

    Dr. Gerard Nah is a Senior Eye Surgeon and he is trained in the sub-specialty of Cornea, Refractive Surgery, and External Diseases.

    W Eye Clinic, 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City (near tower 5) #01-402 Singapore, +65 6337 9119,, Facebook:

  8. Hesed Eye Specialist Singapore

    HESED EYE SPECIALIST: Napier *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore

    Dr Owen Hee - Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist In Singapore

    Whether you just want to check your general eye health or schedule surgery, the Hesed Eye Specialist Center is one of the best in Singapore. You can receive treatments for cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic eye conditions, retinal conditions, and more. You can also take your child here to assess their general eye condition or treat more serious problems. Their mission is to not only provide great eye care services but to also create a stress-free, welcoming environment for their patients. Dr. Owen Kim Hee is the leading specialist at the center.

    Dr. Owen Hee is a Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist with over 15 years of experience and he specializes in cataract surgery, glaucoma, and general ophthalmology providing a comprehensive range of treatments for myopia control, diabetic eye disease, age-related macular degeneration, retinal and other eye-related conditions.

    Hesed Eye Specialist, 6A Napier Road, #01-32, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore, +65 65136615,,

  9. best eye care specialist in singapore

    ASIA RETINA EYE SURGERY CENTRE (Dr. Claudine Pang): Orchard *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore

    Consultant Ophthalmologist - Dr. Claudine Pang

    At the Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre, Dr. Claudine Pang leads a team of expert Ophthalmologists. They offer customized and individualized eye treatments based on a thorough assessment, as well as modern eye solutions and complex surgery. Their clinic is known to be equipped with some of the most advanced eye-treatment technology in modern Ophthalmology. Check out the range of services that this clinic offers to treat conditions, as well as promote general eye wellness here.

    Dr. Pang has performed thousands of cataract and retinal surgeries making her one of the most experienced cataract surgeons in Singapore. In addition to cataract surgery, she specializes in retinal detachment surgery, macular surgery, myopic diseases, age-related macular degeneration, polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy, central serous chorioretinopathy, inflammatory retinopathies, and inherited retinal diseases.

    Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre, #15-10 The Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd, Singapore, +65 6732 0007,,

  10. where to get an eye checkup in singapore

    CLEARVISION EYE CLINIC AND LASIK CENTRE (Dr. Tony Ho): Orchard *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore

    Founding Ophthalmologist - Dr. Tony Ho *Epi-LASK + Refractive Surgery

    Dr. Tony Ho supervises the ClearVision team in a huge range of eye treatments, as well as heading the clinic that’s known among the leaders in LASIK surgery in Singapore. Come here for a routine eye consultation and check-up, or schedule your surgery or other complex treatment and have confidence in the team’s years of experience. As one of the most sought-after Eye specialists in Singapore, if you are able to get an appointment with Dr. Tony Ho, you’ll be in good hands.

    Dr. Tony Ho is a respected figure in the Singapore refractive surgery arena with 25 years of specialty experience. Dr. Ho began performing the flapless and bladeless laser vision correction procedure, epi-LASIK.

    ClearVision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre, 6 Nutmeg Rd, Singapore 228337, +65 6733 3316,,  Whatsapp +65 8383 7989.

  11. best Ophthalmologist in singapore

    ATLAS EYE SPECIALIST CENTRE: Orchard *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore

    Medical Director Dr. David Chan

    The Atlas Eye Specialist Centre is led by the Medical Director and Senior Eye Surgeon Dr. David Chan. They treat conditions like myopia and cataracts, as well as congenital disorders, age-related diseases, or other complex issues that have flared by from infection. You can also schedule laser treatments if you’re looking to correct your vision. Conveniently located in the famous shopping district of Orchard Road, the center is easy to get to (Why not take a look at the shopping and food establishments while you're there?).

    Atlas Eye Specialist Centre, 290 Orchard Road Paragon Medical #07-09 Singapore 238859 Tower One, +65 6737 9119,,

  12. IGARD PAEDIATRIC OPTOMETRY: Orchard *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore *Eye Exams For Kids + Kids Eye Conditions

    Senior Consultant - Dr. Yap

    The IGARD Centre for Paediatrics is a leading destination for families wanting to treat their children’s eye conditions. You can take your kids for a general check-up or schedule a more complex treatment with the expert team. A unique feature of this clinic is that they provide vision rehabilitation and therapy services, which not all clinics will offer. An extra tip is to try to schedule an appointment with the Senior Consultant, Dr. Yap.

    IGARD Paediatric Optometry, 51 Cuppage Rd Singapore 229469, +65 6732 3233, This clinic operates strictly by appointment only (walk-in is not permitted).

  13. Best Eye Specialist in Singapore

    FOCAL EYE CENTRE: Novena *Best Ophthalmologists In Singapore

    Medical Director - Dr. Zena Lim *Adult & Pediatric Eye Surgeon

    Located inside the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, the Focal Eye Centre is headed by the Medical Director Dr. Zena Lim. Dr. Lim is a well-known professional in Singapore’s Ophthalmology scene, as well as the Medical Director of The Children’s Eye and ENT Centre. You can get customized cataract surgery, degenerative eye management treatment, and more general adult and pediatric services. This is another clinic that is suited to the whole family.

    Focal Eye Centre, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, 38 Irrawaddy Road, #10-21, Singapore, +65 6339 8936,,

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Where To Get Kids Eye Exams In Singapore?

Other Well-Known Ophthalmologists In Singapore

  • Dr. Leo, #10-04, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510,
  • Dr. Daphne Han, Royal Healthcare, Royal Square Medical Centre, 101 Irrawaddy Road, Level 7 and 8, Singapore, +65 6931 2000,
  • Dr. Errol Chan, LSC Eye, 290 Orchard Road, #16-01/02, Paragon Medical, Lift Lobby F, Singapore, +65 6836 1000,,
  • Dr. David Goh, Royal Square Medical Centre, 101 Irrawaddy Road #19 (1, 2, 3, 7), Royal Square at Novena, Singapore, +65 6560 2220,,
  • The EyeClinic With Dr. Cheryl Lee, The Eye Clinic, 333A Orchard Road, #04-24/25 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore, +65 6235 5833,,
  • Dr. Titus Wu, Titus Eye Care, Serene Centre, Serene Centre, #02-15, 10 Jalan Serene, Singapore, +65 6467 6338,,
  • Dr. Leonard Ang, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, 38 Irrawaddy Road, #08-46/47, Singapore, +65 6684 1000,,
  • Dr. Audrey Looi, 6 Napier Road, #05-04, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore, +65 6479 8887,,
  • Dr. Alicia Claire How Su-Wei, Royal Square Medical Centre, 101 Irrawaddy Road #20-01, Royal Square at Novena Singapore, +65 6250 7377,,
  • Natasha Lim Eye Centre,

More Ophamologist Clinics In Singapore:

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