Where To Book Postnatal Jamu Massage And Abdominal Binding In Hong Kong

Bind Me, Massage Me, Slim Me Down Post Pregnancy In Hong Kong

Postnatal Jamu Massage In Hong Kong

The traditional Jamu postnatal massage originates from 17th century Indonesia. The Jamu technique has been passed down from generation to generation among Indonesian women, and because of its amazing benefits for moms who have just given birth, it has now become a popular treatment in Southeast Asia and around the world. Using all-natural traditional herbs, this massage restores the well-being and strength of new mothers.

Abdominal binding follows the Jamu postnatal massage to help restore a new mother’s figure. For the abdominal binding, a very long cotton cloth is wrapped from the pelvis to the stomach area to help reduce water retention and assist new moms in getting their pre-baby figures back quickly!  Here is our guide to the best belly binding and Jamu postpartum massages and treatments in Hong Kong!

  • Belly And Bloom Hong Kong Massage

    BELLY & BLOOM®: Postnatal Belly Binding In Hong Kong

    Enjoy Jamu Postnatal Treatments!

    We love home treatments! Looking after a newborn can be really tiring. Did you know that pampering yourself is the best way to recharge from nurturing others? Belly & Bloom is run by Ina, a therapist and Reiki Second Degree practitioner, who is focused on postnatal wellness through Jamu Postnatal Treatments!  To grant the body a complete recovery & allow you to relax, re-set and refocus on yourself, each session is 60 minutes including a lymphatic drainage massage and traditional belly binding with a Jamu tummy mask.

    How to book / Little Steps Perk?  Book two months prior to your baby’s due date for 15% off on Jamu Postnatal belly binding treatment packages! The promotion is valid until December 31, 2023!

    Belly & Bloom®, +852 9559 8049,,, Tag @bellyandbloom

  • Restoring Mums Belly Binding Hong Kong

    RESTORING MUMS: Tummy Masks, Abdominal Binding Packages, More

    Postnatal Jamu Massage In Hong Kong

    Restoring Mums is a company run by Karen Loke, who is a mother of three. Her treatments focus exclusively on helping new moms get back into shape while also increasing their energy levels and overall circulatory health. You can start treatment fourteen days after a normal birth and four weeks after a Caesarean birth. So what are you waiting for? Get bound today, and get your old waist back!  Be sure to check out her patented slimum treatment.

    Restoring Mums, Office 203 and 204 2/F Chuk On Building No. 23 Mercer Street Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (By Appointment Only), +852 6707 3433,,

  • Maygi-Belly-Binding-Hong-Kong

    MAYGI: Postnatal Jamu Massage In Hong Kong

    Postnatal Jamu Massage In Hong Kong

    Founded in 2005 by the lovely and talented Maygi Ng, Maygi Beauty is all about helping women (expecting and new mamas) get right back into shape and feel oh-so-healthy with simple, natural massage treatments. Maygi developed the Post-Natal Recovering Treatment by adapting ancient beauty treatments handed down from her own family to meet the wants and needs of modern moms. At the end of each program, new mothers can experience up to an 80 percent reduction in tummy size! A natural tummy tuck? Yes, please!

    Maygi Beauty, +852 9273 3304,

  • Jamu Prenatal Massage in Hong Kong


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Belly And Bloom,

The Body Group,

Belly Bind And Babies,

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